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Love at First Sight

Summary: The moment Salem sees Harry Potter in the distance he gets what his younger sister means about falling in love at first sight. Who would have thought it would happen to him?

Warnings: Au-modern day, Human Salem, Teen Salem, Sibling Salem and Sabrina, Alive Potters, crossover pairing

"Be nice to fall in love especially at first sight," the soft sigh from the blonde teen sitting on the navy blue beanbag gets the raven hair teen to roll his eyes.

"Really Sabrina? That's just a joke." Salem scoffs earing a raise brow.

"It can happen," Sabrina answers with a slight pout before giving a cheeky smile. "Besides I'm sure there be a boy for you someday. You can have a little prince of your own instead of a princess."

"Sabrina! I'm bi," Salem hiss, cheeks flushes a bit glancing at the open door biting his bottom lip hoping their aunts didn't hear his sisters words. "Besides Mom and Dad didn't take it too well and I'm sure Aunt Zelda and Hilda will react like them."

"They need to think it over big brother," Sabrina answers giving a frown. "They come around."

"I guess," Salem sighs flipping a page of the book he's reading when the sounds of a moving truck driving up the road stops follow by new voices.

"Guess the old house is for sale," Sabrina muses looking out the window making a comment. "Hey a new kid is moving. Looks rather cute with black hair and green eyes!"


"Yup probably be your type Salem," Sabrina said hearing her older brother get off of his bed and come by her side.

Salem's mouth drops seeing a slim raven teen with long raven hair going pass his shoulders pull into a small ponytail carrying some boxes talking with two adults that must be his parents. His crooked smile seems so adorable to him. In that moment the world stop spinning for Salem. His mouth dries up. His palms sweat. His heart stops than beats faster.

Is this what his sister means of falling for someone at first sight?

"Salem, Sabrina come outside to meet our new neighbors!" the call of their mother downstairs brings Salem out of his daze.

"Huh?" He chokes out.

"Come on and quit drooling for now," Sabrina gently tugs him out the door finding it cute her big brother seem to fall for a new kid. It will do him good after the mix feelings he been going through ever since he realize he's bisexual.

Salem wipes his hands on his pants to dry them off. He let himself be guide out of the house by his younger sister only to find the new family is living across the street.

"Thank you for welcoming us," The redhead woman said to his mother and aunts smiling warmly and her green eyes much like her son are full of life and joy.

"It's a quiet neighborhood," the raven man adds looking at his wife with love in his hazel eyes.

"Get a room Mom, Dad," the raven teen whines before laughing as his parents pull him into a hug before glancing at Salem and a shy smile tugs on his lips. "Hi, I'm Harry Potter."

"Hi," Salem returns feeling a small smile tugging and cheeks wanting to burn with heat. "I'm Salem Saberhagen-Spellman and this is my younger sister. Welcome to the neighborhood, Harry."

'Ask him,' Sabrina things looking between the two seeing them just gazing into each other's eyes and small smiles form.

"Salem would you be kind enough to show my son to school Monday," Harry's mother ask seeing love blossoming between the two teens.

"Sure thing Mrs. Potter," Salem replies glancing away from Harry for a moment with a polite smile as the younger raven gives a soft chuckle warming his heart.

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