The Unwarranted Hero

Ch. 6 Dopplegangers

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Ch. 6 Dopplegangers

A ball hit a white wall, bouncing from the said wall, to the floor, and back up into the hand of the occupant in whom threw it. With a tired and worn 'sigh', the owner of the ball threw it again lazily, repeating the process several times over.

"You're supposed to be studying, my son." a soft toned voice spoke worriedly.

The person in whom was being spoken to, merely gave a worn, tired look to the one who spoke.

Loki Odinson, Prince of Asgard, father, murderer, prisoner, and now teacher, observed his sons expression, reading it further than his son allowed him to see by merely glancing into his eyes. His son had worn, haunted eyes. Eyes that did not belong on a man his sons age. The dark bags beneath his eye lids could show more than he wanted to see. Harry had never allowed himself to grieve over the loss of his former best friend, the man who kidnapped and tortured him before Harry was rescued and returned to Asgard with his then former captors as prisoners of Asgard, some of those who were enemy combatants didn't make it when they battled Asgards warriors, including when they battled against the likes of Thor, Sif, and the bumbling, yet humble Warriors Three.

The girl whom once wanted his son as her husband, never seeing him for whom he truly was, only saw the prize of being the wife of the Boy-who-lived, then the Man-who-triumphed, the titles and privileges those names and more, held. It was her death that hit Harry the hardest. He was angry, yet confused. Harry wasn't sure if he had ever loved the girl as he had never known what love really was, or what it felt like, since he was too young to really understand the emotions Lily and James Potter doted on him when he was just a babe.

Love was a foreign concept for Harry James Lokison-Potter. He'd only experienced some emotions over his short life, but no where near true love. He'd grown up with hate, scorn, jealousy, and a whole host of negative feelings and emotions for most of his childhood, leading into his teen and then adult life.

"When will you let go of your past feelings for the girl? She is dead."

Harry merey glanced into his fathers eyes for a moment with a stony expression before turning away and returning his attention to throwing and catching the ball.

Summoning it into his hands after putting the book he had held down upon his side table, Loki vanished it as he spoke again, "Did you not hear what I just said?"

"What do you want me to say? Hmm? That I should feel nothing, that I should just forget about her or the fact that she and Ronald are both dead?" Harry shot back.

The eldest Prince leaned his head sideways as he thought about how to best reply to that line of thought. He then had an answer, "What happened to them is not your fault. It is their own."

"Ooohh," Harry chuckled aloud, "That's easier for you to say. You've killed a lot of people, as if they were ants beneath your boot."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that you feel nothing, even for all of the lives you've taken." Harry said as his voice began to pick up in tone. "All the lives lost in your search for power, the need to be worshiped as a God. It must not compute with yo..."

His head twisted to the side, blood and spittle flying from his lips, his cheek stinging from the backhand from Loki whom looked down upon his Midgardian offspring with rage in his eyes.

"How dare you, petulant child. Take care of how you speak to me. I may be a prisoner due to the actions I took against Midgard, but I am still first and foremost, your father and Prince of Asgard." It was then that Loki took a closer look upon his sons frame, and took in his bloodshot emerald eyes as he turned his face back towards him while wiping the blood flowing from his lips.

Loki, being within a mere foot of his son, smelt the stench of alcohol on his sons breath and upon the hand of which he used to assault his youngest heir, "You've been drinking!"

"Who cares." Harry said as he rose to his feet sluggishly and made as if to leave.

"I care."

"Don't say that when you barely even know me." Harry slurred.

"I do, son."

"No you don't." Harry said, his tone rising. "I've done things, things I'm not proud of. I've killed people."

"It doesn't matter to me. I do care about and for you." Loki shot back in a greater tone.

"NO YOU DON'T." the son of Loki screamed as he threw a wild haymaker towards his fathers face.

Harrys swing might as well have been choreographed as Loki leaned to the side and blocked the swing with a quickly raised arm, grabbed his sons shirt, and pulled him into his arms, holding tight to his struggling form. The adult son of Loki, struggle as he might, lost the will to fight against his fathers greater strength as he grabbed the lapels of Lokis vest and cried, releasing all the pent up self placed guilt he had laid upon his own shoulders for the death of Ronald and Ginervra Weasley.

The saddened father could only hold his youngest child as he trembled and tearfully released his emotions, and the inner turmoil they created within the powerful wizard. "I can't get them out of my head, I killed them. I..."

"Ssshhhhh, you did no such thing. I know you feel the guilt caused by their deaths." Loki spoke softly as he held the trembling young immortal sorcerer, "But you are not at fault. They made their choices." he then pulled away from his son to look into his eyes.

Harry could barely look upon his father after having said the words he used only moments ago.

"You. Are. Not. At. Fault. You hear me. This should not be your burden to bare. I know you did not mean what you said as you said them in your anguish to blame yourself for their deaths. Their deaths are on them, and them alone."

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Harry whimpered as he dropped to his knees.

Frigga must have sensed his distress as she shimmered into view within Loki's cell, seeing both her son and youngest Grandchild on their knees, Loki holding his mourning son.

"He has not allowed himself the chance to mourn properly." she surmised.

"He still blames himself for their deaths." Loki said with a nod.

"It is to be expected. They were his friends."

"He should not have to carry this burden upon his shoulders as it is not his to carry."

Kneeling next to them, Friggas hand glowed slightly as she laid a hand on Harrys head. He slumped forward and fell within his fathers arms. Loki handed him over to Frigga a few moments later.

"He needs time to overcome his grief. The mortals have a...what do they call them. Ah yes, councilors to help him through this transitional period." Loki spoke.

"He will need you there as well." Frigga replied.

"And he shall, mother."

She nodded with a supportive smile as she then leaned forward and kissed Lokis brow before she then disappeared with a shimmer with her grandchild in hand.

Time had passed. And yet, Asgard itself observed and felt as her newest occupant and youngest child over time, received the help required when Frigga called upon Idun to aid her and Loki in healing Harrys heart and mind. It would be several months before the young warrior was his old self, and yet, the Healer knew he would always carry the deaths of the Weasleys youngest wherever he would go, for the years to come.

Current time

A tired, haggard form stumbled tiredly into his assigned quarters within the Palace, courtesy of his Grandmother and Uncle. Interestingly enough, the first quarters that were assigned to him were in fact originally his father Loki's for a time, and had served as Harrys temporary quarters until Frigga and some decent Asgardian Architects had finished completing his newly assigned quarters. It had been a trying process, experiencing and learning the many things regarding anything Asgard related since his coronation and recognition as its newest Prince and singular bachelor, from etiquette, diplomacy, and the grueling true history lessons regarding Asgard, the Nine Realms, and such as despite what Odin had originally intended for his Midgard raised Grandchild and Seidr, due to his wifes suggestions.

As for Loki, by the will of The All Father, as punishment for the many lives lost by his hands and the hands of the Chitauri minions he had commanded, had been sentenced to what Midgardians would consider long term imprisonment within the Dungeons followed up by 'Community Service', despite the severity of his crimes upon Midgard (or Earth). This was because Harry had instead been aided by Frigga, in managing to convince Odin to pass a more suitable punishment for his adopted son outside of either Death, banishment, and or even Eternal Imprisonment.

Loki would instead serve out his punishment and sentence from within his new accommodations, to act as a teacher to his youngest son alongside Frigga, teaching him a whole new level of magic and the qualifications that came with it, and the uses it had in both combat and healing, all the while ensuring he kept his drinking down to a minimum when outside of celebrations. There were other teachers outside of The Asgardian Queen and her wayward son who would teach the Half-Midgardian Prince about his various other Princely duties, much where it concerned Asgard from the aforementioned etiquette, diplomacy, Asgardian battle and tactics, and many other duties required of a Prince, such as was required for one of his newest station. The last of which Thor and the Lady Sif took the reins over as a way of enhancing his already limited knowledge and skills in hand to hand combat. Though if one was to observe closely, Sif took great pains to humiliate the son of the Trickster, only to be flabbergasted as the young Prince fought back with equal fervor, gaining a smidgen of her respect in his sword skills and battle capabilities. Her many bruises from where he had struck her with his preferred weapons of choice was proof of that as she wore her wounds with pride, not that she didn't give as good as she got.

Harry got along well with the Warriors Three, but none more so than Volstagg and Hogunn. When not listening to the philosophical ideals from the one known as the Grim, he was seen feasting and even eating beside the mirthful red haired Lion of Asgard, whose many children helped heal the wounds in his heart by playing with him and showing him what it meant to truly meant to be a child. Their innocence and purity of spirit renewed his purpose in life and gave him something worth looking into when the time came to settle down.

He distanced himself from Fandral, the reason being that the man just reminded him too much of Sirius Black, a man he still had a hard time letting go of at times. When the blond swash buckler brought this to his long time friend and ally Thor, the blond haired Prince merely explained the many similarities between him and his nephews deceased Godfather. The womanizing warrior took this information in stride, and promised to at least curb his philandering ways when around the young Prince, and to seek him out at times in order to befriend the boy and maybe even spar with him at times with their chosen weapons.

Sif on the other hand, gazed upon the son of Loki with disgust at first, but after speaking with Thor and learning of the Princes past, could only then look upon him with pity and sadness, and yet felt pride in how after much suffering, he did not break. He instead grew stronger. She felt a sort of kinship with the youngling as she would take long walks with him to speak when they weren't sparring, and see how different he was compared to his father, and at one point, even introduced her brother Heimdall to Harry.

Harry, after Sif had come to know of his history courtesy of her long time friend and secret crush, and it having being confirmed by her brother, eventually let his barriers down and spoke of much of his life with the brother and sister duo, much of which the All-Seer already knew, but listened nonetheless with an open mind and saddened heart as he and his sister learned much as if in third person view from Harrys own mouth.

Because of the physical similarities and resemblance to them, Sif would look to the young warrior like a second brother, despite who his actual sire was. Heimdall supported this with a proud expression.

Harry met many beings from the different locations all throughout Asgard since his stay within the Realm Eternal began. Nobles, Lords, and much, much more. He was even invited to visit the various Kingdoms throughout the Realms while having a chauffeur with him as a body guard, of which he insisted the likes of Volstagg and Sif of being, meeting the many Lords and Ladies of the various Kingdoms, their sons and daughters, though none of girls caught his fancy as he did not feel a pull to them. He still in a way felt that he had much to learn since he never really ever experienced true love from either family or the short attempts at having a relationship with the several young women he tried dating and getting to know.

He of course did maintain contact with Neville, and in turn, the Avengers as he had transported a set of magical communications mirrors from which he could maintain contact with his fellow Avengers in what was now formerly Stark Tower and renamed Avengers Tower. The second mirror of which wound up hanging up within the main living room walls to the right near the entertainment system.

Thor was off world many a moment, fighting to put an end to the events that were born of Loki's actions when he began his senseless campaign against the Nine Realms. "Trying day, brother dear?" he heard from an more than familiar female voice after he had fell to and landed face first on the elegantly soft bed, said voice snapping him from his then blurring train of thought. With a short bit of effort, he turned to the source of the said voice.

The voice belonged to none other than his dimension displaced female doppelganger turned adopted Lokidottir as she walked into his room with a gurgling male child in her arms. She was almost a spitting image of him, minus the fact that she was the opposite sex, black hair that flowed messily past her shoulders, green emerald eyes, lithe figure with an elegant hour glass figure that would make any man, whether he be mortal or immortal, hot under the collar. She also bore the same lightning bolt scar above her right brow. Helena Jamie Longbottom-Potter nee Lokidottir, was wearing one of the beautifully elegant Asgardian dresses that his grandmother had aided her in acquiring after her unexpected arrival. She was also sporting a bump within her belly area, hence why she wore such a loose yet form fitting dress.

Her arrival was a surprise as her identity was quickly ascertained and confirmed upon her arrival as she had arrived just months after Harry had his mental breakdown since his former friend and ex-flames burial. And she wasn't alone as he learned the moment she almost quite literally fell into his arms upon the closing of a rift in the space-time portal that had opened before him.

Flashback begins

Harry was just finishing wrapping up another study session regarding his teacher who taught him many things not related to magic or training. His head hurt something fierce, and not for the better. There were many things he had learned, and he knew there were more lessons to come. His teachers were close friends with Odin, and knew of his parentage, and so were not impressed by his position that he held as both a warrior and a mage of Midgard, nor his status upon the Realm Eternal. It was a grueling experience to be sure, as he desperately needed to quickly get to and down a pain relief potion for the migraine he had acquired.

No matter his unnatural healing, it could not stop nor would it prevent a headache from taking hold.

He was barely stumbling past a duo of concerned Eihenjar when a wind picked up near and around him. He paused in his step as he felt the wind as it caressed his face as he turned to where it came from, and yet, it seemed to come from everywhere all around him. He paused in his step long enough to shield himself, raising his arms to shield his face, as an magical based event took place before him.

He was pushed back a few meters while standing his ground when something took form before him. Several armed warriors came around the bend from both areas of the halls where he stood as they too saw and or felt the disturbance. Some paused before him and shielded themselves from the light of the event while others took their stations and placed themselves before Harry, standing at the ready in case of their Prince being in danger, their shields locking into place while readying their swords as they barely glanced over the shields they held.

The event became stronger as what looked to be an electrical discharge somehow ripped open the air before the assembled warriors, followed by a dark cloaked form flying out from said rip and smacking into some of the shields with a metal 'Thunk' followed by an "umph" as the body hit the ground before the soldiers, a groan following shortly thereafter.

With the cloaked form hitting the floor, the tear within the air closed in upon itself and the light show began to die down until the wind reasserted itself to what was considered normal when in Asgard.

The hardened warriors looked upon one another with confusion when a sound or cry was heard coming from the cloaked being. A sound many of which the warriors not only knew, but were confused upon hearing. It was the sound of a child, a newborn if their ears heard true.

Taking the initiative, Harry shoved his way through the warriors, "Out of my way, please let me through."

"My Lord, it may not be safe." one of the Eihenjar said as he remained before Harry, gazing at the body on the floor, keeping his back to his Prince while his fellow soldiers began to slowly surround and contain the unknown being and or creature.

"Do you not hear that, it is the sound of a childs cry." Harry said as he stepped around the man and passed his shield and knelt before the covered body. Upon looking further, he could tell that the body was slowly moving with every breath and cry it took. Suddenly, a sort of round object rose up from under the cloak, with the babies cries only getting louder from beneath the fabric.

"Harry slowly stretched forth his hand when one of the men called out to him in warning.

"My Lord...?"

"I'll be fine." he shot out in a warning tone as he returned his attention to and touched the cloth. Feeling the fabric of the robe, he noticed how familiar it was to him. The cloth was reminiscent to the same robes as what he wore when he was younger from the times of which he attended Hogwarts. Harry, ever so slowly, and with his magic bubbling up in his other hand just in case he was wrong and with the way the supposed childs cries itself was coming from something other than what his ears were telling him, he pulled the fabric from the crying creature that when it came off, he saw what he already felt was true.

Indeed, the being before him was no threat. The thing looking upon the son of Loki was indeed, what appeared to be a human baby, whose hair was red as blood as it wailed, tears streaming down its face.

But the moment Harry began to speak to it, the babe began to quiet down to mere whimpers as it looked at him. Conjuring a handkerchief, Harry began to wipe its tears. "There, there, little one." he said. The child instinctively raised its tiny arms up, as if asking to be held as his infant fingers opened and closed wildly, begging. Harry smiled warmly and took the boy into his arms while everyone else hissed warily. He raised his head, eyeing them all with disdain, as if a mere babe could be so dangerous. At least his instincts were telling him that the babe was no danger.

He laughed when the boys hair changed to look like his own with his eyes doing the same. "Well, aren't you the talented one." he chuckled. The baby not knowing or understanding the words spoke, merely laughed at the compliment given.

A soft, unmanly moan from beside him drew his attention back to the other figure beneath him. Harry swore that it sounded feminine to his ears. Turning back to the body beneath the fabric, he then said, "Now, let's see whose beneath the cloak, shall we!"

Pulling back the fabric covering the head of the body, Harry nearly had to jump back a foot with a hiss at what his eyes fell upon, or rather, whom. His eyes gazed upon himself, only it wasn't him per se. But rather a female version of him. Investigating even further while his heart hammered a mile a minute, he pulled the bangs covering the right side of her forehead, and he found what he feared, a lightning bolt scar, though it appeared to have been healed and barely noticeable, much ike his own.

He touched the base of the scar with an index finger from his free hand and began to feel it as his finger went downward to the bottom of the scar. As he was doing so, another moan, followed with the fluttering of the girls eyes revealed the matching emerald eyes that she shared with him as she looked upon him and she, him for the first time.

"D-Dad?" she asked with a stuttered groan before unconsciousness overcame her once more. Her words caused Harry to pause. For a good percentage of the time he remained by the girls side, he would be shaken, and suspect until he had the answers as to the girls identity.

Almost an hour later, within the healing chambers, Harry was desperately trying to coax the little fella to calm down and relax onto one of the Soul Forges or scanning beds, but to no avail as the little tyke was full of life and energy, thinking that Harry was playing with him.

Thankfully, one of the other healers took pity on him and managed to aid and convince the babe to lie down until the scans were complete. Once the scans completed shortly thereafter, revealing the baby to be healthy and whole, did Harry take the now pouting babe back into his arms.

"You most definitely have no experience with children, do you My Lord?" The Assistant Healer asked as she managed to do what he could not as the babe responded to her commands with a 'coo'.

He smiled warily himself, "I never was a child, honestly."

"Oh, my apologies. I-I didn't..."

"It's alright." he waved it off. "What's to tell? It's not something I like to speak about often, if at all."

Looking to the body of the girl the babe arrived with, he turned back to the woman, "Can I trust you to watch him for a moment for me?"

"Of course, My Lord." she answered with a smile.

"Thanks, and please, none of that 'My Lord' business. Never was one for formalities. Please, call me Harry." he said.

She nodded, "O-Of course, My-er...Harry." she then blushed a bit at his touch as he gently grasped her shoulder and squeezed reassuringly as he then turned again and made his way over to Idun whom was scanning the girl with the Soul Forge. He had just made his way over when the doors to the healing chamber opened, permitting both Odin and Frigga entrance.

He nodded at both who nodded in return as he looked upon Iduns visual findings, "How is she Lady Idun?"

"She's only suffered a minor concussion, which I have healed. She shows signs of past malnutrition and repeatedly broken bones all throughout her body." she answered. "She also has some foreign traces of unknown poison running through her veins that appears to have been nearly eradicated by traces of..." she looked closer at her readings, "Phoenix Tears."

Those words caused Harry's inner alarms to go off as his head snapped up.

"The poison, can your instruments compare it to Basilisk Poison?" he asked as his grandparents made their way over to him.

"Harry, is everything alright?" Frigga asked worriedly.

"I'll know in a minute." he replied, running a hand over his mouth with a sigh escaping his lips as Odin only looked on. In the meanwhile, Iduns fingers danced over her instruments as she acquiesced to Harrys suggestion and was shocked to find that he was right. The girl did indeed have minute or very small traces of Basilisk venom running through her veins with Phoenix Tears working to completely neutralize the dangerous snake venom.

"How...?" Idun asked when Harry stretched forth his hand and brushed back the bangs over the girls head and with his other, brushed his own back. Odins eye widened as his mouth gaped open like that of a fish, with Frigga and Idun doing a remarkable imitation of the King of Asgard.

"Harry..." Frigga began, only for him to cut her off.

"I think she's me. Same hair, same eyes, same scars." He went around the table once he removed his hand from the girls hair, went to her other arm, and pulled the sleeve back, showing the same scar as the one on his as he lifted an arm and slid the sleeve down, revealing his own from where the Basilisk bit him, matching hers exactly to his own.

"Idun." he called out.

The Head Healer snapped her head to him.

"I need you to run a full diagnostics scan and test her for a genetic DNA comparison profile with my own and an analysis, as well as a dimensional resonance scan to finalize my theory that she may be me, only from a parallel and/or alternate dimension."

The King and Queen of Asgard observed the boy, no, young man in action as he issued orders. The Head Healer of the Realm Eternal did as requested as her hands worked within the perimeters required by the Realms waywards sons youngest.

She paused moments later, her eye wide with shock. Looking to the son of Loki, she softly demanded in a respectful tone, "B-But how?"

"That is the question." Harry said as he looked upon the girl whom was a near spitting image of him, steadying himself on the forges edge as he studied her features.

"Idun?" Odin acquired.

"It Prince Harold...feared. She is his...Doppleganger, for lack of a better word. Her body's cellular structure is currently vibrating at a different frequency than that of our own universes. But in time, any where from a few days, maybe even a week, that could change, depending upon how long she stays here."

Harry nodded as he realized and understood what the Healer was saying when she hit him with even more news, shocking him in the process.

"There is something else." Idun started.

"Yes." Odin said with a single raised eye.

"The girl, she's pregnant."

"Preg...Pre..." Harry replied faintly as his legs began to feel like rubber, causing the Queen to catch and steady him.

"Pregnant you say?" Odin asked.

"Yes My Lord."

"How far along is she?" Frigga asked suddenly as she managed to settle Harry down into a comfortable bench.

"At most, I'd say anywhere between four and a half to five standard Midgardian months."

"Oh sweet Merlin." Harry breathed out with his head bowed and his hands clasped over his head.

Odin chuckled while his wife looked exasperatedly worried about her Grandsons sudden emotional outburst. "Harry, why is that so bad? You should be happy for her."

Raising his head to look upon Frigga, he tried, "I...I mean...Not that I'm..." he tried before he realized how much of an idiot he was acting like as he lowered his head, "I'm not doing a very good job of being professional, am I?"

"No." the Queen said with a bit of mirth, and twinkling eyes. Odins body shaking as he turned away to hide the grown amusement upon his face.

"Right then, let's wake up the sleeping beauty, shall we?" Harry said as he rose from his seated position, rubbing his hands together. "Lady Idun, would you be a dear and wake our frie-er sist- uh, just what do I call her, my dimensional double, sister...?" he asked, raising one of his hands in an expression of helplessness, the other, scratching the back of his head.

"Let's take it one step at a time, sweetheart." the Queen said as she patted his shoulder.

"Right then, mam." Harry replied as he looked at the Head Healer.

Idun looked from him to Odin who nodded his head in reply to her unasked question. Her fingers flew over the beds scanned image, applying the necessary procedures into the machines functions.

Moments later, the girl awoke with a gasp, her back arching as she breathed deep. She began to breathe even faster as if hyperventilating, her head swaying from side to side as she looked around herself and quickly surveyed her surroundings.

"Wha...where am I? Who are you?" she asked as her eyes had settled on the four individuals on the right side of her from where she lay.

As she tried to rise, a gentle hand fell upon her sternum and kept her down as Harry looked deep into her eyes, "Easy, you've been through enough trauma. No need to instigate yourself anymore than is already necessary. You're safe here."

"Where is here? Who are you?" the girl demanded. He thanked his lucky stars that he managed to think ahead and disarmed her of her wand, but was surprised she carried extras that were undoubtedly backups. Her right hand twitched, and yet, no wand flew from the sheath on her right wrist, surprising her greatly.

Harry reached into his coat and pulled out her wands, dangling them in front of her. She looked upon him with a hint of surprise before her expression turned murderous as she tried to snatch her wands back, but he pulled them just out of her reach.

"Not so fast, we've got questions that need answering, and we're hoping you would be willing to give those answers freely before returning these to you. Now, my name is Harry, and the thing in which you are laying upon is called a Soul Forge, a Healing platform or device in which to aid in healing you of any damage and or wounds, located within the Kingdom. We had to make sure you were physically stable before awakening you."

She took this information in stride as he held out his now open palm containing her wands, trusting her not to attack. She looked at him for a moment before she closed her eyes and began to breathe for a moment before her eyes then snapped open, "Teddy, where's my Godson? What have you done to him?"

"The child who came with you, the Metamorph-Magus?" he asked.

"Yes." she replied worriedly.

Idun turned and summoned one of the Healers whom Harry had left in charge of the baby who was babbling and making the many baby noises as the fellow healers play mocked with the baby who only squealed and laughed as she stepped forward with him in her arms.

The babe then turned with a quickness as most babies are known for and called out as he reached towards her with open arms and clingy fingers, "Mama, mama, mama." His hair had then changed from a long, straight, golden brunette tone, to a rats nest of raven black hair, his eyes turning from blue to emerald green like his 'Mama'.

Harry slowly aided her as she began to rise and shift into a more comfortable sitting position as she too reached for the child. Once the babe was safely within her arms, she pulled him into her busom and began to cry with joy. "I'm here baby. I'm here. We're safe now, and ain't no one going to rip us apart, ever again."

The surrounding individuals gave her a moment before Frigga made a noise as if to clear her throat, getting not just everyone around hers attention, but the girls as well as the baby 'Teddy' laid his head on her left shoulder, and began sucking his thumb.

"I am glad to see that you alright, being reunited with your...Godson, but I and my husband need to know, who are you?" the Queen asked with a gentle smile.

"My name is Helena. Helena Jamie Longbottom-Potter. What is this place? Did I mess up the ritual?" the girl, now known as Helena answered, only to be subjected with a question from the All-Father himself.

"Of which ritual were you attempting, child?" Odin asked.

"It was an...ancient ritual found in the Potter Grimoire. Apparently, the Potters have come into contact with Dimensional displaced travelers before and found methods of opening portals to other realities and or specific timelines. I was trying to open a portal to another world in another dimension. My best friend helped me research and refine it before she died, saving my life."

"And your friend?" Harry asked, his arms crossed. "What was her name?"

"Hermione Granger."

Harry lowered his head with a hoarse exhale in sadness and remorse for the lost friend of his doppleganger, though if one was to look closely, they could see his jaws tighten, and the veins on his head popping out.

"Please, sir, mam, where am I?" she asked a third time.

"You are in Asgard, the Realm Eternal." Odin answered.

"A-Asgard?" she stuttered as she took a closer look at the man and woman beside her, then looked to the man who resembled herself who could barely raise his head to look at her.

The Elderly man nodded as he continued, "And I am Odin Borson, All-Father and King of Asgard." Holding his hand out for his Queen to take, "And this is Frigga, my wife and Queen."

"And him?" the girl asked. Taking a closer look, she hazard a brief assumption, "Loki?"

A chortle from Frigga caused Harry to look down in a full blown blush while Odins single eye twinkled in merriment at seeing his Grandsons expression.

"Not quite." Harry replied as his head shot up suddenly, "Wait, you said Longbottom? As in you're married to a Longbottom?"

"Yes, Neville Longbottom. He is...or was my husband."

"Was?" Harry asked.

"Ron Weasley killed him, to get to me. Apparently Albus Dumbledore tried claiming his right as my so called Magical Guardian and set up an illegal and invalid Marriage contract between me and Ronald Weasley, with Molly Weasley" here she spat the name as if poison on her tongue, "signing off on it. When Neville and I learned of this, we...eloped in secret. But..."

"But?" Frigga mimicked.

"But somehow, both Dumbledore and Ronald found out, and with the aid of Albus Dumbledore, Molly Weasley, Percy Weasley, and others, lured Neville and I to a false celebration where I was apprehended by Percy while Molly petrified Neville and with Dumbledores insistence, with Ronald killing Neville before my very eyes. It was through the timely intervention of Severus Snape and his godson, and my former nemesis, Draco that I managed to escape."

"What about Voldemort?" Harry questioned.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"What about Voldemort, alias Tom Marvolo Riddle? Did he exist as well in your timeline?"

She nodded, "A-At first we were made out to be enemies. He did kill my parents. But upon his resurrection, he tried to tell me something. I didn't want to listen to him as he killed my friend Cedric, or at least ordered him killed after the Tri-Wizard cup sent me to the graveyard in Little Hangleton. We fought, and yet,...I managed to secure the cup and returned to Hogwarts with Cedrics body. The summer after my fourth year, he secretly sent me an invitation to meet with him discreetly since he knew something about my parents and Albus Dumbledore that no one else knew."

"Which was?" Harry demanded through grit teeth, his right fist clenching tightly.

"My mother and father were 'Confounded' you see. He tried to speak to them and realized that they had been brainwashed into being Dumbledores minions. He told me this as we met in secret at a location of his choosing, with keeping Dumbledores people busy. When he told me the truth of my parents, I didn't believe him at first, until he let me into his mind and showed me the truth."

"And Neville?"

"Tom persuaded me to visit Gringotts the next day to learn as much as I could about my family. When I finally did, I learned that Dumbledore was not the Light Lord everyone thought he was. Finding the illegal contract between myself and Ronald, I destroyed it, combined my Trust Vault with my main Potter vaults, thankfully, despite his claims of being my magical Guardian, Dumbledore couldn't take from either vaults as the Potters were longtime friends and allies of the Goblins. Not even Dumbledore was stupid enough to cross a Potter ally like the Goblins. I called in many debts, though when I learned Molly had used my key in a foolish attempt to steal from me without being noticed. When I learned of this, I made sure to confiscate what she had stolen from me, with interest, destroying the keys she had to my vaults while getting new ones. I then ran to my friend Neville and told him all that I had learned. We even learned later that year when Voldemort attacked Azkaban, that Bellatrix only seemed to have attacked the Longbottoms, but in fact never even harmed them or Neville as we originally believed. We secretly eloped that year while keeping our relationship as quiet and discreet as possible. When our secret was eventually discovered and Neville murdered, Draco hid me away in his home while Sirius was ambushed due to his uses to Dumbledore no longer necessary. Narcissa Malfoy helped me when she and I learned that I was pregnant. Riddle became my ally then, even helping so far as to locate and protect my remaining friends. When I learned of the Dimension crossing ritual, Hermione who died in the process of helping me ensuring the ritual would go off without a problem, was killed as Voldemorts hideout was discovered. She and Bellatrix fought like wild animals together in aiding Voldemorts forces, keeping Dumbledore busy."

"What about Mr. Riddle?" Odin asked.

"Before we were attacked, I had learned that Nymphadora Tonks and my adopted Uncle Remus had mated and named me their sons Godmother. I took Teddy in after learning that Dumbledore had murdered the Tonks and mortally wounded Nymphadora who died giving birth to Teddy. I already had been subjected to multiple scans by Narcissa when we leaned of my connection to Voldemort."

"You mean, the Horcruxes?" Harry said, getting a nod from his Doppleganger.

"Tom realized the dangers of not having all of his faculties to keep a clear mind, and used some form of ritual to summon the remaining pieces to himself. He already knew that one had been destroyed by me at the end of my second year, a fact that Lucius paid for terribly, and that Dumebledore had found and destroyed yet another, securing the Gaunt ring, though not without paying the price himself with the trap Tom had created in ensuring its protection."

"Despite the loss of two, was he able to retain his sanity?" Harry asked, a stern look upon his face with his arms crossed.

"He did. How do you think I got here?"

His hands on his hips, Harry looked away while taking a big breath. Raising his head, without looking back, "Dumbledore, is he alive?"

"Barely? Toms curse has accelerated since Severus is no longer under his thrall."

"Meaning he'll be dead soon." Frigga said, getting a nod from Helena.

"What did Riddle promise you child?" Odin asked.

"Justice, equality for all of Wizarding kind and the creatures of our world."

With his back still to her, Harry asked, "And for the death of your parents?"

"What's that got to do with anything?" she demanded, shifting the child to another arm in order to relax her aching arm that she had held him with.

"Just answer the question." Harry said aloud.

"Who are you to demand such a thing?" she snarled.

Rolling up the sleeve that concealed his scar upon his arm where he'd been bitten by the Basilisk, he turned back to her and raised up his arm for her to see.

Her eyes widened as she just barely managed to roll up her own. Harry brought his arm to rest next to her own, showing the matching scars. She looked down and then up as he used a free hand to reveal his lightning bolt scar upon his brow.

"" she stuttered.

"I'm you. Your doppleganger, and you are mine."

"Fuck me."

Flashback Ends

Things became situated after that. Harry explained how their two universes diverged and most likely when. He then, with his Grandparents blessing of course, allowed her to stay with him in his quarters where they got to know one another a little better. Over time, she became a part of the family. Harry was a little miffed that she had aligned with Riddle, but let it go as he received a full unedited explanation of her life and didn't like most of what he had learned of her life.

He had of course, introduced Helena to Loki who after a forethought, blood adopted the girl as his own while ensuring the safety of the unborn child within her, making her in effect his daughter. Because of her likeness to him, she was considered Harrys twin. He then introduced her to others, such as Thor, Sif, the Warriors Three, and Heimdall. Like Harry, she didn't take all that well to Fandral due to the similarities he shared with Sirius. And like Harry, that was a wound that was still fresh in her mind.

Unlike Harry, she felt rather drawn to Hogunn, and he to her, to the point that Harry observed from afar as the man courted his 'sister'. Harry didn't mind of course, but warned him, that if he ever hurt her, he didn't care how old and or skilled a warrior he was, there'd be a reckoning.

Neville was informed immediately of Helenas existence of course, but was saddened to learn of the passing of his Dimensional double at the hands of Helenas dimensional version of Ronald Weasley. Sadly, Harry's version of Neville was already married to Hannah Abbott, and thus could not do much, except support Helena from afar. Despite Hannah being in the know and supporting herself, both girls felt it would be odd for Neville to have two wives. So, it was saddening to see Helena returning to Asgard with Harry. But that wasn't to say that Neville wouldn't be allowed to see the child born of another version of himself, come into the world. He would do the right thing help and support both Helena and the baby when they needed him.

Helena laughed upon seeing the tired form of her brother as she let the growing child that was her adopted son, Teddy, crawl from the foot of Harrys bed, to the tired and worn form of his Uncle. He raised himself up and began to playfully slap Harry in the face, much to Harry's small amount of annoyance. He chuckled though in good fun and turned over, grabbed the playful boy, and raised him in the air, causing the said baby to squeal in enjoyment.

Helena was so enamored by the scene, that she didn't see the Queen enter the shared quarters. She nearly gave the girl a heart attack when she turned to her side to see the Queen standing before her.

"Oh, My lady, I did not see you?" she made to bow, but was stopped by the Queen who laughed lightly.

"Oh Helena, you know when alone, the formalities aren't necessary."

"But still..."

"Grandmother, you're here. Is everything alright?" Harry asked as he then sat up with the child in his arms and in his lap.

"Yes, Thor has returned from Vanaheim, having repelled the marauders that pillaged Hogunns peoples village."

"Is Hogunn alright, My Lady?" Helena asked.

Frigga with a warm and understanding smile, answered, "He is well. There is to be a celebration tonight of the final victory against the chaos spread throughout the Nine Realms. It would be beneficial of you to attend. The both of you."

"Of course Grandmother."

"Nana, nana." The now loud child shouted as sparks flew from his hands, outstretched as they were towards the Queen of Asgard.

"Oh, you silly boy." she cooed as he remained a bit longer with Harry and Helena as she too played a bit with Teddy.

Meanwhile, on Earth, an ancient and nearly forgotten power has awakened, and an old enemy would soon follow.

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