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Kurama re-read Aymeric's report of Fox Mulder's surveillance. A new, reluctant, informant and a new and possibly temporary partner.


A tall, older black man. Identity unknown. A young FBI agent named Alex Krycek.

Would he need to put surveillance on both of them? Kurama couldn't see how that would be possible at this stage unless he recruited more people. He was severely understaffed and while much was happening in the US, his agents in other countries reported similar conspiracies concerning aliens so he simply couldn't move them. He needed them all to stay right where they were to keep a handle on things.

Japan was actually a lot easier to manage since he was living there. And he was still far from uncovering how much of Japan's technology exportation was in fact alien tech in disguise. Or how much of their industry and economy had been compromised.

The choice between Krycek and the informant was a rather obvious one. The informant was a sure way to get information. Krycek on the other hand might be an uninvolved FBI agent, who trully had no idea what was going on in the shadows of the Bureau.

Kurama doubted it. Walter Skinner's superiors would never have let another Scully approach Mulder, unless this Scully was a lot less innocent than he looked.

But considering how little Walter Skinner actually knew of the conspiracy he seemingly worked for, there was no way to know if Alex Krycek knew much of anything as all either. He could very well be a pawn. A willing pawn, but one nonetheless.

Which got Kurama back to wondering if he was really willing to lose his time with a potentially innocent man's surveillance, as opposed to one clearly not innocent at all. It was a harder choice than you would think. The informant was risking his life giving Mulder new information, he would be on high alert. Any car following him would be noticed immediately, his house could already be watched by the conspiracy he was a part of. Finding a yōkai in Ningenkai fast enough to follow a car, and discreet enough to not be noticed… Well, Hiei was the only yōkai Kurama knew who could do that. The fire yōkai had clearly told him he had other things to do than to follow around a human and watch him for hours at the risk of dying of boredom. Not only that, but he had his own task to do as a loser of the last Makai tournament.

And well, Hiei wasn't on Kurama's payroll and anyway he didn't care about money at all.

On the other hand Krycek would be easier to follow and put a surveillance on, more concentrated as he would be on Mulder than on a potential third party. But that was supposing he was involved.

Kurama didn't like making bets.

Or… he could decide not to bother with a surveillance of the informant at all and simply approach him directly.

Thing was, this man seemed reluctant to share anything at all with Mulder, whose informant he had decided to be. No way would he say anything to Kurama whom he didn't know at all.

He would have to think of a way to approach this man and fast. Before he met Mulder's previous informant's fate.