Okay so I know this is a bit cheating but hey… we're not on skythewood here so cheating is allowed. Just posting this chapter to inform you way overdue that I'm back from the cruel world called real life! So… since volume 11 is currently being translated by savior-sama on $ù$ù$ù$ù$ù$ù. I thought I'd come back and give you all what you want. More overlord! Once volume 11 is out I will start doing volume 12 so you guys don't get withdrawal symptoms till march.

But more importantly I'm here to highly recommend a discord channel for overlord fans like me and you

It's got everything you'd want from an overlord community with the people from skythewood and the savior himself on it (just don't bother them about translations k?)

ANYWAYS after that little shameless promoting I'm now working on Lodos till volume 11 is over and then it's full speed ahead for the new volume.

So for now burn in hell yen press

And as always

Just look for channel 220301815349116928/220301815349116928