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Chapter 25: Belndin's Game

The twin adored Soos, he was awesome, sweet, kind, awesome… that was already said. But he was basically a bight teddy bear or a weird but cool older brother. And after going through his wallet they discovered his birthday… and it was that day!

And being twins they were experts at making parties.

And they pulled out the stops. Pizza flavored cake, cake flavored pizza and the Razz Dazzler. Which was Toby Determined dancing… as it was once his dream to be a dancer but it went nowhere.

However when they surprised him with it he ran off…

Only for Stan, Wendy and Hotaru to see what happened.

"Oh no… oh no…" said Wendy.

"This bad." Said Hotaru.

"This isn't your fault because you didn't know but Soos hate his birthday." Said Wendy.

"What?" asked Dipper and Mabel.

"it's a total mystery. Been that way since he was a kid. Some weird personal biz." said Wendy.

They all went to check on Soos who was miserable.

As it turned out Serena and Mina had just arrived to see Soos.

"What happened to Soos?" asked Serena.

"We tried to give him a surprise party but he hates his birthday." Said Mabel.

"Oh that stinks." Said Mina.

"There got be something be something we can do!" said Mabel.

"We tried everything." Said Wendy.

"I tried to petition congress to remove the date from the calendar and now I can't fl." Explained Stan.

"I really doubt that's the reason why you can't fly any more…" sighed Hotaru.

They all checked on Soos who was looking sadly at an old post card.

"I don't know you guys, I think we should leave him alone." Said Wendy.

"No one should be alone on their birthday." Said Dipper.

"You're right, it's time to bring out the big guns." Said Mabel.

That was when they got an idea… it made seen due to the fact that they did go through his .

Which was how they found out that it was birthday.

So they took him to laser tag.

Soos was unsure but the twins reassured him that it would be fine…

Though there was this little thing about the laser tag place.

"Are these walls just mattresses that were spray painted?" asked Wendy.

"I think this used to be a mattress store." Said Stan.

"Was the place filled with unsold mattresses?" asked Hotaru.

"That's what I'd do." Said Stan with a shrug.

Hotaru nodded realizing that would be what he would do with the unsold matrasses.

Soos was unsure about everything but Dipper and Mabel reassured him that would stick with him no matter what during that day./

Once the match began, everyone ready to play laser tag ran into the arena.

However Soos had to tie his shoes.

And because of that they didn't notice that Dipper and Mabel ended up going through a very different place.

They were in a strange white room and they saw two future police officers, but thought they were just part of the laser tag arena.

"Oh look at these future guys they're really impressive.' Said Mabel.

She then kicked one of them in the crotch.

However the cod piece talked!

"Kick deflected! Thank you for buying Digi-cod! The Smart Cod Piece!" said the cod piece.

"What?" asked Mabel.

They noticed the gateway was closed off and tried to get Soos' attention but he didn't see them as he entered the laser tag arena and the gate way disappeared.

The twins screamed as this happened.

Mabel started to kick the wall.

"Nice try kid, but that wall is made up of solid Time-tanium." Said one of the two men who had the name of that said "Lolph", "There's only one way out of here."

"And what is that?" asked Dipper.

'Through me!" yelled a voice.

They turned and saw that it as Blendin Blandin AKA the time travel guy… and he was partially inviable thanks to his suit.

And he noticed it…

He clumsily fixed it.

"Through me!" yelled the Blendin, "And that's what it would have been like if I had done that the first time. But it's still effective."

Dipper and Mabel gasped at the site of the time traveler they met before.

"The time travel guy." Said Mabel, "What was his Blendo, Blandin…"

"Blar-blar." Said Dipper.

"Oh that's it." Said Mabel.

"My name is Blendin Blenjamin Blandin!" yelled Blendin, "How can you forget everything after you ruined my life!"

The twins were confused but Blendin thankfully had a device to explain everything. After that indent he lost his job and was arrested and put into time jail.

"Look we're sorry but we're in the middle of something important right now." Said Dipper

"It's our friend's birthday and we promised we would be there for him." Said Mabel.

"You think your dumb birthday matters?" asked Blendin, "Do you know where we are? Welcome to Globnar!"

They watched as they saw many people fight various things and fought in weird ways.

"Is this a game show? Are we in Japan?" asked Mabel.

"This is gladiatorial time combat! The winner get a precious time wish while dicing the loser's fate." Said Blendin.

They watched in horror as the loser of one match was killed.

"And you have been challenged!" yelled Blendin.

That was when they heard a chime. Both of the time cops paled when they heard it. It only meant one thing…

That was when suddenly a pair of large doors appeared.

They soon opened and out of the doors there was a figure.

Dipper and Mabel were surprised by the figure.

It was a sailor guardian.

Her skirt and collar was black and wore boots similar to Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury but they had high heels. Her ribbon colors were a shade of maroon. She has long dark green hair that partially put into a bun and in her hands was a key like staff.

"What are you doing here!" yelled Lolph.

"You know the rules Pluto!" said the other time cop that had the name tag Dundgren.

"I do… however there are certain things both sides must and mustn't do to prevent a war. And having these two patriate in Globnar is one of them… partially since he plans to erase them from existence." Said the Sailor Gaudian who was clearly Sailor Pluto.

"Would the Silver Kingdom really put everything on the line for two children?" asked Lolph.

"Look at their time files and see for yourself." said Sailor Pluto.

Both men looked as their time files. Detailing the things they would go on to do.

And both men started to scream in horror at what they were doing. After all what was on their time file could easily destroy everything if Blendin got his way.

Dipper and Mabel looked at each other.

"I got an idea." Said Dipper.

Dipper managed to sneak in and grab the time machine off Lolph as they were two busy screaming.

"Stop screaming!" yelled Blendin, "It doesn't matter if doing that causes a war! I want my revenge!"

"You never looked at their time files!" yelled Lolph calming down but not enough to grab Blendin, "Have you!"

However before any more could be said, the twins had managed to grab the time machine and used it.

"NO!" yelled Blending, "Follow them!"

"Fine…: growled Lolph, "But only because I'm objected…"

Dundgren looked close to crying.

"My kids… I'm going to figure out when to send them…" whispered Dundgren.

Sailor Pluto ran into the doors sighing as she did.

"Honestly… I should have known they would make things more complicated." Said Sailor Pluto.

Back with Dipper and Mabel they appeared above a mattress and landed on it.

It was a mattress store in the middle of an out of business sale.

"Oh no we went too far back! The laser tag place is still a mattress sore." Said Dipper.

"Time travel! Why you got be so compacted!" yelled Mabel.

There was a bright flash of light and they realized it was the time cops.

Both of them dove under a mattress.

"They over shot their destination by 10 years." Said Dundgren.

"Where are they! I don't see those kid!" yelled Blendin.

"Look! It's better if we don't.,.. your revenge isn't worth what will happen if you erase them form existence." Said Lolph.

"Says you!" yelled Blendin, "And I'm going to keep stammering until you do!"

"That man is an idiot…" growled Lolph.

"Let's… I don't want to go…" said Dundgren.

They all left.

"We just have to go forward 10 years in time should be easy." Said Dipper.

"Oh no…" said Mabel, "The time thingy."

Dipper saw what she meant.

The time machine was broken.

"Can you fix it?" asked Mabel.

"Maybe… but I have to find tools." Said Dipper he saw a sign for the Mystery Shack, "And I think I know where to get some…"

They both left the mattress store.

"There you two are." Said a voice.

They both turned to where the voice came from. It was Setsuna and both of them recognized her from the pictures.

"Wait… are you this time's Setsuna or the one of the from the future." Said Mabel.

"I'm the one from the future." Sighed Setsuna, "And you two were so much trouble when you were 12…"

"So I guess we will eventually meet in the future." Said Dipper.

"We do… but it's always amusing to me that our first meeting was a version of me from the future." Said Setsuna.

"Wait… can you take us back to the future?" asked Mabel.

"Sorry but my way to get to the future is much more dangerous than the time tape… so the best is to fix it." Said Setsuna.

The twins nodded.

Setsuna followed the two the mystery shack, acting as body guard.

"Wow… 10 years in the past… everything is the same-y yet deferent-y." said Mabel.

They came across Toby Determined dancing in a dance studio.

"This dream goes nowhere Toby!" yelled Mabel.

Toby sighed in disappointment at this.

That was when they ran into three little girls on trickles, all three of them were very familiar. A young Wendy, Lila and Tambry. And Tambry nearby ran them over.

"Ooops… like sorry…" said Tambry.

Wendy then whispered something to Tambry.

"My firmed think your cute." Said Tambry.

"Shut up Tambry!" yelled Wendy pushing Tambry.

"Wendy! Stop it!" said Lila.

Wendy pouted.

"Thanks… but your super young and this is awkward." Said Dipper blushing.

As the little girls sped away Mabel said this, "Now you know how she feels creep." She said.

"Uh… yeah…. Wow…" said Dipper and then it really hit him. "Wow…"

As they headed to the mystery shack, Dipper knew he did have to ask Setsuna something.

"What's going to happen to us if he gets us?" asked Dipper.

Setsuna sighed knowing that she needed to answer this.

"You see for many years the world has been divided into two halves. The silver kingdom which consists of half of North America, the easter half of Asia and all of Australia, while Time Government control the rest of the world…Expect of Antarctica… that's still no man's land"

The twins shrugged at that.

"For many years the two sides have been teetering on the edge of war… There are many things that will jumpstart this war… a war that neither side really wants… but…"

"Complected country stuff." Said Mabel.

"Yes…" sighed Setsuna.

"And him erase sing us form existence will jumpstart the war." Said Dipper.

"Is erasing any from existence or just us?" asked Mabel.

"Just you…" said Setsuna.

"Why us?" asked Mabel.

"I don't know if I should tell you." Said Setsuna.

Mabel pouted, while Dipper looked at Setsuna and it was cellar he realized it.

"Wait!" he said realizing why.

"Now's not the time…" said Setsuna.

Dipper nodded knowing it was better.

"If you go back to your time, there can be things set up that they can't pull this again.," explained Setsuna.

Dipper nodded though Mabel was still confused.

They arrived at the mystery shack, making sure to avoid Stan as he was giving a tour.

Dipper found the tool box laying around on the floor. He got to work while Mabel saw a young boy around their age trying to get a snack form the snack machine.

Mabel decided to help him and used a trick that Soos taught her earlier.

As she was busy with that, Dipper talked to Setsuna some more.

"So… this Silver Kingdom…" said Dipper.

Before Setsuna could answer, Mabel ran over.,

"Dipper look!" said Mabel making Dipper look at the boy she was talking to.

"No way!" said dipper.

And indeed the little boy she was talking to was a young Soos… who was decked out in birthday gear.

"No way!" said Dipper.

Soos was admiring some of the Mystery Shack t-shirts when his grandmother showed up to take him as it was his special day.

"You don't think…" said Mabel.

"That this might be that birthday?" asked Dipper.

"Dipper… Mabel…" said Setsuna.

Both of them looked at her, with Mabel giving her puppy dog eyes.

"Okay…" sighed Setsuna.

They headed to Soos' grandmothers' house and saw that it was his birthday party. That seemed very nice.

"This party is great! I wonder why Soos hates his birthday?
" asked Dipper.

Setsuna didn't answer but just watched,… as she knew the reason.

But they did overhear Soos talking to a guest about his father and how he was supposed to be there that day.

He heard the doorbell ring and figured out a way to follow him through to the door.,

However it wasn't his father. It was a mailman… with a postcard for Soos from his dad promising him that he would be there next year.

"So that's why he hates his birthday… it's the day that he figured out his dad is never coming back." Said Dipper.

"How much partying will fix this?" asked Mabel.

However young Robbie showed up, then Setsuna glared at him and he ran away.

"There is no way you can fix this… everyone has their problems…" said Setsuna.

"This way!" they heard Lolph say.

"They found us"! said Dipper.

"You better find them!" yelled Blendin.

"I hope not…" mumbled Lolph under his breath.

"What was that"! yelled Blendin.

Lolph rolled his eyes.

"Man I can't wait to beat those kids in Globnar and get that time wish!" yelled Blendin.

"If I had a time wish you know what I would with for early retirement… spend time more with the kids and avoid a certain war that's going to happen if you get that time wish…" said Dundgren.

"You idiot! You have the power the to change history and you waste on your kids!" said Blendin.

The twins looked at each other remembering that was prize for Globnar.

"If we do that and defeat him!" said Dipper, "Then we can wish Soos' dad came to visit him."

"And his birthday would be fixed forever." Said Mabel.

"Please don't…" said Setsuna, "If he wins…"

"I don't know how well you got to know Soos…" said Dipper.

Before he could start his speech, Setsuna sighed.

"Okay you do have a point… but be careful… if you lose… you'll not only die… "said Setsuna.

"But there will be a terrible war…" said Dipper.

"But Soos." Said Mabel.

Setsuna sighed.

"Just be careful…" said Setsuna.

The twins nodded and they soon turned themselves in.

"Here we are Blendin!" said Dipper as both of them had their hands up.

The two time cops looked extreme worried.

"They know what could happen if they lose and Blendin gets his way but they have a reason for doing it." Said Setsuna.

The tow time cops looked at each other.

"And you're letting them do it Pluto?" asked Lolph.

"I won't be able to stop them… they both believe they can beat them…" said Setsuna.

"Yes! Yes!" yelled Blendin, "Time for Glob…"

However before he could continue the word he was suddenly muted.

"Turns out I could mute him." Said Lolph.

"Nice!" said Dundgren.

They went back to the future.

Setsuna followed using the time gates.

They arrived back in the Globnar arena where a large crowd was cheering.

However that was when a gigantic baby appear.

"SILENCE!" boomed the baby.

"That is one big baby…" said Mabel.

They watched at the gigantic baby blasted a person who did not remain silent.

"Welcome to Globnar tributes! A very important Globnar indeed! One that will deiced the fate of time and space." Said Time Baby.

"I still don't know why you're that important." Muttered Blendin, "Just because you know the Sailor Guardians… seriously… that doesn't make you special."

The two time cops rolled their eyes.

"It is such an important match that king and queen of the Crystal Kingdom has come to view." Said Time Baby.

Tim Baby motioned over to a balcony however there seemed to be curtain covering the area so that no one could really get a view of the king and queen of the enemy country.

The crowd began to mutter thing about it.

"I said silence!" boomed Time Baby.

The crowd stopped its muttering.

A robot showed up.

"You have until Time Baby drinks all the cosmic sand out of this hour glass." Said the robot.

The robot began to feed the giant Time Baby.

However as it turned out Time Baby was a fussy eater and refused to drink from the bottle.

"Get ready kids! When I get that time wish you're going to wish that you were never born… or rather you will wish you were born… because I'm going to wish you were never born!" said Blendin.

"Dream on! There's two of us!" said Dipper.

"And we have hair!" said Mabel.

"Well I have training!" said Blendin who grabbed a nearby spear and twirled, "What did you think I did in prison?"

"Uh-oh…" said Dipper.

In another balcony, two little kids watched… as it turned out they were Rini and Bunny.

Sailor Saturn was with them watching.

"You know this reminds of when you stole the time tape." Said Sailor Saturn to the two girls.

"That was ages ago…" said Rini.

"But we did in trouble…" said Bunny.

"Though not as much as this…" said Rini.

Sailor Saturn turned to two other figures watching with them.

"You think you watching might create problems." Said Sailor Saturn.

Neither one answered.

And soon it began

"Begin Globnar!" yelled Time Baby.

And so Dipper and Mabel battled Blendin through many gladiatorial events. As it seemed like they were mostly tied.

Though in the second to last event Blendin managed to get a point higher than them.

"All right! Almost for the win!" yelled Blendin.

However the crowd were nervous knowing what will erupt should Blendin win.

"There is one final challenge that you must face! An ancient game thousands of years year old known for its strategy! The game of laser tag!" yelled Time Baby.

An orb appeared on the stage.

"Laser tag? Seriously?" asked Dipper.

"It might seem like nothing but wait and see when the fog machine gets going you'll be…" said Blendin.

However while he was saying that Dipper hit Belndin's vest.

"Hit!" said the vest.

"Aw man…" said Blendin.

"Mabel grab the orb !" said Dipper.

"On it!" said Mabel.

She touched and the orb and the score for the twins reached 999 points! Winning them the game!

The crowd went wild in relief.

Dundgren even started to cry, that he would live to see his children grow up in a world without war.

"No! NO!" yelled Blendin

Time Baby finished the cosmic sand as the robot burped him.

"You have made victory in Globnar… now what fate do you deicide for the loser!" said Time Baby.

"DEATH!" yelled Mabel.

"Mabel…" hissed Dipper.

"Sorry got carried away…" said Mabel.

They looked at the bald man in front of them.

"So Blendin did try to wish us away from existence." Said Dipper, "But it is our fault for ruining his life…"

"Yeah and he's kind of too sad to be a bad guy…" said Mabel.

"Maybe if we treat him right in the present, he'll turn out better in the future." Said Dipper, "All right, as long as you keep an eye on him, we'd like to set Blendin fere and give him back his job in the Time Anomaly Correction Unit!"

"And give him pretty hair!" said Mabel.

"So be it!" said Time Baby.

A set of handcuffs that was placed on Blendin Fell off and he gained a mustache like head of hair.

"You'd do that for me." Said Blendin, "I got my job back!"

"I'm proud of you two…" said a voice a voice.

They saw that it was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair put into a certain hair style.

There was no mistaking who she was.

"SERENA!" yelled Mabel.

"That is Neo Queen Serenity of the Silver Kingdom!" yelled Blendin, "I don't know why you feel the need to be so informal with her…"

"You know that you have your job back… you can always check their time files." Said Dundgren.

"Fine then I will!" said Blendin.

Blendin checked the time files of the twins and started screaming in horror.

"WHAT DID I DO!" yelled Blendin, "WHAT DID I DO!"

Time Baby sighed and zapped Blending with some kind of beam putting him on fast forward.

"He is going to be like that for a while…" said Time Baby.

"So…" said dipper, "Are you a future reincarnation or our actual sister's future self who somehow became immortal?"

"You'll just have to wait and see." Said their sister's future self-known as Neo Queen Serenity.

"Now children… what do you want for your Time Wish?" asked Time Baby.

"Thank but this isn't for us." Said Mabel.

"But who! Who is worthy to receive such a wish!" said Time Baby.

Back in the present, at the Laser Tag place Soos was worried.

During the match he had had talked to Serena who got worried after hearing that Dipper and Mabel weren't with him knowing that they wouldn't go back on their promise of staying by his side.

However it got concerning when she couldn't contact them with the communicators.

They had called Amelia to see if she could find them.

"I can't find them anywhere…" said Amelia, "It's like they vanished off the face of the earth."

"That's not good." Said Soos.

"I have a very bad feeling." said Hotaru.

That was when everything but Soos and Hotaru suddenly slowed down to a halt.

"What…" said Soos.

Hotaru took out her time key and saw that it was glowing.

"This is Time Baby's doing!" said Hotaru.

"What?" asked Soos.

That was when there was a bright flash of light and Dipper and Mabel appeared with Blendin.

"Soos!" said the twins.

"Guys!" said Soos.

"Sorry but we caught up in some weird time travel gladiatorial stuff!" said Dipper.

Hotaru looked at their states and at Blendin.

"So you came for revenge…" said Hotaru.

"Yeah…" said Blendin.

"We're story we left you hanging!" said dipper.

"But we got caught in crazy time stuff!" said Mabel.

Hotaru sighed.

"Look I'm glad you're safe… but please don't try to get involved with time travel again." Sighed Hotaru.

"I won't do anything to them ever again… trust me…" said Blendin, "I've learned my lesson…"

"You learned about their ties to Neo Queen Serenity." Said Hotaru.

Blendin nodded.

"Anyways the reason why we're gone is that we figured out how to fix your birthday!" said Mabel.

"Really?" asked Soos.

"It's true." Said Blendin, who touched his watch, "Behold your time wish, the power to alter time paradox free!"

"We think that the way to make you happy is finally meeting your dad." Said dipper.

"But the choice is yours." Said Mabel.

"And you two battled through crazy time travel stuff for me?" asked Soos.

It should be noted that thanks to Globnar the twins were a mess.

"You mean that I can meet my dad by touching this thing?" asked Soos.

He looked at the postcard from that day.

"All right here goes nothing." Said Soos adjusting his hat.

He placed his on the time wish.

However he didn't alter history.

He instead healed and cleaned up the twins.

"What the…" said Mabel.

"Wait what…" said Dipper.

"Bam! I fixed you up!" said Soos.

"Birthdays are supposed to be spent with the people who care about you. But you know what… that dude didn't care about me enough to visit me once let alone fight through time and space for me. I mean you had a gladiator fight to make me happy. I've bene ridiculous this whole time. Whoever my dad was he can take a hike." He said throwing the post card away, "I know who my family is, and it's you two dudes."

He hugged the twins.

"Thanks for giving me the best birthday ever." Said Soos.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" yelled Blendin, "Do you have any idea on what you just wasted? Do you know how many of died just to get a time wish… the wars started?"

"Oh… that's not all dudes. I also wished for this infinity slice of pizza. Watch" Said Soos.

He held up the slice of pizza he created and took a bite. The pizza regenerated the part that was bitten.

"And I can just keep doing that for infinity." Said Soos.

"Okay… that's occultly a good time wish." Said Blendin.

"Hey there's still 10 minutes left. You dudes want to play?" asked Soos.

"Wait… we should explain to Serina and the others where you went once time is left unfrozen." Said Hotaru.

"That is so weird seeing her so young…" said Blendin, "I… I didn't know… honest…"

"Do I want to know?" asked Soos.

"A version of Serena is going to rule half of earth in the future." Said Mabel.

"Oh cool…" said Soos, "Wait… what…"

And so thanks to that little trip through time Soos learned to apricate his birthday and the family he had by his side.

And it would also be that trip that would up getting Soos to work at the Mystery Shack, as the twins accidentally took one of the tools to the mystery shack and dropped it during their time travel in Soos' year during his birthday party.

He returned it to the Mystery Shack and Stan hired him on the spot despite being 12… to be fair it was Stan…

So yeah… that was a very important birthday for Soos indeed.

Next Time: Mabel's worried about Robbie and deicides to try to set him up with Tambry... she would later meet an actual love god who has love potions. However what will happen when Sierra overhears the stuff about the Love Potions... let's just say trying to meddle in the love life of tragic reincarnated lovers is not a good thing for love. What will happen? Find out next time!

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