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Fox Mulder didn't know what about the young man he was looking at had attracted his interest so much that he couldn't peel his eyes away. Perhaps it was because he looked like a girl. A very beautiful girl at that, and Fox, like any man, was sensible to beauty. But still... He had been staring at that young man for over a minute. And Fox was straight he knew that much.

The young man was probably Asian, or most likely part Asian. His eyes, the delicate lines of his face as well as his slender build screamed Asian. His bright red hair (redder then Dana's), and incredible green eyes that he could see even from afar, suggested Caucasian blood on both parents' sides.

He was beautiful to be sure, but that was no reason for Fox to be staring.

Perhaps was it because the young man wearing a business suit had something so utterly "impossible" about him. DNA could produce people like him of course, but not only was it rare, but the contrast between the youth (in all its long-haired glory) and the professionalism of the suit was so stark, that added to his striking appearance the young man simply seemed otherworldly. Even stranger to Fox than any of the weirder things he had seen in his life (and how they piled up!).

Fox decided here and then that he would not be surprised if the boy turned out to not be human.

The FBI agent grumbled a bit and lowered his eyes on the file in front of him, trying (and failing) to lose interest in the young red-head in favor of some sightings of UFOs near the Canadian frontier.

Fake. These photos were fakes. The very kind of photos that typically made his work harder by discrediting his center of interest as well as his work. No wonder people thought UFOs were lies or rubbish invented by idiots and madmen with the number of fakes that circulated... Fox would have liked to give a piece of his mind to the people who thought making fakes was "funny", and the days he was at his lowest, the days he was unable to stay strong under the pressure and the mockery, he wished that those pranksters would live the same thing he did, have someone they care about taken

by them, just like he had.

Those days Dana was the only person who managed to get him out of his funk.

His eyes lifted again from the file he had been trying to read, and returned to their previous occupation: staring at the young man sitting in a cafe opposite to the one he was in.

He was also reading a printed document, though Fox could not tell what was the nature of this document from where he was. His free hand, the right one, was absently throwing a pen in the air, and catching it again when it fell, without him having to look at what he was doing at all. Fox had thought for a second that the pen was in fact a knife. Even though it certainly wasn't...

Why had his eyes tricked him so? Was it because of the way the young man was doing this little show? Relaxed, precise, always catching one end between two fingers. Deadly. That was it. That young man was throwing the pen like a professional knife thrower. Without actually looking.

Fox knew that he would be unable to stop staring as long as the red-head did this... He was waiting for the moment the pen would fall, wondering how long the strange young man could keep this up.

Perhaps the oddity had felt Fox's eyes on him, because startling bright green met startled pale green. An amused smile flitted across the red-head's lips. Fox felt the embarrassment of having been caught staring color his neck and face. He put on his best apologetic expression. The pen was caught, but not thrown again, and a nod in Fox's direction told him he was forgiven.

The FBI agent forced his eyes away, and resumed his work. On the other side of the street the weird "Asian" did the same.


AN: As you may have understood, this will be a collection of snippets which I will write as I watch the serie. I haven't finished X Files yet, so this will follow the chronology of the episodes, that way I shouldn't make plot related mistakes (hopefully).

I hope you will like it!