The Enterprises Wizard

Ch. 1 Awakening

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Ch. 1 Awakening

They say most of your brain shuts down when your frozen. All but the primitive side. The Animal side. At least, that's what he heard once upon a time, as Harry James Potter, General, Father, Widow, and the only surviving magical human being thought to himself, after having crash landed on a frozen planet somewhere near Vulcan. He would have frozen to death if not for the fire flowing within him. He took a good long look at his new home to be, his prison. Ah, who was he kidding, he'd survived worse. To him, it was suitable for what he needed as he found a cave that would become his tomb. After gathering his things from his damaged vessel as well as the necessities that it contained, placing them within his trunk and hitting them with preservation charms, he vanished his ship. He then destroyed a wall near the entrance of the cave and turned it into a comfortable tomb in which he then raised a replacement wall of ice to hide his body once his belongings were placed into his magically expanded trunk which he shrunk and then placed into his coat pocket.

Laying himself down on an self made icy slab that was shifted into a comfortable bed, he closed his eyes, and focused on his magic to do with as he sought, to sustain and keep his body safe and preserved.

The moment he awoke was to a shout and loud thumps outside his tomb. Gasping awake, he shook his head to rid himself of the growing headache. He then rose and looked up as his eyes that were blurry at first, focused to see clearly, and when he's eyes cleared up, found himself focusing on a crustacean-like creature chasing and shooting an elongated tongue at what appeared to be a human if the humanoid visage told him through the ice. Clearing his eyes, he couldn't make out much due to the icy wall before him, but he could make out the creatures body, its tongue, and the human who then landed on the ground with one of his legs caught by the said tongue and was being pulled in towards its huge beak-like maw that formed a 'X' pattern while open.

Not having any of that, he called on his magic which responded to his call joyously as he had not used it in such a long time other than to keep his body intact while sleeping, encased in ice. Rising to his feet and taking a few cautious steps forward in order to get the blood flowing since he had been left in stasis for many years. The bones in his body cricked and cracked in order to shift into place as he stretched to get the kinks out. When he was sure he could walk and eventually run without issues, he looked to the creature and saw it had released the man as another being had stepped forth with a torch in an attempt to run it off.

Taking that as his cue, he summoned a tremendous focused amount of magical energy and unleashed it in a single wave.

James T. Kirk and his savior looked on in shock as the wall next to the creature that was now retreating, was blasted outward, throwing the creature against the wall with a sickening crack. Both individuals and it looked at the reason for the walls explosion followed by massive amounts of shattered ice striking and tearing into the creatures hide. A single humanoid with his head and body covered in several layers of heavy cloth stepped forward. The beast roared and once again shot its elongated tongue at the being who easily caught it in one heavily gloved hand, and began twirling the offending appendage on his arm.

"First date, no tongue!" the being cried out in an almost near growl as suddenly, fire erupted from his arm and hand, and began flowing down the creatures tongue, setting it completely on fire, this action caused the creature to shriek and flail about, seeking to pull away, but its captors grip and strength was too strong. In moments the creature couldn't think anymore as it was reduced to ashes in merely a minute. It's remains and ashes were then banished and thrown outside the cave and into the wind.

The fire was so great, that both Kirk and his savior had to back away several feet to avoid the heat.

Not wanting the ice within and surrounding the cave to melt, Harry raised his free hand as he used a powerful 'Incindio Curse' on the creature with the other hand and arm that held its appendage, to destroy it while he focused his magic with his free hand to also ensure the icy cave remained unaffected by the heat of the curse and or the power of the fire.

Once the creature was dead, he shook his hand and arm of the ashes that covered it, then banished the creatures fiery ravaged carcass and its remains out into the icy winds, while making sure its body didn't block the cave exit itself.

Concentrating, he was able to remove the ashy stains from his wooly clothed arm and hand. Turning to the man and his savior, Harry made sure to look down and dust himself off from any other bit of the creatures ashes.

He then looked back up at the men before him, one of which he recognized to be an elderly Vulcan. Both men wore stunned expressions, or at least the human did, while the Vulcan wore a look of perplexity. As if he was trying to solve the mystery of the man who stood before him.

"I believe the words your both looking for is 'Thank You'!" Harry said smugly. Then looking to the Vulcan he then said, "Vulcan, name and todays date." he demanded before he began to walk up to them.

"Excuse me?" the aged Vulcan asked.

"I said, what is your name and what is todays date?" he said more slowly and more assertiveness as he stopped before them by mere feet, looking at them both.

"My name is Spock." the Vulcan answered. "And how did you know that I was a Vulcan?"

"Because I was there when your people landed on Earth, at the time of First Contact. I stuck around for a few years more before I disappeared right after Cochrane did and found myself crash landing several miles from this cave. I then came here where I placed myself in a form of stasis until just moments ago. Now, I ask again, what's todays date?"

"2258." the human answered but a moment after, remembering when the Vulcan claimed to be Spock, his eyes shot to the elderly Vulcan, as if the being before him was crazy. "You can't be Spock."

Harry, using his senses to seek out the truth of the mans shock, saw that the Vulcan was honest, but yet he felt something else. Something dealing in temporal mechanics of which he did not want to begin to even think about and realized that if the human before him knew 'a' Spock in this reality, this one was apparently an elderly version of 'the' Spock he knew, only from another place in time or a parallel reality.

"He's telling the truth. Not only is his name Spock, he's also from the Future." Harry said.

Spock looked at the human in apparent shock now, wondering how this man knew how he was telling the truth, much less from the future. "Who are you?"

"I asked you first." Harry replied.

"I already..."

"Yeah, I know. But he didn't." Harry cut in as he pointed at the human before him.

Turning before him, the man answered, "Kirk, Jim Kirk."

Now it was Harry's turn to wear a look of shock. That was hidden by the cloth surrounding his face. "You, Spock, what has changed?"

"Excuse me?" the elderly Vulcan asked.

Mumbling about green blooded hobgoblins, the ancient magical warrior walked up to and grabbed the Vulcan by the arm and looked at the man called Kirk, "Excuse us for a moment." Harry said as he pulled Spock to the side.

"What's changed?" Harry repeated with a lower growl. When Spock couldn't understand the question, Harry removed the covering on his head, revealing his human face that was hairy, yet messy, and green eyes, and revealed a small fact, "Do you know a man named Picard. Jean Luc Picard?"

It was then Spock raised his head in understanding, "First Contact. The Borg."

Harry nodded once in confirmation.

Spock returned the nod as Kirk came forward. "Can someone tell me what's going on?" he asked.

It was then Spock began his tale about the future and the fate of Romulus, the home planet of the Romulans, distant cousins of the Vulcans. How he tried to save it, but failed after its sun went supernova ahead of the original calculated time. A Romulan mining vessel that was nearby also watched as Romulus was tore apart.

Spock then took what time he had left to stop the Supernovas wave of destructive energy as he used a vial with a small sample of what was known as Red Matter and transported it out after the energy wave. It did its job, but opened a Worm Hole in Time and Space that sent both Spock and the Mining vessel to separate periods in time, or in this case, the past.

Kirk looked at elderly Spock, "The Kelvin." he replied with a pale expression as he realized what this meant.

"A starship?" Harry asked.

Kirk nodded and explained about the vessel that was his fathers ship, about his past, as well as how he was marooned on this frozen rock of a planet after Vulcans destruction at the hand of the time traveling Romulan Nero and his ship. His intentions was to stop Nero before he got to Earth, and to retrieve his Captain, one Christopher Pike. But his Spock wouldn't hear of it and knocked him out and marooned him on this planet, Delta Vega.

"Damn." Harry said irritably as he turned and placed a hand on his head while placing the other one on his waist, turned and walked several feet away. He knew in doing what he had done, Spock had inadvertently created an alternate timeline. He groaned and grabbed his head as Time Travel Theories really hurt his head. After a moment, he came to a decision. Raising his head, he turned to Spock and Kirk. 'Sorry Deanna'. he thought to himself. "Looks like I have another adventure on my hands."

When the men both wore questioning expressions, Harry smirked.

"My name is General Harold James Potter, Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter. Knight of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. Duke of Pottermoore. Husband of a murdered wife, father of murdered children, Bane of that bastard Khan, and slayer of Colonel Greene. And I am the last son of Magic itself."

"Holy shit." Kirk whispered in both shock and fear as he stumbled back several feet while elderly Spock looked on with trepidation.

"Fascinating." the ancient Vulcan said with widened eyes.

Shooting his eyes at the elderly Spock, he narrowed them and asked in his authoritative tone of voice, "Is there a way to get him back to his ship...?" he asked, while looking to Kirk to give the name of the ship.

"The Enterprise."

"Right, the Enterprise. Any way you can help get us back there?"

"There is a base not far from our current location. We may find something there that could get us there." was the Vulcans answer. "You're going to help?"

"Coordinates? And yes, I will."

Spock just gave him a questioning look. Sighing agitatedly, Harry explained, "In order to get to this base and then the Enterprise, I would need coordinates for this base so we can get there faster my way."

"How?" Kirk asked skeptically.

Harry glared before he disappeared in a pillar of flame from where he stood, just to reappear right behind the young man.

"Woah." Kirk cried out as he jumped away from the Ancient Mage as he turned, he asked, "How did you do that?"

Smirking, Harry opened his jacket and then his shirt, showing the Phoenix image marked over his heart. "After I killed Greene, I fell unconscious due to being emotionally and mentally drained and tired. I fell to the floor of my home after returning to it, only to wake up several days later, with the branded image of my former Headmasters familiar, a Phoenix to be exact. Anyway, as he returned to our plane of existence from wherever he was, as I lay unconscious on the floor of my home, he voluntarily merged with me. I already had his tears flowing through my veins after being bitten by a magical serpent when I was a child. When I awoke, I learned I had I changed physically, becoming stronger, faster, and more powerful for a human being, and I was also Immortal, allowing me to be able to use the same form of flame teleportation as the Phoenix was capable of."

"That could be beneficial to the mission." Spock said as he looked to Jim Kirk. The Young Star Fleet Officer nodded as he saw the benefits of such a cool trick as Spock then turned and gave Harry the coordinates to the far off base.

Harry closed his eyes and focused on the numbers given once he had them, and flame ported away by himself. When his feet touched down in several inches of snow and found himself standing before a metal door, he nodded to himself, flame ported back to the cave where the men stood waiting for mere seconds, yet they didn't know if he was going to return, only to be surprised that he did as he grasped them both by the shoulders and flame ported back to the door of the base.

Spock quickly set about opening the door once he caught his bearings and ushering both men in before following and locking the door behind them once it was closed. Once all three men were inside the base, they found themselves within a long tunnel of a white tiled passageway with white lights, some of which were malfunctioning and flickering at random. As they began walking, Harry sensed the presence of two humanoids within the deeper levels of the base. One was obviously human, he couldn't tell what the other one was. "Hello!" he called out.

At this time, Kirk and Spock struck up a conversation about the Jim Kirk this Spock knew, up to and including asking about his father. Spock replied that the Jim Kirk he knew, was not only a dear friend, but did indeed did know his father, and was inspired by him to join Star Fleet and go on to become Captain of the Enterprise, a ship Spock knew that Kirk must return to immediately.

"You sure it's appropriate to be telling him that information?" Harry asked, turning with a raised eye. He was worried about a paradox occurring, but seeing as things have definitely changed, he didn't know if it was for the worse or not. And that really bothered him something fierce.

Pausing a moment to reflect on the question, Spock looked back at the Wizard, "Frankly, yes. It is the most humanly logical thing to do."

Looking at the Vulcan more clearly, Harry surmised, "You're part human?"


"Mother or father?"

"My mother was human."

"So, it's true. Human and Vulcan's are compatible. I argued with your ancestors about that after they first touched down on Earth, all those years ago." he snorted as he turned back around and waited for their approaching friend.

Near the end of the tunnel, the creature Harry sensed was quickly approaching, as he by then removed the cloth from his head yet again since he recovered his head before he flame ported out the first time to find the base, to allow himself to breath since the apparent stale air within the base was warm, allowing the Elderly Vulcan and Kirk to not only see the face of the killer of Greene again, but the face of a nearly forgotten warrior.

Harry's hair obviously grew over time as it flowed over his shoulders, with Kirk commenting on this. Harry looked at him with a 'No shit Sherlock!' expression before he was forced to focus on his magic yet again to shorten his hair to a manageable length to just above his neck. The facial hair he acquired also shrank back into his face until it was no more.

"That was so awesome. It would save time on shaving" Kirk said as the creature ran to a complete stop before the three travelers.

"I know, right?" Harry replied as he rubbed his now clean face.

The creature was short, humanoid, but not human at all. It stood at least at five feet, had gray skin that seemed shriveled while none of the new arrivals could make out its eyes, and yet only Spock and Kirk seemed to know what it was. It also had what seemed to be used engineering clothing and apron as well as goggles that it then raised over its eyes and left on its forehead.

"What the hell is that?" Harry asked aloud in wonder as he knelt to a knee and looked the creature up and down as if to inspect it when he stretched out his magical senses and could not sense any magic in the creature.

"He's a Roylan, Mr. Potter, from the planet Royla." Mr. Spock answered.

"Really?" Harry asked, looking back and up at Spock before his eyes returned to the Roylan. Holding out his left hand out in a friendly gesture after figuring that the creature or Roylan was intelligent in its own right, Harry said, "Hello there, friend. I'm Harry. What's your name?"

"Keenser." it replied simply in a high pitched tone of voice that also sounded like someone who inhaled a bit of Helium.

"Keenser. That's a strong name." Harry smiled.

Keenser seemed to like this as he smiled back, and purred with a weird high pitched format, and took the mans hand and shook it professionally.

"Say Keenser, there wouldn't happen to be anyone else here with you, would there?" The last Wizard asked.

The Roylan nodded and turned. Signaling them to follow with his right hand raised in the air as if to beckon them, he led them through the last bit of hallway that ended suddenly and towards a working area several kilometers away, where a man in almost as much clothing as Harry was resting in a chair, legs kicked up on a table, his eyes shut and face covered with a gray wool scarf. He had on a brown leather jacket, a black beany, brown heavy shirt, dark heavy jeans, boots and fingerless gloves.

Keenser walked up to and smacked the mans leg as it rested over the right leg, "Wwhhhaattt?" drawled a Scottish accent, making Harrys smile widen.

'A little slice of home.' he thought to himself.

The man removed the scarf that covered his face, looking from Keenser who then stood on the mans side and looked at the visitors, forcing the man to turn and look up. He then took on an serious expression, and growled out in his brogue tongue, "You realize how unacceptable this is?"

Spock's eyes and face took on a look of shock of its own, "Fascinating." he said.

"What?" Kirk asked in trepidation as he looked at the elder Spock.

"Okay, I'm sure you're just doing your job, but could ye' not come a wee bit sooner?" The Scotsman demanded harshly. "Six months I've been here." he said as he grasped a bag of what appeared to be some beans of some sort, "Living off of Starfleet Protein nibs", he argued as he threw them back onto the table "and the promise of a good meal! And I know exactly what's going on here, okay! Punishment, isn't it. Ongoing. For something that was clearly an accident." he surmised as he used his hands to show how he felt.

"What Clan?" Harry asked, his hands on his waist.

"What?" the man asked looking at the British man in surprise, glad to hear a somewhat familiar accent.

"You are Montgomery Scott!" Spock said officially.

Kirk snapped his head towards Spock, "You know him?"

"Scott? Any relation to Clan McGonaghall or Finnegan?" Harry asked.

"McGonaghall. How do you know that Clan? They were second cousins if I'm not mistaken." he said as he scratched his head and looked up as if to think on that, "Yep, pretty sure they were second cousins."

Harrys grin grew soft as he held out his left hand, "Harold Potter of Clan Potter. I knew Minerva McGonaghall."

"Pott-" he said in fright as he fell over his own two feet and the chair, "You're supposed to be dead." he said from the floor, sweat now building on his forehead and face as he paled a bit more than he was.

Harry reached down and took the man by a single arm that was stretched out and in the sign of 'keep away', but yet Harry took the arm and helped him to his feet while grasping the hand and holding it firmly.

"Hate to disappoint, Mr. Scott." Harry said as he pulled his shirt back and showed his mark. Montgomery Scott looked at the image of the Phoenix burned into the mans breast and gasped as he looked him into the eyes.

"It's true. It did bond with ye'." he gasped as he then lunged and wrapped his arms around the man, laughing hysterically, as if mad. "I can't believe it. You're really here. By the Gods." he said as he then held Harry at arms length to get a good look at him. "What are you doing here? How did you get here? How long...?" he was stopped at that point as Harry grasped his arms and looked at the man.

"Mr. Scott, breathe." Harry said, his smile turning into a soft chuckle. "I- no, we need your help." Harry said, turning to the ancient Vulcan and Kirk.

"Hi." the marooned Starfleet Officer said with a nervous smile, raising a hand in greeting.

"Of course. Wait, how do you know me?" Montgomery asked, looking at the half-Vulcan.

"You are in fact, the Mr. Scott that postulated the theory of transwarp beaming?"

"That's what I'm talking about." the Scotsman said helplessly as he sat down in his chair. "How do you think I wound up here? I had a little debate with my instructor on the issue of relativistic physics and how it pertains to subspace travel. He seemed to think that the range of transporting something the size of a grapefruit was limited to something like a hundred miles. I told him that I could not only beam a grapefruit from one planet to the adjacent planet in the same system, which is easy by the way, I could do it with a life-form. So, I tested it on Admiral Archers prize beagle." he finished, raising a cup of liquid to his mouth and taking a sip before he sat it back down.

"Hey, I know that dog? What happened to it?" Kirk asked

The Engineer, feel remorseful about the incident, replied, "I'll tell you when it reappears. I don't know. I do feel guilty about that."

"Archer?" Harry asked. "Johnny Archer?" he began to laugh out loud at this.

"You knew him?" Montgomery asked.

"Him and his father." Harry answered and nodding his head. "I left Earth just before I had a chance to see him become the man he was meant to be, it seems. What ever became of him anyway?" he asked, looking at all three individuals.

"He went on to Captain the first ever Starship to be called 'Enterprise'. The NX-01 to be exact." Mr. Scott answered quite proudly.

"Huh." Harry grunted as he thought on this and smiled. "Did he live a good life?"

"He did." Kirk answered, looking at the forlorn expression of the man before him. "He's the inspiration for many who has ever Captained a Starship. He's responsible for a good portion of the reasons of how and why Starfleet exists."

"Hmmmm!" Harry said as he nodded at this bit of information.

"What if I told you, that your trans-warp theory was correct, that it is indeed possible to beam onto a ship that is traveling at Warp speed?" The Elderly Half-Vulcan spoke up, returning the subject to its true course.

"I think if that Equation had been discovered, I'd have heard about it." Mr. Scott shot back, a little put off by what this Vulcan was getting to.

"The reason you haven't heard of it, Mr. Scott, is because you haven't discovered it yet." Spock replied.

Once again, Harry groaned while hanging his head low. The fact that, though he had been out of the game now for some time, even he knew the consequences for revealing information that could endanger the future. But for once, he decided to remain silent and let events play themselves out, and see where it goes.

Mr. Scott in the meantime, went silent for a moment before leaning forward, scoffing as he leaned forward and then rose to his feet, standing before and looking at both Kirk and Spock, "Are you from the Future?"

"Yeah, he is, I'm not." Kirk shot out.

"And I just woke up from a long sleep in a cave within the ice outside, for like...200 years or so, give or take a few years." Harry said as he picked up a few of the nibs and smelled them. Not being particularly fond of the nibs smell, he dropped them, brushing any remaining nibs that may have got stuck in his hand, off.

Scotty raised his eyes at that as he had no idea that a friend of his ancestors had been on the ice planet at all, otherwise he would have attempted to check into it. Turning back to Kirk and Spock, he spoke, "Well, that's brilliant. Do they still have sandwiches there?"

"You're really hungry?" Harry asked with a raised eye.

"Of course I'm bloody well hungry." Scotty answered loudly.

"Be right back." Harry said as he flame ported away, leaving Scotty shocked so much, that his mouth came near unhinged.

"Yeah, he does that." Kirk said.

A minute later, another flash of flame, and Harry returned with a heap of sandwiches on a silver platter that appeared to be BLT's in one hand, and a cup carrier with five steaming cups of hot beverages in the other. "Five cups of steaming hot coco and a platter of Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwiches. Enough for everyone to eat at least three sandwiches each."

"How...?" Kirk asked.

Setting the platter down and placing the carrier down next to it, Harry went into his coat and pulled out what looked like a snuff box, "Magical trunk. Had plenty of food and drink inside one of the expanded rooms, with preservation charms."

"So, you can travel inside that?" Scotty asked.

"Or I can expand it, open it up, and walk inside. I chose a quicker route. Eat up." Harry said as he grabbed a cup and a sandwich. After all four men and Roylan finished their food, for which Scott couldn't stop moaning and patting his stomach, and praising Harry nonstop, they got down to business since they didn't take long to eat.

"Alright, follow me." Scotty said as he got up and showed them a damaged shuttlecraft that he had nearby. "Well, she's a wee bit dodgy." He said as he picked up a wrench and tapped the outside hull as they walked around it towards the back, revealing the damaged engine, "Shield emitters are totally banjaxed, as well as a few other things." Kirk and Harry was about to look at the engine when Scotty didn't give them a chance as he reversed course as apparently Spock decided to get to work on the navigation's system. "On youse go." Scotty directed as they and Keenser walked into the shuttlecraft.

"So, the Enterprise has had her maiden voyage, has it? She is one endowed lady. I'd like to get my hands on her ample nacelles, if you'll pardon the Engineering Parlance." He waggled his eyes at Harry causing him to chuckle, then jumped into the shuttle where he then sat on something next to the computer terminal in which Spock was working next to and looked towards him to speak to the Elderly Vulcan, "Except, the thing is, even if I believed you, right, where your from, what I've done, which I don't, by the way. "You're still talking about beaming aboard the Enterprise while she's traveling faster than light without a proper receiving pad."

He had gotten up at this time to walk around inside the shuttlecraft, working up a counter argument when he caught Keenser sitting on something he clearly disapproved of, "Get off there. It's not a climbing frame."

Kirk took pittance on the little guy and helped him down while Harry snickered, and gave the little guy a smirk and raised a thumb at him, causing Keenser to smile with jagged teeth.

"The notion of Transwarp Beaming is like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse." A set of beeps and whatnot coming from the console Spock was working from caught the Engineers attention as he knelt over Spocks shoulder, "What's that?"

"Your equation for achieving Transwarp Beaming." The Elderly Vulcan said. The computer continued with its odd noises as the old hybrid alien stood and allowed the engineer to sit in his place to look at what he meant.

"Get out of it." he then began to look like he was shocked as Harry and Keenser stood on either side of him to look. Harry understood some of the information he was seeing since he had some intelligence since he was last on Earth. Scotty sounded like he was choking on his words as he stared at the equation, "Imagine that. It never occurred to me to think of space as the thing that was moving."

"Is that possible?" Harry asked, looking at Scotty.

"Well, in theory. I could go on and on for days explaining gravity..." Scotty said when Harry held a hand up as if to stop him.

"Another time, Scotty. Our world needs saving." Harry said as he picked up a loose bolt and channeled his magic into it followed with a tracking charm. Harry walked over to him and stopped before him. Reached over, and placed the bolt into a pocket on the engineers breast, and snapped it closed.

"What is that?" Scotty asked.

"A bolt, laced with a tracking charm and a bit of my magic, so when you enter the Enterprise, simply pat the pocket, and it will send a ping back to me, and I'll follow."

"Okay." he said uncertainly, looking from Harry to the pocket.

Both Europeans looked to Spock and Kirk, seeing them deep in a conversation and turned away to give them their privacy. But since they were so close, they could hear every word. Harry understood what Spock was saying and approved of what he was saying as his younger counterpart obviously needed a wake-up call. It was a very 'Slytherin' maneuver. To compromise the Younger Spock and have him remember a rule or regulation of Starfleet, a Regulation of 619 of the Starfleet Charter in order to force him to give up his command of the Enterprise.

He asked Scotty what that meant as a whole, the Engineer answered in the only way he could, that Kirk had to piss off the Younger Spock and get him to do something so stupid, he would compromise his said command, giving up to the next senior officer which was apparently Kirk if what Spock was saying was true.

"Oh, great then." Harry sighed tiredly, then he had to stretch as a big yawn escaped him. His bones shifting and cracking into place until he was satisfied.

"You good?" Scotty asked worriedly.

Cracking his neck left then right, Harry smiled sheepishly, "Yeah, I'm great!" he said sarcastically, wagging his own eyes, causing the engineer to chuckle.

"You know, you've got stories."

"I got plenty." Harry acknowledged.

"I'd like to hear some when we get there."

"Most certainly."

"What was Hogwarts like before it, well you know..." he asked looking sad.

"Before Khan took it out?"

Scotty nodded.

"It...It was...home." he said, wearing a soft yet lonely expression. "My wife and kids, my godson, nieces and nephews, my brother in law, my whole remaining family was there. Very little of my family and friends survived that attack. When we found out who was responsible, well, by then, war was declared. I'll leave it there for now as the rest of my past as it is too long a story and we're on the clock as it is."

The Engineer nodded in understanding as they both turned to Kirk and Spock Prime. "You would have loved Minnie though." Harry smirked, looking at Scotty out of the corner of his eye.

He caught on, and smiled back, "The way you say that, I have no doubt. Aye, Aye, then Laddies. Live or die. Let's get this over with."

"Kirk, you know when you push the other Spock, you're going to get your ass kicked. You know that right?" Harry said, a big grin adorning his face.

"Don't remind me." Kirk drawled tiredly.

"Okay, just saying." Harry said. "Scotty, remember, when you get there, safe and sound, tap your pocket. It will be the signal for me to appear, okay?"

"Alright." he said as both men grasped one anothers hands and shook on it. He and Kirk then stepped onto the available transporter pads. Keenser tried to go with Scotty, but he had to keep pushing the little guy away, "No, go. You cannae come with me. Go on."

"Keenser, you'll join him soon, little guy. Just be patient." Harry said calmly, pulling the little guy to his side as Spock went to a box on the wall and began pressing some commands. He turned back when Kirk leaned on a pipe within the Transporter console.

"You know, coming back in time, changing history, that's cheating."

Spock seemed to have thought on that for a moment before he smiled wryly, "A trick I learned from an old friend." Kirk smiled softly before leaning up while still maintaining eye contact with the elderly Vulcan who turned back to the box and finished pressing the final commands. A soft 'humm' began to sound as Spock then raised his hand in the traditional Vulcan salute spreading out all five fingers while merging the index and middle finger as well as the ring finger and pinkie in a 'V' like pattern, "Live Long and Prosper."

The shuttlecraft then began to flash as both men were bombarded with lights of transporter energy with Scotty waving at both Harry and Keenser. Harry saluted him with his index and middle finger at his head and moved it away in the traditional manner. The lights surrounding them began to pick up speed until suddenly, they vanished, and the lights dying down until the shuttlecraft itself returned to its normal lighting. Keenser whined somewhat.

"So," Harry started as he began to wait, "Interested in having a beer while we wait?" Almost ten minutes later, with Keenser and Harry nursing a beer each from his trunk and a game of Poker, the game was near over when Harry felt the ping on his magic, signaling him that it was time to go. Dropping his cards on the table near the shuttlecraft, he said, "I'd love to stay and play some more, but Scotty's just signaled me." Raising his hand, he gave Spock a Vulcan salute, "Peace and Long Life."

"You have been among my people, Mr. Potter." Spock said wryly. Harry smirked and snapped a wink off. Patting the Roylan on the head, said a goodbye, and disappeared in a flash of flame the moment he stepped away.

When the fire died down, he found himself in a room next to Scotty and a whole lot of people in multicolored uniforms. The room was extremely bright. He finished looking around when he heard some scuffling as he looked at a Vulcan wailing on Kirk. The moment he had arrived as he did, everyone backed away as Scotty took one look and sighed in relief, "Oh, great Harry, your here."

Guessing the Vulcan wailing on Kirk was the younger Spock, Harry didn't waste a moment as he stepped behind the Vulcan, grabbed the back of his blue shirt and with a great heave, pulled. Spock stumbled back the second his feet left the floorand then a second later, touched the floor, only to feel the air leave his lungs as a foot connected with his chest, throwing him back into one of the bridge stations. Before he could get up, he felt the point of a blade at his neck, and automatically calmed down as he paused and took a breath. Gathering himself, he looked at the long metal blade at his neck, and the one whom held it. He was a male, medium height, black hair, clean face with zero hair, and green eyes that is not seen on most humans. He wore heavy dark clothing showing that he is used to the extreme cold.

"You're emotionally compromised, Acting Captain. You are relieved of your duty." the person who held him at sword point said as he removed the sword from his throat.

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