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Pieces to Find

"Love is fickle. Love is blind."

A younger Mal blinked owlishly while her brother turned the page of the book-the crisp sound of old, stale paper was the only noise between them, but Mal didn't seem to mind-after hours of her begging, a rather convincing display of waterworks she had finally gotten her brother to read to her.

"Dare I say there was still no love quite like mine; with all the finesse of a venomous spider did he weave his web, drawing and sculpting each thread oh so perfectly." Clutching her old ratty doll Mal leaned forward scooting ever closer to her big brother's lap.

"I had never realized I would be the fly, only when those gnashing teeth came to bare at me did I see-it was not a man or a monster who had come for me-the dark caress of wings belonging to a being far more sinister than any I had ever faced stretched out before me, glowing sharp yellow eyes remaining fixed on me. The stories had never done him any justice I realized-if 'he' truly even had a gender-Chernabog. Evil Incarnate. He was truly a satanic being to behold."

Abruptly Thad snapped the book shut, his beautifully shining emerald eyes pinched together in a cold glare looking down. Mal opened her mouth to pout, to demand he continue when her eyes followed his only to freeze-her small little heart constricting in her chest when she saw it-her hand was on his knee.

"What did I say about touching?"

Mal pulled her hand back as though burned, feigning a look of disgust-she didn't want him figuring out how warm it felt being close to him, or how she secretly preferred his presence to that of their mothers-it did little to stop the quietly brewing rage in his eyes. There was a sudden flare of candlelight in the room before everything turned pitch dark and poor little Mal whimpered.


Looking back on it she swore it was on pure instinct she called for him of all people.


Her screams were growing more frantic. She was still afraid of the dark back then.

"Teddy, I-…!"A small sob broke free. "Teddy, I'm scared!"



Mal was startled awake by a blunt object smacking into her forehead-an apple-twisting and pinning a smirking Thaddeus with her best glare. He did it on purpose, if his stupid smug smirk was anything to go by. Letting out an angry huff she reluctantly hefted herself up off her bed, all but marching out into the living room where her mother and her band of 'misfits' were all gathered.

"Ah, at long last sleeping beauty has graced us with her presence."Thad mocked, sipping on his early morning drink.

Whatever venomous string of words Mal had prepared to say quickly died in her throat, drowned out by the rest of the villians idle chatter:

"With that wand I will be able to bend both good and evil to my will!"Maleficent exclaimed, looking positively thrilled by the idea. Only for her to deflate ever so slightly when Evil queen gave her a pointed look, corrected her automatically. "You mean our will." She said said glancing away from her mirror and Evie, who was sitting in front of her.

"Our will, our will." Maleficent quickly amended, sidestepping and moving to stand directly behind Thad at the table. "And you, Thaddeus, will be bringing me the best prize of all," said boy flinched slightly when his mothers hands clamped onto his shoulders "the crown of light!"

"The...what?"Mal said, speaking for the first time.

Her other friends-Evie, Carlos, Jay-mirrored her look of confusion.

"The crown of light, only the rulers of the EUA get to wear it." A new voice piped up. Mal didn't miss the way her brother cursed under his breath, or the scowl that settled on his features. She turned seeing a head of choppy turquoise colored hair, a small little side braid woven in with beads at the end, some strands turned a more milky white too. Her eyes were as cold as the sea was unforgiving in Mal's opinion, unlike her sister Ursa was far more cunning and cruel, even more vain too.

Still, there was some lesser characteristics in her that reminded Mal of Evie, not that she would be fool enough to say it aloud. They both seemed more focused on appearances than evil deeds a lot for starters, and Ursa had made it pretty clear she had her eyes set on a certain barnacle-brained pirate boy Thad hung out with from time to Evie, however, the daughter of Ursula was manipulative.

She wore a strapless dark turquoise dress that clung to her body like a second skin, a light black lace cover-up. Torn black leggings underneath with criss-cross strapped heel boots. Her nails were sharp as claws, and her skin a soft cream color.

"It was given as a gift along with Fairy Godmother's wand centuries ago, or so they say. She got the want, and those little disgusting dwarfs got the crown, not that they could ever wear it themselves." She added after a moment, looking Mal dead in the eyes. Mal hated that she had to crane her head just a little, the sea witch's daughter being at least a foot or so taller than her.

Slowly Ursa began closing the distance between them, a wicked grin spread on her full lips. Mal's fists clenched at her sides, determined to stand her ground and not be pushed around.

"Ursa."Thaddeus spoke from his spot at the table, not bothering to look up. His tone was hard yet controlled. "Where's Killian? And Freddie?"

"What? Killian and Freddie are here too?" Mal snapped.

"I haven't seen Killian since you called me the other day." Ursa drawled, sounding bored. Her attention shifted, the seashell necklace around her neck swaying with the motion, looking from Mal to her brother gaining a noticeable hop in her step as she wrapped her arms around his neck smiling against his ear. From their spot in the room, Jay and Carlos looked a tad stricken with envy, especially Jay. "But at least I'm here, right? My dear Teddy." She cooed affectionately.

Mal wanted to gag. A small part of her reminiscent of when she was the only one allowed to call him that, but then she shook her head and scowled stomping over to where her mother was.

"Don't touch me."Thad said simply, oblivious to her coy smile and long lashes. "And I called the three of you for a damn reason."

"Well, well if it isn't Ursa." Thad blinked, looking from the corner of his eye upon hearing Jay use his 'flirty' voice. Ursa slowly straightened, blinking rather blankly at the other male. "What a coincidence, seeing you here."

Ursa only scoffed, casting a disapproving glare. "Oh please. Not now, and not ever."

Jay deflated.

"You can try your luck with me, little lover boy." Jay yelped, turning and seeing none other than Ursula now standing in the doorway, tentacles and all draped against the wall.

"No one is that desperate."Jafar snapped back after his son all but ran back to his side.

Ursula huffed, looking rightfully offended. "Oh who asked you? You two-bit salesmen!" She yelled getting in his face while he laughed loudly.

Thad ignored the banter, shifting his attention back down to the book he was reading quietly sipping on his beverage.

Lust is a thing of blood, for it doesn't need head or heart in Lilith's experience, and oh how Lilith lusted for the son of Maleficent. He was everything demons sought for in a mate: Strong, cruel, sinuous good looks. She fiddled with the ring on her finger, her eyes shining like precious gems in the darkness of her own personal prison she was forced to call home.

Among all the villians to be banished Liliths own father, Chernabog, was the only one not sent to the Isle of the Lost and with good reason. As much as Auradon and it's people fear and cower at the mention of Maleficent, they remain absolutely terrified of the Demon King himself rarely even breathing the name lest he somehow crawl forth from where Merlin sealed him so many years ago.

Leaving Lilith on her own. Alone. At the mercy of all those who blamed her father for things she could not control.

And here I thought you could resist anything...

Thad's words grated on the deepest reaches of her mind, causing her demon blood to stir in anticipation of their next encounter already. The ring on her finger glowed, a bright blood-red bleeding through the darkness of the cave burning away it's shadows and replacing it with the visage of flames and a shadow far too big to be human.

"A tantalizing prize, truly."Lilith's eyes shot upward, her expression unchanging from the brooding mask in place. Before her hovered a pair of menacing crimson eyes. The deep, demonic voice of the owner causing nearby creatures to cower. "And yet he remains out of your grasp daughter, such a shame. Are you perhaps not up to the task of claiming him?" The voice taunted, bellowing with dark laughter.

A beat of silence. Lilith's train of thought went back to their encounter in the store, the way his skin tingled beneath the brush of her fingertips, how delicious he was when she kissed him. The way she felt his magic swell and hum on the surface of his flesh creating a pleasurable spark within her.

"Yesss, that power, that raw untapped potential...with it I will be free at last!"

Lilith said nothing allowing the translucent shade to peer into her thoughts for another moment. It would save her the trouble of explanation. She shifted in her makeshift chair, swinging her legs off the other side. Her stillness lasted only a couple of seconds before she was up again, restless, and her mind elsewhere.

The shadow of Chernabog watched her. The way her golden eyes never strayed from the ring he gave her, staring at the inscription carved onto the sides, appraising it. Then finally seeing the cold, knowing smile that spread across her face-one not even Maleficent could mirror-before she made her way into the outside world once more.

Lilith needed to find a certain fairy.

Jack Jr. Sighed, his constant companion is the mirror in his bedroom. Where he stands face to face with himself, always wondering: What was it that made people so terribly frightened of him? Sure he was known as the one and only Pumpkin Prince, prince of terror and caster of nightmares on the faint of heart. Still, he was just a boy, and as a boy-a lonely boy-companionship was something he...preferred.

Was it the stitches? He wondered. Absently trailing cold pale fingers to the neatly threaded wires holding his arms in place. He was a mess of patchwork really, right down to his clothes. It never bothered him though, so why would others be so perturbed by it?

Was it the oddly unorthodox beating of his heart? Dr. Finkelstein had assured both him and his parents he had a heart like any other, saying it was even better since it was one of his creations! Then why did it not seem to measure up? He pondered for a moment. Absently he ran his fingers through his wild auburn colored locks of hair, looking from the stitches sewn into the corners of his mouth down to his tattered suit ensemble-a sort of tether tying him to his fathers image.

JJ outwardly smiled at the looks of fear he was given whenever he passed by people, it was his mask. His father voicing his approval in the background. Only when he was alone like he was now did the mask fall off, revealing the insecure boy hidden within. He wondered constantly what it was he was doing wrong; the ever present question nagging him: Will no one see past the fake skeleton-like grin?

"JJ, Eira is here sweetie!" His mother calls out.

His heart, if he truly does have one, lifts at the statement. Before he knows it he is bounding over to the door of his bedroom, swinging it open and racing down the stairs. The unmistakable chill in the air telling him his friend was indeed present in the house.

For the moment his mirror is forgotten; insecurities brushed aside, putting all other anner of things on hold.

As a result he misses the oddly unearthly glow that radiates from his bedroom mirror, sending a dark crimson ripple through the surface of glass. It was gone in an instant. Showing no signs of abnormalities to begin with.

"Alright."Eira began, her brows pinched together with a look of complete focus and determination. Her hands smoothing out the waxy looking paper showing what looked like...a chart? Set up beneath it in a neat organized row were some photos. JJ immediately recognized some of the smaller ones as those of famous villians who had been booted off to the Isle of the Lost.

Curiously, he plucked one off the table earning a scandalized gasp from Eira, but chose to pay it no heed.

"Hey, isn't this, uhhh...

"Ursula. The sea witch."Eira quickly said, snatching the photo back. She set it neatly back into its place in the line of photos. "Now, I've asked around, gotten a tidbit of insight as to what to expect-"

"What do you mean?"

"Hellooo? The VKs!"Eira exclaimed.

"I want your help for the final say; Prince Ben from Auradon says he is choosing the following-"

Eira made a quick dash off to the side, wheeling in some kind of large, overly-complicated-at least in JJs opinion-message board. It had four groups of photos cluttered together, each separated by different colored yarn.

"I color coordinated."Eira said, sounding a bit proud. "Purple for Mal, that's Malificents daughter. Blue for Evie, Evil Queens daughter. Red for Carlos, son of Cruella. And gold for Jay, son of Jafar."

JJ felt like his eyes might grow legs and crawl out of their sockets. He didn't see why all this was necessary really.

"It's too much, isn't it?"Eira quickly said.

"What?No!No, I-I wouldn't say...yeah. Maybe just a little bit."He finally admitted, turning a tad sheepish under her stare. He sniffed, absently playing with the ends of one of the photos-a girl with raven colored hair with golden eyes-"Sooo...these are like the finalists then?"He mumble, eager to change the subject.

Eira was looking dejected for a moment. Only snapping out of it when he spoke again.

"Not quite. I haven't actually gotten mom's OK on a lot of these-"

Her eyes stopped, looking over each photo, coming to rest on one she didn't quite recognize.

"This is..."She mumbled, oblivious to her friends ramblings as he looked over the different VK kids and their parents. Her cyan-colored eyes focused intently, staring at the one picture she had somehow overlooked before now feeling a sudden sense of déjà vu overcome her.

Immediately she shook her head. She had no time to be daydreaming!

"Alright, come on now!Put your thinking cap on or whatever!"Eira commanded pushing her still puzzling friend down into a chairs, resting her palms flat on the table. Her gaze sweeping across the assorted photos with newfound determination. "Four of these kids will be coming here, who will then be accompanying us when we make our way to Auradon. We need to chose. Very. Carefully."

"Right. Careful is my middle name after all!"

"No it's not, it's mortem."

"Same thing!"

"Mortem means death..."


"Death is what can happen if you're not careful."Eira clarified with a roll of her eyes, huffing."Besides, picking kids less likely to kill one another will improve our chances of successfully integrating them into our everyday society while also paving the way for future groups of VKs to come."

"Wow. Sounds promising."JJ remarked, spinning in his chair, amused.

"Thanks. It's part of the speech I'll be giving to welcome them all." She said, smiling before rolling out an incredibly long sheet of paper that tumbled all the way down to the floor. JJ stopped spinning to stare at it, looking somewhat horrified by the mere length of it. "I also plan on addressing key points such as living arrangements, whats expected of them, what the daily routine will consist of during their stay-which reminds I should make sure they don't have any allergies before working out full-proof meal plan and-"

"You...came up with all of this in less than 12 hours?"JJ mumbled, disbelief evident in his expression.

"Yes, why?"

"Don't you think it's a bit...much?"

Eira blinked, letting JJ's words sink in. Looking from her long-winded speech she prepared, the photos she so painstakingly gathered, then back to her best friend. She suddenly frowned.

"I...ah, perhaps I, uh...got a bit carried away..."

Eira heaved a sigh, letting the paper flutter to the ground while plopping down in the seat next to JJ. Burying her head in her hands, pulling on strands of platinum, snow-covered hair. "But what am I supposed to do!? This is my chance, my first real chance JJ-I always feel like such a-….a-…."

Another sigh fell from her lips. JJ offered a small skeleton grin, resting his hand on her shoulder in understanding.

"...I just really want my mom to be proud of me. For once to feel...accepted."Eira said, sounding wistful. "I've spent years shut inside of that castle, the servants whisper and point, not to mention the stupid gloves she makes me wear..."

"What is it that makes people so afraid of me?" Eira whispered, her voice cracking. "Is it really...just my powers?"

JJ would never mention it aloud to his friend, afraid of shattering whatever fragile confidence she had built up over the years. Even so, a part of him lamented not telling her of how he himself knew of the fearful glances she was given, the way some-maybe not all-would silently edge away from her upon first look. He knew better than most because much as was the case with Eira-he knew what it felt like to be feared. Rejected. Shunned.

To be made an outcast.

Here's a list of who I visual as playing the characters(Since I know some people have asked):

New VK Kids:

Thaddeus: Cody Christian

Lilith:Elizabeth Gillies

Ursa:Zendaya Coleman

Killian:Ian Nelson

New 'Good Guy' Kids:

Eira:Kirstin Maldonado

JJ(Jack Jr.): Robbie Kay

...To be quite honest, I didn't really think of a whole lot of people who I knew could sing right off the bat just cuz I haven't actually decided on whether or not to try and include that.

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