I'm sorry to all of those who don't like this piece, but my friend, who lives in Paris asked me to make this yesterday. I'm really worried about her and I don't want to let her down, so all of you who finds this offensive, just don't read it.

She's really afraid, and she emailed me, so please don't tell me not to. It's not fair to her.

I thought it might be offensive, but I didn't expect such reactions.

If you want me to let my friend down when I'm so terrified for her, then tell me! I want to make her happy! Give this to me, just once! And I live in the US, so I might be ignorant to how all these families are feeling, but I am realistic about death. I know that England didn't have much part in the actual happenings, but that friend has an English boyfriend who lives with her in Paris.

I wanted to symbolize how he helped comfort her.

Now if you please, I'm going to email her and tell her that I'm praying for her.

And I don't want to lose another friend.