Chapter 17: Rude arrival



Eren POV

It has been 3 days since our meeting with Akeno-san and Koneko-chan. We were asked to gather in the Gremory mansion once we've completed our training. As we landed at the front garden, we were greeted by the rest of our comrades.

Kiba: "I see you managed to survive Tannin-sama's onslaught Eren-kun. Same to you Mikasa."

"He put up quite a fight. But we made it out alive somehow."

Tannin: "You 3 were by far the most determined and worthy devils I've ever worked with. I'm sure by now your stamina must have improved drastically."

Xenovia: "Ah! You're finally here!"

Xenovia came running towards us, followed by Asia and Armin behind her. Eh? What's with the multiple bandages?

"You alright there? It almost seems like you were injured front, back and center?"

Xenovia: "Yeah….I guess my training was a little…rough. But at least I've mastered my Durrandal."

Armin: "Hey Eren, look at this!"

With a snap of his fingers, the blonde boy suddenly produce flames on his hands and even managed to control its shape, size and movement.

"H-how did you?"

Armin: "Grayfia-san thought me to use my devil energy to cast multiple spells. With this along with my knowledge of science, I'm able to manipulate the elements with ease! Now punch me Mikasa."

I wasn't sure about it, but Mikasa landed a straight jab to the face without a second thought. However, much to everyone's surprise, her fist was blocked by some sort of force field.

Mikasa: "What is this? It's like an invisible wall."

Armin: "I've concentrated the air in front of me and created a wall of compressed air. It must be strong since even Mikasa can't break through."

Koneko: "Allow me then."


Unfortunately, Armins air wall is still no match for Koneko-chan's rook strength. She even managed to knock Armin off his feet.

Armin: "Owww…I guess I still need some practice."

Rias: "Oh great, everyone is here."

From the entrance was buchou and Akeno-san holding some sort of costumes. Huh? What are they for?

"Umm…buchou, what are those for?" (Pointing)

Rias: "Well, tonight we'll be meeting with the devils from different clans along with making your debut in the underworld."

Akeno: "Since it'll be a formal event, buchou and I have picked up these suits and dresses for you."

Oh ho? So we'll be like….in our formal wear? To be honest, I've never tried one of these before so this might prove interesting.

Rias: "So please freshen up and I expect everyone to be here by 6pm sharp. And do take care of your appearance."

Armin POV

It's already 5.30pm and the 3 of us are busy putting on our tuxes that buchou prepared. Although it's my 1st time, I managed to get dressed before the other two. The suit is actually….quite comfortable. A tad frilly with a maroon coat, but it suites me. As for Mikasa, she was originally given a sleeveless dark blue dress but she rejected it immediately, opting for a tux instead. Lastly, Eren. Hmm…How do I start….

Mikasa: "Eren, wear your shirt 1st then your coat."

Eren: "Stay out of this Mikasa. I know what I'm doing!"

'No you're not.'

This is the 13th time Eren has failed to put on his suit and time is running out, and Mikasa's advices aren't getting to him either. With only 10 minutes to spare, I had no choice but to stun Eren with an unconscious spell while Mikasa wasted no time to get her adopted brother dressed.

Eren: "Groan…what happened? I feel like I got hit by a titan….Hmm? Oh crap! We're going to be late!"

The 3 of us dashed to our gathering spot and made it just in time. At a glance, I can see buchou in a red dress, Akeno-san in her yukata, Asia, Xenovia-san and Koneko-chan in dresses that match the colour of their hair. Not forgetting our lone male Kiba-kun in his black tux.

Rias: "You're just in time. Ara, Mikasa, you don't like your dress?"

Mikasa: "Sleeveless is not my style. Plus I don't have anything to show off unlike buchou."

Rias: "Now what is THAT suppose to mean?"

Uh oh, buchou is twitching again. Her crimson aura is also made visible, but not to be out done by Mikasa's black aura.

"I-it's not what you think buchou..M-mikasa is just joking."

Mikasa: "No I'm n….Mphmh!"

I managed to shut her up before any damage could be done. Sigh, their rivalry could kill someone you know.

Akeno: "Rias, it's time."

As the main doors swung open, we the Gremory group are greeted by a row of maids and butlers as we made our way to the meeting area.

Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen! Please give a warm welcome to Rias Gremory-sama and her peerage!"


The crowd gave us a round applause as soon as our arrival was announced. All we could do is smile and wave at everyone present as we were introduced by buchou to each of the heads of the different clans. Even Sona-kaichou and her peerage were there.

Eren: "Buchou, isn't the Phenex clan suppose to be here? Why didn't we see that yakitori anywhere?"

Rias: "Oh, from what I've heard, Riser went into a trauma after being defeated by us during our last rating game. And due to that, he remained in his mansion ever since. However, his peerage is able to attend."

As if on cue, the last clan we met was the Phenex clan. From what I heard from Asia, Eren and Mikasa took part in some sort of battle with this Riser to cancel buchou's engagement. Unfortunately for him, Riser wasn't prepared for Eren in his titan form and was ultimately defeated in a flash. Thankfully, his servants don't seem to hold any grudges towards us. In fact, I think some of them even admire us.

Eren POV

Phew! I'm beat! After finally meeting up with everyone, we're served with various delicious cuisine of the underworld. However, my dinner was repeatedly disturbed as some of Riser's servants couldn't stop asking for our autographs…..

Mira: "Please Eren-sama! Sign here and here and here and…"

Lle and Nel: "Us too! Us too!"

Li and Ni: "Don't forget ours Nyaa!"

Isabella: "Show me how you change into that giant."

I didn't know whether to be flatter or annoyed. But my fans retreated as soon as a certain girl gave them a cold but deadly glare.

Mikasa: "Leave Eren alone. You are disturbing our meal."

"Thanks Mikasa. By the way, have seen buchou?"

Mikasa: "She seems to be with kaichou. What about her?"

"Oh nothing. It's just that…."


What was that!? It came out of nowhere. As the smoke clears, what we fear most appeared and went on a rampage.


Kiba: "What are they doing here?!"

Sirzechs: "EVERYONE! HEAD OUTSIDE! Grayfia, escort the children away from here."

Grayfia: "As you wish. Children, follow me!"

Rias: "Oni-sama! Let us deal with them; you help the people to evacuate!"

Sona: "We'll stay as well."

Yubelluna: "We'll burn them with Riser-sama's flames!"

Wow! Even Riser's peerage joined in the fight.

Rias: "Everyone! Aim for their nape! It's the only way to kill them!"

I was about to go titan mode but not before another figure appeared before the dust.

Koneko: "Onee-sama?"

So this other black cat lady is Koneko-chan's sister Kuroka.

Kuroka: "Nyaa Shirone. I've come to take you home."

Koneko: "No! I won't follow."

Rias: "So you are part of the Khaos brigade as well."

Kuroka: "Ara Gremory hime, didn't your parents teach you not to interfere with family matters? Ooohh? And you have new playmates with you."

Rias: "It was your fault that Koneko went through hell and now you want to take her away from me?! This is unacceptable."

Kuroka: "Nyyyaaaaawwwnnnn…..I grew tired of your lecture red head. She's family and family stick together. Isn't that right Shirone?"

Koneko: "My name is Toujou Koneko. And I am Rias Gremory's rook. If onee-sama won't leave us alone, I'll fight you!"

Kuroka: "So be it."

Rias: "Akeno! Take the others and deal with the titans. Eren, Mikasa and Armin, Stay with me."

GASP! What is this purple mist? Cough!

Rias: "I- I can't move…"

Kuroka: "It's a paralyzing mist. Works on devils and nekomatas. If you won't come with me, I'll just take you by force."

Damn it! None of us can move properly with this mist around. To think that she would poison her own sister…..

Armin: "Eren, everyone! Hang on!"

As Armin conjured a spell, the mist was blown away towards the black cat. But she managed to dodge it.

Kuroka: "Nyahahaha! Another bishop I see…. Smart move blowing away my paralyzing mist. But I'm afraid you're too late."

As we turned to buchou and Koneko-chan, both of them are still on the floor wailing in pain."

Rias & Koneko: "AAAHHHHH!"

Kuroka: "Oopsie…Did I mention? If the mist is removed, pure devils and nekomatas will suffer from excruciating pain till they pass out."

This bitch!

Mikasa: "Eren. Let's go."

"Right! Armin, bring them to Sirzechs-sama!"

Armin: "Ok!"

Kuroka: "Aww…don't leave so soon…"

Armin: (Trapped in a barrier) "What the? Let me out!"

"Huh? Mikasa! Help Armin! I'll deal with this cat."

Kuroka: "Useless."

As I was about to land several blows to her, she kept on teleporting to different locations. She must be a bishop to have this much proficiency in magic.

Kuroka: "I'm here, (teleports) No here. Here here!"

"Stay still!"

Kuroka: "Nyahahahahahah! To think that Annie-chan is defeated by the likes of you. Ne ne, why don't you show me your titan. Nyahahahahah!"

"Ngeh! Mikasa! Take buchou and Koneko-chan out of here."

Mikasa: "But…"

"Do it!"

3rd POV

Kuroka: "Ooolala! You're much bigger than Annie-chan's. but you can't hit what you can't catch."


Despite his training and improved reflexes, the black nekomata proved to be crafty.

Kuroka: "Lol! I'm not there? Why did you hit my clone? Nyahahahah. Guh! Where did these vines come from?"

Armin: "Now Eren!"

Eren wasted no time and grabbed onto the black nekomata and prepared to toss her out of the mansion. But not before giving a deafening roar in her face.


Kuroka: "Hyaaa uueekkk! Stop spitting on me! Put me down!" (Throws her away)

Armin: "Yosh! Lets deal with the others."


Eren POV

With the titans dealt with, we met up with Sirzechs-sama to check on buchou and Koneko-chan.

As we enter, there lay both ladies on a large bed

"How are they?"

Grayfia: "They're resting now. Thankfully Ajuka-sama is able to extract the poison out of them before it could do any major damage."

Armin: "Ajuka-sama?"

Akeno: "Ajuka Beelzelbub Sama, one of the 4 great Maou from the Asteroth clan."

Ajuka: "They should wake up in about 5 minutes. I'll take my leave for now. It's and honour to meet you Eren-kun."

Eren: "Oh … the same can be said for me."

Rias: "Cough! Cough!"

Everyone: "Buchou/ Rias!"

Rias: "Ngghh…where am I?"

Sirzechs: "You're safe now Ria-tan. We've eradicated the titans."

Koneko: "Gasp! Nee-sama!"

Armin: "Relax Koneko-chan. We've defeated her."

Koneko: "Oh no….You didn't eat her did you?"

"Oi oi! Why are you guys looking at me for?"

Mikasa: "Did you Eren?"

Asia: "Eren-san….are you …..Cannibal?"

"No! No! No! Wait, I just threw her away."

Koneko: "Threw away….."

Akeno: "She'll be ok Koneko-chan. I'm sure she escaped in time."

Eren: "Sorry…."

Koneko: "No it's ok, as long as she survives."

Mikasa: "Now what?"

Rias: "For starters, we could clean up this place and pack up. After all, I still have to repay someone for his servitude."

Sirzechs: "Awww…can't you stay for a while longer? It's not everyday you come back Ria-tan. Ow ow! That hurts Grayfia." (Pulling his cheek)

Grayfia: "Ojou-sama is old enough to decide on her own. You on the other hand have your responsibilities to settle."

Sirzechs: "No wait! I haven't said good bye yet!"

There goes Maou-sama being dragged away by his wife.

"By the way Armin, how did you get out of Kuroka's barrier?"

Armin: "Tunneling."

Mikasa: "So you actually digged your way out of that barrier?"

Armin: "More or less. Oh right, I'm sorry for ruining this suit buchou."

Rias: "No worries Armin. You did what you should. Ok everyone, let's tidy up this area. Eren, mind giving me a hand?"

And we spend the next 2 hours cleaning the hall and repairing all the damaged done by the titans.

After we're finished, buchou decided to sleep together again with myself and Mikasa in our room. Right before we went to bed, we spend the night chatting and goofing off while we had the chance after all that has happened.

Sigh, to think that I've wasted the summer holidays with battles and training where I could have watched the fireworks back home or enjoying takoyaki …..

Rias: "Hey Eren….Since that the summer holidays have yet to end, would you want to celebrate the summer festival when we return home?"

"Eh? But we still have holiday assignments to complete and….."

Rias: "Not to worry, I can help you with that. Besides, I feel bad having you to miss out on your family trip to Kyoto so I thought of bringing the festival to you, my cute servant. After all, I said wanted to spend the summer with Y-O-U." (Imagine Rias said that last part in Japanese seductively, as in A-ta-shi.)

"You really mean it!? I would appreciate that buchou! Thank you!"

I couldn't help but hug her in excitement. Finally! The holidays are looking up. A summer festival with the Occult research club no less. This will be interesting.

Rias: "Erm…Eren…Not too tight…"


"OW! What was that for?!"

Mikasa: "Hug me as well Eren."

"Ok fine."

Just as I was about my sister, I can feel two soft round objects squashed behind me. Along that is a familiar and seductive voice.

Akeno: "Ufufu! Don't leave me out of the festival too Eren-kun."

When did you get here Akeno-san? Not to be out done, my left hand also came into contact with something soft, yet fluffy.

Koneko: "I want to celebrate summer with Eren-senpai as well. Nyan!"

Rias: "All of you! Stay away from Eren now!"


Mikasa: "Eren belongs to me. That will never change."


Everyone finally calm down at my command and sat quietly.

"Sigh….I want everyone to get along. I don't know how much more of your fighting I can take. If this continues, then don't want to celebrate summer anymore."


Akeno: "No no wait Eren-kun. Don't say that."

Koneko: "We promise we won't fight anymore."

Rias: "We're sorry."

Mikasa: "I-I'm sorry too Eren, Please forgive us."

'Geez, what is it they see in me anyway?'

In the end, we all decided to spend the night together in the same bed right before we head home.