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Gravity's Moon

By Emma Iveli


Early 1993, the North Pole

Sailor Moon AKA Usagi was giving her final thoughts. A wish, a wish to just be a normal girl.

But the Silver Crystal knew that it could not be. There would always be threats.

However it detected a threat, one that would not happen for nearly 20 years.

It realized that the Sailor Senshi must go fight the threat. And sent their souls into the future to be reborn at the time and place where they can fight it.

Expect for one case… a case that one of their souls would be needed.

Early 1995, Tokyo

Sailor Saturn stood in front of what Pharaoh 90 was coming, she looked at Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. Their pure hearts had been used to awaken Mistress 9 and for the second time in their lives they were reified thanks to getting their pure hearts back.

But there was nothing they could do.

"I'm going to inside of the core of Pharaoh 90 and destroy but in order to do that we both will be destroyed." Said Sailor Saturn.

"We're sorry…" said Sailor Uranus.

"It's quite all right." Said Sailor Saturn "You didn't know."

She jumped into the core and soon there was a large explosion that covered everything. When it was clear they saw a young woman with blonde hair. She wore a quite dress that had hint of gold. And she was holding a small baby.

She approached Sailor Neptune and gave her the baby.

"Hotaru…" said Sailor Neptune.

The woman nodded.

"Who are you?" asked Sailor Uranus.

"Princess Serenity." Said the woman who disappeared in a flash of light.

"Princess Serenity…" whispered Sailor Neptune.

They both looked at the baby.

They saw Sailor Pluto holding onto Pro. Tomoe. All three knew what they had to do.

June 30th, 1997, Piedmont California

Stan Pines looked at the bay in his arms. There was a bit of golden hair on her head.

"SO what do you think Stan?" asked his nephew.

"She's beautiful, what's her name?" asked Stan.

"Serena." Said his niece-law.

Stan looked at the baby in his arm who yawned.

"She's a little princess, isn't she?" asked Stan.

His niece in law giggled.

August 31st, 1999, Piedmont, California

Stan was worried, his nephew was having more kids, twins this time. The older of the two, which he heard a little girl was fine, better than fine in fact. She punched the doctor in the face the moment she got out.

But the other one… he had had word that his musical cord was warped around her neck and came out blue.

He sighed.

"Guncle Stan." Said a voice.

He looked at looked at little nice Serena.

"Is the baby going to be okay?" asked Serena.

"She's going to be just fine." Stan assured her.

"I mean my baby brother… not my baby sister!" she pouted.

"I'm sure he's going to be just fine." Said Stan trying to assure the two year old.

He patted her hair. Which was in a strange style with buns and pigtails. For some reason her mother insisted of doing that style.

"Will I be a good big sister?" asked Serena.

"I'm sure of it." Said Stan.

"I'm going protect hem from bad things!" said Serena.

Stan laughed at the two year old.

"I wish I had a big sister like you." Said Stan.

"What about granpa?" asked Serena.

"He's my brother not sister." Said Stan.

Serna giggled.

That was when they got news that baby brother was going to be all right.

And this was only the start of Serena's life… but her adventures wouldn't begin until nearly 13 years later…

Next Time: Serena, Dipper and Mabel Pines visit their Great Uncle's House in Gravity Falls. However when Mabel gets a boy friend, it's up it's Serena, Dipper and the boy Serena likes to save her. However it turns out Serena will discover her destiny...