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Two months earlier


After leaving Percy gaping at me, flapping his mouth like a dead fish. I started my walk back to Will Solace who waited for me at the top of the hill his arms crossed.

"Alright, deathboy, you owe me those three days let's go."

"Stop calling me that" I growled and made my way to the infirmary and called behind my shoulder, " let's go sunshine".

The walk to the infirmary was short but to my lungs it felt like a marathon. It wasn't that I hated Will, it was the completely opposite I just don't like to be touched. The scars on my body are only for me I don't want to be a burden.

I'm a son of Hades my demeanor and control of my emotions is all I have. I try to fight everything around me and Mr. Sunshine isn't helping. Especially these dumb feelings that should have suffocated long ago after Percy I was finally free of everything.


Three days later

"Okay deathboy, time for your last check up and you're good to do whatever sons of the big three do." I say.

" Solace, when can I use my powers."

" We're going to find out, deathboy."

"Don't fucking call me that"

"Aww, you know you love it."

"Yeah, yeah doctor sunshine."

"I'm hurt" I let out a wiry laugh "let's go".

"Alright deathboy, take you shirt off."

As Nico sits down on the gurney and removes his to big aviator jacket with its scratches, tears and patches of too many monster attacks. He looks so fragile surrounded by all this light, pale italian skin tone is covered in scars. He lays down quickly, I never see his back.
The eyes always draw me, I can never see past them, those black holes that seem empty of life and scarred with ghosts. I'll try to find as many secrets as I can I want to see him. But I don't think he let me someone else will, so I'll try to show him light.

I lay my hands on his chest and hum the hymns of Apollo. At first I feel nothing just like every other time. The shadows they're attacking me, I try not to scream as nico convulses on the table. Then it it comes like wave at first shallow and it hits. I hear a shrill scream come from Nico. I have to stop this the shadows are- I cry out and release Nico.
I'm sorry Nico. Only our fathers can help us.


The pains increasing, so many years of hiding my pain have prepared me for this. Then it finally reaches me it. It hurts don't cry. It so excruciating that i have to slam my mouth shut to keep from screaming. Eventually the hymns get louder, faster then it feels like hand reaches inside my chests and twists. My heart, my very soul is being pulled, crushed. That's when I finally scream and slip into my memories.


The first time Will ran this test I blacked out. All i heard was scream of so shrill it was if that person very vocal chords were being ripped and submerged in acid. When I finally came to I was tied down and surrounded by the grim faces of Jason, Hazel and Percy. What the fuck is going on?

"What going on?"

"Nico!" Hazel screamed in my ear as she crashed into me like a pickup truck.

"What's going Haze?"

"You...don't remember?" Hazel hiccups.

" What happened, did we get attacked?"

"Oh no. No Nico, nothing like that happened."

Then she tells me what happened. I had caused a blackout, earthquake the soldiers of the underworld answered my plea, I hurt Will. I lost control and he got hurt. I lost hold over the shadows and they attacked him as they consumed me and took his life force.

The only thing that saved him was his birthright. The fucking sunlight saved him. When i was too fucking weak. I'm worthless.

"Hey can you guys leave me alone for little while."

"But, Nico…" both Percy and Hazel start. But stop when Jason holds up his hand.

"Let's let him think guys." Thank goodness for Grace. Or they would have seen me breakdown. I finally broke and cried more in than the past 6 years, since Bianca.

End of flashback.

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