The Unwarranted Hero

Ch. 2 Family meeting

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Ch. 2 Family meeting

The moment the armored millionaire said anything, Harry turned to and looked at the man with an unreadable expression. Quicker than Stark could blink or react, Harry held out a thrusting palm towards him. The results were instantaneous as Tony Stark found himself flying backwards into the forest, neither his palms thrusters nor his boots thrusters unable to react in time to stop him from sailing backwards, let alone flying through a big damn tree.

As he flew, Harry shouted out, "That's for shooting me with a tranq dart, you crazy git."

"Uncle?" Steve asked as he stepped forward and next to Harry.

Sighing as his secret was bound to get out eventually, he answered, "My father kept a journal. Apparently, a Dark Wizard or Death Eater as they liked to call themselves at the time, hit my father with a curse that removed any chances for him to reproduce. He and his friends who called themselves 'The Marauders' while in and out of school, prayed to and cried out for Loki's assistance. Made a deal with him. I'm the byproduct of that deal as Loki took my fathers form and spent the night with my mother. My father kept his end, made me a Potter in name and magic. Kept me out of Odin's grasp."

"What do you mean, kept you from my Fathers grasp?" Thor demanded as he turned fully to and gazed fiercely at his nephew, his hand flexing tightly on his hammers pommel.

"You know damn well what I mean, Uncle Thor." Harry spat venomously as he stepped nose to nose with the Thunderer. "Fenrir, Hel, Jormungandr, Narfi, Vali, Sleipnir. Do any of those names ring a damn bell?" Harry demanded adamantly as he then glared at Thor for several quiet seconds before his eyes sought out and found Lokis a minute later. He then sighed, turned, and proceeded to head towards the Quinjet that the red headed female S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent who had just landed nearby, while back at where the Captain and Thor stood stock still, Thor looked like he had swallowed something sour as he turned to gaze at his nephews back.

"What did he mean by those names?" Steve asked.

"It's a long story. But basically, those are the names of Loki's other children." Thor said with a tired sigh as Tony Stark flew back towards he and the Captain. Thor spun his hammer afterwords in his hands and then shot off into the air, flying after Loki, the Captain looked to the son of his friend Howard.

Not letting the subject drop and not used to being kept in the dark, he asked the man in the armor the importance of those names after repeating them to him. Stark with the aid of Jarvis, informed Steve the importance of those names. At hearing this information according to the Scandinavian Legends and Poems, even the Super Soldier could not fault Harry for how he felt about Thors father. "You know, that kid has some serious Mojo. Almost short circuited my suit." the Iron-Man said. "Who the hell is this kid?"

"Long story short, he's a Wizard. And yes, Magics real. That's all I can say for the moment." Steve said with a sigh of his own as he began walking after the last Potter. Stark almost snorted, but then called out to the Captain who seemed to ignore him as he was deep in thought from all that he now knew and began to create a mental file on the facts that he had just learned and began to separate what was fiction from what he now knew. Stark ran after the Captain to try and get answers to what was just revealed and the answer he gave him.

Thor pushed his brother towards the craft after having caught up to him. Though he hadn't ran for reasons that escaped him, Thor wasn't about to take any chances, while at the same time, demanding to know why he never informed him about his Midgardian nephew. Loki remained tight-lipped about the truth as his eyes sought out and found his son who sat inside the aircraft, his son whose head rested on his folded hands, deep in thought.

It had been a long time since he laid eyes on his son. His son. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe how strong his youngest turned out to be. And yet, he felt and saw how hardened of a warrior his child had become. What had happened that made his son become the man that he now sat across from as his hands were once again cuffed and his body strapped down? Sure, he knew most of what Harry had been through since he was a babe. But, Harry barely glanced at Loki, only to then turn his eyes to the floor.

The ride to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier was silent as no one said anything to each other the entire trip.

Director Fury, Phil Coulson, and Maria Hill stood waiting as Fury had an entire troupe of armed S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel in black gear, waiting with him inside the hangar where the Quinjet docked minutes later.

The moment the ramp lowered, Fury could smell and feel the tenseness in the air as Harry waited for the ramp to finish lowering and began walking after the Captain whom had sat beside him during the return trip to the Helicarrier. The Wizard shook Furys hand and the hands of both Coulson and Hill, before he followed Steve. Thor roughly held his brother with one hand as both walked down the ramp, "Welcome back to Earth, Thor. I'm Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D." he grasped the Asgardian Princes hand and shook it before turning to Loki, "Good to see you again as well, Loki." He smirked a moment later as the Asgardian trickster merely glowered at him as his men took the Trickster by the arms and began to escort him to a holding cell that was originally meant for Dr. Banner if the Hulk ever decided to come out.

Minutes later, after Natasha exited the craft, she stopped to speak to her boss while Loki was handed off to the armed personnel by his brother. She explained what she was able to, to the best of her abilities, especially when she informed the Director of Potters revelations.

"You're shitting me?" he shot out in shock.

"No Director, I am not." Her expression indeed showed she was not joking about the information she just delivered.

The man known as Fury stood stock still for a moment, taking it all in, when Coulson spoke up, "Doesn't change anything. I've read Potters profile. He's a good man, despite the things he's experienced in his life. I'm sure if he had to pick a side, and he will, he'll choose us. He's always made the right choices despite what the Fates had thrown at him."

"You seem awfully confident about that." Hill said.

"I have to be. If you had read his file from front to back like you should have, you'd agree, Mr. Potter never makes the wrong choices, even under pressure, despite what other people say, think, or even does. He's a lot like the Captain in that regard."

"You got a man crush, Phil." Hill said with a snort followed by a friendly teasing chuckle.

"No, just the ability to see the good in people. Unlike you of course who only looks at the little things instead the whole of the sum." Coulson shot back with a smirk.

Fury, ignoring the Agents barbed talk, shook his head, then turned and walked off, preferably to speak to Loki.

Back on the bridge, Natasha had just walked in with Hill following closely behind her as Phil went to check on Stark, where she looked to see Harry sitting in a seat near Steve around a rather large black high-tech table, his leather trench coat jacket off and hanging from the back of his chair. His arms were crossed as he sat glaring at Thor who stood across the table from him. The Thunderer on the other hand, wore a perplexed expression as he was unsure what to say to his nephew as he looked at him, seeing the glare directed at him. What had he done to deserve the anger and ire his nephew was directing at him? Was it because of the Prophecy of Ragnarok, the battle between he and the World Serpent Jormungandr that was to come to pass in the future?

Suddenly, Bruce Banner arrived in the room. He looked around the room nervously, and yet, the moment he took one look at the familiar Wizard, the Gamma Irradiated scientist smiled in earnest as he redirected himself from where he was going and called out, "Harry?"

The aforementioned Wizard turned his head towards the source of the familiar voice that called his name and smiled, "Bruce Banner, you old bastard. How are you?" Harry asked as he stood, approached, and shook the mans hand, only to turn it into a one armed hug.

"Ugh, God, it's good to see you Harry." he said as they squeezed each other through the one arm hug, and then stepped back, and clapped each other on the shoulders with their free hands.

"It's good to see you too, my friend. What have you been up to?"

"I was in Calcutta recently when S.H.I.E.L.D. found me, asking me for my help." Bruce answered.

"India, huh? Heard that specific village hasn't been doing so well. Was intending to head there myself within the week to give what aid I could when Prince Ass-wipe showed up."

"Harry, according to the journals of your parents, and what little I've heard since seeing Loki in the hallways, he's supposed to be your dad, and you're insulting him!" Bruce admonished.

"My fathers dead, Bruce. Has been since October of 81." Harry said with a pained sigh as he went and sat back in his seat. "Loki just supplied the Genetics. My mother and Father did the rest from there."

Thor hearing this, winced. He wanted to get to know his nephew as much as possible, but seemed to be blocked at every turn. It was obvious Harry was somewhat glad that they had a chance to meet, but that's about where it would end. The fact that he gave very important names of Loki's other children showed that Harry did not like Asgardians very much, if at all, let alone him. Being a much changed man thanks to both Odin and Jane, he couldn't blame Harry for being distant of his Asgardian heritage, even if he didn't have Aesir blood running through his veins, when in fact he was actually half Jotunn. But that didn't matter to the Thunderer as he very much wanted to get to know his nephew and bond with him on a familial level.

Suddenly, all conversation stopped as a set of monitors within the tables before each of the individual who sat at the table, suddenly came on. Before them, was an image of Loki being placed within a metal and glass cell by the armed S.H.I.E.L.D. Officers, the glass cell sealing shut with a gasp as pressurized air signaled the locks on the cell were in place, as Fury stepped up to a clear fiberglass console, inputting some commands, and then watched as a red button off to the side lit up.

"In case it's unclear, if you try to escape," he then flipped the clear lid open that contained the red button as his finger hovered over the button, "You so much as scratch that glass," Suddenly, the floor under the glass and metal cell opened, visible currents of air could be seen escaping as Loki walked forward and made to look down as if he was trying to look where the air was clearly seen flowing under the now open floor, " It's 30,000 feet, straight down in a steel trap. You get how that works?"

Harry glared as Thor bristled. Harry understood the need to get under Loki's skin, but Fury was forgetting one thing. Loki was a master at Word Games and the War of Words. Even he knew that this wouldn't effect his old man as like he, if Loki wanted to remove himself from that cell, it wouldn't be very hard. Only someone with a mastery over Runes could only hope to hold one of the greatest magic practitioners of the last few centuries, and that is if they knew what they were doing.

The moment the floor sealed itself after Fury hit a few commands into the clear console, he pointed at Loki with both palms open, "Ant..." and then pointed at the button, "Boot."

The Director turned towards Loki as he began to chuckle as if in amusement, "It's an impressive cage. Not built, I think, for me."

"Built for something a lot stronger, than you." Fury acknowledged. Harry's head snapped up and looked at his friend, Bruce. Both men shared a look, as if such a thing was possible. Nothing could really contain the Hulk, let alone from what Harry or Bruce would have thought, capable of killing the strongest and most powerful force of nature at its rawest, on Earth.

"Oh, so I've heard. A mindless beast, makes play that he's still a man." Loki says with a sneer as he looks to the camera's that was recording and transmitting what was going on, back to the bridge, he then looks back at Fury and walks even closer to the edges of the shatter-proof glass cell. "How desperate are you that you call on such lost creatures to defend you?"

Fury was obviously within his element as he shot back, "How desperate am I?" he asked as he stepped forward as well, shoving his own words back into Loki's face, "You threaten my world with war, you steal a force you can't hope to control. You talk about peace, and you kill because it's fun. You have made me very desperate. You might not be glad that you did.

This doesn't seem to effect Loki, whom seemed to not care, "Ooooohhh, it burns you to have come so close. To have the Tesseract, to have power, unlimited power. And for what? A warm light for all mankind to share." he says as he looks towards the monitoring cams, as if he was also speaking to those on the bridge whom watched and listened. "And then to be reminded what real power is!"

Not one to let so called powerful people get under his skin, Fury smirks, and turns around to walk away, but as he began to do so, he shot back, "Well, let me know if 'Real Power' wants a magazine or something."

Harry just stared at his father who looked back and stared at the cameras again for a moment more when the cams went off. When they did, Harry leaned back, resting his left arm on the chairs arm rest and laying his head in his half curled hand while his middle and index finger touched his face, Bruce began opening a dialogue that he tuned out, his mind was far away at the moment. Many thoughts began running through his mind as he knew his father could escape the cell he currently occupied, so what was stopping him?

As the voices he tried to drown out began to grow and get louder, he stood from his seat, grabbing his coat and slipping it on. "Harry?" Bruce called out.

"My 'father'," he spat venomously, "and I need some quality time Bruce. Even I know that glass cage can't and won't hold him." Harry said as he turned and with a crack, disappeared.

"I almost forgot he could do that." Bruce said as the gathered heroes looked at where Harry had stood before he vanished.

With another crack, Harry appeared within Loki's cell. Both men stared at one another, seeing as the Asgardian Prince had sensed his sons presence almost immediately before his appearance. Harry stepped up further into his fathers space until they were mere inches from each other, "You think you're funny?"

"Excuse me?" Loki queried, looking at his Heir curiously.

Harry just looked at his progenitor as if he was stupid and then grabbed Loki by his left arm without answering back, and disappeared with another crack.

Paris, France

They appeared on the Eiffel Towers highest level. Both stepped back as Harry let him go. He turned around, gazing into the nights sky as he then leaned forward, bracing his hands on the rails, "Have you lost your damn mind?" he asked as he turned back to look at the being whom was supposed to be his father.

"Ask me that again in a few days and I'll let you know." Loki answered with a chuckle as he went to stand beside his son, only to look out over the town of Paris.

Harry snarled as he shook off that answer to his question, "I don't know what you think of this world, but I like it, just as it is. I like being here. I like being a part of something important."

"Do you? Do you think I haven't paid attention to the goings on in your life? I may not have seen you for sometime, and in doing so, missing out on what you would eventually look like when we met again. But I was always there, watching from the shadows. I couldn't take care of you, due to Heimdall, always watching, always fearing what my father would have me or someone else do to you, so, as I said, I watched from the shadows as it were. Norns, even mother figured out what I had done and kept silent as she had no wish for any harm to befall you, my youngest and most fragile Heir."

"I can't let you take over this world. Where's the Tesseract and where's the people you've brainwashed?" he demanded. When Loki refused to answer, he huffed, and turned to the side, stuffed his now cold hands into his coats pockets in order to keep warm, and lowered his head in thought as he thought of what memories he had of his mother. "Did you ever care about me?" Harry asked as he turned back to look upon the lights from the streets, houses, apartments, churches, and everything else that surrounded the Tower. Loki too, stepped up to the railing, also grasping them as he looked forward and down, then looked upon his son.

"I did. I still do. Which is why I am doing this. I never wanted you to suffer as you did. The other countries magical communities may have treated you as one of their own, just to insult Britain, but even they in a way, failed in protecting you from the abuse you endured, the Manipulations, the pain, and the betrayals. As for the Tesseract and the people I have 'taken', Let's see how good you are at finding out where they are. Let's see if you're as intelligent as I think you are."

"This isn't time for games. Where is the Tesseract?"

Loki looked to his son, and then looked down while leaning on the Towers banister. He'd remained mute on this point about the cube and S.H.I.E.L.D. Personnel.

Harry, knowing he wouldn't get anywhere, took the conversation in another direction as he thought of the Magical Communities he was on good terms with. "There's only so much of what this worlds magical populace can do. I'm only one human compared to the world."

"Correction, you are half human, and a Prince at that. It's time you started acting like one." Loki growled out.

Harry shot back, "You know, for a man whom slept with a human woman, you really don't know much about us. We live, we fight, and we die, for each other. Despite the things that I've been through, it has made me a better man than those who've wronged me. Due to my human half, I am stronger mentally than I am genetically and magically. And that makes me better than you and Great Britains Magical inbred community. I don't know what your End Game is, but know this, if I had to choose between you or the World, I choose the World. Because it's where I was born, and it's where I will die."

"You won't die," Loki nearly shouted when he heard this, before he spoke more softly, "At least, not for a long while." Loki said with a tired sigh.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Harry asked suddenly, standing up straight and looking his father in the eyes.

"You are half of me. Like all of my children before you, you will remain as you are for a long time. And let's not forget the Basilisk Venom/ Phoenix Tears in your blood stream, still flowing, still enhancing your powers." As he said this, Loki placed an open palm on Harry's right cheek, and Loki saw what he sought as Harry's face began to change. His skin turned from a human pigmentation, to a blue Jotunn color, with his eyes that he inherited from both his mother and him, changing from emerald green, to Jotunn red. There also appeared markings on his face, as was common to all those who had Jotunn blood running through their veins. He removed his hand and conjured a mirror, "Take a look."

Harry, shocked and scared at what he saw, cautiously raised a single hand to his face and felt the change that had come over him. He felt the change in his skin as well as the markings that now adorned his face. Sadly, Loki watched as the transformation didn't last, as Harry breathed a sigh of relief when he reverted back to normal.

"Ho-How long will I live?" Harry stammered.

"Hard to say. It varies, even for half breeds like all of my children. But I do know, you will live to see the deaths of your friends and loved ones, many times over, even if I do or do not succeed in my plans." Loki answered Sympathetically as he looked back at the realm of France. "I think we've been away from your friends for long enough. It's time we be getting back, lest they send that oaf of a brother of mine and Fury's puppets after you and I. Don't you agree, hhhmmmm?"

"This doesn't change anything."

"I know." was Loki's answer as he wasn't fazed by these words, or the hurt that both men felt when Harry said this. Loki knew, like all of his children, family meant everything. But to fight against your own blood, it would destroy what the young man before him fought for all his life. It didn't matter who won the battle to come, in the end, the one hurting most of all, would be his son. "I know." he repeated. "And I don't blame you for fighting me and in turn, fighting yourself. I blame those who are still pulling your strings as if you were a mere puppet."

Harry nodded and went to grab his father, when Loki stopped him by grasping his wrists and gently lowered his sons hands, "Allow me. You still have much to learn where magic and magical travel is concerned my son. Believe me, if I don't teach you, mother will." Loki said with an eye roll as Harry, whose face then took on a questioning expression and then realization flashing in his eyes as his father grasped him by the shoulders and in a flash of a combined green and golden light, both were once again within Loki's cell. With a wave of his hand, Harry was then transported outside of his cell in the same manner he arrived in, as he himself sat down, legs crossed on the cot provided for him and waited, a rather large grin adorning his face.

"I was right, this cell can't and wouldn't hold you." Harry said with a glare as he remained standing there for a moment, taking in his fathers meaning at this when Fury, armed and weapon raised, quickly walked into the room with a handful of the same S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel that escorted Loki earlier. Their weapons too were raised. Fury lowered his weapon slightly when he looked at Loki first, and then Harry.

"Mr. Potter." he called out.

Harry didn't seem to either hear his name being called out or chose to ignore him as he called Harry's name again, getting the same results. This began to worry the Director somewhat when Harry lowered his head and glowered at his father, "And I'll not be going. Earth is my home, not Asgard."

With those words out of his mouth, Harry turned about face, and began stomping his way out of the room, his magical aura showing and became wild as it pushed aside everyone who stood in his way, forcing them to part before him like the Red Sea.

"We shall see my son. We shall see." Loki whispered softly, and yet Fury heard it as Loki only smirked at him. Loki knew, should he lose this battle, even Thor would not be able to keep his sons existence silent. Odin would demand that Harry be brought before the throne in an attempt to evaluate and judge him. Harry, was powerful, no doubt. But if there's one thing he had going for him was his extreme hate for Odin for what he had put his family through due to an ancient prophecy. Imprisonments, banishments, and enslavements. These three things had been done to the children of Loki, and it would be these things which would empower his youngest to deny Odin of whatever he wanted. Harry was born of Midgard and under Midgardian rule, so for now, Odin had little to no power over him, but Loki would not put it past his so-called adoptive father to try some form of underhanded tactics to try and have Harry removed from Earth by force. Harry was a fighter and would kill whoever he had to to remain on Earth. When his son took him to that tower, the moment Harry touched him, he felt the magic on the coat and guessed that he had a weapon underneath the coats lapels to suggest either a firing weapon, or maybe even a bladed weapon.

Back on the bridge, Harry walked back to the table. His eyes fell on Thor who saw him. Harry took off his coat, laying it over his chairs back, then walked over to his Uncle.

"Harry." Thor acknowledged.

"Thor." Harry called back. "Legend says you will kill Jormungandr, my brother, in Ragnarok, and that you too will die. My question is, what is your personal preference or opinion on this apparent prophecy that your father is so far, not only acknowledging, but also pushing to happen by imprisoning my brothers, and enslaving them? What about his banishment of my sister Hel?"

"Nephew, there is nothing I can say that will otherwise stop Ragnarok. Before my banishment, I courted war. Always fighting, drinking, always just being a fool. Now that I have changed, if given an opportunity to post pone it or even prevent it, I will if I can."

"And what about my siblings?"

"I will speak to my father..."

"No. I want them free. No exceptions. I want Hel's banishment lifted. I want a public statement and written apology issued from your father for the wrongs committed against my kin. I want Sleipnir handed over to me. I want Fenrir and Jor freed, and also handed over to me. I want all of them here on Earth where I will make an attempt to fix the damage that Odin has perpetrated on their minds and hearts. And I do mean, each and every one of them. "Hel, Fenrir, Jormungandr, Narfi, Vali, and Sleipnir. And I want them all. He has until I have been restored my property and home in Britain to acquiesce to my demands."

"I can't guarantee my father will agree with these 'demands' of yours." Thor stated as he began to get angry at Harry.

"Okay, let's put it this way, either Odin releases them to my custody, or I come to Asgard and make him hand them over. And trust me, I won't be nice about it." Harry snarled, getting in Thors face.

"Are you threatening my father, your own Grandfather?" Thor asked, his voice beginning to get loud.

"I'm not threatening, I'm telling you how it's going to be. And as for Odin being my Grandfather, there is no blood binding us, so he is nothing to me. Neither is Frigga who is just as guilty as her husband. Only thing is, I won't fight her on the principle that I refuse to fight and hurt a woman." Harry said, his eyes boring into the Thunderers own, showing he was deadly serious.

Thor grew just as angry at the slight against his mother, even though technically, his brothers son was right in his assumption about Frigga standing aside while Odin condemned Loki's offspring. Norn's, he Thor, Prince of Asgard himself, was just as guilty for not standing up to their father and preventing the crimes committed against Loki and his children as he too had stood aside when they were wronged by his father after a prophecy had foretold a possible event in time that could spell the end of Asgard and its people.

The air grew palpable as Phil was visibly and verbally forced to come between both individuals with Hill aiding him. Hill pulled Harry to the side while Phil made an attempt to calm Thor down as his powers over lightning began to show outside the Helicarrier.

Hill didn't get a chance to say anything to the young man as Harry turned and summoned his jacket into his left hand from the chair he left it at as he turned and began to leave the bridge. Agent Coulson began speaking with Thor in the hopes to help him calm down. Director Fury was just walking in as Harry pushed past him in a hurry. 'What the hell? What the hell was that all about?' Fury thought to himself.

"What the hell just happened?" Fury demanded, looking at both of his senior Agents.

The moment Harry passed by, he wordlessly summoned his magic to show him where his oldest Muggle friend Bruce, was located. He found Banner in less than two minutes as he walked his way to the lab Bruce was currently operating from.

Nearing the door, it opened as he approached it. Bruce had looked up from his monitors when he heard the door opening. "Harry?"

"Hey Bruce." he answered tiredly as he sat down after conjuring a chair. Stark was there with Bruce and delighted to see the conjuration as he came up to Harry with a device of some sort. Harry leaned away when the billionaire came close to him, "Woah, what are you doing?"

"Just wanna get a quick scan of you. See how you generate the power to do what you just did. I mean, conjuring something from nothing, should be next to impossible. You're practically breaking the laws of physics."

"I'm a Wizard, Stark." Harry answered. He didn't have to answer it in any other way.

"Uh, actually, you're a half-Loki, half-human, remember. There's a difference." Stark countered.

"He's telling the truth, Tony. There are entire conclaves of Wizards and Witches all over the World. Of course, the British mages are too stuck in the Victorian age with the only advancements being a steam train and wireless radio." Bruce spoke up.

"So Goblins, trolls, dragons, unicorns..."

"Yes, they exist, and more, Mr. Stark." Harry answered. "Goblins run the banks, Trolls are brainless, smelly brutes. Dragons, well, let's just say, you don't want to ever come across one unless you know what you're doing and are a Dragon Handler. The closest Dragon Preserve is in Romania. I got a friend whom works as the head of the Dragon Handlers. Unicorns don't trust humans and try to stay clear of them, which is why only a few are seen by my kind. Only those who've earned their trust, can come anywhere near them, myself and a few others I know included."

"Really, huh?" Tony scoffed as he remained standing next to Harry who realized that Stark wasn't going to go away.

Sighing, Harry relented, "Fine. Pay attention Mr. Stark." Harry began to wave his hand, conjuring a baseball that he transfigured into various animals, both magical and mundane. Stark in the meantime was recording and scanning the energy outputs that Harry was giving off, his eyes widening per each transfiguration.

For almost half an hour, Tony kept scanning Harry while asking for something more as Harry shot off a few basic battle charms and borderline gray spells at a conjured target that resembled a target that was used mainly by Archers.

"Fascinating. Your body seems to be putting out what is usually referred to as Zero Point Energy. As you upped the spells from what you termed as basic to borderline gray, it became somewhat more potent and powerful."

Harry began to lose him when he began talking in a language only Banner and Stark himself knew. He watched in amusement as Tony began to go all out in science speak when his eyes caught onto something on the see-through screens.

"What is that?" he asked. Harry noticed the Billionaire looked somewhat uncomfortable at this question when Bruce himself refused to look into his eyes. "What are you two doing?"

"Oh, nothing." Stark tried saying, attempting to divert the question as Stark pulled something back up on the screens that Harry was sure had to deal with the searching of the Tesseract. Harry could have sworn he saw something else about the Tesseract that didn't have to do with its search as he turned to his friend, Bruce.

Hitting Banner with a searching gaze as he lowered his head, "Bruce?"

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