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Above the earth, in space, two of N-Tek's agents, Kat and Jefferson were on a mission to capture another Ultra-Link. Their "spaceship" zoomed over the earth, making a sonic blast in the process. The green and white ship twisted and turned.

"That is why they call me Captain Kaboom!" Jefferson laughed. Almost all of his black hair was shaved off which left a buzcut on his head. The sound of the communicator came on and the face of Commander Forge came on screen.

"Ferrus to Sky Team One," Forge said, he had black hair with a streaks of gray in it and had brown eyes, "Kat, any sign of the Ultra-Link yet?"

"No visual yet, Commander," Kat replied. She had short, blonde hair and blue eyes. A young man in the back part of the ship, who was no less than 19, is Berto. He had black hair and chocolate-brown eyes. He wore an armor suit quite similar to Forge's. He also wore a lab coat with the sleeves possible torn off and N-Tek logo on the top right of his lab coat. "Ultra-Link coming up on scopes now!" Berto called from the back. There were multiple screens showing what the team was looking for. "Time to target: T-minus 30…"

"Right," said Forge, "Nice and easy people." Jefferson rolled his eyes and Kat shook her head. They've had this conversation many times before they left. They then focused on flying. "Remember, we want to capture the blasted thing not activate it. Just few meters behind, three of Dredd's ships came up. They were driven by Dredd's bots known called "Dreddnaughts". N-Tek's ship flew towards the Ultra-Link as Dredd's ships locked in on their target. The three ships zoomed to where Sky Team One was heading: to the Ultra-Link."We've got three unidentified spacecraft!" Jefferson exclaimed. Dredd's ships blasted lasers at Sky Team One. Berto turned around in his chair, "Unidentified hostile spacecraft!" Lasers fired again and a few of them hit the ship. Jefferson grunted, "These guys are packin' some firepower!" They swerved under the floating Ultra-Link as lasers at them again. Jefferson turned the ship ninety degrees to avoid the lasers. Forge's voice sounded from the communicator, "Do not lose that target Jeffer-" His voice was cut off by Jefferson, "A little busy right now, old man!" Jefferson said, he took a swift glance behind him just as a laser hit the rear of the ship, "Whoa!" An alarm and a holograph of the ship showed up. Two spots of the ship were highlighted, "Engines 2 and 4 are gone!"

Dredd's ships continued to fire at Sky Team One. A mechanical hand popped out of the airlock. A blue orb formed between its claws and aimed at the Ultra-Link. The orb formed a laser which took hold of the Ultra-Link. The laser drew the Ultra-Link into the airlock. "The cake is in the oven," Jefferson said, narrowly missing a couple laser. Berto's eyes widened, "And our friends still wanna slice!" One of Dredd's ships veered upwards, barely skimming the top of the ship. Jefferson pulled back on the levers he was holding to control the ship. Another one of Dredd's ships had red mechanical hand come out. The other two had done the same. The "hands" gripped onto the ship and red lasers started forming. One of the three ships had a laser start to cut into the airlock where the Ultra-Link was kept.

Frustrated, Jefferson jerked the levers forward, putting the ship into a mad thrust. He aimed the lasers at the ship in front of him and locked in. With the press of a button, two missiles fired at the ship, blowing it to bits. After that, Sky Team One went skydiving towards the earth at top speed, "Sky Team One to base," Jefferson exclaimed, "We're coming in hot!" Kat managed to find a grip and pushed a lever forwards. A fire extinguisher popped out the back and started to get rid of the fire. Jefferson pulled the levers back, evening them out a bit. They flew, or more like glided, into a canyon full of tiers and mountains of rocks. They drifted to one of the tiers and the top of the tier disappeared. The ship sunk into the tier onto a green platform.

"Ultra-Link's ready for unload," Jefferson informed the N-Tek agents. "It's in the airlock guys!" As two agents came up to the ship, a large panel opened up revealing the Ultra-Link. The Ultra-Link was taken out and put onto a platform. A blue force-field held the Ultra-Link in place. The agents then moved the platform into a full room of Ultra-Links embedded in the walls. Each one of them had small section covered by a pixelated grid. A small tracker put itself on the center of the Ultra-Link and the beams of light attached themselves to the Ultra-Link, keeping it in line. It moved left and up into an empty cell. The tracker came off and grid was over the newly place Ultra-Link. The agents walked out of the room. As they did, they passed two Ultra-Links that was in a container instead of with the other ones. One of the agents noticed.

"Wonder why these two aren't locked up," he asked, gesturing to the two Ultra-Links, the other seemly smaller than the other one with unique design. The taller agent glanced at them, "Well those two haven't been functional for years," he informed, "Relics from the past." They walked away from them without a second glance. Though as soon as they were a good distance away, the two Ultra-Links started to glow as if they were reactivating.

Boxes laid in a pile on the ground next to a moving truck. When suddenly the door opens. Maxine was helping her twin brother, Max with a few boxes. Maxine's description is just a female version of Max. They both are carrying a few boxes, down the door steps when suddenly the bottom of one box opens and weights fall out along with a beauty kit. One weight falls on top of Maxine's foot, it weighed 2.5 pounds. Maxine yelps in pain causing to drop all boxes and holds her foot. "Maxine!" Max exclaimed as he put down the boxes and helps his twin sister up. Molly shows up and looks into the empty box. "Really, Max? You're bringing your weights, you never used them," she said, "Busted." Maxine said snickering, "Don't think you're out of this too young lady." Molly added and Maxine sighs, "It's really got to be only the things we need," said Molly, she then walks away from them to get some more boxes from the house.

Maxine and Max look down the sidewalk and see three kids coming towards them, "Yeah we're gonna miss you weirdos too," said Max and Maxine gave her twin brother a weak punch on the shoulder, "Be nice." She said, Max then rubs his slightly bruised shoulder. "Fine. Hey are any of you interested in a slightly used weight set?" Maxine added, "Or a vintage make up kit?"

One of the kids then goes to the moving truck and pulls out a picture. "Hey are these you two," the kid asked the McGrath twins, showing the picture. "No that's our dad." Answers Max, "And aunt Jun," added Maxine. They take the picture from the kid and look at it. The picture shows Jim hugging Molly with a swollen belly with Jun smiling with her arms across from each other.

"They're not around anymore." Max said sadly, Maxine looks at her twin brother sadly and gets an idea. "Hey, why don't you guys help yourself to this box of goodies," said Maxine as she goes to the back of the truck with Max following. "We got stuff animals, action figures, dolls, and video games." Maxine and Max said in that order handing out the toys, but at the last two they both spark (the doll has a voice chip in it).

Maxine and Max both drop their things. "Guess they don't make them like they used to," said Max "Yeah," Maxine said as she shakes her hand. "Okay now get on out of here," said Max "And keep in touch you crazy cuks." Added Maxine, Molly arrives with few boxes to see the twins looking at the family photo and sighs, she takes the photo and puts it into the van then close the door down. "Okay! New town, new job, what do you say kiddos? Ready for a new adventure?" Molly asked.

Max sighs, "Are we ever gonna stay in one place." Maxine adds, "I'm with you brother." Max and Maxine both get in the car with their mom. Molly started the car and they drove away from the town. Behind where they were before they drove off, Forge Ferrus walked up. He put two fingers to his ear where a com was placed, "They're on the move!" He said, "Copy that, Commander." Kat replied through the com.

Jason Naught sat at his desk while his colleagues watched latest T.H.I. commercial. They had just finished praising him on the good work when a picture of a man he was working with showed up on one of his holographic screens. "Alright," said Jason, "Get lost! I've got business to attend to." He shooed his colleagues away and sat down. He waited a couple seconds after his office doors closed before pressing a red button under his desk. He sat back as his chair sunk into the floor. A room full of holographic screens and monitors showed up as Jason stopped on the floor. His chair turned toward one of the bigger screen and a man's face popped up on the screen.

The man's face was haggard looking and he had a mask covering his mouth and nose. His brown hair was slightly unkempt; his red eyes had small creases underneath, as if he hadn't slept in weeks. He was angered alright. "You have news, Mr. Naught?" The man on the screen growled irritated. "Good news, sir." Jason replied, he chuckled nervously. "Sales are up. 78 percent-"

"What of the Ultra-Link?" The man interrupted, "Well, I'm afraid news on that front isn't quite as… rosy? Our forces were driven off by… N-Tek," he finished in a rather quiet voice.

The man's eyes widened, "N-Tek?!" He coughed, his voice turning hoarse once again. He banged on the glass he was behind. "If we do not find a suitable energy source to keep me alive, all that I have done, all that I planned, schemed, stolen will all be for nothing. I MUST HAVE TURBO ENERGY!"

"We'll redouble our efforts, sir." Jason said, "Do not fail me! If this clock reaches zero," a timer counting down showing up on the screen, "It won't just signal my end, Mr. Naught." With that, the man disappeared from the screen. Jason sat back in his chair and swallowed nervously. He was in so much trouble.

The twins and their mom had just finished putting all the boxes and moving items in the apartment. The three were in the kitchen, the McGrath twins are eating their cereal and their mom in front of them. Boxes were piled everywhere, most of the opened. "Now let's get a move on!" Molly urged, "We've got big first days. Me at work and you two at school!" The twins groaned. Like every other kids, the last thing they wanted to do was go to school, especially since they were going to be new kids all over again.

"C'mon, it'll be great! New friends! Cafeteria food! Tons of homework!" Their mom said, "Yeah, a regular paradise on Earth," Max muttered sarcastically, "More like a prison for learning…" Maxine muttered. But eventually, Molly managed to get the twins up and out the door. The McGrath twins got on their bikes and started riding to the school, thankful that it wasn't too far away. Their bikes to school parking them right next to each other. Max jumps off of his bike, jumped over the railing while Maxine gets off her bike and goes around catching up to Max.

They both halted at the doorway. There were some students roaming the halls, some staring blankly at their lockers or on their phones. And three guys were standing near the doorway. Max groaned, frustrated, as the guys looked at the twins. Max knew what they were thinking so he better prepare so those guys won't harm his twin sister, Maxine.

The twins started forward, hoping to not draw too much attention to themselves. But of course, something went wrong. They guy in the middle, wearing a yellow shirt, tripped Max up, lurching him forward into a blonde girl in front of him. "Have a nice trip," he laugh along with his two buddies, "See you next fall!" They left, chuckling their lame jokes. Maxine looks at them as they walked away and shook her head. "Really? People still say that?" said Max, "No, it really is just him," said the blonde girl that Max bumped onto her.

A boy with blonde hair looking the same age as the blonde girl appears walking towards her. "Woah sis, are you okay?" Asked the blonde boy, "I'm okay Sam. Really I'm fine." Maxine looks to see Sam help Sydney up and blushes when she first see him. "So what is the bully's name, Moose? Biff? Flash?" Maxine asked as she helps her twin brother and Sydney with their stuff and Sam starting to join in, "Bartholomew. But everyone calls him Butch," said Sydney.

"The stereotype lives," said Max as Sydney and Sam hands back Max's books. Max and Maxine look into their eyes looking star struck. "Welcome to Copper Canyon High, new guy…" Said a boy with a beanie and he looks to Maxine, "And gal. A wretched hive of scum and villainy. I'm Kirby." He then hand Max back his helmet. "And I'm Sydney and this is my twin brother Sam," Sydney introduced herself and her twin brother, "I'm Max and this is my twin sister Maxine," Max said as he introduced himself and his twin sister, "Hey I can intro-" starts Maxine but was cut off by the bell. "Well see you two around," said Sydney as she leaves with her twin brother along with Kirby, while Max just looks at her as he took a deep breath and sighed as he has a crush on her.

After school, Max jumps over the railing again while Maxine just runs down the stairs jumping over the last three. Max and Maxine get their bikes out not nothing Kirby being bullied. When they do see they look shocked. They see Kirby being stopped by Butch by using a single hand after he caught his backpack. While this is happening Maxine is laughing into her hand.

Butch and his pals kept tossing around the backpack until it was caught by Max with Maxine following. "Come on guys. This is the 21st century," Max said, "Besides don't you guys do your bulling online these days?" Kirby looks shocked with his mouth gaping open when Butch pushes him out of the way. "So we help the kid that was being picked on and now we get pick on. That's not very original Bartholomew." Max said in a teasing tone. Butch's friends laugh silently.

Butch started forward but didn't have much time to do anything for Max had moved and swiped Butch's hat from his head, startling and knocking him over. "See ya next fall!" Max said and tossed the hat behind him and rode forward following by his twin sister before she shouted at Butch while rode away, "Later Barfy!" Then she speeds up after her twin brother.

"AFTER THEM!" Butch shouted. On the streets, the McGrath twins were pedaling as hard as they can and look behind them to see Butch and his gang catching up to them. They look forward and their eyes start glowing blue and soon, they were pedaling way faster than they were before. They looked back. Butch and his gang were way behind them now, "What? How?" Both twins asked themselves. When they look forward they see a truck in front of them and scream. Max manages to stop but somehow ends up flying over the truck while Maxine crashes straight into it. Max quickly recovered and rushes to the back of the truck. Maxine shook her head and heard a shout from Butch, "There she is!" Maxine sees Butch and his buddies are catching up. Max quickly open the doors of the back of the truck and grabs his twin sister. The twins started running, their eyes glows again and runs faster than the bikes. They turned into the corner of an alleyway, hoping to lose them. Though, they kept running. They looked at their hands as if they expected them to pop out an answer to their questions.

"What's happening to us?" Max asked himself as his phone rang in his pocket, "Uh, hey mom? Can't talk right now!" Max looked behind him and his twin sister. Butch and his pals were still on their bikes and they're catching up, "Max, it's Sydney. From school," The voice said on his phone, Max felt his heart skip a beat.

"Sydney? Oh, hey. How'd you get my number?" Max asked, now panting. "Well that explains the pink case," Maxine said, "How'd I miss that?" Max said looking at the pink phone, "I didn't. I got your phone. And you've got mine. Musta gotten mixed up this morning," Sydney said, "Let's meet up tomorrow and swap," she suggested.

"Uh, yeah! Yeah sure. I, uh-" the phone sparked. Max had to pull it away to keep from hurting his ear. Just then he heard a yelp from his twin sister. He turned around while running and gasp when he saw two guys who were with Butch. They both grabbed Maxine's both shoulders, "Who's headed fer a fall now, heroes?" The guy from the right mocked. Maxine wormed out of the guys' grasps and stopped herself on the concrete and Max stopped running. The other two, however, weren't as lucky as Maxine. They ended up falling down the steps, screaming as one skidded and fell and the other got launched into the dumpster.

Max quickly went to his twin sister's side and check if she's okay, "Are you okay, sis?" He asked, "I'm fine," she replied which made Max relief. Then Maxine turned around and saw Butch catching up. Max grabbed his twin sister's wrist and run to the other alleyway. A fence came into view. Again, their eyes glow. Max jumped and soared over the fence while his twin sister, Maxine just breakthrough of it. Butch tries to go through the hole that Maxine broke through but his shirt gets caught and he falls off of his bike. Max was practically flying through the air, "Whoa…" He muttered. Max looked down to see his twin sister still running on foot. Then he looked up, he was heading straight for a brick building!

Max shrieked as he crashed through the window, shards of glass spreading all over the room. He, himself, tumbled through the room, knocking into barrels, boxes, and more barrels. He slid on the floor, hardly conscious of his surroundings. Max knew he was sprawled out on the floor. He started worry about where his twin sister is. Max was about to get up but when he heard a wall being broke though by someone, Maxine fell on top of her twin brother when he tried to get up. "What's… happening to… us?" Max muttered before he blacked out along with his twin sister. But they aren't aware when Butch and his buddies coming up the stairwell.

One hour later. Butch and his two friends are walking up the stairs. They see Maxine piled on top of Max and she starts to groan placing her hand on her head and Max starts to wake up. They both see Butch and his friends about to pound them when suddenly their eyes start glowing blue, they both jump up causing Butch and his gang to be pushed back. Butch tries to punch Max but he dodges pushed Butch, one of Butch's friends tried to attack but Max just flips over the first guy that was about to tackle him and Maxine throws him over her head. Butch tries to attack again but gets pushed back down this time sliding into the barrels."Strike!" Maxine yells as Butch knocks over all the barrels. Butch's buddies charge at the McGrath twins but they both jump in the air at the same time causing the two to slam into each other, Max and Maxine land onto the ground safely. "Let's get out of here!" Shouts Butch to his friends after recovering and they run for the stairs. "That was awesome!" Both the McGrath twins said, "We're awesome?" They looked at their hands as they started to glow blue and the twins could feel the inside of their bodies as the surge of energy is getting stronger. "What is happening to us?!" The McGrath twins yelled in panic as their bodies released a massive wave of blue energy which cause to destroy the whole entire building they were in.

In Dredd's Base. On one of holo-screens, a blue signal popped up, making the T.H.I.'s agents snap his head up, "Sir! We just recorded a massive surge of Turbo energy!" He informed, "There is no Turbo energy on this planet. Except for the boss and he's almost toast…" Mr. Naught walked over where the agent was standing. "Largest Turbo energy surge recorded. In this city!"

Mr. Naught pushed him out of the way to see what was going on. The agent was right. A Turbo signal was right there on the screen. "Well don't you stand there jabbering! Sound the alarms, release the hounds! Do whatever it is you do and bring me that source of Turbo energy!" Mr. Naught N-Tek Base, the McGrath twins groggily as they regained their consciousness. Open their eyes with a groan. They see Kat, Berto, and Jefferson. "They're waking up, call Forge." Kat said to Jefferson, Kat looks at Max and Maxine carefully while Berto just smiles at them, "Give us a minute," said Ferrus as he enters the room, "Uncle Ferrus? What are you doing here," asked Max as he got up, "And what's with the weird armor you're wearing?" Maxine asked as she got up, "Where are we?" Max asked, "Welcome to N-Tek," said Forge with a smile, "Uncle Ferrus, what's happening to us?" Maxine asked as she looked down, "Come with me kids. I'll explain." Said the twins' uncle.

In T.H.I. Tower, "Sir! I have some incredible news!" Mr. Naught said to Dredd, "Tell me you found an Ultra-Link!" Dredd said, "Even better! We detected a massive surge of Turbo energy! Point of origin: Copper Canyon." Mr. Naught said, Dredd replies with, "Mr. Naught, suspend all Ultra-link capture operations immediately. We're going to hunt down this new Turbo source, and I know just the hunter to do it." The screen then cuts out.

In Dredd's private quarters, Dredd walked through one of the rooms is his lab of sorts and up to a platform where he contacts most of his colleagues/rivals. A screen popped up and he pressed one of the buttons. The screen turned off. On the platform in front of him, a large holograph of a Fire Elementor popped up. "YOU?!" The Fire Elementor exclaimed in anger, "I told you if you ever to contact us again I would-!"

"Yes, yes, hurting, breaking, maiming, I remember," Dredd interrupted, "I have an assignment mutually beneficial to both of us, Elementor." The Fire Elementor got close up in Dredd's face, "I'm… listening."