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Q(From Fang): Is Marron going to get training from eighteen? Will Trunks start wearing sayian armor to honor his fallen father? With Vegeta dead does that mean Trunks is know prince? Will you give Goten his db super outfit? Will Goten and Trunks learn their fathers moves? Do you read the db super manga and watch the anime?Are you planning on somehow reviving Goku,Vegeta, and Gohan down the line?

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As the ship flew further away from earth, Goten couldn't help be feel a sense of longing for the planet. It was his home; he was born and raised there, on the mountains he had spent most of his days. It didn't help that he hadn't been able to say goodbye to his mother in person. He just hoped that she found his goodbye letter. He felt guilty for leaving only a couple of months after his brother had died, but he was doing this for her! He was going to become stronger for all of them!

It's what his dad would of wanted, and he wanted to make him proud. It just wasn't going to be easy leaving his mother behind, and all their friends.

His mind wondered to Marron next, and he hoped she was doing okay. The two Saiyan boys were on another adventure and had to leave her out again, something that she really always hated.

Marron was their childhood friend, they had known her for almost just as long as they knew each other.

Goten had told her that they wouldn't be gone long, but in truth he wasn't sure where they were even going. Their adventure was up to the stars at this point.

"Good luck, Marron." Goten thought to himself as he thought back to Marron. Her last words to them were a promise to get stronger, and he was going to hold her to it! Maybe they could fight we he got back. Yeah, that would be great!

"Yo, Goten you ready?" Trunks said walking up to his chibi friend.

The boy turned to his Trunks, smiling brightly. "Yeah! Let's do it!

The two had finally figured out the gravity room and they were going to spend the next couple of days training inside it. Trunks had only been allowed to be in there with his father, and Goten had only been in there a handful of times before, so both boys were excited to test their limits.

"Well, how bad could 1000x gravity be?" Trunks laughed as he flipped on the gravity room.

In an instant the boy's bodies were thrown to the ground and held there in the most painful experience either of them had ever felt. It was agonizing the way their flesh and bones were being pounded on by the intense gravity.

Trunks tried to crawl towards the control panel; he needed to turn it off before it killed them!

As the boy painfully started to make his way towards the controls, something in the corner of his eye caught his attention. He looked to his side to see Goten, who was attempting to stand up on his feet.

Goten started to shake as he slowly got onto his feet, the suffering he was going through and indescribable. Everything in his body felt like it was being crushed into smaller pieces, but he couldn't stop. He wouldn't stop! His father's words echoed in his mind as he finally got back on his feet and stood in the middle of the room.

He remembered how his father had looked him in the eyes, and told that he was one of the last Saiyans left, how that it was up to him and Trunks to keep the earth safe.

His father had never given up, even when he was losing! He would keep pushing himself to the next level. Sparks formed around Goten's body as he gritted his teeth.

Trunks stared at Goten, and something inside the boy snapped. He couldn't explain what it was. Maybe if it was a year ago he would have been impressed, but watching as Goten, someone who had only trained with his mother and brother most of the time, stand up in almost 1000x gravity, when he was struggling to even move, sent the boy into a rage he had never felt before.

" a Saiyan." Trunks muttered as his anger rose. He wasn't just any Saiyan either, he was of royal blood! His father always told him how his family was an elite class of warrior, some of the strongest to ever live on their home world. "I..I am my father's son!"

Trunks finally stood up on his feet, body trembling in pain and rage. His eyes gradually changed colors, hair beginning to stand up, and power level rising above what it had been before. Goten was his friend, but he wouldn't allow to him surpass him in strength. No! He refused to let anyone be stronger than him again.

"I am the prince of Saiyans!" Trunks screamed in fury. His power level spiked higher than he'd ever felt before and the gravity room suddenly felt easier to stand in. Was this the rage his father felt for all these years? Was this why he had always tried to push him harder?

Goten stared at Trunks in, a smile forming on his face as he felt his friend's power rise.

"Amazing, Trunks!" Goten yelled, panting from the intense gravity.

Trunks wasn't smiling though, he walked over to the machine and turned up the gravity to 2000x, and Goten fell back on to the floor, screaming in horrifying pain, in fact he had fallen so hard that when his shoulder had hit the ground, he was sure the sickening pop had meant it was dislocated.

He screamed in pain, and yelled at his friend. "Trunks, stop! You're hurting me" He cried as the pain was becoming too much for him to bear.

Trunk cringed at his friend's pain, but continued to turn the gravity higher, slowly increasing the pressure and pain on Goten's body.

"We have to keep pushing ourselves, Goten!" He screamed loudly. "Get up! There isn't your brother or mother here to help you. You have to stand on your own two feet!"

Goten didn't listen though, he just cried out in pain, tears falling from his eyes. "Please, Trunks stop it!" He didn't know what to do, his mind was clouded by fear and pain to do anything.

Trunks finally snapped. "This is why Gohan is dead!" He screamed at his friend. "Because you're too weak! You're no Saiyan!"

He saw that he was getting a reaction from Goten, and even though he felt guilty, he was going to push the boy even further. "No wonder your dad wanted to stay dead."

That had done it.

Sadness was soon replaced with primal rage, and Goten roared in anger, slamming his face into the floor, denting it. He did this over and over again as he yelled, sparks flying everywhere. It was then transformed into a super Saiyan. The gravity room shook as the young boy screamed in fury.

Finally he stood, tears slowly disappearing in his golden aura.

Trunks already knew what was going to happen, and he didn't say a word, instead he just got into fighting position and held his hands up.

Goten grabbed his shoulder, and in one fluid motion, popped his shoulder back into place. What surprised Trunks though was that the boy didn't scream, he just cringed in pain slightly, but he didn't cry like Goten normally would.

The boy then ran at Trunks, power level rising by the second. Trunks matched his speed and raced at him to meet his friend head on.

And just like that the boy's training had begun.

Their battle had lasted hours, trying the hardest to beat the other into the ground. Space seemed to lack a sense of time, do they weren't sure how long they hand went for. They had fought at full power, something the two boys had never done before, and they had fought not in a spar, but in a real fight. The experience was one that was foreign to them, fighting to hurt the other and not to just win.

Goten and Trunks stood opposite of each other, panting and drained, but neither willing to back down no matter how bad they were hurting. Hair disheveled from sweat, clothes torn and tattered, bodies bruised, bleeding, and sore from the intense fighting.

Neither of them wanted to call off the fight, their pride was masking their fatigue. Giving one last final push, both boys charged up to full power, golden aura surging through them. This was going to be what decided it all!

Goten's stomach started to growl loudly, and soon after that, so did Trunks'.

The boys looked at each other, trying to stay mad, but it only took another growl to make grins slowly form on both of their faces.

"I'm starving." Goten groaned.

Trunks chuckled and turned off the gravity room. "Yeah, me too." He said as he powered down. He looked at his friend, feeling guilty about what he had said. "Listen, Goten I'm sorry."

Goten returned to his base form. He looked at the genuine look on Trunks' face, and instantly accepted the apology. "it's okay, Trunks. Now let's get something to eat!"

The purple haired boy couldn't help but laugh, Kami he was hungry too."

After eating double their weight in food, Goten and Trunks limped through the large ship. The distraction of fighting and food had worn off, and now the boy's only had their pain left with them.

The two chibi's stumbled into the medical room, and started to search for Senzu beans.

It dawned on them soon though that neither of them had grabbed any Senzu beans before leaving earth.

"Damn it." Trunks cursed as he rummaged through enough boxes, only to find nothing. He was seriously hurting. Goten packed a hell of a punch at times, and he'd be lying if he said the son of Goku didn't get in a lot of good hits.

Meanwhile Goten was on the floor, moaning in pain. His dislocated shoulder was burning in pain, along with the rest of his body.

A lightbulb suddenly went off in Trunk's head as he remembered that he had managed to steal of his mother's new invention before leaving.

He tore open a large contained and looked inside at the contests. There were multiple vials labeled: Senzu Serum.

Trunks took two vials out, handing one to Goten and keeping for one for himself.

The boy stared at the vile, unsure if he should drink it. "You think this is safe, go-"

Goten was in too much pain to care, and downed the liquid without a second thought. His wounds instantly healed and the boy felt amazing. He jumped up from the floor, feeling even stronger than when he first spared with Trunks.

Trunks too drank the liquid, and just like Goten, he felt amazing. It was like a Senzu bean times a million.

"Wow, Goten I feel great!" Trunks said.

Goten suddenly dropped face first to the floor.

Trunks turned to his friend and was about to ask him what happened, but he felt his legs become weak, and soon he too fell to the floor, world becoming dark.

"Oh, why does my back hurt so much?" Goten moaned. "And why is everything so dark? Am I blind? I must be blind!"

Goten started to panic, he didn't know how he was supposed to live as a blind kid! How would he train? Kami, how would he eat?!

"You are not blind, Son Goten." A calm voice sound in the darkness. "You merely have your eyes close.

"Oh." Goten says sheepishly. The boy opened his eyes, and came face to face with a tall man with a red maul hawk, eyes piercing blue, and Saiyan like designed armor with a color scheme of black and green.

No words were spoken as the two stared at each other in silence,

Goten blinked at Android 16.

Android stared at Goten.

Goten scratched his tail.

Wait tail?!

Goten jumped, holding his tail in hands, staring in shock at it. "I, uh, I have a tail?!"

"Affirmative." The man said.

"Why do you have a tail?" Trunks moaned, rubbing his eyes, tail wishing behind as he walked over to Goten and the man.

Goten and the man stared at Trunks and pointed to his tail.

Trunks looked where they were pointed and found himself looking at a tail. "That's new." He causally said.

The purple haired boy then started to scream loudly. "Why the hell do I have a tail?"

"In my analysis of your bodies I have determined that the serum made by Bulma Briefs has had an unforeseen reaction to your bodies.

Goten and Trunks stared at the big man in confusion. "Huh?" They both asked at once.

"The serum made you grow tails." The man said simple. "The Serum was made as an advance subtitle for what you call Senzu Beans, and in doing such healed the scared tissue on your spinal cord that was restricting your tails from re-growing."

Trunks scratched his head, understanding most of what the taller man said. Goten on the other hand had given up, and had become more interested in playing with his tail.

"So, um who are you, Mister?" Goten asked as he used his tail to balance on,. He was sure that it had only been the two of them this entire time. Trunks meanwhile had figured out how to make his tail wrap around his waist, almost like a belt.

"I am a syntactic creation rebuilt from a previous model designed for the termination of Son Goku. My new mission has yet to be determined.

Goten looked at Trunks for answers again.

Sighing, Trunks translated for his friend. "He's an Android built from an older Android that was supposed to kill your dad."

Goten stared at the tall Android in question. "So does that mean you're a good guy?"

For once the android did not have a response, instead he actually seemed to have to think, or whatever Androids do, about the Saiyan's question.

"Data not found." The android said. "I have no programing or mission as of now."

"I know!" Goten said excitedly. "You can go on our adventure with us!"


"Might as well." Trunks chimed in, crossing his arms. "We could use a sparring partner too. It'll get old fast just sparing with Goten."

The android processed this information, running a scan to see if such a mission would be permitted in his programming. Finding no restrictions in doing so, the Android set a new mission for himself.

He would accompany the Saiyan boys and keep them safe from harm for as long as need be.

"New mission accepted." 16 said as he programmed himself.

The boys beamed in excitement. "So that means you're with us now? Trunks asked.

The android nodded. "Affirmative."

At that moment, Goten's clothes had finally given out under all the abuse they had taken recently and most of it fell off, leaving the boy in only his pants that were currently looking more like shorts.

Trunks started laughing at his friend, but his cloths fell apart soon too, leaving the chibi in his underwear.

"Well that sucks." Trucks muttered embarrassed.

The android walked over to a close and pulled out two sets of Saiyan armor that Bulma had designed.

"Huh, I forgot I took those with me." Trunks thought out loud as he gratefully changed into the armor.

Goten accepted the armor as well, a little reluctant since he enjoyed his own clothes, but he didn't bring any spares with him before leaving earth.

The two Saiyans dressed quickly, making sure to poke holes out for their new tails.

Goten smiled, now they had another friend on their adventure! He wondered if his had had went around with any androids when he was a kid…

Two Saiyans and an Android: What's the worst that could go wrong?

6 months later

As the elder silently wondered why the earthlings had tails, he noticed that something was moving in the wreckage of the spaceship, and android 16 broke out from the wreck, not even a dent on him. He flew out of the crash site and approached the shaking elder.

"Where is Goten and Trunks?" He sternly questioned, ready to fight if he did not get the answer he sought.

The elder assumed he was talking about the boys and pointed towards the direction they had been carried off to.

"Thank you." 16 said politely as he walked to catch up with the Saiyan children.

Author's Notes: Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter! I brought 16 back and I'm most likely keeping him around for awhile. I always thought it was odd they never tried to rebuild him. Trunk's is having some trouble lately so I hope you guys didn't think he was too OOC for the story. The Vegeta/Bulma bloodline I think never really taught coping much. Next chapter will finally cover why the ship crashed and what has happened in the last six months for the kids. While I have most of the story already drafted up in my head, I'm open to suggestions, just keep them logical!

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