Disclaimer: I own nothing. And just a side note, this isn't a drabble series. The chapters will get longer.

Lightning & Starlight

Chapter One

He wasn't coming for her and she had never felt so alone before. She could hear the jewel whispering all around her, filling her head with lies. And she was tempted. She just wanted to go home to see her family and friends.

To see InuYasha again.

"Let go."

"They're waiting for you."

She wasn't sure when she had started to cry, but she could feel the tears falling freely now.

"They won't wait forever."

With the last bit of strength she could muster, she wished the jewel out of existence. But the Shikon would have the last laugh as it cursed her with it's dying breath.

Twelve year old Laxus Dreyar was excited. He was returning to the guild after his first, solo mission and it had been a success. And he had only destroyed one building, gramps would be so proud.

Veering off the usual path, he took a shortcut eager to return to the guild. What he hadn't expected to see was a rather battered looking girl, resting against an old well. Her clothes were a mess and besides her were a long bow and a tattered, yellow backpack.

He slowly approached the unconscious girl. Gently, he nudged her shoulder and soon he was looking into shockingly blue eyes. She blinked once then twice before falling back unconscious.