Chapter 1

- Cody, can you be as dumb as your brother sometimes?

- I hate you! Don't ever speak to me again!

- I can't believe that you are my twin!

- I'm suprised he hasn't dropped out yet!

- He's such a shame!

- The most important thing for him is himself!

- He only cares about girls!

- I don't believe in any words he say!

- He's a fucking lier

- He will land in prison soon!

- He will graduate high school? I don't think so!

- He is so childlish and unresponsible!

- I wish I could be only child!

Zack heard those things over and over again in his head. It hurted him! His twin brother Cody hated him! Not even him, but Mr. Moseby, Bailey, Ms. Tutwiller, his Mom! They didn't care about him. He was no one to them. He tried his best everywhere! In school, in family, in personal life, but non of them gave him success. He failed all the way. That's way he is lying in his bed right now. It's Friday - 10 p.m. and he is crying since last week. When he and Cody visitied Japan, his mom told Cody: ''Why can't you be as dumb as your brother?'' Little did she know it hurted Zack that much that he couldn't sleep all night that day. He never cared about his position at the ship. He was lazy womenizer, who hated school, learning, books, working, getting up early, and who loves tons of girls, dates, making trouble and ruining his brother life. He never cared. But after hearing those words caming out of his mother's mouth and not only those he felt bad. Few days before this he found out how people described him. It wasn't postive. He has only started senior year and found out that his not welcome here. He didn't know what to do.

- Maybe I should go for a walk, cause I've been stuck here for a while? That's a good idea – Thought Zack as he walked off his room. He lived there alone, because Marcus left last year and went to New York City. Not only he was alone is his room, but in his life too. His friends stopped talking to him because of what he was accused of last year. Even his mom wasn't good with it. She punished him along with Moseby. But it wasn't good. He wasn't guilty!

Last year in the 3rd year of high school, Zack started to like some guy named Aaron. He was similar trouble maker as Zack, but Zack didn't know how big troubles he was going to do. One day Aaron had an idea to do a joke to one of the richest passangers there (not London). His idea was to get in his room and destroyed it in funny way. Zack was into it. But truly he didn't know what he was signing himself into. Aaron stole his room card, when Zack was talking to Moseby. Then they went to his room. The guy was absent. When Zack tried to make him a joke, Aaron started to robbed him.

-What the fuck are you doing? We were supposed to do him a joke and you're robbing him! – yelled Zack

- Shut the fuck up. This was my plan you lame loser. Thanks for helping. – said Aaron still taking his diamonds, money, and a lot of things too.

- I'm getting out of here – said Zack – If you want to robbed him I don't want to be here.

- You are not going to leave me! –

- I am!

- What a motherfucker you are! Real friend? Hmm? You are no one! First you want to be my best friend. Then you leave me alone! Someone like you shouldn't have friends!

Steps, steps, steps!

- Oh fuck he is coming – yelled Aaron, taking all thing he stole and running through the window (he was thin) and leaving Zack alone!

- What the fuck are you doing here and why you stole my money?! – yelled rich men – I'm calling ship police

- It wasn't me! I haven't stole this, but my friend did! He ran away from the window. Please trust me! – cried Zack

- If you think I believe you, you are wrong! Give me the money right now!

- I don't have it! trust me! It was my friend!

- OHH, really? You won't go out of prison till you are old enough to die!

- Trust me! – cried Zack

- Zack? –

- Kirby? Mr. Moseby? – cried Zack

- You stole things from our guest room? – said angrily Mr. Moseby

- It wasn't me! - Yelled Zack

- Like I can believe you! You come with us! – and Kirby took Zack out

-Baby do you like those strawberries? I think they taste amazing – said Cody

- True. I haven't eat such an amazing strawberries since summer 2006 in Kettlecorn – answered Bailey

Knock, knock

-I get this. Oh hi Mr. Moseby. What a surprise? What you doin here? – said Cody

- Come with me Cody.

- Where? What happened? – asked Cody

- Zack! – said Mr. Moseby

Cody looked at Bailey with a weird look on his face and they followed Moseby to his office.

- I'm serious this wasn't me. Please believe me! I haven't stole his money. How many times I have to tell you this? – Zack asked to policeman

- That much until we believe you!

- How much? – asked Zack

- None! Because we don't believe you! –

- What is going on here? – shout Cody, seeing Zack infront of two policeman

- Cody, your brother is accused of stole (stoling idk) this guys money, diamonds, etc. He said he is innocent, but we don't believe him!

Cody looked at Zack angrily. – How could you? All the time you make something bad! This time I won't help you! I don't believe you!

- Cody it wasn't me! I didn't do this! - cried Zack – It was Aaron!

- And you think I believe you?! No. No one here believe you! Listen once in your life you have to be punished for your mistakes. I'm out of here! Good luck! – yelled Cody

- Please Cody, no! – cried Zack, as he took his hands and touched his head. He was all alone now! No one believed him.

When Carey heared about that, she and Kurt not trusted Zack and they punished him. Moseby wanted him to leave the ship forever, but London stopped him. Zack stayed at home for all the summer holidays, in his room. He couldn't see his friends. Richie guy didn't get this problem to court, because he somehow believed Zack, and he has more money. It wasn't a problem. Cody refused to speak to Zack. He was mad at him.

Back to the reality, Zack leaned against the railing at the Sky Deck, alone. He didn't know what to do with himself. He lost his family, his friends. Then he heard footsteps.

- Hey Zack –

- London? What are you doing here so late with.. Woody? – asked Zack

- We are here to tell you that you not alone. You have got us and we believe you! – said London

- Seriously? – asked Zack suprised

- Yes men. You are our best friend. We won't leave you – said Woody

- Oh my. Thank you so much - He said with tears in his eyes, and he hugged Woody and London very tight – Thank you!