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When Sam was heading back inside he saw Dean with a duffle bag.

"What'd ya doing?" Sam was asking him.

"We need to find her and straighten this out." Dean was telling him.

Just then they heard flapping of the wings.

"Dean." Cass said to him.

"Cass anything?" Dean asked him.

"I'm afraid not. Somehow she's not able to be picked up." Cass explained.

"Her tattoo she has." Sam said when he was trying to think.

Sam took his cell phone out again and tried calling me.

"Lexi please call me back. Everything is ok." He said when he left me a message.

"Let me look again for her." Cass said when he was then gone.

Hours have past and my brothers were worried sick about me. I knew what I just did was stupid but the look on my oldest brothers face made me feel so bad. It then started to rain.

Dean was standing in the doorway to go out. He knew how much I hated storms. Sam was then coming by him.

"Hey you ok?" He asked him.

"You know she hates storms. Every time it thundered I had to hold her to make her fall back asleep." Dean was then telling Sam.

"We'll find her." Sam was telling Dean.

Sam was heading back inside. Dean stood there looking up towards the sky.

"Lexi, please be ok." He said to himself before heading back inside.


I started to think about everything. I saw I had some missed calls. I listened to my brothers messages and you could hear the worriness in their tone.

"Hello." Sam said when I then dialed his number.

"Sssam." I said when I stood there soaked.

"Lexi." He said excitedly.

"Hey baby need a ride?" A guy asked me while I was on the phone.

"Lexi, you ok?" Sam asked me as he sounded worried.

"Sam." I said when I began to cry.

"Sam is that her?" Dean asked him when he asked anxiously.

Sam shook his head yes. Sam was on his laptop checking my GPS. It showed him where I was.

"Lexi listen to me, stay where you are. Dean and I are coming." He told me.

"Don't leave me." I begged him over the phone.

Sam had then placed me on speaker phone.

"Lexi honey can you go somewhere safe for now?" Sam said to me when he was wondering.

I was looking around.

"I.." I started to say.

"Hey sweet lips I could make all your pain go away." A male voice was heard .

Dean gave Sam a worried look and drove faster. He wasn;t too far away.

"Lexi, talk to me. Lexi. Lex." Sam kept saying when I wasn't answering.

"Sam this is not good." Dean said to him.

So many different thoughts were going through their minds of what could be going on.

"Were not far." Sam was telling Dean.

"Hope not." Dean said to him.

When they got to the area of where I was they were then looking around. They were checking every inch of this area that they were at.

"Dean listen." Sam said to him when they heard something.

They were then listening.

"Please no." They heard. Dean looked over his shoulder to the left and that's when he saw.

"SAM!" He said when Dean tapped him when he saw something moving.

They were both running with their guns drawn.

"HEY!" Dean yelled.

Dean and Sam saw it was me on the ground.

"Lexi. Oh gosh Lexi." Dean said when he saw the man on top of me.

"Lexi." Sam said calling out my name.

"Pleaseā€¦" I cried out.

Dean had then moved the man off of me. They were shocked.

"Are ya hurt?" Sam asked me.

"I killed him." I cried out to him.

Dean moved the body completely off of me while Sam grabbed my hands and helped me up. He saw blood on me.

"Lexi is that his or yours?" Sam asked me.

"Both." I whispered.

"Ok its gonna be ok." Sam said to me.

I was standing there scared and shaking. Dean saw when he put his gun away and scooped me up.

"Hang on little sister, were going home." Dean said to me.

I placed my head on his shoulder and cried. When we got to the Impala, he slid me up front. I was resting up against Sam. Dean kept looking down at me.

"Hang on little sister, just hang on." Dean kept telling me as he drove faster.

When we got home, Dean slid me out and carried me up to my room.

"Sam get some wet cool rags. We need to clean her up." He told him.

I laid there in somewhat pain.

"Lexi can you hear me?" Dean asked me.

"Dean, I'm sorry." I cried.

"Shhh. Don't worry about that. Lets get you cleaned up and see where ya bleeding from." Dean said to me.

Sam was then helping him. They saw the cuts on me.

"Lexi I hate to ask you but we need to know. What did that man do to you?" Sam asked me.

I laid there stiff. I didn't wanna think about it.

"Lexi please talk to us. We need to know." Dean softly said to me.

"He tried to rape me but that's when I stabbed him." I told my brothers.

You could hear the relief in their tone. Dean was then cleaning my cuts up.

"Why don't you get some sleep and we'll talk in the morning." Dean said to me when he was done cleaning me up.

I nodded to him as I cried myself to sleep.

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