The Enterprises Wizard

Ch. 5 Into Darkness Pt. 1

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Ch. 5 Into Darkness Pt. 1

Above the Class M Planet of Nibiru

In the blackness of space, high above the near Earth-like planet of Nabiru, hovered the Constitution Class Starship U.S.S. Enterprise. It was currently being scanned and evaluated by the men and women inside the ship who were curious about the planet and the possibilities it held as well as the thing that could be learned of her. Within one of the Officers barracks, sat the head of Security as he typed away at his desks computer console in order to update his Officers newest Log Entry.

Second Officers Log


The Enterprise has come upon a planet that has been designated as Nibiru. A Class M Planet capable of sustaining humanoid life. Commander Spock and with the confirmation of the other science officers aiding him, have recently learned that the species of said planet are still rather young, and since they have begun to figure out how to develop housing for themselves, and has of yet to create any mode of transportation, let alone develop the ability to invent a 'wheel', in which to then create carriages that could aid them in the transport of any and all goods of any kind to and from neighboring settlements. From these findings, the Prime Directive clearly states that we cannot reveal ourselves to the indigenous population, as of yet.

But there is a slight problem. One of the volcanoes upon one of the much larger islands, threatens to destroy all life upon the planets surface, and quite possibly, the planet in of itself as well.

Our Captain of the Enterprise, James T. Kirk, has called a meeting of the main staff consisting of myself, Spock, Sulu, Uhura, McCoy, and my good friend, Montgomery Scott, or Scotty as he prefers, to come up with a solution to the problem, as we only have a matter of several days to save the planet otherwise, our trip here,...will be for nothing.

I can only hope that we can come up with an idea to save Nibiru soon, otherwise, the world and its people are doomed.

Shutting down his computer after ending his ships stations personnel log, Harry lied back and rubbed tiredly at his eyes in order to focus his thoughts as he let out a huge yawn. Raising his arms high into the air, he stretched and felt rather than heard, as his joints popped into placed. Taking off his shirt and boots, Harry looked at a picture of both of his wives and children that he had framed in a golden outlined frame. Taking it in hand, he laid down on his bed and held it close to his chest as he rested. Upon its being delivered to him earlier within the year, if one looked close upon the picture, would see the picture move with his wives taking his childrens hands and having them wave at him while the kids were clearly tired and uninterested in the photo taking process, making him laugh all the same.

Having worked an long shift for the day, Harry wrapped his arms around the photo frame and fell into a restful sleep as darkness overcame him.

The next day

Within the meeting room, Harry and the senior officers stood behind their seats, "Be seated." Kirk said as he himself sat down in the head chair.

"Spock, what can you tell me?" Kirk asked.

"The Niberians as revealed earlier, are an indigenous species. Their culture is primitive in terms that they are relatively young, and may not be trusting to outsiders."

"Yeah, we knew that." Kirk stated with a tired expression, "What else?"

"That volcano is a serious problem. If we do not do something soon, those people and the planet itself will not survive." Sulu stated from where he sat.

"Extinction level event." Harry muttered aloud.

"Precisely, Mr. Potter." Spock acknowledged with a nod.

"Any ideas?" Kirk asked.

"Thermo fusion device?" Scotty queried.

"Such an idea holds merit, Mr. Scott. The question in how to handle the situation without violating the Prime Directive."

Turning to his Chief Medical Officer, Kirk asked, "Bones, up for a trip?"

Before the good Doctor could voice an opinion from his long time friend, Harry raised a hand, getting Kirk's attention, "Yes, Mr. Potter."

"With all due respect Captain, knowing you as long as I have, your current thoughts or idea, could jeopardize both the mission and violate the Prime Directive, as Spock just stated."

"My God man, it's not like we're going to reveal ourselves to the populace only to get attacked with spears and arrows." McCoy spat out in his heated attitude.

"That's precisely what could happen, Doc. And with that, you just gave Murphy an even bigger reason to interject. I on the other hand, have another idea." he said as he looked around the table at his fellow officers. "One that won't have either Starfleet or even Admiral Pike breathing down your neck, like last time, Captain." he hinted with a smirk.

Kirk hissed with a painful wince as he remembered their last mission almost going sideways if Harry and Spocks combined efforts hadn't pulled his and the other crew members collective asses out of the fire. Lying back in his seat, with his head in an open palm with the elbow of the arm resting in the chairs rest, he then said, "Alright Mr. Potter. What's your plan."

"Here's what I think we should do." The entirety of the staff leaned in and listened as he laid out his own plans following it up with secondary plans and a possible third, just in case fate decided to throw a wrench into the plan that the Immortal Wizard had in mind.

Two hours later

Harry walked into the village after spending a bit of time among the indigenous population hidden from both their visual and mental senses via several charms to keep himself from being noticed, gathering both intelligence as well as to get a good look at the populations physical forms and physiology, studying the way they looked and the way they moved, taking in every detail of their painted milky white bodies with black markings in order to be able to cast a most suitable glamour upon himself that could aid him in blending in with the Niberians. He studied not just the humanoid appearance from their outward appearance, but also their eyes, the way they walked, the clothes upon their backs, and then finally, when one of the Niberians walked by his glamoured self after he applied a 'Notice me not' charm upon his person, a brief Legilimency probe into its mind, allowed him to not just learn their language, but their vocal and speech patterns as well. When he had what he needed, he altered his bodys form to match that as one of the villagers, the only distinctive difference being he had an orange hood and a red wooden staff to aid in his infiltration.

It went rather well, all things considered as Harry managed to catch the village Elder or Chieftains attention and quickly befriended the aged being. Pulling the man to the side, Harry, used an early established alibi as a messenger of the Gods on a mission of great importance, however a little white lie it was. He warned the Elder how the village near the mountain of fire and its inhabitants were in grave danger and that they needed to evacuate immediately while there was still time. His claims and words of warning required a bit of proof, but with a few magical tricks that could be passed off as Godly power in the eyes of the elder, he and the villagers themselves was quick to react as within hours, the entire village were being led towards a beachhead near the closest body of water, with charms surrounding the cliffs edge. Said charms would keep both the populace and their young from falling over or venturing too close to the cliffs edge, and should they do so, a barrier or magical shield would appear and keep them from falling over.

Harry remained behind to ensure everyone was safely away from the temple in which they occupied only moments before. When he was able to confirm with several 'Diagnostic' charms that the last of the Niberians had evacuated and left no one behind, the ancient Wizard pulled out his communicator, "Potter to Enterprise."

"Enterprise here, it seems like your plans worked Harry. Our sensors indicate that you're the only one left in the village."

"That would be affirmative, Captain."

"Phase two is already underway."

"Roger Enterprise. I'll be standing by in case Phase two go sideways. Potter out." As Harry began his trek to join the tribe that he cleared out from within the village and temple, Harry kept his communicator active in case he was forced to act.

Of course, it was too much wishful thinking that nothing bad would happen as his communicator chirped not even fifteen minutes later. Harry was informed by Nyota that Spocks cable line while outside the Delta Flyer, was burned and incinerated by the volcanoes fire. The ash particulates had also disables the shields and engine of the ship, forcing Uhura and Sulu to abandon the shuttle while going for a swim in the ocean to better return to the submerged Starship, which was lying beneath the waters, itself.

The shuttlecraft itself crashed on the mountains opposite side, safely hidden from the Villagers eyes.

Reassured by Checkov that Spock was still alive, the villagers were witness to a spectacle as Harrys body underwent a miraculous change as he transformed as if made of living fire, into that of a bird of fire that then quickly shot off into the air where he then disappeared in a ball of flames a second later.

Sensing where his Vulcan/Human hybrid comrade was currently within the volcano, Harry in his Phoenix form reconstituted himself long enough to look upon an heavily armored and shielded Spock as he finished calibrating the fusion device when a loud groan caught both individuals unaware as they turned and observed as a beast of growing magma formed within the volcanic liquid mere meters from where Spock knelt and Harry hovered, before imploding in on itself. Not taking any chances, Harry 'squawked' out a warning to his friend.

Having learned that his fellow Officer was an Magical Animagus according to the legends of Harry and his people which was rare, Spock quickly finished prepping the device and grabbed one of Harry's outstretched tail feathers when the device showed it was completed.

Before any further time passed, both Spock and Harry disappeared in a tongue of flame.

Both men reappeared within Sickbay where McCoy was waiting with both Uhura and Sulu being checked over. Everyone within Medical watched in fascination as Harry, after his tail being released from Spocks grip, began to change once more, his body shifting like liquid fire until he stood before everyone in his human form.

He staggered his way over to an empty bio-bed, turning his body around in order to lean against the said bio-bed, before gasping out, "W-Water." A nurse in a blue uniform quickly clambered over to him as he rubbed his neck. He nodded his head towards her as he gathered the cup into his hands and raised the water to his lips and drained the cup greedily. Once it was fully drained with him tapping the bottom to get every last drop, he turned as he wiped his mouth, "And that's why it is never a good idea to tempt Murphy, Doc."

The Chief Medical Officer had the good graces to lower his head and turn away, all the while grumbling unto himself. Once cleared for duty with a promise to take it easy, all four Bridge crew members left the Sickbay and returned to their duties upon the bridge, but not before stopping to see the Captain who awaited them for a debriefing upon which afterwords, would be allowed to write up their own reports about the events that occurred upon the planets surface.

After Nightfall

The Chieftain of the villagers of the island surrounding the Mountain of Fire, sat with his back turned to his people as they all slept soundly by the cliffs edge. His attention was focused on the now frozen and silent, mountain of fire as it till permeated clouds of frost since the river of fire had frozen over from within and without the mountains surface, thanks in no small part of the Gods and the Messenger that they had sent. But sadly, the village did not come out unscathed as before the fire within the mountain could be overcome and beaten by the power of the 'Gods' touch, just moments after the 'Messenger' disappeared in a ball of flame when he assumed an Avion form that was bathed in flame itself, he and his people watched as massive burning rocks had spewed forth from the mouth of the mountain, some of which had flown and aimed towards he and his peoples home, and obliterated their said village starting with their temple which quickly burned to the ground.

He was thankful that he had listened to the Messenger as none of the people were harmed and safely evacuated near the islands edge, his eyes shut as tears flowed down his cheeks, "Do not cry for your homes, for they are only wood and stone. Your people have the gifts and tools to rebuild." the voice of the Messenger spoke as he slowly sat beside the Chieftain and looked before what smoking remains that had once been the home of the Elder and his people.

"Agreed." the Elder spoke with a grunt. "As you say, it was only wood and stone, components and materials that can be replaced. Life cannot. My old heart is glad that none of my peoples lives was lost."

"I too am glad." Placing a hand the mans left shoulder, the Messenger smiled softly, "Rest, old man. When you awake, there will be time to start over as I will leave you with a gift. It may be some time before we meet again."

"Do you have a name, Messenger?" he asked before the dark allure of sleep overcame him.

Just as he felt himself slipping into the darkness, a single word came to his mind as if whispered into his ear, "I am Fawkes."

Harry gently lowered the elderly Chieftain to rest as he slowly succumbed to his magic and transfigured a stone into a comfortable pillow and laid the man down upon it while conjuring a permanent warm blanket for the man. He made sure to force the entire misplaced villagers into enchanted sleep followed up with warming charms since the weather was slightly chilly due to the fusion device. With but a wave of his hands and non-verbal spells, he then called back to the Enterprise and informed the Captain that it was alright to rise the ship from the oceans floor. He turned back to the burnt and ruined remains of the village and thought on what he should do. Walking back to the said village, he raised his hands, levitated above the ground, closed his eyes, and set about restoring the many homes and Temple, just the way they were from what he was able to remember, his memory recall working in tandem with his Occlumency as he began his task. Wood and stone moved from the surrounding forest area as his body turned slowly while he hovered in the air.

Houses made from both wood and stone, once more coming together, sealing and repairing the damages done, where the flying meteors of lava had fallen as well as the few spots of liquid magma, he transfigured and augmented to look like ordinary stone roads. The ceilings of the houses covered by rolled hay for roofs.

The last restoration he managed was the temple as more red wood flew from many trees while damaged and burnt wood was vanished. Minutes later, when he looked upon the completion of his work, he smiled as he slowly lowered himself down in order to admire what he set about to accomplish in order for the people of this particular village a fighting chance to begin anew.

When he was finished admiring the completed product, he stepped back and nodded at his magical craftsmanship with an accomplished smile as with a flash of flame, he returned to the ship that now hovered over him, before it turned as it moved slightly away from the island before accelerating, and shot off back into into the night skies and returned to the star filled vacuum of space.

"Did it go well?" Jim asked from his command hair as the glamour that Harry wore rippled and changed him to his true form.

"You know, I think it did. Hopefully, the Niberians will like what they'll find come sun rise when my sleep spell wears off." Harry replied as he entered the turbolifts with a yawn and settled to venture to his quarters in order to retire to retire for the night with a promise debrief the Captain on his last bit of involvement on Nibiru come morning.

The Next Day

The Chieftain was the first to awaken come the rising of the sun, followed by the others the next morning as they all found themselves once more on the islands edge. For some, it felt like a dream until he and the others looked and beheld the still slightly frosted over mountain of fire with a hit of frost clouds exiting its mouth.

The Chieftain found himself with a soft pillow underneath his head and a very much warm blanket just about covering his entire being as he came too.

Minutes later, after ensuring everyone was alive and well, he led them to what was supposed to have been the remains of their homes, only to find themselves looking upon a miracle as the village itself had seemed to have been restored, up to and including their village temple.

From that day forward, the people would pay homage to the 'Messenger' as they worshiped his image as that of the bird of fire. A statue of this image was then erected within the Temple in his honor as they knelt before it in prayer and reverence.

Days Later

Harry had just put his protege Pavel Checov through his paces via stamina training that aided in his physical fitness training within the Enterprises Gym before an heads-up alert from the bridge had alerted both Officers that they had arrived once more at Star Base One.

With a slightly thin sheen of sweat on his forehead, Harry summoned two towels from a hanging rack, one that he then tossed to his friend, before using his own and removing the excess water from his face.

"That's enough for today, Pavel. Why don't you go get washed up. You got a family to be ready to meet, yes?"

"Yes sir. Thank you sir." the young Ensign replied as he shakily exited the Gym ahead of the Head of the Ships Security. The young Russian had trained hard since he had asked the Immortal Wizard to be his teacher and had listened to everything that he was ordered to do, and the results were paying off as he could see almost every female that walked by the lad when in his view, no matter the species, eyeing Chekov live a fine piece of steak, some even being flustered into silence and red catatonic expressions whenever he walked by them.

Yes, Harry James Potter had to say, Chekovs training was coming along nicely if his current four toned physique was anything to go by and would soon be moving onto his combat training soon.

Several hours had passed before Harry then found himself once more on British soil in Stinchcombe, England as the Enterprise was ordered to return to Star Base One several days ago. Kirk allowed his people some time for R&R as they each went their separate ways. For Harry, he returned to his home near the shores of Scotland with Scotty and his Engineering companion Keenser in tow as he returned to his family who met him at the door so to speak, the pitter patter of three sets of tiny feet could be heard running to the main hall of the cottage of Godrics Hollow to meet the Enterprises Officers at the door as Harry dropped his bags from his left shoulder that had then fallen to the floor behind him and gathered all three of his beloved children, kissing them as his arms hoisted all three of them into his arms, standing, and twirling around all three of them, the sounds of laughter permeating the entire main hall of the Potter house from both the father and his children.

His wives Mara and T'Var meeting him as he stopped to take in the beautiful visages of his wives in their normal Klingon attire as he slowly bent forward and slightly knelt in order to lower his children gently to the floor in order to rise and pull the mothers of his children into his arms and kissing them equally with fervor.

He noticed a minute later that as he had been taken into a pair of strong arms that would nearly have crushed the air out of him if not for the fact that his body was enhanced to be able to withstand such a thing as Konmel hoisted the man up in a joyful bear-hug.

With the aid of Starfleet and several gathered descendants of the former Magical Community, Konmel, at Harry's insistence, had led an expeditionary team to excavate the grounds of the British branch that was once Gringotts. This of course led to an idea that there were other branches that Harry had confirmed early on as he gave detailed maps due to his substantial memory that led to others also searching for the various formerly Goblin run banks all over the world as well.

There were many remains of both human and Goblin that were carefully and delicately removed from the sites, up to and including the rotting remains of many Dragons and other magical creatures.

Then came the time to finding the gold and thousands upon thousands of Magical items from almost every vault that was also located as well as books that showed which vaults belonged to whom. What vaults that were found and confirmed belonging to the Potter family, were quickly gathered up and placed within a vault within the Potter Cottage, underground. It would take several years before all of the vaults within the formerly Goblin run bank to be found, but it would be handled with utmost respect as with the information both Konmel and Starfleet had learned from Harry, the Goblins were a known and feared warrior race who did not take kindly to thieves and so, whatever artifacts found beneath the surface of the bank, must be handled with respect before being placed inside a museum in Britain.

Konmel had seen to it that his Son-in Laws words were payed much attention to and followed to the letter. All of Starfleet approved excavations of the other former Gringotts Branches were given the same notice for whomever rediscovered the formerly run Goblin territory's.

The Immortal Wizard had made sure they knew that there were other banks run by other Magical races hidden in mountains and such like the Gnomes and the Dwarves, and so, many other excavations were approved in order for the knowledge that was out there, be allowed to be rediscovered as well by others who did not do it for the money, only the preservation of history and cultures of Earths Magical Past.

Of course, he did ensure that they were warned. Goblins may have been warriors, just as much as the Dwarves were, but they were also cunning and devious, and protected their gold more than their lives and as much, placed many a hefty curse on their treasure and other items, but due to the fact that their magic had been lost, thanks to Greene, it was ideal to hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. Thank the Gods for the current level of technology of the time as they were better prepared for such an eventuality.

"How goes the excavation efforts?" Harry asked as he sat down with his family for dinner after Scotty and Keenser left, stating that he, (Scotty) would like to visit his own Kinsmen. He did so after he himself had been ambushed by his adopted nephews and niece, rolling around and playing on the floor for a few moments of joyful fun. As for Harry's little ones, after spending some quality time getting reacquainted with his family, as dinner was being prepared, Harry sat each of them in a highchair and began to feed them the foods handed to him by both T'Var and Mara. Afterwords, after playing with them some more within the living rooms carpet flooring, near the time of putting them to bed, Harry gathered each and every child into his arms, and put them to sleep with some stories from his past as he remembered them. A flash of light from Mara got his attention since all three younglings were in his lap, completely conked out. With a wave of his hand, their clothing was transfigured into nightwear, and with another wave, all three were placed in a rather long and wide, wooden, child proofed crib.

"Those warning concerning the Goblins and their curses helped to ensure we were ready and properly prepared with the right equipment at our disposal." Konmel stated as he took a sip of his Blood wine from its goblet.

"Oh?" Harry asked with a raised eye as he scooped up a portion of his food and placed it into his mouth and chewed, slowly savoring his wives cooking.

"Aye, those Goblins were crafty little blights, but nasty in their own rights."

"They were no pushovers, that's for certain." T'Var said as she lowered her own goblet.

"Were you able to obtain any possible trace of non-contaminated Goblin DNA that could aid in their restoration?" he asked.

"No husband. The remains of the creatures was too degraded. For all intents and purposes, they are truly lost." Mara stated with finality.

"Damn." the wizard whispered morosely. "Theirs was the only DNA I could not get a hold of when Greene struck." With a hand under his chin, he began to think until he remembered the other magical clans and creatures with their own banks and asked about the state of the findings. He was saddened to learn that they too had shared the same fate as the Goblins and yet, Harry was on better terms with the Dwarves and Gnomes, and so was able to easily obtain enough untouched, pure DNA from at least two pairs of bonded couples of each species in order to resurrect them, just before they too had succumbed to Greenes biological weapons.

Later that night, Harry activated multiple wards surrounding the walls and door of the Master bedroom as he began to get intimately reacquainted with his busty and beautiful wives.

The next day, Harry was awakened by a soft 'tapping' on his window as he could make out an outline of an Owl outside his bedroom window. As he sat up in bed, his wives snuggling even closer to his abdomen and lower nether regions, he winced a bit in pleasurable pain as he turned his attention back to the window, and with a wave of his hand, opened the said window.

Another wave, and the drapes had pulled away on either side, allowing the owl to get through. A brown tawny Barn Owl flapped its wings and flew over to the mans outstretched arm where it landed and then held out a right claw. A sealed letter was attached to it with the new Hogwarts crest upon the wax sealing.

Untying the letter with his free hand, he turned and magically opened the drawer next to his bed. From within the drawer, was a bag of bacon flavored owl treats, a small water bowl, and a bottle of fresh water. These he allowed to hover before the owl while he opened the bottled water and poured a generous helping of water for the bird.

'Hooting' in what he understood to be the owl form of 'Thanks!', Harry then held out the letter before him, where it then hovered several inches from before him, opened with just a thought, and the letter within the envelope came out, where it then unfolded itself, allowing him to read its contents.

His newest companions 'hoot', had awakened his wives who had watched this display of magic with somewhat tired and barely open eyes and when it looked like he was finished reading, with a nudge of his head, the owl understood as it then flapped over to a perch by the bed itself, the treats and bowl of water floating to where it was perched, allowing it to continue to consume its just award.

As his wives came to one after the other, sitting up with him, it was T'Var who asked, "What is it?"

"An invite from the current Hogwarts Headmaster. I've been invited to make a grand return while also making a speech tomorrow morning and to teach a class in theory and principle applications concerning Defense, formerly known as Defense Against the Dark Arts."

"You've got nothing better to do until then, right?" Mara asked.

With a evil smile on his face, he answered, "Oh, I can definitely think of a few things to do until then."

Both sisters giggled in giddiness as he threw the covers back over all three of them and continued on with the night befores' activities. They were all three quite busy with their fun for several minutes when they were interrupted by a slight 'crack' that was heard as all three children were felt just above the covers, falling all over their parents with obvious mischief in mind as the kids then stood and began to jump all over them. As revenge for spoiling his 'fun' time with the mothers of his children, Harry mock growled and ripped the covers from over his top half, grabbed all three children, and began to attack them with tickles, fake kisses, and play acting as if he was going to gobble them up, much to their delight as they laughed and returned the playfulness.

After the bit of play time with his children was over, Harry was allowed to take a shower, but not before conjuring a robe around himself so as not to blind the younglings with his 'birthday suit' and the stiff appendage underneath the said robes as he was forced to take a cold shower in order to relieve himself of the sexual energy he was feeling and allow himself to promise his wives more time to themselves later in the day.

After the shower, he hit himself with a 'Dry Spell', dressed in the clothes one of his wives left our for him, and headed off to where the sound of his family began their morning meal.

The next day, it was to a standing ovation from both the living and the dead, that Harry James Potter walked into the Great Hall with his family beside him, stunned to see many people welcoming Harry back among the fold of his once proud people.

He looked around as many of Magical beings, no longer just human, but alien species as well, from Andorians, Vulcans (Which was quite surprising really), and more. So many lives, touched by magic, it was heartening and amazing just to think about. Every life within Hogwarts walls, was gifted by magic in of itself. And to think, one day soon, his own children will be allowed to grace her halls once more. Closing his eyes, he felt Hogwarts, alive and well, embrace him and his families presence and welcoming them with open arms.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the Headmaster began once he had calmed everyone down, "Teachers and students of all ages, from both the living and the dead, we welcome back to Hogwarts, one of our very own. A legend in his own right, a hero we should all aspire to emanate. So, it is with my esteemed pleasure to welcome back within the Halls of Hogwarts, its once lost son, our very own hero of the ages past, Harry James Potter and his family from his wives Mara and T'Var, to his sons and daughter, Christopher James, Nyota Lillian, and Montgomery Pavel Potter. Alongside them, stands a man who has aided in the restoration of the remaining families history and is Father-in-Law of Mr. Potter, let us welcome to our Halls once more, Konmel of the Ancient House of Mi'Qogh, of Kronus."

More clapping proceeded this introduction and reintegration into the society that he once was a part of. He was waved towards the Dias at the head table of the Great Hall where he then took a moment to look at the many students of all years, species, its teachers, staff, and its ghosts.

It was a serene moment as he took it all in before he was able to cough in order to clear his throat and speak. Everyone in attendance took that as the moment to quiet down, sit, and let him speak. Unlike the times past, none wore robes. But instead, wore Starfleet Academy inspired uniforms with the shield crests of the four Founders, and yet, none of them bothered following in the ways of the past by sitting at their own assigned tables, choosing to instead, follow their own hearts and conscience and sat wherever they liked, among both family and friends, no matter what 'House' they were in.

Some even sat, holding hands, some with cameras that repeatedly flashed upon him as he stood and gazed proudly upon the next generation of tomorrows Witches and Wizards.

"You know," he began, only to get cut off with more clapping and cheering before he waited until it quieted down again as he raised a hand in the sign to wait and allow him to have his say. Once the hall calmed, he continued, "You know, it is great, being here again, seeing all of you. The fresh faces of tomorrows Witches and Wizards."

"I love you Harry." A female voice shouted from somewhere within the crowd, causing more than a few chuckles, For Harry, he turned beet red as he blushed.

"Sorry love, I'm happily taken. And I'm pretty sure my wives would not let me no where near another woman. So, sorry to disappoint you." This gathered some more chuckles as more flashes were shot at him as he spoke.

"No longer, are there just human mages in this Great Hall. I see before me, chosen by Magic herself, species born from outside the human or terran people. I see Andorians, Vulcans, and more. I even have half-human half-Klingon children, gifted by our Lady Magic. Children who will one day, enter these halls like their siblings before them. Like you, and like me, will one day leave this place and make names for themselves. Yes, some of you and even my sons and daughters will always be looked upon with with awe and admiration for whom they are related to. But it will be them and you, who will decide where they go on from there, just as you will. Through the new staff and the ghosts of this once more 'Great' establishment, you will learn and rediscover things thought long lost. You will help bring our people from the ashes of the dark days of Earths past, and lead magic into the new era. No longer will there be talks of blood purity. No longer will there be House Rivalries pushed towards violence, death, and destruction. No, now, there is only you and what you make of your gift of magic and the responsibility granted unto you in how you utilize that gift. Be heroes, be leaders, explorers, adventurers. Be whatever you want to be. I only pray that you don't follow the darkness that plagued the Realm of Magic from the time before Merlin, until the end of my era. Remember these words, though the power is yours, it is what you do with that power that makes you who you are. Your choices define you. So, in closing, I wish you all the best in discovering how far you can go without falling into forbidden practices. For if you do go dark, remember, Death hasn't taken me yet. You will always be looking over your shoulders wondering if or when I will be there to stop you. Don't make me." he paused as he looked at each and everyone there, most who gulped and near withered under his stern glare. "Now, all seriousness aside, go on, learn and have fun."

With that, he threw out his hands and sparks of flaming fireworks and magic flew over the heads of many a child, some staff, and the News Organizations who were watching and recording his speech. Many an 'Oooohhhssss' and 'Aaaahhhhsssss' could be heard over the many fireworks that he unleashed and the spells he unleashed into the air that took the forms of many an ancient beast or creature from another time whose appearance was that of various colored Magical energy constructs.

Several hours later, as he was in the middle of teaching some minor first years Defensive spells, he was interrupted by a staff member who knocked first while his wives and children watched from the side of the room. As the male staff whispered into his ear, his expression went from curious, to stony. The main Professor of the Defense class was also informed as she then quickly went behind the desk and activated a holographic display screen that showed the news, with the headline, Bombing in London.

Everyone in the class quieted down as the image of a building in downtown London had been demolished from within. The building in of itself having fallen inward with many a police and rescue doing what they could to help the injured. The News was giving out what information they could while keeping viewers up to date.

"Assemble any of the available staff and every able bodied student from the ages of fifteen and up and have them transported to the scene as fast as possible to aid in any way they can as well as in search and rescue." Harry demanded. Making his way to his family, he whispered some words to them while trying to hide his sons and daughters eyes from the mayhem on the holographic screen. A minute later, Mara and T'Var nodded to whatever he whispered to them as he then backed away and followed the staff member out of the classroom as the teacher shut down the holographic display and began to usher the students back to their assigned dorms.

The Potters and their father quickly left themselves and headed up to the Headmasters Office to use the transporter there to return home and await news on events as they were transpiring.

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