Last chapter to this story - but I will be starting another with stories of Camelot shared by Arthur and Jenkins. And maybe others as well - who knows who might show up.

Pt. 38

Vlad walked through the Annex back door, waving goodbye to his children. Jenkins watched the doors close somberly. "Arthur, may I speak with you for a moment?"

"Can we talk in the House of Refuge?" Arthur looked at his friend quizzically. "Is there a problem?"

"I don't know" Jenkins responded, watching his Librarians pack up the information on the murders. "It's about your father."

"You have questions?"

"I saw his hand start to smoke when he reached for your sister in the chapel. Is he what I think he is?"

Arthur smiled thinly. "It's a long story and not one I particularly want to tell today. All you need to know about my father is that he is the best man and the best father that ever has been seen."

Jenkins frowned. "But if he is a danger…"

"The only beings he is a danger to would be anyone fool enough to raise a hand to my sister or myself. Don't concern yourself."

Jenkins glanced quickly over to where Rowan was still speaking to Baird. "As you wish – but we will have this talk at a later date."

"As you wish." Arthur turned and laid his hands on his sister's shoulders. "Ready to go."

Rowan smiled up at her big brother. "Of course. Will you and Mr. Jenkins grace us with some stories of Camelot? I'd love to hear what you were up to when I wasn't there to annoy you."

"You never annoy me" Arthur replied, gallantly. "You make me crazy most times, exasperate me other times but you never annoy me."

Rowan grinned at the Librarians. "He's such a bad liar."

"He always was." Jenkins said, standing behind his friend, one hand on his shoulder.

"Sounds like you two might have some good stories to tell" Baird said, looking between the two men with a smile.

Rowan took both Jenkins and Arthur's arms, putting herself right between them. "So, tea anyone?"

Arthur's groan filled the room as the light covered the Librarians and their guests, taking everyone to the House of Refuge and a moment of peace before the next adventure.