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My name is fanfictheroy and welcome to Leaf Village Saints! As you can guess this is a Saints row/ Naruto crossover that I thought about for a while, what if the saints were born again into the world of Naruto?

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"Finally!" the boy cried out falling on his back. "I learned that stupid clone jutsu." This boy was Naruto Uzumaki a 15 year old academy trainee. He had blond hair, blue eyes, and 6 whisker marks on his cheeks. Three on each side. He was wearing a orange jumpsuit with the jacket unzipped.

As he was lying down he heard a voice, "Bout time boss, While fun seeing you struggle I think it's about time we meet." Naruto shot up in a flash looking around. "Who's There?!" "In here..." Suddenly Naruto blacked out. When he awoke he was in some sewer with pipes along the walls. "Where the hell am I?" he said as he looked around. "Your mind boss. Now follow the pipes we need to talk."

Following the pipes he saw a room with a big cage. However their was graffiti on the floor and when Naruto read what it said he was confused.

"What are the third street saints?" he said while scratching his head. "I guess you really did forget, I guess it's up to me to remind you of who you are." Naruto turned the cage where the voice originated.

From the shadows stepped out a giant fox with nine tails. It's was smirking down at Naruto and laid down on its paws, lazily staring at him. After Naruto got over his shock he did what people usually do when faced with something dangerous...something stupid.

"So...how bout them Anbu?" The fox's grin widened and rumbling filled the cage from his chuckling. For some reason this pissed Naruto off. "OI! Stop laughing you bunny-eared moron!" The fox stopped laughing and wiped his eye. Sorry boss, anyway I think it's time for you wake up." "From...What?"

"This fucking act!" the fox roared hitting the bars of it's cell. Shocking the young ninja.

"What happened to the man that took over Stillwater?!" Naruto clutched his head in pain, images of him taking down the gangs in his city. "To the man that took over Steelport?!" More pain filled Naruto as he fell to his knees and he remembered taking down the syndicate, STAG, and Killbane. "The man who became president and dominated an alien race?!" Even more pain surface, but with some thing else. A aura covered his form as more memories raced through his mind. The Zin, earth being destroyed, simulation, superpowers. Th fox grew quiet and it said in a whisper "To the man that never left a homie behind?" Naruto's eyes widened as images and names flashed through his mind. Johnny, Shaundi, Kinzie, Pierce, Oleg, Mat, Angel, Viola, KiKi, Asha.

With a roar of pain, power burst from Naruto in waves transforming the sewer into a swanky penthouse suite. (SR3) gasping for air he felt a hand on his shoulders. Looking up he saw a man with shades and a purple jacket but he had shackles on his arms and legs. "Johnny..." Naruto said with wide eyes. Gat smirked, "Wake up boss, and show those bitches how to walk the Row.

Naruto woke up, in the forest his eyes turning purple. He was shrouded by power which burned off his jacket leaving him in his black wife beater. A purple fleur-de-lis appeared on his neck with power drifting off of it. Reaching deep inside of him he called out to his friends, his gang, his homies.


A Giant fleur-de-saint appeared in the sky bathing the village in purple, showing whats to come. And through out the village 9 different people eyes glowed purple softly.

The saints were back.

And thats all for now, I had this idea for a long time now. And since this is in a already well established universe It should be coming out quick!

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