Donna made her way into PSL at 8:15am, coffee carrier containing 3 coffees in one hand and an oversized designer bag draped over the other arm. She placed her bag down at her desk and made her way to Harvey's office. She knew they would be in his office as it was no secret that he had the better office out of the other 2.

She greeted Gretchen good morning and pushed her way through the glass door. Harvey, Louis and Mike were all slopped on the sofa with an uncountable number of paper scattered around them, Donna stood in front of them and started to hand out the coffee to each of them.

"Caramel cappuccino with extra frothy milk for Louis, large latte with a splash of vanilla and extra whipped cream for Harvey and a plain, boring americano for the baby."

"Life saver" Louis shrieked as he stood up and pulled her into a tight embrace.

Harvey could not hide how annoyed he was that Louis was touching the redhead. His redhead. Although they both shared the same love for Shakespeare, Harvey knew Louis was one person he did not have to worry about. Harvey got brought back down to earth when Mike threw a highlighter at him.

"Well I found out the vote takes place at 11am and all of use look like shit, enjoy" she laughed as she walked out of her former boss' office.

Louis and Harvey both watched her walk towards her desk, swinging her hips side to side as she did so.

"She. Is. Incredible" Louis mumbled in between sips of his coffee, his eyes still fixated outside the office.

Harvey's head shot to his left, watching Louis fantasize over Donna made his blood boil. "Are you here to work or to undress your secretary with you eyes?!" he yelled at him.

"No, I wasn't- er" Louis tried to answer, a sheepish tone to his voice.

"Either carry on with the by-laws or get the hell out of here" he replied sharply.

Mike shuck his head and turned to Harvey, "I've had far too little sleep for you two and your bickering, if neither of you can be in the same room without arguing then I'm leaving"

Harvey glared at Mike and clenched his jaw. He knew he was in the wrong for snapping at Louis like that but he couldn't help it, watching another man admire her was torture. Last night put everything into perspective for him, he wanted to live his life with her by his side. Simple as. He was just hoping that she wanted that to.


12:30pm Harvey, Louis and Mike made their way towards Harvey's office. After Louis had found a loophole in the by-laws the vote did not take place and Johnston still had his company. Jessica had agreed to let them finish half day for their good work and for coming in so early.

"Good work, Louis. Jessica made the right decision putting you on this case with us" Harvey patted the other attorney on the shoulder.

Louis was putting on his overcoat and looked at his best friend teary eyed, "Thanks Harvey, it means a lot. See you guys tomorrow morning" he smiled as he walked towards the door.

"If you've finished work now it seems pointless keeping Donna in. You haven't gave her an early finished since she started, why not let her finish when she comes back after dinner? I'm sure she'll appreciate it" Harvey called after him

Louis turned to him, nodded and walked away.

"What's going on?" Mike questioned his boss "First you bite his head off for looking at Donna, next thing you're giving him advice on how to keep Donna happy? And yesterday you practically ran out of the office when Rachel mentioned her and Mitchell had split up" he laughed unsure at what was actually going on.

"Nothing's going on Mike! Can't I be there for a friend? I've known her 12 years, I just want to make sure she's happy" who was he kidding? Harvey failed to keep a straight face.

Mike started to laugh once more, "you guys finally took the plunge? That's cute" he said placing a hand on his heart.

"Its just one date! But that's none of your business" he smiled at his protégé


Rachel and Donna were heading towards the elevator in PSL after spending their lunch hour together. Donna decided against telling Rachel about last night, besides she didn't actually know what was going on between her and Harvey. One thing she did know is that she could not wait to go on their date tonight.

"Me and Mike are going out tonight for a drink, nothing crazy, I don't want to be hungover tomorrow for the Christmas party. You're welcome to come" Rachel said

Donna never turned down a drink with her favourite couple, she knew Rachel would suspect something was up.

"I'm fine thanks, Rach, I don't want to be a third wheel on your date" she laughed

"Donna you know we love you coming out with us! Besides I still feel bad about letting you down last night" Rachel grabbed her arm.

In a way Donna was happy Rachel cancelled. By her friend cancelling it brought Harvey and herself the closest they'vd been in 12 years.

"Actually, I have plans tonight. With… Harvey" the minute his name came out her mouth she knew it was a mistake. Rachel gets overexcited over absolutely everything.

"OH MY GOD" Rachel squealed "As in a date? What happened? You must meet up with me and Mike if it goes well!"

They were now standing at Donna's desk, the pair of them received a few odd glances as Rachel was practically jumping up and down.

Donna put her hand to Rachel's mouth in order to keep her quiet. "SHHH!" she laughed "Yes as in a date! Well he sort of invited himself over to my place last night and he kissed me, we haven't really spoke today because Jessica rung him at 5am and he had to leave my place" she whispered

"HE STAYED OVER?!" Rachel shrieked again "okay the most important quest-" but before she had time to finish her sentence Donna started to playfully push her away.

"We aren't doing this now! Get back to work!" she chuckled.

As Donna was about to sit down she noticed a post-it note stuck on her screen. Perhaps a love note from Harvey she thought to herself. Perhaps not, it was Louis' writing.

Have the rest of the day off! I'll see you tomorrow on the dance floor
Louis x

She knew the mastermind behind this. Louis never gave Norma, his former secretary, a day off, ever.


Donna ambled towards Harvey office, noticing Mike just leaving and no sign of Gretchen or any of her belongings.

"Enjoy yourself tonight" Mike winked at her as he carried on walking, a smug look on his face.

"News travels fast!" she shouted after him.

Harvey was shutting down his laptop when he noticed her strut in.

"Do they have national secretary day twice a year now instead?" she laughed

Harvey pulled out his usual Specter smile, "For one, that day doesn't even exist and for two I didn't see the point in you or Gretchen being here if we finish early. And plus, it gives you more time to get prepared for tonight."

"Of course it exists! You were very generous the last 12 years" she replied walking round to his side of the desk and leaned backwards onto it.

Harvey's hand reached for hers and he tilted his head towards her and whispered "you have no idea how generous I can be."

Donna lightly pushed Harvey away from her by his chest, a complacent expression on her face "I'll see you tonight" and she departed from his office.


By 7:20pm Harvey had picked up Donna and they were on their way to the restaurant for their date. Harvey was actually nervous, a feeling he never felt around many women. Harvey decided on STK as the choice of restaurant as it looked out over NYC.

Once seated and the food had been ordered the conversation turned to them and what was happening or going to happen with each other. They weren't 'just friends', they never were, it was pointless trying to carry on as if they were.

"So… should we talk about the elephant in the room?" Harvey laughed nervously refilling her wine glass.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, could you elaborate?" she challenged raising an eyebrow.

Harvey was still laughing shaking his head. "I'm talking about us and what happened last night. I don't want it to remain as a one night fling, if you could even call it that considering we didn't sleep together. I've respected your rule for over a decade now and it wasn't that long ago you broke that rule for Stephen" Donna looked away from Harvey as he mentioned Stephen's name. "So.. would there be any possibility you could break that rule for me? and besides you did tell that you loved me!" he smiled trying to lighten the mood.

"Let me just refresh your memory, I told you I loved you AFTER you told me" she mocked.

"Seriously Donna, I'd like to make a go of this… of us" he demanded grabbing both her hands

Donna rolled her eyes pretending to be irritated by Harvey's revelation, "go on then, if it'll keep you happy".