A/N Very short little oneshot - a little English homework task that I thought I'd share. It's Micheal Cassio's thoughts at the end of Act 2 Scene 3, when Othello fires him from his job. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

I am shamed! The noble general, Othello, has dismissed me from my position as his lieutenant. I suppose he is right to do so – I was drunk and a fool for being so intoxicated. It was Iago who gave me a second cup, but the blame does not lie with him. The devil of drink is awakened too easily in me, but he did not know that. I am such a fool!

Why must drink be so integral to the life of a soldier? God knows I cannot cope with wine. It makes such a devil of me – violence and bawdiness. It is not a proper man. Iago is a proper man. He defended me before the general while I was too little a man to do so myself. But my reputation is gone nonetheless. My reputation, that was so precious to me, so clean, cast aside with a single act. How could I think to fight them – Roderigo, a poor man well below my office and Montano, Governor of Cyprus, so above? It was so stupid of me. Fool.

But still the noble Iago seeks to aid the fool. He would see me restored to my former place, above him, despite my disgrace. It could be won back, methinks. My place. The general's fit of passion and rage soon pass and honest Iago believes that time and sense will return my position, but only if fair Desdemona asks it of him. They are man and wife and very much in love. He will not deny her. And therefore, there is yet hope for my reputation. History will not remember this blunder – only that I was the noble Othello's loyal servant and lieutenant. With Desdemona's kindness, there is hope for this well-meaning drunken fool yet.

A/N I hoped you liked that little oneshot and I'd love to know what you thought.