The first time his hand slides between her blouse and skin, she laughs. She doesn't mean to, but she laughs, and it's enough to break the contact between their mouths.

"You OK?" He asks, his eyes full of worry. Of course he's worried, because he's Luke, and he knows her moods before she can even open her mouth. His hands rest respectfully on her hips while they stand together in the middle of his apartment. She told him to bring her here after dinner. She said she didn't want Babette to find out, because the whole town would be camped out on her lawn by morning. It was true. Mostly true, at least. She did want to protect this secret of theirs. Things felt too new for everyone to mettle in.

The whole truth was that she wanted to go to his place so she had an out if she needed one. If this really didn't work, if after all this time, they'd be better as friends, she wants to be able to slip away. It has been her method of survival for so long, Lorelai almost didn't recognize her plan until they were climbing the stairs to his place, their lips locked together while he fumbled with the keys.

Lorelai takes a deep breath. "Yeah," she tells him with a shaky smile. "I guess it just tickled."

"Ticklish, huh?" He responds, moving back in to kiss her. She's lost for a moment in the heat of his mouth, the feel of his tongue, her fingers tangling in his hair.

All in. The words echo in her head just as his hand travels to the hem of her skirt, his other arm wrapped around her waist, pulling them even closer together. She pauses again.

"What?" he asks. His breathing is heavy, his voice husky. His arms are now loosely wrapped around her lower back, respectful but secure. She doesn't say anything, because she's not sure what she can say. After a pause, he tries again. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she tries to smile again while repositioning her hands at the nape of his neck. She looks in his direction, but not in his eyes.

"Lorelai," his voice is more firm now. She resists rolling her eyes at his tone.

"It just feels really big, you know?" She slaps his chest when he leers at her, eyebrow cocked. "I mean us. This. It just feels like- I don't know, like we have a stupid amount of potential right now. We could be great, or I could really screw this up. And I don't want to screw this up, because you're Luke, and you're this amazing guy, and I've known you forever, and for some reason you like me, and you like my kid-"

"She's very easy to like," he interrupts. This time she does roll her eyes at him.

"My point is," she starts, but he interrupts again.

"Your point is, this is new and scary, and you're right. I meant it when I said I'm all in, but I'd be lying if I told you I'm not nervous as Hell right now. You and me? I want this. I've wanted this. But if you need more timeā€¦" his words trail off as he swallows, waiting for her answer.

She looks at him now, really looks. She sees the calming blue of his eyes that stare back at her. She feels his arms holding her, palms on the small of her back. His lips are slightly pursed, like he's holding his breath, waiting for her response.

It feels like a snap decision though she knows it isn't. She knows this man. She tries to think of something witty to say, a quip that could explain how she feels. She comes up blank, smiling instead. Instantly, his face relaxes, which makes her heart soar. She feels his hands shift, and suddenly her feet aren't touching the floor. She giggles as she wraps her legs around him, her hands resting on his broad shoulders. She leans down to kiss him while he brings them toward the bed.

All in.