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The point of change.

"I need a room," thought harry potter, who was pacing in front of a blank wall across from the tapestry of the dancing trolls, "A room that will allow me to gain power to protect my friends, destroy my enemies and allow me to gain my freedom." Three times did harry potter pace the wall thinking those words and on the third time did a door appear, upon seeing it the teenager opened the door and walked in, not knowing that the plans of several important people in his life were about to be ruined.

What harry saw in the large cathedral like room was strange, no furniture and a figure lying against the wall. As harry came closer, he saw the figure was wearing a strange set of black and gold armour. Next to the figure was a strange, small gemstone, cut into the shape of a triangle coloured a dark red, like blood. Upon gazing on it, he felt an ache, an ache so deep that he collapsed, just to grab the gem. Upon touching the gem, he fell unconscious.

He was floating in a void, darkness so deep and so quiet that it was a shock to here three words. Hear…Feel…think, "What." He thought, "What do you mean."

"Wake up."


"Wake up."



Harry found himself lying on the floor, "weird dream" he said. As soon as the roof of the room had come into focus, did harry notice the hand held out in front of him. Looking up from the hand, he noticed the person was the figure from before.

"Need a hand." He stated.

"Thank you, but who are you?" said harry as he was helped up by the mysterious stranger

"Nobody important, but you can call me Fray." The newly named Fray said.

"I'm Harry potter, do you know why I fell unconscious?" asked harry.

"You equipped a soul gem; you just had a lot of information dumped into your brain."

"Soul gem?" harry asked.

"A soul gem allows a person to record and store memories and emotions that can then be handed down from teacher to student in subjects to allow accelerated teaching of said knowledge." Fray said to harry.

"So whose soul gem did I just use?" he asked.

"Mine and since you're so compatible with it, I will teach and you will learn, even if you don't like it."

"What will you be teaching me?" questioned harry.

"I will teach you the powers of a Dark Knight."