Chapter 2

I truly couldn't believe it. Someone really care about me! It is 2 a.m. and yesterday London and Woody told me they are with me. This is some kind of good dream which I haven't got for months. I wish my family and parents believe in my innocence. – I wish.

Being lonely again in his room he made himself a fort. He snuggled under the coverlet. It was his cure for all bad things. Today is Saturday. Zack didn't want to go to work, but after troubles with rich men he gain 2 more hours of his shift. He works 6 hours at the weekends and 3 in a week now. He didn't even fight with Moseby, just let it be. He doesn't need new problems. Zack tried to sleep but his brain was teasing him with everything. He once again heard those horrible words about himself and stared to cry. Crying offically put him to sleep.

- Zack wake up! You overslept and you need to go to your work! – yelled Mr. Moseby waking up Zack at 8:30 – You should be at work at 8 a.m. You want to be fired? NO? Then wake up! – then he left

- What? Mr. Moseby? – said Zack, - okay I won't eat breakfast today. – He got dressed and went to his job

- I forgot to tell you Zack, because of your lazyness you will work 7 hours at weekend! Have a good day – said Mr. Moseby

What? No! 1 more hour? I'm tired of this 6 hours but one plus? No way – thought Zack - so I'm going to work until graduation from 8 a.m. till 2 p.m. I hate my life….

After working for 3 hours Zack felt very hungry, but he didn't have time to eat. He started to feel very numb and lifeless.

-London? – asked Zack

- What? /London - Can you please buy me something to eat and drink? I'm starving – Zack said

- Sure, I'll be back in 10 minutes – said London with a smile on her face

- Thanks J - answer Zack

Like she said 10 minutes later, she came back with a plate with a lunch on it and some soda.

- Thanks London, you are the best – thanked her Zack

After 5 minutes of eating Zack was done. He reaturned the plate to London and she took it to the canteen. Zack was sad. He didn't want to eat. He was tired of everything. He just wanted to dissappear. Everyone would be happy. He considered himself as big no one. That person, who was here by accident. Maybe he was an accident.

- Zack! – yelled pissed Moseby – go back to working. If not I will give you extra hours! – then he walked away

Zack sighed and returned to work.

After work, Zack went to his room. All day he was ignored by everyone besides London and Woody. He was thankful for them. But somehow he thought why they belive him? He hasn't done anything to prove them right. He was curious. Then he went to bathroom and took a shower. – Tutwiller gave us a lot of homework. I should do something. On Monday we have a Math and History test. I need to learn – thought Zack.

8 p.m. passed by, but Zack was still learning. He didn't eat nothig since his breakfast/lunch. He wasn't hungry, though. Zack thought to himself that maybe it was good to not eat. Why he has to eat anyway? They won't even recognize anything. How am I kidding? They don't care. Zack plan was to quit eating. From today he won't eat anything besides fruits. He doesn't care about his weight, but he just wanted to eat something (I KNOW – WEIRD). And drink of course.

The next day – Sunday, was clearly the same. But just with one difference. He got up from his bed at the early morning. He doesn't want to be late to work this time. He drunk water, washed himself went to work. That day was nothing special. Zack worked like a robot. Bailey and Cody sat at the smoothie bar and talked with eachother. They didn't care about Zack's presence. They ordered a smoothie from other bartender. A few people passed them by laughing at Zack. – I won't ever buy any smoothie from this thief. He got too much money to work here. What a douchebag!? Why he hasn't dropped out yet? Why don't they took him to jail? I'm scared of myself and my things. He can steal my things! Why Mr. Tipton allowed him to stay here? - That made Zack feel awful. HE WASN'T A THIEF AND HE WASN'T DANGEROUS. He wanted to runaway as fast as he can from here. He felt unloved, unwanted. The thing that hit him was Cody! Cody hasn't taken Zack's side. He left Zack all alone. When Zack stopped his work for this day, he went back to his room and did the same routine as yesterday.