Happy Valentines DAY! Here is a OikaYachi fanfic my friend made ^3^)/ It is a sequel to the previous chapter, only set in the future where Oikawa has already graduated and is attending university in another city. Poor Yachi ;A;

Rated T just to be totally safe XB

Nothing. Nothing to do. It was Sunday afternoon and normally she would have something to do, but not today. The team had gotten the day off from practice, so here she was, all alone. Why this day, why would they cancel this day of all days? This one day were she needed something to occupy her mind, if not it would only wonder of to him.

Nope, not today, she was not going to sulk over him today. Yachi had been preparing for this day for a week now. A day of loneliness, valentines day. This was her first valentines where she actually had someone she wanted to spend it with. But the world had laid another plan for them. He was off to university, many miles away from her location. The girl knew Oikawa was busy with his studies, so she didn't expect him to come home only for the weekend to spend the day with her. But still, Yachi had this bitter feeling of missing him. Missing the tingling sensation she had felt ever since their first kiss, ever since he came up to her after the game, looking at her with hooded eyes. Missing the feeling she felt after every date, the electricity roaming the blonde's body with every touch and kisses. But that felt like an eternity ago.

Luckily Yachi had been able to keep herself a little occupied. School and the club came first of course. Working hard with her own studying, helping Hinata and Kageyma, practice that dragged into the night hours. It all helped her get through the day. But the hours at home, when Yachi let her mind wander of was another story. Because the girl's thoughts always landed on him.

"Aaaahhhggg", she yelled into the empty apartment. Jumping up from the bed, tired of her own despair. She had to do something. At the sound of her tummy rumbling, she walked to the fridge, and oh despair met her eyes again. It was all empty! She had forgotten to fill it up. Deciding that the day wouldn't get any better with an empty stomach, Yachi got dressed, picked up her purse and phone and headed out to restock the hollow fridge.

Halfway to the shop the determined girl felt her phone vibrate. It made her heart stop in her chest, only to start again, but this time raising so hard that you would think it could fly out of her chest at any given moment. It was Oikawa.

"Hello, ahh Yachi, where are you right now?"

"Ehm, on my way to the grocery store, why do yo…"

"Thanks, bye!" Before she could finish the sentence he cut her off and ended the call.

"What was that all about?" she murmured silently while continuing the walk to the store, still slightly perplexed by the call. By the time she walked in, she had figured out that it was probably nothing, just him checking on her. The thought of him coming to surprise her had crossed her mind, however Yachi just shrugged it off. He was probably too busy for that.

time passed while walking around the store, picking up all the tings she had listed on a sheet of paper. Finally after a good thirty minutes, the blonde had everything she needed. Although just looking at the two heavy bags made her let out a heavy sob.

"Need some help with those?" She jumped from the all too familiar voice next to her ear. He couldn't, he wouldn't be here? Yachi turned around slowly, only to be met by a wide grin.

"Oikawa!" she heard herself yell, reflexively jumping into his arms, dropping the heavy grocery bags. His laughter ringing in her ears as he stumbled backwards trying to keep his balance.

"What are you doing here, aren't you supposed to be at the university?"

"How can I be there when my girlfriend is here?"

She could feel the blush creeping up her face while seeing his smile grow even wider.

"Now, shall we get the food home or not?" Without expecting an answer he took the bags from the pavement and started walking with Yachi at his tail, who quickly took one of the bags and locked arms with him.

The walk home was in comfortable silence. The once lonely girl had been too preoccupied on taking in the boy's broad frame next to hers, taking in his all too pleasant being.

Walking in to the apartment, she took the bags from him and brought them into the kitchen. Yachi took all the content out and placed them into the fridge, snatching a banana to snack on.

"Yachi, hurry up!" Oikawa called from the hallway.

"Almost finished!" she yelled back. She finished unpacking, taking some time to admire the now full fridge.

"You want to stand there all day and let all my planning go to waste?" without warning two arms came and snaked their way around her waist, which made her jump on surprise.

"Do you really have something planned?" Oikawa looked taken aback from her sudden question.

"Yachi, you know that it's valentines today right? Of course I would have something planned!" His voice was coated with over-dramatized hurt while hugging her even tighter to jokingly emphasize the pain. Then suddenly he grabbed her right hand, quickly dragging the petite girl out to the hallway and out of the apartment.

"And it will all go to waste if we don't go out right now."

"Wha-! wait, wait! I'm coming, just slow down a bit." He looked back, laughing at her flustered face. Nevertheless he slowed down, their hands still clasped together.

"Are you okay, you look a bit tired…"

"And how are you not?" She answered back. Honestly, how was he not tired. They had been walking for hours non stop.

It seemed that their destination had been the zoo. Going around looking at all the animals. Jumping up and down over the cute elephant babies, running around trying to catch the loose peacocks and standing on tip-toes to impersonate the giraffes. How could he not be tired of all that?

"How could I be tired from being with you?" he said, smiling at his cheesy line, clearly proud of his inventive mind. It was pathetic how easy he could make her heart skip a beat. How he would make her whole body heat up just by a single mesmerizing smile. He laughed, looking at his girlfriend's rather intense crimson face.

It had already become dark when they strolled trough the park on their way home. They didn't talk about anything special. Just chatting. It was comfortable with him. There was no pressure, it all came natural. It was like they never were separated, like this was just any other normal day.

Finally reaching the apartment block both went up the stairs. Right outside the apartment door Yachi turned around, feeling a sudden overflowing set of words bubbling up before her thin lips, but she couldn't say anything because of a big rumbling sound from him.

"You want to come in and have something to eat?" was the only thing Yachi managed to say between giggles.

"Yes please, I'm starved." he smiled sheepishly.

"I can prepare some chicken-something since I bought so much on sale."

She opened the door to her apartment, telling Oikawa to wait in the living-room. To be honest Yachi herself was ridiculously hungry too, and thinking of preparing a thirty minute chicken-something dish was out of the question, so it ended with a simple three step chicken-quesadilla in the microwave.

And even if it was nothing fancy, both literally wolfed down four whole quesadillas in mere seconds.

"Ah, sorry that I didn't make anything special, I was kinda hungry too, and …"

"No way, Yachi it was like the best chicken-quesadilla I have ever had the pleasure of eating, really couldn't have asked for anything better." There it was, that smile. Yachi quickly grabbed a plate, trying to hide her embarrassed face. But when Oikawa ate his last slice of cheesy indulgent a sudden realization hit the blonde.

"Oh my gosh!" she yelled, jumping up from the leather couch.

"What, whats wrong?!"

"The train, the last train, you lost the last train, oh my gosh I'm so sorry, I didn't pay attention to the time and…" Her voice fell down when she looked at him. He had sunken back down into the pillows of her worn out sofa, relaxing once more.

"Why aren't you upset?" Yachi asked as she cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"Well I didn't plan on leaving today anyways, so there is no need to fret over it." he shrugged.

"Wait what.." He looked amused at his cute little girlfriend's confused look, and before she knew what was happening he had pulled her down onto his lap.

"Well you see, I wanted to spend as much time as I could with you, granting that it is our first valentines day together since we started dating."

Without hesitation he closed the gap between them. Their lips locked with one another, displaying all the unsaid words they hadn't had time to say. His hands roamed down her curved back, pressing her frame against his. Without realizing it, Yachi's fingers were intertwined with his soft hair. Her lips broke under his. Their breath mingling with each other as heat was pulsing through her whole body. Suddenly Oikawa broke the kiss again, only to continue down her jaw, pressing his lips to every inch he could possibly reach. He advanced downwards, leaving a trail of electricity for each place that was touched. He was humming a sweet melody under the fluttering kisses, giving a vibrating effect on her bare throat.

"Mind if I spend the night?" he sighed the words as he rested at the crane of her neck. Without an ounce of hesitation Yachi gave nod, feeling a smile forming on his lips. Without warning Oikawa grabbed her thighs and hooked them around his waist fallowed up with a sequel as he stood up, walking towards the bedroom.

He gently placed her on top of the sheets, and when she lifted herself up it was only to once again capture his graceful lips. His hands commenced up her back under the oversized t-shirt, making her spine shiver in anticipation. Yachi tucked slightly at the fabric of his cotton shirt, as it was another hindrance between her and his body. He pulled away with a serious expression on his face.

"Yachi, are you sure your okay with this?" Worry was all over his face when she reached out and caressed it. There was no uncertainty as she crashed her lips on his once again. No more words were needed as they both got down to the bed again.

The rays of sunlight ebbed the sleeping girl up from her sleep. In the drowsy mindset under warm covers she could feel long arms wrapped around her torso, a soothing breath hitting the top of her head. The sensation made Yachi's whole body relax and sink deeper under his hold. He was still sleeping soundly and she had no intentions of waking him up. For the sake of not waking him, Yachi would just admire his well sculpted face as the sunlight played with his features, the heat from his body reaching deep inside her own. Nothing in the world could compare to him right now. So she thought of nothing but him, at the time being. Not even the thought of missing school, or worrying about her mom getting home from her business trip, nothing.

I kinda love this a lot, but the short smut scene made me blush so hard ( I'm such a wimp on those moments .), but hope you guys enjoyed it as much as me ;D

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