Author's Notes

This is a what if story: What if Vegeta's attack actually did kill Buu, but for whatever reason, Vegeta and Gohan could not be wished back to life. This is a story focusing on how the world would survive with Goku, Vegeta, or Gohan. I'm leaving Goku and the rest out of this story, because I have always been interested to see a story that focused on saving the world without the heroes we already know. Plus I felt that if you were going to introduce Goten and Trunks as prodigies, you better damn well use them.

This story will span from after Vegeta's final atonement to beyond. NO GT. I do plan to cover Battle of the Gods and the return of Freeza in this though. Anyway, without further rambling…

Chapter 1: Weak

The sky was black. Raging from the storm that was currently taking place in the wasteland that had once been an intense and hopeless warzone. It was over though. Like so many times before, the world had been brought the brink of destruction, and at the last minute, saved from said destruction.

Though with every war…comes loss.

Trunks stood in the center of a crater, staring blankly down various pieces of broken stone that lay around it. The pouring rain soaked his clothes and hair, but the boy didn't even feel it. He didn't feel anything.

His father couldn't be brought back by the dragon balls. They had tried, begged Shenron to bring him back, but it was beyond the dragon's power. His father had given literally everything he had. There wasn't even a flicker of energy in this world or the next of him left. It was like the prince of all Saiyans hadn't even existed.

He silently thought of different outcomes, situations, or options he could had that could of prevented the series of events that had led to all the death that Buu had caused.

Sadly he couldn't think of anything, but to blame people.

He blamed that bastard Kai for not being upfront with them and warning them in advance, he blamed Babadi for bring the monster back to life, but most importantly he blamed himself.

"I was too weak…" Trunks muttered.

A sharp pain stung at Trunk's heart and in that moment he felt himself become consumed with rage.

The ground beneath him began to shake, his body trembled in pure anger. The boy then screamed, letting out everything he had been holding in.

Sitting at the edge of a mountain by his home, Goten looked out into the darkened world, lost in his thoughts.

He knew Trunks was out there. He could feel the other boy's power level's spike in energy.

Vegeta couldn't be brought back…neither could Gohan.

The Supreme Kai had told them that Gohan had died when the Kai had tried to transparent him to safety, unfortunately Gohan had passed during the event. Whatever had happened to him during that event had made the dragon unable to bring his brother back to life.

It wasn't easy for any of them to come back after that loss. Not even his father had known what to say. He had tried to comfort every one as best as he could, but even he knew that when his time was up, he had to depart the living world as well.

And that was it. The last two living Saiyans was Trunks and himself. A fact that made the young boy sad, he wasn't even sure why it made him sad, but it did.

Goten stood up, water dripping down from his gi. He needed to go find his friend. They were all the two had anymore.

Just as Goten was about to take off, a voice had stopped him.

"He's going to need to work this out on his own, Goten."

The boy turned around to see his mother's face.

She had been crying. The rain might have been able to hide her tears, but even Goten could see her eyes were red and irritated from all the crying she must have been doing.

The sight of his mother broke any resolve Goten had for leaving. The boy's eyes welled up in tears and he ran to Chichi and held on to her rightly.

Holding her now only child, Chichi silently cried as well.

"So…is he doing any better?" Chichi asked without looking at Bulma. Instead she had been focused on the invisible opponent she was sparring with.

The two women were in Bulma's lab. One was busy practicing her fighting form, while the other was continuing to work on her various experiments.

It had been a month since the events of Buu, and the survivors were doing their best to move on from what had happened.

Bulma had thrown herself into her work. Creating new inventions, testing experiments, and whatever other scientific discovery her mind had felt like exploring. She was using science as a coping mechanism. She knew that. It didn't change anything though. At times she would snap at others, but she would try her best to be patient with Trunks. A task that was becoming increasingly difficult with his worsened attitude.

Chichi on the other had been calmer than anyone had ever seen her. In fact, it was hard to remember the last time the woman had raised her voice to yell in a long time. She could get strict or firm with people, but all of the nagging and hen pecking had seemed to vanish. The woman had returned to her roots of training in the last couple of months, even going as far as to ask Krillin and Piccolo for lessons here and there.

Bulma pulled her eyes away from the microscope, sighing as she stretched her limbs out. "Define "Better" and I tell you." She offered dryly. "He ditches school to train, when he does go he sleeps, because he trained all night, and when he gets home he trains some more"

The other woman just nods her head, finally taking a break from her workout. She collapses in a chair next to Bulma.

"So what are you working on this time?" Chichi asks.

Bulma looks the microscope in front of her and frowns. "I'm trying replicate the effects of a senzu beans."

"Well, that'd be better than waiting for new ones to get made." Chichi replied interested.

"Yeah, but it's not just that." Bulma stressed. "It'd be stronger. It could potentially heal diseases that the Senzu beans!"

Chuckling to herself, Chichi jumped off of the chair and started doing single handed hand stands. "Well if that thing can stop aging, I think you'll have your first customer right here."

For the first time in months, Bulma smiled a very tricky grin. "Well…"

At this point Chichi started to laugh. Not a chuckle or a fake laugh, but really laugh. In fact she laughed so hard that she lost her balance and fell face first.

"No aging, huh?" 18 said as she strolled into the lab suddenly. "That sounds pretty fun."

"And why would you need to worry about that, Ms. Android?" Chichi asked as she got back on her feet.

18 waged her finger at Chichi "Cyborg." She corrected. "Us Cyborgs do age, maybe better than most, but we still age."

"Yeah, well at least it's easier on you than humans." Bulma said with a wave of her hand.

"Trunks, what are we doing in here?" Goten questioned curiously as he followed Trunks into the capsule Corp ship. Marron followed close behind him, worried that she would get in trouble for being in Bulma's things.

They had been exploring for a while now and Trunks would only talk if it was to keep Goten focused on moving forward.

Trunks looked around the ship, an odd expression on his face that Goten had never seen before. The boy that smiled at Goten.

"I figured out a way for us to get stronger!" He cheered, brain running a thousand miles a minute.

He already knew he had Goten convinced that second the other boy heard the word stronger.

"Really, Trunks?" Goten asked stepping forward, excitement all over his face. "How are we going to do that?!"

"Easy." Trunks replied. "We're gonna use this!"

Goten scrunched his face in confusion. "But we've already used the gravity room!"

"No just that, idoit!" Trunks said annoyed, sounding very much like his father, something that was not lost on any of the 3 kids. "We can train! We can fight bad guys! See other worlds!"

Marron and Gotten couldn't even remember seeing their friend this excited about something.

"This is what our dad's did to get strong!" The excitement in his voice changed to something else, a more bitter tone. "I need…we need to get stronger!"

Marron stepped forward first. "But won't it be scary?"

"Who said you were even coming?" Trunks snapped at Marron.

The younger girl looked visibly hurt and Trunks instantly felt bad. He stepped forward to apologize, but stopped when he heard his mother's voice.

"Kids, dinner's ready!" His mom shouted. Luckily she hadn't gone into asked what the kids were doing in there. Most likely assuming they were just playing adventure like they always did.

The three kids ran to go get dinner, not wanting to anger Bulma.

As the three of them ran, Goten gave a glance at Trunks and saw that something was still on the boy's mind. He was pretty sure that whatever Trunk's was planning, it wasn't over yet.

It turned out Goten's hunch had been right. Marron and Goten's family had stayed the night at Capsule Corp, and Trunks had waited till everyone had fallen asleep. It was then that Trunks had deiced it would have to be now or never.

The half Saiyan was just as impatient as his father.

He woke up Goten and practically dragged the boy to the space ship with him, and then he flipped on the lights.

Shielding his eyes from the suddenly blinding light, Goten threw up his hands and tightly squinted his eyes. A moment passed and his began to adjust to the light. It was at that moment he realized that this plan Trunks had wasn't a spur of the moment idea. He saw everything the two of them would need, the purple haired boy even brought the sword his future self counterpart had left behind so many years ago.

Trunks stepped closer to Goten, a determined look in his eyes. "We need to do this, Goten!" He said.

"I don't know about this, Trunks…" Goten said timidly said back. "I mean what if our moms get mad?

"Who care?!" Trunks yelled back, losing his temper quickly. "Goten, we're it! We're all that's left now." Trunks voice was slowly turning from anger to bitter sadness as he continued to talk. "There's no Goku, Gohan, or my….or my dad! Their gone and we couldn't save them!"

Now Goten was getting upset. "It wasn't our fault!" He yelled back. "We weren't even there."

"Because we were to weak!" Trunks countered, fists clenching. "It doesn't matter if we can go super saiyan if we can't even do anything with that power."

Trunks was now trembling, tears welling up in his eyes. "My father told me about our people, Goten…How strong we were, how proud, and how we were born warriors."

Trunks looked down in shame. "We're not any of those things, Goten. We're just kids. That's why our fathers didn't let us help them. That's why everyone's dead."

"I…" Goten's words fell dead on his lips as he realized Trunks was right.

"You're…right." The chibi felt horrible. He remembered stories his family told him about his brother and father saving the world when they were his age, but he wasn't even able to fight in the tournament.

''Because we're just kids.'' A little voice said inside him, echoing Trunk's words.

Goten stood up, a determined look on his face. " I don't want anyone getting hurt anymore, Trunks." He said. "I wanna be a hero like my brother, like my dad!"

"Then let's go!" Trunks said excitedly, jumping up and running to the controls.

"But wait!" Goten bit his life, something obviously on his mind. "What about Marron?" He asked. "She always comes on our adventures."

Trunks sighed. "Goten, she's just a human. She'll just slow us down." The guilt in saying that was clear in his voice.

"But, she's our friend." Goten replied, not feeling totally up for leaving their one and only friend behind.

"She's not even a fighter." The other boy said. He went to counter again to drive the point home, but was stopped when he heard sniffling.

Goten and Trunks turned to see Marron, red faced, tears about to spill, and looking down right depressed at the two of them.

To his credit, Trunks stepped forward, ready to apologize, but was cut off by Marron.

"I won't tell anyone you're leaving." She said holding back her tears. "But only because I'm gonna prove you both wrong!"

Marron held her fist up and looked at both boys, determination written all over her face. "By the time you two get back, I'll be strong enough to kick both your butts!"

Trunks and Goten smiled.

"We won't be gone long!" Goten said very sure of himself.

Trunks nodded his head. "Yeah, we'll be back and stronger than ever!"

"Just you wait and see." Marron crossed her little arms, looking rather adorable with her fierce look. "I'll be the strongest human ever!"

The boys grinned, nodding their heads.

Marron then let down her tough girl act and ran at both boys, holding them in a big hug. "You two meanies better come back soon!"

"We will!" Goten said confidently.

"Good." The girl beamed at her friends, fighting down her sadness. "That means it's a promise!"

The group broke apart, smiling at each other. They had made a promise to all get stronger and they would keep it.

A loud roar erupted from Capsule Corp, waking the entire compound up. The adults all rushed into the living room, wondering what the hell that sound was.

"Goten!" Chichi yelled for her son. "Trunks, where are you?!"

It only took Bulma half a second though to figure out what the sound actually meant. She finally figured

"The ship!" She screamed running to area where the Brief's kept all their ships located.

They were too late though. All the women could do was watch as the ship took off into the night sky.

As Chichi and Bulma watched as their sons disappeared into the sky, Marron looked on from her own mother's arms, a guilty, yet determined look on her face.

Inside the spaceship, the two Saiyans had the same look of determination on their face.

All three children were thinking the same thing.

"I'm going to get stronger. I promise!"

Author's Notes: Well that's it for chapter 1. The boys are off to space while Marron is left on earth. Marron was another thing I wanted to change, while I don't plan to Mary Sue her, I do plan for her to have a rite of passage into a warrior. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Please, review, follow, or favorite if you liked it! I'll be sure to update ASAP!

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