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After what seemed like the perfect relationship with someone who had nothing to do with the lawyer world, she had ended it. She would not allow herself to string him along any longer. It's impossible to love two people at once she told herself over and over again. Her heart belonged to a man who could not express his feelings due to his past and who refused to look at her in that way. She was now back at her apartment after her 'date' with Mitchell, she threw off her 5 inch Valentino heels and made her way to the bathroom.

After her shower she sprawled out on the couch and decided to inform Rachel of the recent events.

Donna: Hi Rach, I went through with what we spoke about today at lunch. It's over between me and Mitchell. Speak about it tomorrow x

Donna sat herself down at her desk, the desk outside Louis' office. She started up her computer ready for the day ahead of preparing and cancelling meetings for her boss. As she looked up from the computer she noticed Rachel powerwalking towards her. Before Rachel had a chance to open her mouth Donna started the conversation.

"Don't say what you're about to say! Yes I am fine, Rachel" she laughed

Rachel's expression went from concerned to laughing within 0.2 seconds.

"I wasn't coming to see how you were! I was coming to tell you… that me and you are having a girls night in tonight" Rachel looked proud of herself with that good save.

"If you insist that's fine, come over to my place about 7. Now I think you need to get back to Harvey's office, I know the Johnston trials in two days time and you don't have sufficient evidence against him" Rachel mirrored Donna's smile and made her way back to Harvey's office.

"Nice of you to join us" Harvey spoke as she walked into his office quietly trying not to disturb him or Mike.

Harvey and Mike were sat on his sofa surrounded with thousands of pieces of paper with certain parts highlighted. Mike didn't even look up to jump to her defence as he was too busy with the reading the by-laws of the company they were defending.

"Sorry I'm late I had to stop by Donna's office to check she was okay and…"

Before she could continue Harvey's head shot up from the paper in front of him.

"Donna? Why is she okay? What's happened?" he asked with a worried tone.

"Nothing major, its just she ended things with Mitchell last night but she's fine. In fact, I've never seen somebody so calm after a break up. We're gonna have a girls night tonight at her place" she said as she took a seat facing Harvey.

"Rachel, we're booked in to see the priest tonight. We have to go tonight because you know how long his waiting list is!" Mike said, still not looking up from his work.

Rachel threw both her hands over her mouth "Oh my god, it completely slipped my mind. I wasn't even thinking I just wanted to make sure I was there for her"

Harvey couldn't concentrate, after finding out Donna was back to being single how could he? He looked at Rachel as he stood up and fastened his suit jacket "Listen, go and tell her you can't make it tonight, ill be back in 20 minutes"

Rachel nodded and did as she was told. Harvey was about to make his way out of the office until Mike spoke.

"I know I've got a photographic memory but I don't see how me doing a 3 man job alone is beneficial to this case" he shouted after his boss.

"There's something I need to sort out, I said I'd be 20 minutes, Mike!" Harvey shouted back at him.

Rachel slapped both her palms down on top of Donna's desk, Donna threw her head up and looked at her friend startled.

Rachel began to ramble on "Donna I am so, so sorry! Mike has just reminded me we have an appointment with the priest tonight and you know how hard it was to get an appointment at such short notice anyway and if we reschedule there is no guarantee we…"

Donna cut her off before she could continue "Rachel its okay, I told you I'm fine. I don't need looking after; we'll arrange it for another time! Did you sort out a dress for the Christmas Party on Saturday?"

"We will! And yes I ordered the black dress I showed you yesterday, I cannot wait to wear it!" she shrieked with excitement "right I need to get back to the Johnston case, I don't think Harvey was too impressed that I was a few minutes late this morning" and with that she walked back in the direction she came.

10 minutes after Rachel had left Donna's desk she had another visitor. It was Harvey.

"Good Morning" Harvey gave her his signature smile as he placed a coffee in front of her

He knew. He knew that she knew he knew. Rachel must of mentioned it to him an hour earlier.

"Refresh my memory, Harvey. Is this an apology coffee? A thank you coffee?" she teased

"Can't I bring a friend a coffee? Oh speaking of us being friends, Rachel told me about your girl's night and that she had to cancel. Sooo… I was thinking I could step in her place" he replied as he laughed nervously. This was so out of character for him.

Donna burst out laughing "Oh please. YOU want to have a GIRL'S night. Have you heard yourself? You don't know the first thing about a girl's night"

"Donna, just because I've never been involved in one doesn't mean I don't know what happens. You use them face mask things, watch a movie, put an excessive amount of braids in each others hair and then talk about sex" he couldn't keep a straight face.

"Okay hotshot, come to my apartment at 7 with the essentials" she challenged

He smirked at her and gave her a wink before walking away. His smile paired with a wink was torture. How can anybody get over somebody like him, he could charm his way into the white house if needs be.

At 19:10 there was a knock on the door. There he stood in his casual clothes, jeans, desert boots and a dark grey polo neck jumper, and in one hand a bottle of red wine and in the other a bag.

"You're late!" she stated as she shut the door behind him.

Harvey placed the bag and bottle of wine on the kitchen counter, "I didn't want to show up to our girls night without putting my makeup on did I?" he teased.

He handed gestured for Donna to come over and open the bag. Firstly, she pulled out a new set of pyjamas, then 2 packs of face masks, a Pretty Woman DVD and a huge tub on Chunky Monkey.

"Okay, you've either been to a girl's night at least once in your life or you asked Rachel what to bring"

"Or I just googled what items to bring?" he smiled and handed her a glass of wine.

They both made their way over to her table and sat down facing each other. Harvey knew she wasn't going to bring up the Mitchell situation and since he insisted that he wanted to come over he knew he would have to bring it up.

"Rachel mentioned you ended things with your boyfriend, well ex boyfriend" just saying the word boyfriend sent shivers down his spine. Something he had the chance to be a few months back if he never bottled up his feelings. If he had answered that god damn question love me how? Maybe they'd of been a couple. Not just a working couple but a romantically involved couple.

"Yeah, it just wasn't the right timing for me to jump into a relationship with someone I hardly knew. He understood and we agreed to stay friends" she replied looking down at her glass of wine before bringing it to her lips.

Harvey looked at her trying to regain eye contact with her.

"Is it possible to stay 'just friends' with someone you've had a history with?" he said looking directly into her eyes, he refused to look away. To run away. Run away from what had been bugging him since the last time he was at her apartment.

Donna stood up "why don't you tell me, Harvey?" and walked into the kitchen.

Harvey clenched his jaw. He looked at the door, he could make a run for it now if he wanted. But he couldn't. He needed to man up and stop running away from the woman he loved. Donna retrieved a take out menu from the kitchen and sat back in her seat. She passed the menu to him.

"On girl's night we also order in" she smirked

Within 30 minutes of a phone call to 'that shitty Thai place' the food had arrived. They finished there meals and Donna took their plates away. She then walked over to the sofa with 2 face masks in either hand.

"I'm going to change into my new pyjamas and then its face mask time" she ordered.

"I brought a change of clothes myself, I don't know how messy these things can be so thought it was best to be on the safe side" he shrugged

Donna emerged from the bedroom 5 minutes later and was faced with a half naked Harvey. There he stood in his navy sweatpants, socks and toned torso on show. Donna's mouth fell open. This man can make her fall in love with him over and over again.

"If you wanted to see me naked you could of just asked instead of sneaking up on me" he teased

"For one, I wasn't sneaking up and for two, the last time I saw you naked I wasn't that impressed" she taunted back. She knows she shouldn't be flirting with him. She has her stupid rule. But she cant help herself, with him it feels right and she's missed all their flirty banter they had with each other since she decided to go and work for Louis.

Harvey laughed as he pulled his grey tshirt over his head "the last time you saw me naked both our bodies were covered in whipped cream so that information is inadmissible. If you want to have another look now or any time in the future just let me know" he winked at her again and took his place on the sofa. He shouldn't be doing this. She has only just split up with Mitchell.

She laughed and took her place next to him.

"Okay so you can either have Fruit Smootie which targets black heads or Virgin Olive which is an anti-ageing one" she held the 2 face masks in front of him "in fact I think the anti ageing one would be best since you are the oldest"

"C'mon, I'm older than you by 2 years! I don't need any face masks, I'm a handsome looking man" Harvey joked

"How you fit through doors with an ego like yours I will never know" she laughed as she passed him a face mask

"So what we do is, I apply your mask and you apply mine. Just please make sure you don't get it in my eyebrow, Harvey, it's a nightmare to try and get off"

He looked at her concerned "you want me… to rub this thing…on your face" for the past 12 years they did not engage in any touching activities, apart from the other time obviously.

"Look its not that hard, ill do yours first. Shut your eyes" she ripped open the face mask and started to apply it to his face.

5 minutes later she was done "open your eyes, you're done. Just try not to open your mouth as much or it'll start to crack"

"Is it supposed to be this tight?" he muttered as his mouth was restricted from opening much wider. He continued to open the other face mask. Donna looked at him, he looked so stupid sitting there with a grey face mask on.

"Shut your eyes!" he insisted.

It took him 10 minutes and it was a mess, although she warned him not to get it in her eyebrows it was everywhere. She opened her eyes.

"That was the most un-relaxing face mask I've ever had applied" she laughed "you're so heavy handed, Harvey!"

"Shut your eyes, I'm still not done!"

Donna done as she was told and with that Harvey lent forward and kissed her lips softly. Donna moved back, opening her eyes again. Harvey reopened his eyes and placed a lose strand of hair behind her ear, he then cupped her face and tried his luck to kiss her again, only this time she didn't pull away.