So welcome to the next chapter. So as you can probably tell from the title, the guys get back from the tour and try to readjust to normal life again, especially after what has happened with the ending of the tour. Will they be able to? Probably not, but let's see because you never know.


Chapter 14: Back to Normal Life

In recent news, the teenage rock band Soul Society concluded their first world tour today at the Tokyo International Forum. They spent several months performing in support of their debut album From Humble Beginnings that was released almost four months ago, touring most of America, Europe and Asia.

However, while they were signing autographs, a concert goer ran to the table and punched guitarist and vocalist Issei Hyoudou in the face.

"He just ran up and started whaling on this kid for no reason shouting things like 'you don't deserve this' and crap like that," a concert goer said.

A large fight broke out between the man and the members. The group's technician stepped into the fight and beat the man before the band quickly separated from the scene and left the Forum with their manager Naruto Uzumaki.

The man who started the attack was taken into custody and has been charged with assault. We will not give his name now due to Uzumaki wishing to keep any information about the attack confidential.

Right now, the band has not commented on the current situation, but we expect that they would want their privacy respected at this time.

They had all gathered back at Ichigo's house following the major fight. They were all in the living room with Masaki getting their injuries treated with ice and medicine.

"This may sting a little Ichigo," Masaki said before applying medicine to a cut on his arm.

"Oww," he groaned when the stinging feeling came through, "a little!? Mom that stung a lot!"

"Sorry," Masaki said with a smirk.

"Hey guys," Issei said with an ice pack on his black eye, "I'm really so..."

"Don't say it," Lelouch interrupted him suddenly, "don't even thing about saying it Issei."


"Yeah you don't have to say you're sorry for anything," Simon said firmly as he put an ice pack over his head, "none of this was your fault."

"But if it wasn't for me, Riser wouldn't have attacked us," Issei insisted that he apologize.

"It was inevitable," Natsu shook his head, "even if we didn't see him outside of Tiburon, he still would've found out we got a deal anyway. None of this had anything to do with you at all. It was going to happen no matter what any of us did."

"Still, I feel like I caused it somehow."

"You shouldn't feel that way," Masaki said turning to Issei, "you had no control over what happened. Besides all those fans are probably worried about you guys right now and are wishing you all the best."

"Especially the fangirls," Ichigo joked.

"Hehehehe, yeah you're right," Issei chuckled quietly, "speaking of which, I better post something on the Facebook page to assure everyone we're fine. We don't want them on our asses again."

"Good idea," Lelouch said.

Later when he was back at his house Issei got on the Facebook page later that night and posted a message from the band to the entire audience. It read...

This is to all the fans who came to see us throughout the tour these past couple of months. We thank you all for your support and for being a great audience who kept us motivated throughout the tour.

We're sure a lot of you are feeling very uneasy about the events that took place at the Tokyo International Forum following our final show. We want to assure you that we are definitely fine and there is no need to worry.

Also we wish to not comment on the events that took place at this time because we are not comfortable speaking about what had happened. We would simply like to just move on from this and keep working as a band giving you all music to enjoy.

Again thank you all for your support and keep being the great audience you guys are.


The Members of Soul Society

Issei felt better from posting that. But now there were some things he wanted to focus on now. Getting back into living a normal life in Karakura Town. That was definitely going to be a hard task to pull off.

After getting a lot of sleep and recovering from his wounds, Issei went back into school the following week. He still had some cuts and bruises on his face, but he had healed up nicely for the most part. He tried to keep his head held high as he walked through the hallways, but everybody was looking at him. Giving him smiles, winks, thumbs up, and a couple jealous glares here and there (haters gonna hate). Luckily he wasn't thrown into a giant pit of fangirls like before.

It was already mid-February, close to March. He dreaded how much homework his teachers would give him and while there was a good amount, it definitely was far from being completed. In fact his teachers were actually happy that he made it on a world tour. It was cool to have teachers who were lenient like that.

After much consideration, Issei decided to go to the auditorium and see Rias. They hadn't talked for so long, except on text.

He started heading in that direction not really paying attention to anything around him. All of a sudden he felt himself bump into somebody. Issei immediately snapped back to reality and realized he just bumped into somebody.

"Oh geez, I'm so sorry," he apologized, "I didn't mean to bump into you."

"It's okay don't worry about it," the kid said as he got up.

Issei and the kid looked each other straight in the eyes. The kid looked to be about fourteen or so and had brown hair. He looked to be slightly shorter than Issei was and he wasn't wearing the traditional Kuoh Academy uniform but a button up shirt with black pants.

"Wow, what are the odds I'd run into you," the kid said. Issei immediately realized what he was talking about.

"Uh yeah I guess so," he scratched the back of his head before reaching out his hand for a handshake, "I'm Issei Hyoudou."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Shinji Ikari," he said as the two of them shook hands.

"So are you new here," Issei asked.

"Yeah I just transferred here from my last school," Shinji said, "I'm actually wondering do you know where the principals office is, I want to sign up for clubs but I don't know where it is."

"Yeah, it's down the hall third door on the left," Issei said showing him the direction.

"Okay thanks," Shinji said before he went.

"See you around sometime?"

"Yeah sure," Shinji called back.

Issei smiled a bit. That guy seemed like a nice person. He was a little annoyed though that he immediately recognized him as the kid who just toured the world. Whatever, he shouldn't be making a big deal out of it anyway.

Walking in to the auditorium, there was nobody in there at all. Nobody on the stage, at the soundboard, anywhere. Where the hell was everybody? Then again, theater wasn't really open at this time.

For a couple minutes, Issei walked around the stage. After getting to play the lead in How to Succeed a couple months back, he couldn't wait to start acting in the plays again. Rias had so much planned out that there was no telling who else he could play.

"So you're back."

Issei then saw Rias standing on the other side of the stage. She had on her usual smile as she walked closer to him.

"Rias, yeah I'm finally back," Issei responded scratching the back of his head.

"So the tour how was it," Rias asked playfully.

"It was great," he said excitedly, "we got to go to America, England, Italy, Australia. Rias I got to see the world for the first time."

"Yeah but then there was that other thing," Rias said a little less happy than usual.

"Yeah there's that," Issei said also a little less happy than he was, "I don't really want to talk about it right now, alright?"

"I understand and I won't ask about it," Rias assured him, "I just wanted to make sure that you were alright is all."

"I'm definitely fine," he said, "right now, I just want to be back home and start being a kid again."

"You know that's gonna be difficult Issei," Rias said, "you took the whole world by storm. People are going to be after you day and night. Especially all the girls here at Kuoh Academy. I'll tell you a lot of the girls here were planning on jumping you when you got back."

"Believe me, I know," Issei responded. He remembered what Ichigo had said about all the fangirls being worried about him. "Anyway, how's everything with the theater been so far?"

"We didn't do any musicals while you were gone, the theater department head wanted to stick to regular acting productions for the majority of the winter season," Rias explained, "as soon as spring rolls around we're going to bring the musicals back, and Issei, I want you to act and sing in them."

"That's actually why I came to see you," Issei smiled, "I gave it much thought after we did How to Succeed. I rediscovered how much love I had for musical theater. I want to do it all again when I'm not playing with the band."

"That's the spirit," Rias pat him on the back.

"So how's the guitar playing been going," Issei asked. He really wanted to see Rias at the guitar again. Since discovering her virtuoso talent on the instrument that beat both him and Ichigo, he really wanted to see more of it.

"It's going great, I'm still playing, but I'm still not gonna tell you that surprise I had planned for you," she smirked evilly.

"AWWW COME ON," Issei whined, "I was on the road for four months can you give me some kind of hint, clue, or something. You're building this thing up and it's eating me up!"

"Well I'm sorry, you'll probably be eaten alive by the time you find out," Rias playfully noted, "I promise you though, it won't take any longer from now on."

"It better, I'm getting very impatient," Issei pouted.

"Come on, let me tell you what I'm planning for the next show," she said before taking him to over to the soundboard.

Issei walked home from school that day, a little tired but feeling alright. There was still some snow on the ground and it was freezing outside. He initially thought they would be done the tour when spring rolled around but they still didn't. He was glad to be home that was it.

He walked inside his house, threw off his winter coat, went upstairs and got changed into casual clothes. Issei then laid down on his bed and began to think of all that had happened recently. The album, the tour, and Riser. Another thing on his mind was that twinge of nervousness he kept feeling before every show.

It was a small feeling, but it had gotten more frequent. It wasn't controlling him in any way, but he could feel it whenever he had to do a performance. He just hoped that his old anxiety issues weren't coming back to him. God knows he never wanted to go through those again, they had caused him so much pain and sadness before. Then again, it probably wasn't that.

But going back to all the success that he, Ichigo, Lelouch, Simon and Natsu had accomplished, he was surprised at how fast they had accomplished this in the first place. But also the fact that they were all major celebrities now.

He made it very clear to himself that he would not be viewed as a celebrity. He was a normal person just like everybody else, and he wanted to be viewed as such, nothing more or less. Still he did want to record and play out on the tour again. It was so much fun to see all those people in the audience and to explore different musical ideas when they were together. But what was he going to do now?

He was home, it was too cold outside to do anything, he had nothing to do, and he didn't really wanna do a whole lot. He laid on his bed staring at the ceiling before his eyes started to grow heavy.

They grew much heavier and eventually he closed them an drifted off into a nap. He stayed there on his bed sleeping for a long time before he heard his mother calling him down for dinner.

"Issei, time for dinner!"

"Okay mom," he said as he got up from bed and walked downstairs.

"Where it it?"

Lelouch went down into the city trying to remember the address for Kallen's house.

He really was looking forward to seeing her again. While on the tour, he kept counting the days until they were back home so he could see her again. Even though he was home for Christmas, he didn't get a full amount of time. Also he didn't have her phone number so he had no way of contacting her.

They hadn't gotten a lot of chances to talk before he left for the tour, except for that time when they were outside the supermarket and he walked her home.

"Let's see, it has to be one of these townhouses somewhere," he looked around getting frustrated at not being able to find the right house, "damn it, why do all these houses have to look the same."

"I took my love and took it down. I climbed a mountain and I turned around. And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills, till a landslide brought me down."

Lelouch became captivated by that soulful soprano voice again as he stood there like a statue. He closed his eyes and took in the words she sang before he snapped back to reality.

"Well what a coincidence," Lelouch said to himself as he followed the singing until he came to the right townhouse.

"Well I've been afraid of changing, because I built my life around you. But time makes you bolder. Children get older and I'm getting older too."

"Alright I finally found it," Lelouch whispered excitedly as he walked up to the house.

He stood at the door and began to mentally prepare himself. He was nervous without a doubt.

"Okay buddy, you can do this," he said in his head, "just be nice and answer any questions she's got for you. It's that simple."

He raised his hand and slowly knocked at the door. He waited a couple moments until it opened. When it did, he saw Kallen standing right before him. She was dressed in a sweater with a cat in the middle of it and short-shorts. She was barefoot too, despite how cold it was outside, but the house was probably really warm.

"Lelouch, hi," Kallen said with a smile, "it's so good to see you again."

"It's good to see you too Kallen," Lelouch said also smiling.

"How was the tour," she asked.

"Long," Lelouch joked, "but it was fun."

"Are you feeling okay," she asked.

"Wh..what do you mean," he nervously replied.

"I saw what happened at the last show," she said, "I was there."

"Oh yeah," Lelouch said feeling disappointed she had to be there when that happened, "you don't have to worry about it, I'm doing alright."

"Okay, I understand if you don't want to talk about," Kallen said, "I just wanted to make sure if you were alright."

"I am," he nodded.

"What about the other guy?"

"What other guy," Lelouch asked.

"The other guitarist in the band, he took a lot of the punches," Kallen tried to explain.

"Oh you mean Issei," Lelouch said, "I talked to him an hour ago on text, he's doing alright. He really doesn't want to talk about it though. Is it okay if we move on?"

Lelouch really wanted to change the subject. He felt it nice that people were showing genuine concern for them all, but he really didn't think they needed to worry about it constantly. It happened, just get it over with.

"So umm," she tried to find the words, "why'd you come?"

"I...well...I was thinking," he couldn't find the words either. He was just as nervous as she was, "Do you maybe wanna hang out tonight?"

"Sure, I'd be happy to," she answered with a smile. Lelouch breathed a sigh of relief, he was completely afraid of being rejected, "would you like to hang out here with me? My mom's working late tonight."

"Yeah, I'm fine with that."

For the next couple hours, Lelouch and Kallen hung around her house. They watched a movie, sung some songs together from Kallen's record player, and talked, mostly about how the tour was for Lelouch. Of course, excluding the one minor detail that was brought up before.

"So you guys got caught in a shopping mall by fangirls," Kallen laughed at the story Lelouch told.

"Yeah it was in England," Lelouch explained, "Issei, Simon and I were in a clothing store and right outside Ichigo and Natsu immediately got assaulted with them. Luckily our man Urahara came to the rescue. He's an awesome guy, and a brilliant musician too."


"Yeah he was popular in the eighties as a multi-talented singer-songwriter named Tensai. We're all fans of his work and we covered one of his songs."

"Oh that's cool," Kallen said, "I gotta admit being at that show, it was very lively. Most people don't have that much energy."

"Well we wanted to get the audience riled up a little bit, that's what being a band is," Lelouch said smiling.

"So what are you guys gonna do now," Kallen asked.

"I don't know," Lelouch said as he thought about it, "I figure we'll go back into the studio with Rukia again and make a new album, but for the time being I think it best that we just relax and take it easy. It's been three months out on the road and I want to go back to my regular life."

"I understand, I guess it does get stressful touring," Kallen said nodding her head.

"Well it wasn't really stressful, it was just exhausting," Lelouch shrugged, "still a break does sound nice. So what about you Kallen? What have you been up to while I was gone?"

"Still going to Hueco Mundo and playing with Yoko and Lucy," Kallen said, "we've started putting our own little songs on SoundCloud if you're interested in hearing them sometime."

"That's cool, I'll check them out," Lelouch nodded, "I gotta say though Kallen, your singing is just great. I mean I've never heard anything like it in my life."

"That's really sweet," Kallen blushed. She had gotten so many compliments before about her singing, but from Lelouch, it felt genuine.

"You really should try and get a deal," Lelouch suggested, "we're in contact with Gin Ichimaru from Espada, we could probably convince him to let you on as a..."

"No," Kallen quickly said.

"Wha..why not?" Lelouch seemed very confused at Kallen's refusal.

"I don't think I'm that good Lelouch," Kallen quietly said, "I guess I'm good where I am, but I'm a singer from an indie community. Neither of us get the chances like you guys get. We're stuck playing in the streets just trying to pass the time. I like music, but I don't think I'd make it."

"That's bullcrap," Lelouch raised his voice, "being from an indie community doesn't have anything to do with talent. I've seen indie guys who were child prodigies, I've had little to no musical instruction at all."

"Really," Kallen asked in disbelief, "but you're an amazing keyboardist and singer. How can that be?"

"I taught myself keyboards all the way, the only little things I had were a VHS tutorial tape. And singing, I just did it. I was crappy when I started but I kept doing it and I got good. I'm still not the greatest vocalist in comparison to Issei or Ichigo who've been trained in musical theater and choir, but I can still do it."

"I don't know Lelouch," Kallen was getting more shy, "I'm just not all that confident. I've done shows around the city, but I don't know if I could handle a big performance."

"I know being confident takes a lot, but don't put yourself down like that," Lelouch said, "I really think you're talented Kallen, I really do."

Kallen just sat there for a couple minutes, not sure of what to do. She really didn't know what to say to that. Someone gave her the biggest compliment ever and talked down all the crap she had heard from the other musicians in Hueco Mundo. It was just unbelievable. After a couple moments, she smiled.

"Thank you Lelouch," Kallen simply said.

"You're welcome," Lelouch said as he looked at her cerulean blue eyes.

He didn't say anything, nor did she. They began to move closer together. Lelouch's thoughts kept going on and on.

"Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her, kiss her you idiot, this is your big chance," his inner thoughts kept saying to him.

"Will you shut up," he yelled back.

All of a sudden, the clock in the room went off, sending the two out of their daze. It was already 7:30.

"Oh no," Lelouch suddenly remembered as he got up, "my mom told me to be back by quarter to eight. If I'm late she'll be pissed off."

"Wait Lelouch," Kallen tried to get him to stay.


"I think we should get together again sometime," Kallen said sounding shy again, she was really trying to hide the blush on her face. Lelouch smiled yet again.

"That sounds great," Lelouch enthusiastically said, "here give me your number and I'll text you."

She did just that. Kallen then got Lelouch to the door and led him out.

"Thanks for having me over," Lelouch called back as he walked down the steps, "bye."

"Bye-bye," Kallen waved to him as he took off into the cold night.

Kallen really thought a lot of Lelouch. He was just so friendly and kind, not to mention handsome. His compliments were really sweet and she never expected someone to be that supporting of her singing. She liked him a lot.

Kallen walked back upstairs to her room and turned on an instrumental recording that Yoko and her were working on. It had a nylon string acoustic guitar played by Yoko and a slight percussion done by Lucy. Kallen got some ideas for lyrics and pulled out the notebook where she kept most of her poems and lyric ideas. She began to write the words and sing them to the recording at the same time.

"Even though I met you only recently, I find myself falling in love with you. I don't know how quite to put this decently. But what's the chance that you will love me too."

Issei was having a good time being back at school. He was glad to be around his friends and teachers once again.

He began to get more involved in the theater department at Kuoh Academy as they were preparing for the spring musical which they were still considering as of now. He didn't mind if he was a lead character or background character, either was fine with him. More likely though, he would do background characters.

He was still keeping up his basic practice, but more on the guitar than piano. He noticed how good he was playing on the tour and wanted to keep it up. He was hoping to study some new styles, hopefully more jazz and classical guitar. He was on his way to Urahara's shop to buy some CD's for practice. He had sunglasses and a hat on to keep himself hidden from all the unwanted attention that he and the other band members had received. It had become a lot more difficult since they got back. It wasn't much of a problem at school, but on the streets, the bus or subway, that's another story.

He walked into the store and sure enough Urahara was there fixing up an old acoustic guitar for a customer.

"Come again sir," Urahara kindly said to the customer as he left. He then caught notice of Issei and gained his usual happy smile, "hey it's the newest rock star on the block."

"Hey Urahara," Issei waved with a grin as he walked up to front counter.

"How you doing buddy," he asked, "feeling alright."

"Yeah I'm alright," Issei said as he got out his wallet, "do you think you can hook me up with some jazz and classical guitar books."

"Ooh trying to change up your style a little bit," Urahara smirked at him.

"Yeah, I wanted to up my game a little bit with some new stuff," Issei said as he was handed the books, "I started listening a lot more to jazz recently."

"Hey are you feeling a little better," Urahara started to sound more concerned.

"I'm okay," Issei nodded, "I'm upset that the tour had to end in that way though. I feel like it was my fault."

"No way," Urahara interjected, "Riser was planning that from the start. You had no idea that he was gonna do that and it wasn't your fault. To tell you the truth though, I kind of feel bad for Riser."

"What," Issei said surprised, "how come?"

"Well, I learned a little bit more about Riser following his arrest," Urahara began to explain, "he was born into a family that pushed their children to succeed. Riser always felt inadequate and was bullied by his family for being a failure."

"Really, that's awful," Issei muttered.

"When he discovered that he wanted to play the guitar, he began to push himself to be the best," Urahara continued, "but because of that, he lost the sense of fun when you play and he kept doing it as a way to gain acceptance from his family. That's why he would snap at me in class, because he wanted to learn seriously and not goof around, and I don't teach that way. I try to make the experience fun for the students, but Riser wanted it to be serious."

"And then he passed that same abuse on to me," Issei realized.

"That's right," Urahara nodded, "he wanted his students to take it seriously. However, that same philosophy made him become the very people that his family were. It's really sad."

"Where is he now," Issei asked. Urahara looked up with concern at Issei's question.

"At the local station, he's gonna be there until someone posts bail. You're not going to go see him aren't you?"

"I have to," Issei said firmly, "there's somethings I need to tell him."

Urahara looked away for a moment to take in what he saying. There's no way he was going to let a friend of his throw himself into a death trap. But seeing how Issei was, he knew there was no way of convincing him otherwise. Issei was definitely a stubborn little bastard.

"Then I'm going with you," Urahara suddenly said, "there's no way I'm gonna let you get hurt again."

Issei, not knowing what else to do, just nodded at him. Maybe it was for the best that Urahara come with him. After all, if Riser went nuts again, he'd need someone to have his back.

They arrived at the police station in fifteen minutes. Considering how small the town was, everybody knew their way around easily. They went up to the officer at the desk who welcomed them.

"Can I help you gentleman?"

"We're here to visit," Urahara did most of the talking, "a Mr. Riser Phoenix?"

"Right," the officer nodded, "Officer Fujita, take them down to the visiting room."

"Yes sir."

Urahara and Issei were led by the prison guard downstairs to where the visiting windows were. Issei began to feel completely overwhelmed by fear now. He was going to be face to face with the man who attacked him. At the same time, he needed to do this. There were a lot of things he needed to say, and they had to be said right now.

"I'll be right beside you," Urahara reassured him, "you don't have to worry."

Issei just nodded and went to the window. He sat there for a couple minutes and waited until Riser was led to the window. He was dressed in the typical prison uniform. He looked bruised from Urahara attacking him. When he caught sight of Issei, he didn't seem enraged at the sight of him. Rather he seemed very...annoyed. He just seemed to look very irritated at the sight of him. He sat down on the other side of the window

Issei took the phone and put it to his ear. He was ready to speak at long last.

"What do you want," Riser grunted. Issei struggled to find the words out of nervousness but he finally managed to.

"I'm here to settle some things with you, and then I'll never see you again," Issei said firmly.

"Settle what," Riser scoffed, "you got the chance to tour the world and you have a giant fanbase now. I may have messed you up but you still win either way. What more could you possibly want?"

"I'm going to make a ton of things clear," Issei spoke, "did you plan to beat me up from the start?"

"Yeah I did. So what?"

"You know, that's pretty pathetic I have to say," Issei said with a smug tone and a smirk, "you could've just done it back at the nightclub or you could've jumped me on the street. Why didn't you?"

"So all the fans could see it," Riser said with a threatening tone, clearly trying to intimidate Issei, "I wanted to put you in your place in front of all those idiots that came to see you."

"You're the one that's an idiot," Issei said with a much more serious look. No matter what Riser tried to say, he was not going to be broken, "But it's also very sad."


"I know all about you now. About what your family put you through," Issei finally said it. Those words caused Riser to freeze and shake nervously in front of him.

"How did you know about..."

"I have my ways," Issei interrupted, "I know what they did. They degraded you and pushed to succeed in something and you pushed yourself to do it. But in doing so, you ended up becoming the same kind of person that they were. And not to mention, you tried to spread that negativity to other people through being a teacher. Well sorry to tell you, it never worked for me."

"Why did you get to achieve so much," Riser asked him as he rubbed his head, "why did you get to achieve so much, but be as young as you are. Why do you get all of that and I'm stuck in a music shop teaching a bunch of snot nosed little brats how to play."

"Because...I'm a nice person," Issei said firmly. "I don't degrade people and I don't try to make them feel lowly of themselves. That ends up hurting a musician more than it does good. I'm not going to let what you say to me try to hurt me anymore. But you want to know a little secret?"


"I admired you Riser," Issei spoke firmly.

That little phrase caught Riser completely off guard. He looked up to face Issei straight in the eyes with a look of complete and utter shock on his face. He struggled to make words.

"" he tried to say.

"That's right Riser, I admired you," Issei nodded, "when I first started lessons I thought you would be my hero. All the things you could do I wanted to do, and I wanted to be who you were. Even after I left lessons, I still held a great admiration for you. You're definitely talented and you inspired me. But now, seeing how pathetic you really are...just proves to me that I shouldn't have felt that way about you. You're just an abusive, desperate has-been who eats off the talent of other people. You hurt me, you hurt other people, and you hurt my friends. Now, I'm asking that you never come near me again and never try to hurt anyone I care about either. I'm finished with you, and that's that."

Issei stood up from his seat and just before he left he said one more thing.

"Goodbye Riser."

Issei put the phone back, got his things, and left the station with Urahara. Riser just sat there still holding the phone, having no words to describe how he was feeling right now.

All of those things that Issei said to Riser were completely true. He admired Riser for a long time, even after he had quit taking lessons. Still, what he did to Issei was unforgivable and there was no way Issei was ever going to let it go. Still, if things weren't anymore surprising, he actually felt sympathetic for Riser. Knowing what had happened to him and what his family had put him through, he knew that Riser didn't always act the way he had been to him.

This also caused him to think about everything that had occurred recently. All this fame, the tour, the new popularity he had. Was this really all worth it? Did it really have to be this way. Did it?

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