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Rainy day

A slight tingling of the skin, caused by teleportation, disappeared pretty quickly and Nanoha usually wouldn't even noticed this, being through such procedure for numerous times, but the strong heartache, which tormented her for few hours already made her much more sensitive to any stimulus.

Grimacing and twitching under the strain of discomfort able feelings, Nanoha strode toward the exit from the teleportation room. The operator – pretty young blond woman in her early twenties, who wear standard TSAB's Ground Forces brown uniform – called her out, inquiring does she need a help. Ace of Aces just shook her head in response, giving a younger compatriot a small smile of gratitude for her concern, before slightly speeding up – she just wanted to go home quickly and she had enough medicine so she wouldn't bother a medical stuff for such petty reason as plain headache.

The main hall was half-empty due the late time and the summer season, when many officers took a vacation, so the spacious room was pretty quiet, much to Nanoha's relief – her poor aching head wouldn't took a commotion well. Auburn haired woman give a small node to the receptionist and a pair of guards, moving toward the pair glassed doors. When she finally noticed the situation outside her blue eyes widened a bit in shock.

When she leaved her home at morning, the bright sun shined down on a Crangan, despite the rows and rows of thick white clouds. But now Nanoha Takamachi-Scrya could only stare at dusky panorama of the city, assaulted by a heavy rain.

The sensors picked up her approach and doors slip away, opening the patch both for her and for a burst of a cold wind that almost threw her backward. Enduring the attack of a weather, Nanoha raised her collar as she run toward the bus station. Since she was tricked by sunny morning weather she didn't took umbrella with her, but she had her faithful device with her.

"Round Protection." Chirped Raising Heart and a glimmering pink circle above Nanoha's head a moment before she moved from under the protection of a windscreen. Trembling under the rage of a wind Nanoha could only comfort herself with a thought that even if she took an umbrella with her it didn't help her as the powerful wind bend the streams of water so much that they fall on her legs anyway.

Finally reaching the half-spherical of a bus-station, Nanoha sneaked under the plastic roof and cancelled the spell. She was alone on the station so blue eyed woman used her solitude to sit on the bench, pull her legs to her chest and then hugged them tightly and then started to run energetically her drenched socks with both arms, trying to warm herself up for a bit. The murky weather still attacked her with a cold piercing air but at least the water couldn't find its way into Nanoha's temporary shelter.

The lady of luck still had some mercy in reserve for poor cold woman; just only one minute after Nanoha reached the plastic dome the green and gray colored bus appeared in her sight. She sprung to her feet, hissing slightly at sharp throb in her whiskeys and eyes and once the vehicle stopped moving and opened the doors, she dashed forward, re-creating a shield for a few seconds.

The warmth of the bus' cabin felt majestic against her body, which lower-part was covered in water-drenched clothes – as short the distance between station and bus was the powerful gust of wind blow enough rainy water into her direction to mar Nanoha's skirt too.

"Payment for a ride accepted." Informed her Raising Heart - her dutiful device, while sickly woman staggered toward one of the empty seats. Her pained gaze couldn't fine anyone else in the cabin, bar her and the elderly gentleman in the very corner, who though not only had an umbrella with him, but also wear a thick water-proof coat. Unlike her this person was prepared to the weather's misconduct.

The bottled-up stress and headache really whittled her up, as twenty eight years old woman almost fell on the seat. Using her remaining strength, Nanoha moved to lean on the plastic surface of the seat, usually she liked to press herself into the window and enjoy the outside view, but now she definitely didn't want touch the icy cold glass.

Despite auburn haired woman best efforts to keep her concentration, she almost falls asleep and missed her station if not for Raising Heart's warning. Standing up was a harder task for her fatigued body but her home was already so close, she need to endure this pain for a bit more.

Nanoha moaned in pain once she step outside, creating the barrier above her head one more time. Seems that her body, which get used to the pleasant warmth of the cabin too much, get almost paralyzed once the wind starts to torment her again. She almost slipped on the wet concrete as she dashed toward the familiar two stored building where she and her family lived.

As door grew closer and closer Nanoha finally noticed the light in the window of the main hall – since her husband still fixed the aftermath of the today's accident and Vivio was on the out-of-town trip, she had no other ideas but conclude that her co-wife already come back from her duty. This thoughts cheered her up a bit - seems she could ask for help in warming up.

This pleasant thought was interrupted by small wave of nausea that made her stagger when she almost reached the darkened wooden door. Whining in pain and cold, Nanoha starts to search for the key in her breast-pocket with her half-stiff fingers. Her hand jolted once one of her fingers' flash got torn by the metallic ring that held her keys together. Muttering under her breath, Nanoha still forced herself to concentrate on more important task. The ring finally slipped on her index finger and then Nanoha almost jammed the key into the lock.

Oh kami, she never thought that sound of open up door would be that sweet to hear.

Once she closed the door, Nanoha finally slowed herself to give in to fatigue and fall on her knees, gasping and groaning. The dusky hallway of the Takamachi-Scrya household, where Nanoha sat right now, was lit only by the light from the main hall but it was enough for Nanoha who could navigate here with closes eyes. Using the umbrella stand as a cane, she couldn't help but give her personal pink umbrella a mirthless smile, Nanoha pulled herself onto wooden surface of the parquet floor. The warm air in the home, bring back the agility to her fingers as she untied the shoelaces of her favorite white and blue boots.

Nanoha pull out a pair of her dark blue slippers and stood up to unbutton her jacket. She carefully squared the gray textile, marred by darkened spots where water soaked in before putting it on the hanger to let it dry. Slightly wincing Nanoha made her way into the main hall, then she wanted to go to kitchen, take some pills from headache and anti-cold mixtures but the pain increased significantly when she moved into the most spacious room in the home, occupied by pair of couches, small wooden table and his much bigger brother, beside whom her family took their meal.

Hissing under her breath, Nanoha abandon her route for a while and lay on one of the couches to restore some strength. The soft velvet felt very good through her still wet shirt and the soft pillow seemed to soothe her headache for a bit. The lights from the chandelier, which fall directly on her eyes, was too strong so fatigued woman put her left hand on her face, covering both eyes.

Lying like that helped her recover but pain and feeling of the cold still was there, as Nanoha waited until she had enough strength to finish her journey and get some medicine at least.

"Nanoha." Deep, strong yet gentle and caring voice of her co-wife reached her ears, making auburn haired woman to raise her hand a bit to meet the lovely sight of her co-wife, who looked at her with worried expression.

Nanoha, swallowed the saliva, wetting her throat but her beloved one raised her hand, preventing her from uttering a word. "Don't push yourself, rest here I'll bring you some pills."

Bureau's mage just nodded with a smile in the response, sometimes it was just plain wonderful to let someone you love to take care of you. Her friends and family pretty much demanded that she stopped preventing them from spoiling her and she had no strength to complain.

Soon she felt a warm fingers touching her forehead and turned her head slightly, removing her hand from her eyes again, to see the slender hand, that hold a single bluish pill, while the other hold the glass of water.

"Thank you…" Muttered Nanoha weakly, forcing herself to sit up, taking up the medicine and a glass. Then she quickly swallowed the pill first and then emptied the glass in a few gulps. She then let the other occupant of the room to take the glass and then raised her gaze to meet the blue eyes of her precious co-wife. "Thank you very much Signum-chan."

Signum Takamachi-Scrya returned the smile before reaching out and patted her head carefully. Nanoha giggled in delight, enjoying the gentle movements of the blue-eyed woman's hands and the feeling of warmth her wife transferred to her through flash-contact. Though the few powerful cough that shook Nanoha, shows it clearly that the warmth that reached her heart and forehead definitely wasn't enough to warm her body.

Signum narrowed her gaze worryingly, seeing how Nanoha's body spasms – she need to take a proper care of Nanoha or her love would caught a cold, or worse.

"Take your damp clothes off, Nanoha." Ordered Signum, standing up to move toward nearby locker to pull out a warm dark blue blanket – sometime either she, Nanoha or Yuuno liked to take a nap on those couches when they were too tired to even go upstairs and thus they prepared some spare blanket and pillows for such occasion. Pink haired knight carefully covered Nanoha, who already quickly started to unbutton her shirt, with a thick fabric and mover around the couch, aiming toward one of the two doors on the back side of the room. "'I'll prepare a warm batch."

With quick, trained movements Nanoha get rid of her clothes that were stained by a cold rain. Then, after a few quick thoughts, she took off her underwear too – she'll have to change them soon anyway when she'll get in the bath. Before taking her shirt off, Nanoha take off Raising Heart and placed her friend-and-device into special holder on the table, where Laevanteinn already took his place. Finishing with undressing, auburn-haired TSAB officer wriggled deeper into the blanket's cocoon, enjoying the cozy and warm embrace of the soft fabric, which enveloped her entire body.

The medicine provided to be quiet effective as painful jolts in her heads finally goes away, leaving her alone with warmth of the blanket, coziness of the couch and the familiar yet treasured feeling of being at home. Still the rain chilled her a bit too much for a single blanket to fight this freeze on its own. Nanoha pulled her legs to her chest second time this day, rubbing her ankles and feet, speeding the flow of blood in this chill-ridden part of her body.

The sound of the opening door and the continuous noise of flowing water immediately caught her attention, interrupting her action. Nanoha even didn't need to hear the footsteps to know that her wife approaching the couch where she rested. The Ace of Aces couldn't help but flash a broad goofy grin when Signum appeared in her field of vision, wearing her pink bathrobe, signaling that she would keep her company there. Despite all earlier misfortunes, seems that her evening wouldn't be bad after all.

Signum Scrya-Takamachi revealed a small smile, when she saw that pile of clothes on the table, nearby the couch, had a panties and a bra on top of it; her smile grew even wider when Nanoha, with her cute trademark smile, stretched both of her hands from under the blanket toward her, revealing topside of her ample chest and cooed, demanding a hug.

It could be childish, but Signum loved Nanoha's playful cuddly antics, especially since they didn't included a groping, cosplay or molesting in them. Her wife's smiling expression was even more dear for pinkette, since she clearly remembered all the pain, self-loath and suffering Nanoha went through after the conclusion of the Eclipse-incident, where it was hard to imagine that Nanoha Takamahi would be able to smile again.

Eventually, Nanoha learned to flash her beautiful dazzling smile again, but still, she never was the same. Well, after those dark times no one of them managed to keep their previous personalities unchanged. She, Signum, also lost her old self in this bloodstained tragedy.

Well, on other hand she get such treasures as Yuuno and Nanoha's love, a daughter and new future.

With a fluid movement Signum dived right into Nanoha's embrace, picking up Nanoha's slippers with her left hand and then cradling auburn haired sweetheart in her arms, lifting her up from the couch. Needless to say, Nanoha didn't miss the opportunity to caught pinkette's lips in a kiss. There was also no need to say that taller woman didn't break said kiss until they reached the entrance in the bath.

Nanoha's skin starts to tingle when the hot steam that rises from the bathtub enveloped her body once she let the blanket slide. Lady-knight let her love go, as she starts to undone her bathrobe, and her princess strode toward the massive bathtub, that could accommodate a few persons at the same time. Without a hesitation Nanoha hop into the hot water, sending a splashes everywhere.

Auburn-haired woman hissed when the hot water collide against the remaining coldness of her body but few moments later Nanoha was barely bothered by the small tingles as the pleasant feeling, hot water give her, was much stronger. Her joy increased tenfold when she felt how pair of strong yet slender arms wrapped around her midsection, right under her breasts, and then her beautiful wife pulled her into embrace.

Succumbing to a mixture of relaxing pleasure and accumulated fatigue, Nanoha relaxed into Signum's embrace, stretching her legs. Signum do the same, slumping deeper into the water, while Raising Heart's owner raised her hands, wrapping them around swordswoman's neck and snuggling deeper into Signum's chest. The following ten minutes were spent in a complete silence as both women simply enjoyed the warmth of water, cozy relaxing atmosphere, gentle caressing and their shared love.

The bathroom was a pride of the Scrya-Takamachi household. The floor and lower part of the walls were covered by the dark brown ceramic tiles, while the upper half and cellar boasted a cover of a bright pink tiles. The bright golden-colored lamps were placed in a spiral pattern over the cellar to shine down on the bathtub, various lockers and the washing machine.

But of course the bathtub was the very center of this composition. A massive poll-like structure could easily accommodate trio of adult and still have plenty of space. Shari boasted of making a numerous upgrades to the bath, but Nanoha, Yuuno and Signum was somewhat wary of using them. Especially considering what they saw at Hayate's home. Vivio on other hand was much braver and with a broad smile often prodded her parents to try and use one of the special modes but the married trio preferred the old-fashioned ways of spending the time in the bath. The current relaxing in each other arms was one of them.

Nanoha was the first to break the silence with a giggle and a loud splash, when she gleefully raised her both legs and then slam them into the water surface. Signum let out a small laugh on her own, when the hot splatters landed on Nanoha's face, forcing her to blink and shook her head in a very puppy-like manner. Pinkette, decided to indulge in her desires, leaned down and kissed the tip of her wife's nose. Nanoha yelped in surprise, though a split second later she recovered from the shock and, with a grin, pulled herself up to return the favor, aiming for swordswoman's lips.

Once they parted, Signum shifted Nanoha's position, still holding her in tight embrace, in a way that her head would lay on pinkette's left shoulder. Now there were just few centimeters between their faces and older woman took her time, slowly caressing Nanoha's face with her right hand.

"Seems that ailments leave your body, Nanoha." Softly declared SIgnum, inspecting her wife's relaxed smiling face. Woman in her arms nodded, while gently pulling one of Signum's pink lock and starting playing with it. "Uh-huh. Thank you very much for all your help, Signum-chan, I definitely in a better shape than thirty minutes ago." Chirped Nanoha, pausing with her plays to stretch her back.

"Nyahaha. Cuddling in warm water, feels great, aren't it Signum-chan?" Inquired Nanoha with a playful smile, after a time of living together Signum knew it was just a cheerful smile, not a suggestive one. "Indeed. Just holding the person precious to oneself, could bring intense joy." Agreed Wolkenritter, staring into Nanoha's purple eyes. "When lady Hayate's health condition prevented her from using her legs I often accompanied her in a bath."

Nanoha purred when Signum started to carefully rub her belly with both hands. "You're didn't lost your touch, Signum-chan, Hayate-chan was really lucky to have you as her bath attendant." As her wife continued to gently massage her lover body, Nanoha starts to gently brush the pink locks that obscured pinkette's vision. "I admit that I was very shocked when you take care of me in our bath first time. I was so exhausted back then that I could only force the burden of taking care of my body to you. And you proved yourself to be so careful, so skilled, so gently."

Nanoha playfully rubbed her nose against Signum's cheek, which prompted pinkette to emit soft barely audible poor as her cheeks flushed a bit. Nanoha repeated her action, gaining even deeper shade of scarlet on lovely knight's cheeks, but this time Signum counter-attacked by tickling one of Nanoha's most sensitive areas behind her left ear. Laughing and squirming under her wife's sneak attack, auburn-haired woman couldn't help but adore the fact that woman, whom she remembered as reversed in normal life could be so cuddly.

"Nyahaha, Signum-chan is so skilled in the art of seducing." Teased Nanoha once Signum ceased "torturing" her. "I remembered how few years ago Hayate-chan declared that no man or woman would be able to resist your skills as a wife. I was so foolish to doubt her words even a little." Nanoha was a bit surprise to find so much energy left in her body after spending the recent hour struggling against the pain, but now she almost fidget due he restraining vitality.

"I'm so hopelessly in love with you and Yuuno-kun, Signum-chan." Those last words she almost whispered, but she know very well that her beloved woman heard them very clearly.

The way Signum pull her even deeper into her embrace, still making sure that Nanoha wouldn't feel any discomfort proved her right. "I love you too Nanoha." Signum Takamachi-Scrya's voice was very soft yet held great passion. The way her breath tough her head make Nanoha's entire body tingle. "For years I know you as a great warrior and reliable friend, yet I couldn't see that you can make anyone, who gain such priceless gift as your love, the happiest person. You know, when Special Force 6 was just established I asked Te… Fate…"

Nanoha felt icy-cold jolt of pain I her heart when she heard the name of her dear friend she failed to protect. Signum sensed her pain and made a pause to give her a small kiss on cheek before continuing. "I asked her what aspect of your personality attracts Fate's affection the most?"

Another pause was made and Nanoha gasped when Signum revealed one of her most beautiful smiles – open and sincere, this gentle expression could melt even the hardest heart and now Ace of Aces blushed softly, admiring the face of her wife. "She answered that once I know you better, Nanoha, I couldn't help but fall in love with you. She was right – once I tasted your love and care I couldn't help but fall in love with you again and again."

Now Nanoha was bright red, pouting slightly at Signum's openly amused expression, who obviously enjoyed her wife's struggle with shyness. "Mou, your smooth-talking skills improved too much Signum-chan. And I thought that only our mock-battles you can make me struggler so hard."

SIgnum let out a heartfelt laughter in the face of such accusation, flashing a small grin. "Well, I needed to improve to face you in our verbal battles, since our sparring matches don't exited us so much after.."

Her cheerful speech came to a screeching halt since she touched the subject that still bring so many pain to all survivors of an Eclipse incident. Nanoha froze in her wife's arms, biting her lover lip, trying to fight back the painful memories, while Signum closed her eyes in shame, both current and old. A few seconds later both women managed to suppress the unpleasant and painful images in their minds, but uneasy silence remained.

"I'm sorry, Nanoha." Breathed Signum in a wheezed voice, her body felt so rigid against Nanoha's skin. "I shouldn't have brought such painful topic into our home, while you need comfort and joy…" Auburn-haired beauty didn't answer for a while, simply laying in her wife's arms with glossy eyes. Signum cursed herself inwardly, sensing intense pain her words inflict on her spouse. "Please, for…"

Nanoha shake her head suddenly, silencing her wife's apologetic outburst. She moved her head, allowing her pained but resolute eyes meet pinkette's gaze. "No matter how painful it is, - it's still, our past Signum-chan. No matter how much we don't like to remember this pain, we should not turn our heads away from those memories, so we wouldn't commit such mistakes in the future."

Nanoha took a deep breath, bracing herself before going down on the road of recollection of her most unpleasant past. It never got easy for her to remember the vents that pretty much crushed her old self, but thankfully she had soothing warmth of her wife's hands to help with coping.

"How can I put it? I think I think, I grew a bit too careless, seeing the successes of the people around me. Fate-chan, who found a loving and caring family, raised two loving and caring wards and become one of the foremost Enforcers. Hayate-chan, who grew from crippled lonely girl into a prominent field commander. And there was you, Signum-chan, Vita-chan, Zafira-san and Shamal sensei who freed yourselves from the chains of past and become a famous officers. Subaru and Teana, my most precious students who gain their well-deserved fame and respect…"

SIgnum let out a long sigh, as the memories starts to flashes in her mind. General of Blazing Fire, despite her claims, took a big price in helping with training of the younger soldiers and she always prioritizes the well-being of the soldiers under her command. After the all tragedies of Eclipse incident she never missed the opportunity to visit a TSAB memorial to honor all of them who passed under her command, it was her responsibility to pay the eternal respect for their sacrifices. The strangled sob immediately shifts her attention to a present topic – helping her love was more important than Signum's own dishonor.

The single tear flow down on her cheek as Nanoha went on with a broken voice, consumed by the memories of one of the two most traumatizing event in her life after her father's injury. "Sometimes I almost can sense the sickening warmth of a Fate-chan's blood on my face. I still can't forget the anguish cries… of kami, those cries!... of Lindy-san, to whom I couldn't even bring a body of her daughter, who sacrificed her own life to save me from Hades Vandein.."

Nanoha continued her rant without realizing that her body starts to quiver violently, forcing Signum to cradle her wife into her arms, preventing her from drowning. "I couldn't forget how Hades Vandein smiled after all my attempts to harm him failed how easily he blasted my AEC-equipment apart, smashing my body into the ground. I still can't forget the scream of Fate-chan when she took the blast that should finish me off and lost her hand in the process. I still can't forget how she smiled at me despite the agony she was in, before she teleported me away. I still can't forgive myself because Fate-chan paid with her life for my failure."

Now there was nothing left the previously joyful atmosphere, only chocked sobs of a crying auburn-haired woman disrupted the oppressive silence of a room. Signum didn't utter a word, simply sitting there and holding and Nanoha in her arms, gently rubbing her back, allowing her to cry her pain out.

"I feel the same, my love." Whispered pinkette, when her wife's cries starts to fade away. "Lady Hayate gives us a priceless gift of her love and happy life, which we almost destroyed due to our own ignorance. Living there on Mid-Childa, far away from the roaring hellfire of war I allowed myself to starts greatly enjoy my battle skills, since now I could clash my swords with worthy opponents and then enjoy their company as my dearest friends, free from the need of bloodshed. Our battle always was the most memorable, Nanoha…" Brunette and pinkette giggled a bit at the memories of the fierce clashes between them.

"But then the horrors, which lurked in the depth of universe came back to remind me about the ugly and evil side of our world. Once the fangs of our enemies starts to claim lives of the people most precious to me I remembered that in all previous awakening of Book of Darkness word "joy" rarely exist for me."

Signum let a few tears on her own before forcing her cries back – she can breakdown as much as she can later, once she help Nanoha, berated herself pink-haired knight inwardly, before adopting morose and grim but tear-free expression. "Once the death claimed the members of my family, despite my best efforts, my fire was extinguished. When I saw that my magic and experience was powerless to prevent Shamal and Zafira's deaths I lost the ability to enjoy the thrill of a brawl. Now, once we meet on mock battle to give a lesson to our trainees, I felt only a satisfaction that I can give a few new lessons that could save more lives in a future."

Older woman raised her arms and begin to gently dry Nanoha's tears with her fingers. "I admit that I was very close to end my own life once the dust of the Eclipse-incident was setteled and I saw the scale of loses we suffered. I could barely stay at the home I shared with my family, Vita, Zwei, Agito and our beloved lady, who I failed. It was you and Yuuno who saved me, Nanoha."

Nanoha, who still trembled slightly, leaned forward and returned the hug, wrapping her arms around Wolkenritter's back. Signum's expression relaxed under Nanoha's warmth and she go back to rubbing her wife's back, spoiling her a bit. The warmth, they both feel deep in their hearts through this chilly haze of agony starts to grow stronger as the words, uttered by lady-knight, reminded Nanoha about all happy memories they already created together as Signum joined her heart and family. Sensing the shift in her love's mood Signum continued with additional force.

"Only because of your care I was able to took Laevanteinn back after all selfish blames I put on my dutiful sword. Only living with your family, Nanoha gives me the strength to go back to my duty as a TSAB officer. You helped me with making amends with Agito and my family" Signum pushed Nanoha back slightly, so she could gaze directly into Ace of Aces' eyes. "And only you and Yuuno give me back the joy of being loved as a woman."

She leaned forward to claim Nanoha's lips as a proof of her words and her wife hungrily returned the kiss, pushing herself into Signum's chest as if trying to blend them together.

They didn't know how many time they spent trying to push all negative feeling away with their love, but slowly the pain disappeared, allowing two mentally exhausted women to finally break their kiss to catch their breath.

"We're really gone through the lot of the hardships together, aren't we Signum-chan?" Whispered Nanoha, adjusting her position. A small but very lovely smile finally graced her features as she lrt out a small joke. "Well, it was a bit hard to adjust my schedule: one week on training field and one week working as assistant librarian. I think now I'm not that eager to enter the field of battle - my back ache too much from all those heavy books."

"Heh." Chuckled pinkette. "Still you didn't need to move between Ground Forces barracks and Engineering Division each week like I do. And believe me I have enough explosions and raging fire, since Mariel and Shari for some reason think that TSAB want to blow itself sky-high".

"Mariel-san actually said that you're the best Device Meister she ever worked with." Nanoha's eyes flashed with curiosity. "Who could think that you would be so good with Devices, Signum-chan. You're really skilled in various ways."

Knight's expressions shifted and became confused and somehow unfocused. "I… I don't know how to say it. But… I… I started to remember my…. Previous lives." She paused, trying to find better words. "In dreams I see the various fragments from my past - I think! - life and I remember being… very confident in my skills in the work with mechanisms or devices."

"Signum! Nanoha! Where are you?" The mental voice of their husband interrupted their talk. Nanoha glanced on the door, formulating an answer, she didn't asked more, since she know that pinkette wasn't found about her previous duties as Book of Darkness construct. She would ask only if Signum would be in the mood. "We're in the bathroom, Yuuno-kun!"

"Ah! I see…" Even without seeing him both brunette and pinkette could tell he was blushing. Exchanging a quick glance, Nanoha and Signum burst into laughing, cracking to morose atmosphere of recent minutes.

"Yuuno-kun… how about to join us in a bathtub?" Inquired Nanoha both through telepathy and via her mouth so her wife would hear it too, SIgnum on her part flashed an amusing grin at the prospect. Her grin grew even wider when she heard "why not!" answer of the blond Chief Librarian. Well, as she said all of them experienced a changes in personality. Still, Nanoha and Signum agreed wholeheartedly, that they really liked the newfound boldness of their husband.

The hungry and surprisingly sly grin that appeared on her face was quickly picked up by Nanoha who climbed out of bathtub, preparing to jump on Yuuno once he entered the room. Pinkette quickly followed her example.

After such gloomy evening they desperately needed to lighten their mood up. And booth women decided that Yuuno also wanted to have some "fun", considering that he had no less tiresome day.

He didn't disagree.

Author's note: I wanted to upload the story about this OT 3 (for me at least XD) for a long time. I also wanted to see how the characters of our heroes could change after the certain circumstances. Especially such traumatic one as a full-scale war on terrorism and loss of close people.

Previoucly our SF 6 manage to emerge victorious without a losses, but I think this would make the blow from the failure to even protect their close friends even harder. Such event alway leave a mark, and I though that Nanoha and Signum - strongest members of SC 6 would be affected the most by their powerlessness to save their dear ones.