A/N: I Want To See How Far This Goes, So Yeah Enjoy. Rated M For Strong Language.

Chapter 1 lonely, but not forever

Humphrey P.O.V

The thought of Kate marrying Garth just tore me to shreds, after all we've been through she doesn't love me back. All my life I've been trying to impress her and make her mine anyway possible, but this dumbass law keeps interfering with it. I knew I should have just gone to alpha school with her, maybe I wouldn't be having this problem. We would probably be in our own private den married cuddling and kissing until one of us falls asleep in a warm embrace. The thought of Kate's soft pink lips connecting with mine and her tongue exploring my mouth cheers me up a little bit but not really. I wish there was a way for us to be together forever and live happily ever after, but that's only a dream I'll would have once and soon wake up from. Images of Kate's beautiful smile would hunt me for as long as I live making it extremely hard to move on. So I want to see her one last time before I leave and never return, if this the life she wants to live so be it.

I walked up the slope to her parents den and saw lilly combing her tail with a pine cone. Kate turned her head and saw me walking up the slope and smiled widely. The smile I would miss everyday of my miserable lonely life.

"Humphrey?...what are you doing here" Kate said smiling as I walked up to her.

"I just wanted to congratulate you on your big day, I know you must be so happy" I said sitting in front of her.

"Y-yeah I am, now everything is going to be perfect...no more fighting for food and everyone would get fed peacefully" Kate said half smiling.

"That's awesome news but aren't you forgetting something?" I asked taking a pink flower out my ear, and placing it in her hair.

"Wow..." I said amazed.

"What?" Kate asked.

"You look so beautiful...I'm sure Garth would want to love you and protect you with his life...you two are perfect for each other" I said making her blush and lilly snapped the pine cone with her jaws trotting in the den angrily.

"What's her problem?" I asked and Kate shook her head.

"I don't know" Kate said looking in my eyes with those beautiful pair of golden eyes I always loved. "I have to tell her how I feel even if she doesn't love me back...I want her to at least know I love her before I leave...what's the worse that can happen than just an awkward moment" I thought.

"K-Kate I have to tell you s-something" I said nervously choking over my words and fumbling with my paws

"I'm listening" Kate said calmly.

"On our way back to jasper I had a lot of fun with you Kate, and I want it to be that way permanently" I said smiling and she looked at me puzzled.

"What are you trying to say...you want to go on another adventure?" Kate asked unsure what I was talking about.

"No what I'm saying is this..." I said said connecting lips with hers. She was surprised but didn't pull away, telling me she accepted my kiss. She closed her eyes and savoring the moment pulling me closer to her. I broke away and she still had her eyes closed, but slowly opened them smiling at me.


"I love you Kate and I always had ever since we were pups...I just wanted you to know that before I leave and never return" I said sadly interrupting her and her face and tail lit up with excitement.

"Humphrey, I love you too...please don't leave stay here with me I need you" Kate said hugging me tightly nuzzling my chest.

"So you're calling the wedding off?" I asked happily and she broke away looking down with her ears flat on her head.

"I wish but I can't, tony would start a war if I do" Kate said sadly.

"Oh, I-I understand...so this is goodbye?" I asked and she only nodded. A howl echoed through the forest letting us know it's almost time and Kate looked at me with lugubrious on her face.

"But can you at least come to the wedding?" Kate asked with a little enthusiasm in her voice.

"Yeah I'll be there" I said smiling and she put me in a warm embrace I wish can last forever.

"I'm going to miss you so much Humphery..." Kate said licking my cheek with tears forming in her eyes.

"I'm going to miss you too Kate" I said hugging her well fit body tightly. After a while she pulled away and looked in my eyes.

"Will you at least come back and visit me?" Kate asked and I shook my head.

"No, I'll most likely be too far...I'm going wherever the train takes me for a couple of days" I said sadly looking towards the train tracks.

"Can I get one more kiss?" Kate asked, I didn't respond and immediately kissed her.

Our tongues was exploring each others mouths playing tag as we kissed passionately. Kate was moaning in my mouth and pulling me closer to her was we kissed turning me on. I always dreamt of kissing Kate many times but never thought it would actually happen, now I stand accomplish. Even though I'm not staying with her this might be the best day of my life, everything would have been even more better if I was an alpha. But I guess we weren't meant to be. I broke the kiss and she had a huge smile on her face, but it turned into a frown when another howl rang out.

"Humphery before you go please stay safe...and promise you'll never forget about me" Kate said.

"I promise I would never forget you as long as I'm breathing...you would always be my true love no matter what, I love you Kate" I said with tears forming in my eyes.

"I love you too Humphery and always will" Kate said hugging me one last time and walked down the slope.

"I'll miss you Kate" I said to myself as I watched her leave to go marry barf.

I was at the edge of the cliff looking down on the wedding ceremony as Kate walked to Garth obviously fake smiling. She sat in front of Garth and looked up at me smiling widely. "She looks so beautiful...Garth better treat her right" I thought.

Moments past and they were accepting each others scent and moved on to the nose rub. The train erupted and I turned around not wanted to see the nose rub naming them official mates. I ran to the train as fast as my omega legs can take me leaving a trail of tears behind. The sound of cheering and howling occurred in the distance as I knew they rubbed noses melting my heart with acid. A box car was opened and I quickly jumped in laying down crying my heart out. "Why this stupid law had to fuck things up, it wasn't supposed to end like this after she felt the same way...Who even created the law in the first place?...I mean we're all wolves, why does a rank matter?" I thought.

Flashbacks flowed through my head as I was reminiscing all the good times we had together as pups to adulthood. Most of all the night we howled together, her voice was so beautiful and perfect. The last time I would ever hear it as I'm thousands of miles away, as a lone wolf.