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[Titan sounds]

Chapter 2: Living the devil life .

In class 2B ..

Eren : Hey Asia, any news from buchou today?

Asia: Actually, buchou-san told me that she wanted to see you and Mikasa after class this afternoon. It must be about making your 1st contract.

Eren: I see. Thanks for the heads up Asia.



Both Asia and Eren turned to their left and saw a panicked Motohama tending a slapped Matsuda with swollen cheeks.

M&M: Please! Spare us!

Mikasa: That s what you get for peeking in the girls locker.

Eren: Geez .those perverted duo. I think they deserved it.

Asia: Hey Mikasa-san. I was just telling Eren-san that buchou-san wants to see both of you.

Mikasa: That s good to know.

Sensei: "And that concludes our lesson for today. Class, dismissed."

Eren: "And let's get going."

In the Old school building...

Rias: "Ah, now that everyone's here, i would like to instruct our two new members about our devil jobs. As you two have already know, we grant our clients wishes and received payment in return. And for that, I'll now assign you to your respective jobs right now."

Akeno: "Ok Eren-kun, please step into this magic circle."

As Eren steped into the magic circle, he felt a new rush of excitement and enthusiasm flowing through his veins.

Rias: "Good luck Eren. And remember, our motto is fair billing."

Eren: "Got it buchou. I won't let you down."

However, before the teleportation is complete...


Eren: "Hey Mikasa! Let go of me!"

Mikasa: "I go, where ever you go."

Rias: "Hey Mikasa!?"

Mikasa rushed into the magic circle and was transported along with Eren to thier destination.

Akeno: "Ara ara, fiesty isn't she."

Rias: "Sigh... Her brotherly love is a strong one."

As the siblings arrived in an empty house, both of them were greeted by a young couple with a pair of kids standing next to them.

Father: "Ah good, you've arrived. And i see you brought help."

Eren: "Oh, forgive me sir. But my sister doesn't like to be left alone."

Mother: "Oh no no it's fine. Infact, we could use the extra help. I would like you to look after our children, T.K. and Kari while we're gone."

Father: " It's our anniversary tonight, and we wish to have a romantic dinner. So it'll be a delight if you could watchover them for now."

Eren: "Yosh! just leave it to us Ossan. Right Mikasa?"

Mikasa: "I can handle the girl, Eren can handle the boy."

Father: "Great! We'll be back by midnight. Make sure they go to bed by 10, and feel free to play the PS4 with them."

Mother: "Now you two be good boys and girls when mommy and daddy are out ok?"

TK & Kari: "Yes Kaa-sama."

Father: "Right! Off we go then. Good night kids."

Eren: "Enjoy your dinner Ossan."

30 minutes later...

TK: "So you're like a new devil?"

Eren: "Yeah, quite so."

TK: "And you're from Trost? I thought you're a local."

Eren: "Yeah, i get that a lot."

Kari: "So what's it like being a devil?"

Mikasa: "It's fine."

Kari: "You're lucky to have such a loving brother. I wish Oni-chan is as cool as Eren-ni chan."

Mikasa: "What's wrong? Is your brother mean to you?"

Kari: "Naaah...He just loves teasing me."

Mikasa: "Actually you're the lucky one, for TK-kun to play with you so much. I wish Eren would spend time with me..."

Kari: "What happened? Was Eren-ni chan busy when you were kids?"

Mikasa: "No, he's always pushing me away and gets mad whenever I spend time with him. i don't know what wlse to do."

Kari: "I think I see your problem. Here's what you should do..Psst psst..."

2 hours later, both siblings received thier payment and returned back to the clubroom.

Rias: "Well done you two. We're received a feedback from your 1st client and they say they had fun and wished to ask for you again."

Kiba: "Perhaps working in twos might work after all."

Koneko: "Splendid."

Asia: "Good work Eren-san, Mikasa-san."

Rias: "However Mikasa, I do appreciate if you let Eren complete his contract alone when needed. After all, you do have your own set of contracts to fufill."

Mikasa: "I'll complete my contracts if i have to. If not, I'll stay by Eren's side at all times. Buchou."


Rias began to exert a dangerous aura as her black-haired pawn continued to show defiance. But before she could scold her, a certain titan shifting boy beat her to it.

Eren: "Oi Mikasa! I'm not your baby nor do I need your help 100% of the time! If buchou asks me to do it alone then i will do it alone! The same goes for you. It's your duty as buchou's servant to follow her orders without question!
Have you forgoten your training during the 104th trainee corps?!"

As soon as Eren said that out loud, Mikasa stood away from him and walked towards the door. Slamming it in the process.

Asia: "Is she going to be alright?"

Kiba: "I think you may be too harsh on her Eren-kun."

Akeno: "I suggest I go talk to her."

Eren: "Nah.. she'll be fi..."

Rias: "No. Make up to her Eren, that's an order."

Eren: "B-but. But."

Rias: "Now. The last thing i want is my servants not getting along with each other."

Eren: "Sigh! Fine.."

Eren sulked and left the clubroom.

Akeno: "Ara buchou, i thought you'd take advantage of this situation."

Rias: "I've thought of that. But I would digrace my family name if that were to happen. As a Gremory, I treat all my servants with love and respect. Even if she is my rival."

It was already midnight. Back home, Eren continued to chase after his sister till they arrived at thier bedroom.

Eren: "Mikasa wait!"

Mikasa still refused to respond. She took he pajamas and head for the bathroom, all while mantaining a stoic and cold expression on her face.

Eren: "Mikasa please, just hear me out."


Eren: "Ok then, I won't leave till you come out, you here me? Ok."

An hour later, there's still no sign of Mikasa in the hallway. But Eren continued to wait, summoning every ounce of patience he could to reconcile with his sister.

Mrs Yeagar: "Oh Eren, you're waiting for the shower?"

Eren: "No, I made Mikasa mad and now she won't talk to me."

Mrs Yeagar: "I see. Well I'm glad that you decided to make up to her. Usually it's me who have to clear up after you."

Eren: "Eh heheh..Sorry about that mom. It's just that, I do care for her. But sometimes when she overwhelms me and not give any personal space, I get frustrated at her. I'm already 17 and she still treats me like a little kid."

Mrs Yeagar: "Well, it's take some time for her to relise that. But for now, all you can do is hope she heard what you told me from the bathroom."

As soon as she said that, the bathroom door opened,with Mikasa standing at the entrance in her pajamas.

Mrs Yeagar: "Ok then, I'll leave you two for now. Don't stay up too late."

Eren: "Good night mom."

After a few minutes of awkward sillence, Eren finaly decided to speak up.

Eren: "Look Mikasa, i just want to..."

Before he could finish, his black haired sister fell forward into his embrace. With a few tears shed, Mikasa clung on to her brother tightly, not wanting to let him go.

Mikasa: "I'm sorry Eren. I didn't know I was being overprotective..."

Eren: "Mikasa..."

Mikasa: "The reason I wanted to tag along is because i thought...you might...forget about me after..."

Eren: "I understand..."

Mikasa: "What...?"

Eren: "Don't you worry Mikasa, you'll always be my sister. No matter how intimate Buchou can get, she'll never replace you."

Mikasa: "Eren...Thank you..."

And both siblings held each other ever since, even in bed.

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