Chapter 3

All week, Zack was acting different. Not eating, working and learning all the time, made him look and feel numb. He started to look like a zombie. He lived like a robot. Everything he has done was just a routine. He was forced to many things. But he didn't know that that day would change his life.

As the morning started, Zack got up off the bad. What else should he do? He went to his class. He has a lesson with Ms. Tutweiler.

- Class I want you to meet our new student, Samantha Puckett. She is from Seatlle but she left to come here. Welcome on the ship Samantha. You can say something about yourself.

- Thank you, but call me Sam. I don't like to study and I love meat. That's all! – said Sam

- Okay. So thank you and we gotta start new lesson.

Zack had his shift after school. He was as usual tired and hungry. He ate something but he then throw it up.


I saw Zack working and I couldn't stop looking at him. He is so mysterious. I don't understand why no one is talking to him. He looks like a good guy. I need to talk to him.

- Hey Zack, can we talk?

- Yeah, do you want a smoothie? – asked Zack

- No, I just want to ask what's going on? Why people treat you like this? Why no one is talking to you? You look like a good guy.

- Thanks Sam. You know it's because of something I've done before and…

- Zack, stop talking about nothing and go back to work. Eitherway I fire you – yelled Mr. Moseby as he saw Zack talking to Sam

- I'm sorry Sam but we can't talk right now.

- Maybe later? - she asked

- Okay. Can you go to my cabin at 8 p.m.?

- Yeah

- Great. This is my cabin's numer.

Few hours later it was 8 o'clock.

Sam stopped at Zack's cabin and knocked on his door. Knock knock

- hi Zack

- hey, so what did you wanna talk about with me? – asked Zack

- Listen, I just want to ask what is wrong? Mr. Moseby and everyone treat you like nothing. Why?

- It's a long story

- I have time – declared Sam

- Okay, so here it goes. / Zack told her about Aaron, being accused of stealing. Also about Cody who turned away from him,…

- Really? And they didn't believe you? - asked shocked Sam

- Except from Woody and London. They are the only people here who trust me

- They're not the only one. I believe you – said Sam

- How? I mean you just met me and you believe me? – asked Zack in shock

- Zack, for all of my life I've been accused of everything. I wasn't a good student, friend. No one. I spent some time in reformatory. I only lived with my mom. I have a twin sister. She is fucking perfect and fucking annoying as Cody. Listen I'm going to help you find this Aaron and close him in the jail, okay?

- Sam, you are really going to do this?

- Yes, Zack. Everything for you.

- Thank you so much, my savior – he thanked her and then hugged her.

Sam was willing to anything for him, because she started to like him and wanted to be more than just friends with him. Hugging him was amazing and she felt sparks.

- You know, you are a good girl, Sam we should hang out more. – said Zack

- I like that. – agreed happily Sam

- Sam, where you in iCarly? –

- Yeah, but I've quit. My mom forced me to go to this stupid sea school.

- You're talking just like London. She hates this place.

- Oh, she can be my friend. I hate this place, because there's no way to runaway.

- I know. I wanted to runaway from here after this whole fiasco, but I just couldn't ehhhh I wish life would be easier than this.

- Don't worry. I'll find some help for you. Everyone is going to apologize to you that they mistaken you with this asshole.

- Thanks Sam. You don't know how much it means to me.

- No problem. I need to go now.


I think Sam is really cute. I can't remember anyone helping me solving this problem. Thank God she's here. I've got positive feelings of her.


As I left Zack's room I was thinking how can I help him. I need really big proves to get him out of this whole shit. But first I need to find Aaron and get out of him everything about robbery. How can I do that? Oh my gosh, I have an idea!