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Oikawa first noticed the girl at a café on his way to practice. He didn't think much about it as a swarm of girls were surrounding him, but he did notice the vibrant locks of gold. He came the next day with his friend, yet some forty-year-old stranger occupied the seat where the blonde girl had been sitting. He didn't think much of it, as he would probably never see her again.

The second time he saw her was a week later at the same cafe, this time late at noon. He had just finished training, and decided to take a detour home. This led him to pass by the cafe every now and then. However, he saw the familiar shoulder length golden hair inside. At the same circle table he saw a raven head and a spikey orange. Oikawa stopped in his tracks, eyes widening at the two boys, but was quickly turned into amusement. Without thinking, the boy stepped inside the cozy café, only six or so tables filled the medium sized room. He smiled when Kageyama and Hinata detected his laid-back figure. The girl kept talking about some materials in her notebook, yet stopped mid sentence as she saw her companions not listening. But all Oikawa did was order an iced coffee to go, giving a quick greetings to his rival and friends. Before leaving he turned back, seeing the guys eye him suspiciously, the girl still confused. He sent her a wink, smiling as her cheeks warmed up.

Later on Oikawa heard rumors that the blonde girl was a first-year at Karasuno high, even part of Kageyama's team, as their newest manager. This made her even more interesting. He found her alone at the same café few days after, and so he went in to say hi. When he stood across from her he noticed the laptop and schoolbooks. Oikawa placed his things under the table, startling the two year younger girl as she finally took notice of his presence. She looked at him bewildered, a slight pink hue gracing her cheeks. He sent her a kind smile, asking if she wouldn't mind him sitting here. Well he had already sat down, and so she didn't want to be rude.

Oikawa chatted away, giving the blonde little to no room for studying, not that she needed it though. And Oikawa found out that she indeed was part of the karasuno volleyball team, and she was both Kageyama and Hinata's tutor as well. He laughed at the thought that the little protégé actually sucked when it came to school. Oikawa took a mental note to bring this up the next time he saw the ravenhead.

When the girl had to head home it had already been two hours. Both had enjoyed their conversation together. They went their separate ways after exchanging phone numbers, agreeing to meet up once more to talk.

After seeing each other and talking at the same place six times in one month Oikawa wanted to find another place to hang out. He invited her to the movies the seventh time they met up at the cozy café, and after fumbling with her hands a little, she said yes. And they agreed on a comedy movie.

At eight o'clock arrived Oikawa at the girl's apartment, dressed a little nicer than his usual. He knocked three times then waited patiently for someone to open. He took notice of a piece of dust on his shirt, and was to occupied on ridding it to hear someone opening the door. In panic he quickly tried to look cool, and not fixated on the dust; both hands leaned on the hem of his jeans pocket as he said a cheerful "yo". When he was going to continue the sentence he stopped as his eyes fell on her, she was wearing a deep green long sleeve with a white blouse under and a black skirt to finish it of. Oikawa was somewhat speechless, and thank goodness that the girl had to get something before he totally lost it. A hand was brought up to cool down his flustered face.

The movie was very disappointing, and Oikawa was complaining about the bad graphics and actress' all the way back to the blonde's apartment.

As they arrived outside her door, she took out the house keys and unlocked her apartment door because her mother was of seas on a meeting. Before saying good night, the girl quickly went to get some change, since Oikawa had paid for everything (which was his plan from the start). The boy told her that tonight was his treat and she didn't have to think about it, but she insisted that he should accept the money. He sent her an amused smile, and then dived in to give her a small kiss on the cheek. Her face turned red, and Oikawa's cheeks had a slight tint as well. He smiled again, telling her that this made up for what she owed him, adding that if she didn't think it was enough, she would accompany him to another movie or something in that section. Yachi eagerly replied with a yes.

Oikawa started walking back, Yachi fallowing his retreating form. He stopped before a turn that led him down the stairs, turning lazily around to look at the still startled blonde; he beamed at her and said something that made the blood rush straight back up in her face.

"Sorry I didn't tell you before, but you looked breathtaking today. Have a good night Hitoka Yachi."

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