Summary (AU):The USA wasn't the only place prepping for a new ruler. Far off the coast, the neighboring country, where Magic Wasn't being banned lived princess Eira; daughter of Queen Elsa. The princess-to-be has a royal proclamation of her own, coupled with a yearning desire to mend the bond between magical and non, so she sets out for Auradon Prep. Heroes and Villians beware!

Warning(s) Alternate Universe (AU). OCs. Possible OOCness. Language.

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Once Upon a-wait, what!?

Once Upon a time—well okay, more like twenty years ago, a beautiful, smart girl named Belle (she wasn't a princess yet, believe it or not) married a hideous beast. I know, not exactly the heartthrob beginning you were hoping for, right?

Anyway, she married the beast who as it turned out was a handsome prince (who'd have thought!) who had been placed under a curse by a powerful enchantress. Apparently the prince, being the previously selfish person he was, had refused her shelter during a storm.

Makes you kinda glad she did what she did, doesn't it? Maybe even a little?

I mean I'm not taking sides, but in the lady's defense she gave him all the necessary stuff to break the curse; the rose showing how much time left he had, his friends—granted, they were all reduced to clocks, candles, and dishware—not to mention his award-winning personality and mansion he was oh so proud of. (Please note the sarcasm there.)

Once married, the happy couple decided to forgo the usual honeymoon in favor of uniting the surrounding kingdom and forming— *dramatic pause* —the United States of Auradon-or as I like to call it Boredom central

See, there was just one teeny tiny flaw in their whole, ban all the kingdoms and such together plan, and by teeny tiny I meant HUGE: Magic.

Sure on one hand you have people like Aurora (stuck-up), Snow White, etc. Who were more or less exposed to the darker, more unjust side of magic and thus, were all for it being banned.

Then you have people like me, who in having been born with magic, have a bit of a different perspective on things.

I could go into details, saying how there were more than a few exchanges of strong words, proclamations being made—blah, blah, blah—the bottom line is, we built this wall, what does it do?

It keeps the EUA—Enchanted Union of Ajuso— separated from the magic wary people of the USA—that is, the United States of Auradon.

Of course that's not to say we've never gotten along or anything, I mean come on, we're still civil every now and then co-signing on a proclamation or two. Attending various social gatherings. One of the more prominent events being when the USA wanted to round up all sidekicks and villains in order to seal them away on what is known as the Isle of the Lost.

They literally resurrected all the baddies who had already been disintegrated, killed, or somehow horribly maimed just to stick them all onto that magicless, wifi-less piece of rock using MAGIC to erect a barrier around it so they couldn't get back out. Yeah, pretty serious stuff.

Don't worry you'll get to meet some of those people, but first this happened...

An intricately decorated looking cake stood as the centerpiece surrounded by a cluster of tables on all sides. The small little ice-like statue at the top constantly changing form. An elegant, beautiful looking woman frowned all the while, worrying her bottom lip in thought, her hair braided and flipped over her shoulder with what looked like little crystals of pure ice woven into the strands: she was Queen Elsa.

"Hmm, no too lonely," She snapped her fingers still frowning as the small child form on the cake immediately morphed into a more mature looking girl made of ice accompanied in formal wear by the very woman standing beside it, "Too formal."

From her left she paid no attention to noises of frustration and obvious struggling of her dear little sister Anna and her fiance, Kristoff, as the two hung some sort of celebratory sign high overhead. Despite not really paying them any heed, she couldn't help but wonder if maybe things would have been easier for them if Anna was the one on Kristoffs shoulders instead of the other way around. Her train of thought was interrupted however, when the two clumsy individuals took a tumble—a very painful looking one might she add—collapsing in a heap of limbs on the hard gravel pathway.

"Ow!" Kristoff winced, struggling to free his arm from wherever it had landed beneath Anna. "Okay you know," He gave his beloved wife a pointed look "Maybe I should be the one to do this. Why don't you go help Olaf with the flowers?"

Anna was having none of it though, giving a very child-like—not to mention cute—pout at her husband.

"Ohh no you don't." She huffed, somehow rising to her feet to stand face-to face, or rather chest given her short stature. "I said I was gonna help with the sign, and I meant it! Besides, you just wanna take credit for my work."

Her matter of fact tone seemed to offend Kristoff.

"Whaat?! Just cuz you drew the letters doesn't make it yours!" He cried indignantly, by this point Elsa had turned to watch them squabble unsure of whether to laugh or roll her eyes at the display. The queen settled for giving a fond smile, watching the playful banter between them escalate until she deemed it unsuitable and clapped her hands, calling for attention. The two automatically straightened knowing from past experiences the queen was not to be trifled with on a day like today.

"That's more than enough of that you two." She turned to her sister smiling gently, "Anna, why don't you go see if our birthday girl is awake yet? Kristoff, Olaf and I will finish setting up."

"Sure." Anna responded, starting to walk away, but not before sticking her tongue out in a very un-ladylike manner at her husband. It didn't lessen the queens oncoming headache any when he did the exact same thing.

Some things never change.


Up in her room, Princess Eira was gazing out her window with a look of longing. What for, you might ask?

She was looking at Auradon. Her hand was pressed up against the glass of the window, immediately a thin layer of ice spread across the glass covering the glittering, peaceful looking lands of Auradon from her line of sight and causing her to give out a mournful sigh. Her cyan eyes fell, dejected.

"What's this?" A voice piped up curiously just as Eira herself turned, stepping away from the window and taking a seat on the edge of her bed. Slowly she lifted her eyes to the lithe form of Jack Jr. One and only son of Jack Skellington, the widely feared Pumpkin King. He eyed the frost Eira left with curious, mischievous intent, no doubt wondering how he could make use of it to pull a prank on someone and scare them halfway out of their wits.

"It's Ice JJ, you already know that."

He grinned that infamous skeleton-like grin that sent chills down so many other people's spines.

"Ah, but you know what they say-"

"Curiosity killed the cat. We know, we know already! Jeez." A third voice spoke, the owner in the middle of doing a cartwheel across the room. Their long blonde hair however wound up getting caught and tangled...on them. "Oops."


As quickly as she fell the girl was up again, brushing herself off like nothing happened and smiling. "I'm okay!" She assured, much to the previous boys disappointment. He would of liked to at least see a little bit of carnage so early on in the day.

After another few seconds of silence Eira rose from her bed, tossing her braided hair over her shoulder and causing a small little flurry of what looked like snow to fill the air. Her clothes glittered and shined, made of the same crystalline material as her moms, only different shades. Steeling her nerves Eira made her way to the door swinging it open and seeing Anna, her hand raised preparing to knock.

"Aunt Anna, always a pleasure." Eira responded politely, just as her mother taught her, even giving a small curtsy. "You look well."

Anna gave a small nervous laugh at first being reminded of her earlier memories with her sister, Eira's somewhat distant behavior stirring a few unresolved feelings of neglect that Anna simply squished right then and there, she was determined for her beloved niece to have the best birthday today. Looking past the snowy-haired girl Anna smiled and waved at the other two occupants of the room.

"Jack, Ruby, uhh the cake's ready if you two wanna-"

"Cake!?" They both shouted.

The two little speedsters sped right past Anna, much to hers and Eira befuddlement.

An awkward silence began to settle in between them. Eira decided now was as good a time as any, she was more likely to get a response from her aunt than her mother on the matter she discussed.

"Aunt Anna, do you know if mo—the queen," Anna withheld the urge to wince, "has given any thought to my request yet?"

Anna was avoiding the eyes of her niece. They just reminded her too much of her sisters, those frosty orbs that seemed to see right through her being when she secretly broke the others treasured vase, or when she and Kristoff did something they shouldn't have done, magically speaking. They were intimidating.

"Uhh, well you see Eira sweetie," Anna began in a comforting tone steeling her nerves to meet the youngsters gaze even putting her hand on her shoulder, "It's not that your mother doesn't understand what you're trying to do, she's just worried is all. Auradon is—"

"Auradon are our neighbors. As are the children of the Isle of the Lost, who I hear will be attending Auradon Prep this year due to Prince Ben's Proclamation." Eira said in a formal tone. "Now is as good a chance as any to reach out to both of them and attempt to mend any strained relations we may have."

"Surely mother realizes this?"

"Well, she…" She's afraid. The words always seemed to get stuck in poor Anna's throat. Of all the insecurities Elsa faced, the ones involving her daughter stemmed from her own experiences, and she hated the thought of her only child facing such cruelty and loneliness as she did.

After all, Magic was frowned upon in Auradon. Too many bad memories, they said.

Speaking of Auradon, a similar conversation was taking place in the palace of King Beast and Queen Belle. It involved their only child, Prince Ben.

"Everytime I look out the window I see the wall that divides us as well as a span of sea and land which shouldn't be there. I feel as though both our neighbors from Ajuso and the children of the Isle of Lost have been abandoned!" Prince Ben proclaimed heatedly, after informing his beloved parents of his proclamation.

"Princess Eira and I have only met a handful of times, at parties and such, but we both share the same sentiment." He insisted "We want everyone to have a fair chance."

"Ben," The king began, a bit of his Inner Beast slipping through the cracks of his thinning patience. Beside him Queen Belle tensed, preparing to step between the two to serve as some manner of peacemaker in the house. "You are talking about the children of our sworn enemies—"

"Yes. Our enemies—both Auradon and Ajuso—father, their children are innocent." Ben pleaded, eyes starting to mist ever so slightly in desperation. "They are not their parents anymore than I am you. Or that you were once a beast." He ended softly, sensing something harden in his father's eyes.

While Ben believed his point to be made, there was now the matter of King Beast's internal discord. The true test of whether or not his proclamation would stand.

"I gave you a chance." Belle immediately chimed in, her eyes pinched into a small, determined glare befitting her royal status. A few tense moments passed, and finally Beast backed down.

Ben couldn't help the grateful smile that ascended onto his face, all but beaming at his mother, who responded justly giving a warm smile of her own accompanied by a reassuring, "Well done, son."

Ben watched his parents leave the room. A heavy, invisible weight lifting off his shoulders before he turned again, his eyes settling on the window that looked out over the expanse of the ocean—where the Isle of the Lost sat in all it's darkened, dismal glory—now came the hard part.

-–-–-– -–-–-–

The salvias crunched beneath his fingertips. His emerald eyes fixing towards the sun.

Thaddeus, son of Maleficent—or as those closest to him knew him as Thad—was having that same dream. Since he was little he had recurring dreams: One with a pale blonde haired female with sparkling cyan-blue eyes, and the other a darker-haired one with irises of glittering gold that radiated power. Each one was laughing, twirling something absently in their hands, sitting amongst the array of flowers.

Thad noticed with the blonde, there was always light somewhere close by. The flowers around them were in full bloom, a vibrant array of colors and pleasant scents, one would be hard-pressed to find anywhere like it. Yet, he felt disgusted by it all, like he didn't belong nor would he ever.

It didn't help any when she looked at him with those cyan colored eyes, like two shields of pure ice able to pierce his soul.

With the second one he felt more in his natural state, she was dark and breathed a fresh sense of death and chaos only his mother would ever be able to create. It was oddly enticing, if not horribly confusing.

Why did these two haunt him so much?

Then all too quickly the dream shifted, morphing into the nightmare he was dreading: where something struck against him. Magic—he had been around his mother enough times to know the feeling—blasting and burning him to his core, tearing away at the all too tender flesh encasing his heart.

When he woke up, all he was left with was boiling anger and a bitter feeling of helplessness. One he thought he'd left behind years ago.


Maleficent was by no means a caring mother, or a mother by any standard definition of the word. Then again most villains weren't, they were cruel, manipulative and bitter with rage stemmed from constantly having their own plans backfire on them. Thad thought it was pitiful, really.

But his mother was all he had. And so he resolved to please her, it was only natural, or so he would tell himself during long hours of wicked plotting and deeds so nefarious, why, Hades himself would applaud.

In his short 18 years of being born, Thad had become the poster child for all things evil. His mother couldn't be more proud. His little sister, Mal, was always looking to him as a means of challenging herself. He was a wall she felt she would never truly overcome, constantly being compared and belittled to him. Something that made him a smug, arrogant bastard in her book, but of course it wasn't his fault.

He was a bad apple. Evil. Rotten to the core. Who could ask for more than that?

"What the he—" Thad stopped himself, the cup he had been drinking from moments ago disappearing after he set down. His brows pinched together in a glare. "Give it back, Killian unless you want me to displace your head… again." He threatened, eyes glowing the same ethereal green cold enough to make hearts stop.

Hearing a snort, the cup appeared on the table where he had originally left it. Standing before him was Killian, son of James Hook: The boy was only a few inches taller than Thad, clad in a mix of black and red with mischievous piercing blue eyes and a mop of deep, deep blackish-brown hair. His combat boots thumped against the floor loudly while his small dagger clinked against his belt hearing the boy flop onto the seat across from him, Thad deigned to speak to the other, if only to get his damn feet off the table.

"Do you mind? I am eating." Thad spoke slowly, deliberately as though speaking to an infant. His eyes locked into another small glare of annoyance. Killian only shrugged, a mistake on his part.

"Don't say I didn't warn you."

Thad gave a small flick of his wrist, the smug grin melted off Killian's face a split second before said face made contact with the floor and the pirate boy cursed, loudly. Thad smirked, revenge was indeed sweet.

"Mistress Gothel sent me to find you, said you were gonna be punished for skipping classes again." Killian muttered, rubbing his nose which was now a matching red to the old, worn out carpet of the evil mistress's household. Thad's eyes narrowed expectantly, prying an answer from the other boy—

"And went on to say " Killian continued now glaring "I'd be punished if I didn't find you."

Thad snorted, not at all surprised his so-called 'friend'—no, they weren't friends. He was a villain, and villains like him were selfish—had sold him out to save his own sorry arse. (See what I mean?) If anything Thad had to applaud his show of backbone, having the nerve to choose that bag of bones over himself must mean he was getting rusty in some way.

"Well, tell her she can go suck a—"

"Where's Mal?"

Thad's glare darkened. He never liked being interrupted.

From his spot across him, Killian had the decency to gulp nervously looking somewhat afraid, his sea blue eyes averting to another corner of the room and away from the quietly fuming son of evil. Thad withheld the urge to grin in triumph having successfully frightened him to such a point, quietly sipping his muddy beverage in peace. "To answer your question," Thad drawled bored, "I believe she said something about cutting class with her little band of misfits."

Killian's brow furrowed, at first confused before a look of recognition crossed his face"Ah, you mean Jay and, uhh...what were the other ones?"His answer came in the form of a cup crashing against the wall a few inches from his head. It was quickly becoming clear Thad was in one of his 'especially foul' moods today. "Can't you go find Someone else to annoy today? Like Ursa or Holly?"

Killian immediately fought down the scowl that threatened to mar his handsome face at the mention of the loud mouthed daughter of the one and only Queen of Hearts, the urge mounting when he went on to add the sea witch's daughter as well. Both girls were a nightmare to deal with in his experience. They thought themselves to be the fairest of them all, but really it didn't take a brainless twit to realize they were far from it.

"That's cruel, even coming from you." It didn't help any when Thad only sneered, his emerald eyes darting over to the phone hanging off one of the walls. "Don't. You. Fucking. Dare."

The two boys bolted from their chairs, tackling and wrestling one another in a mess of limbs, each struggling to somehow reach and latch onto the phone before the other. It was Thad who succeeded first, much to the other's dismay.

"Varmosis!" Thad shouted, a green light shooting from against his fingertips and faster than he could blink, Killian found himself flat on the floor, limbs refusing to budge while Thad calmly began dialing.

"You son of a—"

"Silencio!" Thad muttered, the evil gleam in his eyes shone brightly watching Killian's mouth clamp shut muffling the colorful choice words the other boy was starting to spew at him. He turned hearing the other end of the line answer, "Hello Ursa. Yes, it's Thad."

Killian meanwhile was shouting every horrid insult he had ever learned, trying and failing, to stand back up and get his lips moving.

Finally, and only after Thad had managed to get ahold of both Holly and Ursa did the evil fairy boy cancel the magic, earning a string of words so vile Hades himself would have burnt Killian to a crisp no doubt. Thad, however, only continued smirking grabbing his leather jacket off the back of his chair and heading for the door.

"You're evil." Killian spat, disgusted.

Thad feigned a look of hurt, "How can you say that? I prefer the term" He shrugged, a arrogant grin slipping on his face "Unique." His eyes glowed green. "Have fun with Holly and Ursa."

Then he was out the door. Leaving his so-called friend to stew in his misery