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The Haunted Bunker

Well I am back with another story of me and my knucklehead brothers. We inherited this secret bunker from our Grandfather, Henry. We arrived to a dark place. Dean and Sam were opening the doors ever so slowly since we didn't know what to expect.

"Just stay behind us." Sam said to me pushing me behind him.

"Why?" I asked them.

"Cause we don't know what's on the other side." Dean said to me giving me a dumb look.

"Its not like I have never hunted before." I told my brothers.

Dean turned to me and gave me this look like our dad use to. It was like don't ask questions just do what I say.

"Fine." I mumbled when I was putting my hands up in a defense.

They were then opening the door slowly. Sam placed his hand on the wall looking for a wall switch. When he did we were amazed of what we saw or I should I say found.

"Holy Crud." I said to my brothers fitting in between them.

"Oh yeah." Dean said to me.

"This is like - a home." I said to them softly.

We were then looking around to see what this place had. I walked closely next to Sam. I had the back of his shirt in my hand. Yes I was scared. I think he knew too.

"You ok?" He asked looking back me.

I just nodded to him as I followed him. It had rooms that were filled with old things. The one room was a Library. It had books of demons, angels, lore's, reapers you name it, it had books of it.

"This has more books than Bobby's house did." Dean was saying.

"I think I 'll like this room." I said with a smile.

"Come on there's more." Sam said to us when we followed him to the next room.

This room was more like a show room. It had all kinds of old swords. Dean was checking each one out.

"These are old." He said when he was checking one out.

There were blades, swords, knives of all kind. I couldn't believe what we were looking at.

"Look at these, unbelievable." Sam said in excitement.

"I know. This… this here is my kind of room." Dean said like a kid on Christmas morning.

We then went to the next room. It had a long table that could lite up but it had a built in map on top. Another amazing room.

"This must be the meeting room." I wondered when I asked them.

"Must be." Sam said having a look around.

We then moved onto the kitchen. What a kitchen. It was like holy crud restaurant size big.

"Telling ya's both now, don't expect me to cook three meals a day. We take turns." I said to my brothers.

"Yeah yeah yeah. No we will." Sam said to me when he agreed.

It had everything we needed. Coffee maker, toaster, pots, pans. Everything a kitchen needs.

"Check this out a timer coffee maker." Dean said when he picked up to check it out.

"You do know that it goes off on a timer. You set it for the time you want it to go on. " I said explaining to my brother.

"Oh yeah I knew that." He said which I knew he didn't.

"Yeah sure." I mumbled to him.

The next room was the dining room. It was fairly big. It could hold up to ten people. The sitting room was nice. It had a fireplace that was nice. A few other different kinds of books.

"Lets check up stairs." Dean suggested when I ran after them to follow them.

When we went upstairs, there were four bedrooms. Dean and Sam were picking their rooms out.

"Somethin' wrong?" Sam asked when he saw me not moving.

"No." I said softly to him.

"Lexi what?" He asked me.

"Were all in our rooms." I said not happy.

"That's great." Dean said with a smile.

"We might not be in the same room but I am just down that hall and Dean is down the other hall." Sam was telling me.

"Not the same but I guess I have no choice." I said picking a room.

Sam threw Dean a look. He knew I was upset.

"Hey look, if you need us in the middle of the night, you call we'll come." Sam was telling me when he came by me and placed his hands on my shoulders.

"I know but—nothing." I said to him.

Dean went to check out his bed. We all did. It was a lot softer than the ones in all the Motels we've been too. It was nice. This place was not only clean but it was like home. A few minutes later Sam came back into the room. He was standing in the doorway.

"Well?" He asked me.

"Its great." I said back to him.

"If you wanna paint it go ahead. Its your room." Sam told me.

"Thanks." I told him.

We then went to Dean's room, he was lying down. He looked like he was sleeping.

"Nap time I guess." I said jokingly to Sam about Dean.

"Yeah I guess so. Come on lets check out this place some more." Sam said to me.

I was then following him. The bathroom was huge. The shower was really big. Four sinks. Two different separate spots for a shower.

"Look a real shower." I said to him with a smile.

"Yeah." He said to me.

"Why don't we get some rest too." Sam suggested to me.

"Yeah sure." I said to him.

"Lex-." He said to me making me stop and looking at him.

"Yeah?" I asked him.

"You'll be fine in here. We're safe." He said to me.

"Thanks." I told him.

"Holler if ya need me." Sam said to me while heading into my new room.

I sat on this so comfortable bed and placed my hands behind my head to rest. This place was like a home, a home I never had. We moved around so much going from Motel to Motel. I didn't mind as long as I was with my brothers. I must of laid there for hours cause I felt something move my foot. When I woke up there was no one.

"Geez shake and run." I said loudly.

"Who ya talking to?" Sam asked passing by my room.

"Didn't ya just shake me?" I asked him.

"Um no." He said giving me a curious look.

"Maybe it was Dean." I said following him to Dean's room.

We saw Dean in a robe. Not what I really wanted to see.

"So was it you?" I asked him, standing in his doorway.

"Was it what me?" He asked looking confused.

"Shake my foot?" I said asking him.

"No I didn't shake your foot. What is she talking bout?" Dean turned to Sam and asked him.

"I don't know, somethin' bout we shook her foot." Sam told him.

"I am going to take a nice hot shower." Dean told us.

"I'll go fix us somethin' to eat, so make it quick." I said leaving on that crazy note.

I was heading into the kitchen. I was searching to see what we had here that was still good to make. Since it was lunch time I was making some eggs on a roll with bacon. While I was cooking I was hearing some noises. I took my gun out and was looking around to see where they were coming from and if it was anyone. Saw and found no one.

"Lex." I heard as I jumped. It was Sam.

"Sam you freakin' gave me a heart attack." I told him holding my heart.

"Sorry." He said feeling bad.

"What did you need anyway?" I asked him.

"You called for me." He said giving me a strange look.

"Um no I didn't." I told him.

"You didn't say Sam I need you?" He asked me.

"No. " I said to him.

When he went back out, Dean was coming down from taking a hot shower. Dean saw the look on Sammy's face.

"What's wrong?" He asked him.

"And what did she need?" Dean asked him.

"That was it, she didn't." Sam told him.

"What?" Dean asked him.

"She didn't call me." Sam was saying.

"Ok. Maybe she was getting back at ya from before." Dean said giving Sam something to think about.

"Yeah maybe." He said to him.

With that I was coming out with brunch.

"Hey, I made some eggs on a roll with bacon." I said handing them each a dish.

"Thanks." They both said in unison.

"So you didn't call for Sammy?" Dean asked me before taking a bite from his lunch.

"No. I told him I didn't." I said when my brothers knew I was telling the truth.

We just sat there reading some of these books.