The blaring of an alarm is the noise, I wake up to instead of my siblings blowing up something new. I wave my hand aimlessly as I reach into the empty air when I try to shut off that gods forsaken sound, no matter how hard I search for it I can't find it. Oh for fuck's sake is it getting louder. Eventually, I open my eyes and instantly close them to try and relieve the searing burn to my eyes.

Slowly I start to feel ache dully in my head and I finally reach the alarm clock on my bedside table and I toss it at the wall with a bang, then I grab my pillow and bury my face in it and let out a long-suffering scream. I slump when then tension leaves my shoulders allowing for a sweet scent drift to my nose.

I slump when then tension leaves my shoulders allowing for a sweet scent drift to my nose. Hmm... what is that it smells familiar... like pomegranates with a dark edge of winter. Calypso.. no, she's like a spring morning near the sea. No this is like when the first frost sets in, Nico! Lurch up at the thought, "What the hell?" I say as I stand from my bunk and walk to the bathroom. 'Why was Nico here.'

I don't switch the lights setting preferring to leave it at its low level that the emotion-monitoring inference has it set to or EMI for short. Instead, I walk into the bathroom and try to remember what happened last night, I look at myself in the mirror and see the bruised skin under my bloodshot eyes. I begin to fill the skin with water until there's a chance of it sloshing over and dunk my head in there.

I hold my breath and open my eyes under the water, I stay in their until my head heavy and my lungs burn with the need to breathe and break the surface to breathe. I steady my breath and continue the process till my mind feels fogless and I finally feel alive. I exist my bathroom and look around for some medicine, that's when I notice the note on my low table.

Next to it is an ambrosia square and glass water with a sticky note. "Thought you might need this.-Nico" it says in an insanely neat scrawl. I place the square in my mouth and as I begin to chew I close my eyes and the taste of my mom's cooking fills my tongue causing me to tear up. 'Mom' I cry. The taste of her taco's and warm chocolate cookies never quite leaving my mouth as I chug some water down. I wipe at my eyes and grab Nico's note.

Morning or afternoon whenever you wake up. I don't know if you remember and if you don't just toss this note. But in case you do, meet me at 100 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90036, the United States at dawn a month from now. If you are early I'll find you in the city, try to stay out of trouble.

-Nico Di Angelo (P.S Stay away from the Lotus Hotel)

Well, at least he's straightforward and must be insane to think I'm leaving by himself, I think to myself when I set his note down and head to my kitchen and start making coffee. I breathe in the coffee's aroma and allow it to awaken me and refresh my memory. 'Mami always said problemas te siguen en tus sueƱos. How am I going to get there without alerting anyone? What kind of ship do I need?' My thoughts start tangling together. 'Pull yourself together Valdez'. I begin looking for contingency plans I made while in the Argo II and if my thought sounded like Nico no one needs to know. 'Wait for me Nico'

Authors Note:

Sorry for the short chapter but this all the material I had left from my first drafting. R&R, your ideas would be appreciated I have some planning a head of me. Let me know what you think the next chapter will be a lot longer