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In Naught's Private office. Molly is holding a black tablet as she scrolls to get some information. Until Mr. Naught's chair rises from underground, "Something, I can help you with?" Mr. Naught asked, folding his hands into a triangular position, Molly noticing that she wasn't alone in the room stood up straight in surprise when she heard his voice, "Oh! Mr. Naught I thought you were gone for the night. I was told to place these reports on your desk," Molly said putting the black tablet on the desk, "This is my private office," Mr. Naught said angrily, "I'm sorry, sir it is my first day on the job. It won't happen again." Molly said as she walks out of the office. Molly then lets out her breath in relief once she is out of the room.

Back at N-Tek Base. Two scientist were working on fixing the Jump Jet that Jefferson, Berto, and Kat took. While on the lower levels Max and Maxine were walking down the halls with their uncle Ferrus. "Your father and aunt they both started all this," Forge said, "You worked with our dad?" Max asked, "And Aunt Jun," Maxine asked, following up the question. "We founded N-Tek. Well, us and Miles, Miles Dredd. He also passed," Forge said, answering the question the twins had for now.

They continue walking until they reach the air base where only one jet is standing, "Wow. Whoa." Both twins muttered in awe, "Wow… This is crazy. I… I have no idea," Max said stuttering, "Stop stuttering bro," Maxine said, "N-Tek is a secret organization. We work towards solving the big problems: global warming, alternative fuel sources." Forge said, listing off the thing that N-Tek does. "So, what's the awesome tank for?" Max asked, looking at the tank "And the cool jet," Maxine asked point at the green and white jet. "Come on you two. There's something I think you want to see." Forge said, they started walking to a different direction. Leading them into an empty room. There weren't any busily working agents, or loud people scampering about. There was, however, two holographic shrines of someone Max and Maxine found very familiar. "Dad? Aunt Jun?" Max and Maxine mumbled.

"Your father was an amazing man and your aunt was a great friend," Forge said with a sad tone in his voice when he mention the twins' aunt, "They had discovered one of the rarest, most powerful types of energy in the universe: Tachyon Unlimited Radiant Bio-Optimized Energy. Turbo energy for short. But there was an accident. All your father and aunt's work was destroyed… along with your father, aunt, and Miles Dredd." Forge brought the twins around to where a deactivated two Ultra-Link were put on display, "These was the last things your father and aunt were working on before the end."

"Huh, what is it?" Max asked, "Yeah, and why is the one on the right smaller?" Maxine asked, "I'm glad you asked. While your father was working on the raw strength and power of Turbo energy, Jun was working on the potential speed of it, so their design were bound to be different. As what they are now they're nothing not anymore." Forge said sadly as he started walking again. The McGrath twins followed him, casting a glance at the two Ultra-Links. They kind of felt drawn to them. They weren't sure how to explain but they felt like they had something to do with them. But they walked away from them anyway. However, when they weren't looking, the two Ultra-Links glowed and blinked. "So this Turbo energy our dad and aunt were working on. That's why we're frizzing things out and blowing ourselves up?" Max asked to his uncle while they were talking down another hallway, "And don't forget the busting through walls and the high jumps," Maxine added, "We were exposed to these stuffs?" Max continued, ignoring his sister, "Now it seems you two are generating these stuffs. We've been watching you two for a long time, wondering what would happen," Ferrus said.

Then a massive door opened before them. "And you can help us?" Max asked as he and his sister went into the room. "We can definitely help." Forge said as he walked a different way Up to the observation room. The door closed behind the twins, startling them a bit. And after all that's happened, they thought they wouldn't be so easily scared. They walked across one of holographic bridges, leading to a platform in the center of the room. "What is this place?" Max asked, "And why three bridges if only one leads to the way out?" Maxine asked pointing the flaw out in the process, "This is the Turbo Chamber kids," Forge's voice rang out from the speaker.

They looked behind them to see their uncle and Berto separated from them by glass. Forge and Berto were hunched over controls, though Forge looked at them every now and then. "It'll keep your Turbo power levels under control." He gave a slight nod to Berto. The holographic bridges suddenly vanished and they opened up to reveal six power absorbents, "Wait so now we're your prisoners," Max asked, "And if so I demand my one phone call!" Maxine exclaimed, "Right now this is the only way to keep you and everyone else around you safe," Forge said, he nods to Berto as he start the process. One of the absorbents start sucking up Max's energy, "Max!" Maxine exclaimed in worry as she reaches for her brother when suddenly another absorbent starts sucking her Turbo energy restraint her in the process. It isn't long before all six absorbents are on the twins, three for each. As the twins struggle their eyes start to glow blue again.

But it wasn't enough to get them out of this situation. The two Ultra-Links, not too far from the Turbo Chamber where the twins were in, started glowing again and this time, levitated in the air. The McGrath twins started breathing heavily. Their powers were getting stronger now. The two Ultra-Links started spinning rapidly. Max and Maxine were generating so much Turbo energy their bodies starting to glow light and dark blue all around and meted a Turbo pulse weakening the Turbo absorbents' restraints, shattering the glass where Forge and Berto were looking through slamming them into the wall behind them, they look to each other in shocked. Max and Maxine's Turbo energy was so strong that it ripped one of the absorbents right off throwing it toward the twins. "Whoa!" Max exclaimed as he and his twin sister ducked down the incoming absorbent, "The chamber is great and all uncle Ferrus," Maxine said, "But I think it is time for us to go!" Max said, his own Turbo energy surrounding him, jumped onto the platform that had the huge door while Maxine decided to help him by throwing energy balls at the huge door.

Max starts punching on the huge door while Maxine kept throwing her energy balls, "They're going critical!" Berto shouted in panic when he looks at the readings, "Route all auxiliary power to the containment filed," Forge commanded, "It's no good! They're too powerful," Exclaimed Berto, the two Ultra-Links started spinning even faster now and soon, they had broken free from their mini cells. They zoomed to the Turbo Chamber where the twins were in. At the same time, the McGrath twins burst open the huge door and revealed the two speeding Ultra-Links. The twins yelp, Max grabbed his twin sister into a hug as the two Ultra-Links stopped right in front of them.

"Humans," they both said in the same time, "You are about to overload," the McGrath twins looked each other in surprise. "Steel? Gear?" Forge said, disbelievingly. "That's not possible!" The twins started panting. They felt the some kind of explosion coming on, but at the same time, they knew it wouldn't do any damage, "What's happening to us?" The two Ultra-Links started rotating wildly in front of Max and Maxine. Then they felt something explode, but everything was just about the same. Except for where the two Ultra-Links were."Humans," the two robot-things said carefully as they slowly floated towards the twins. The two Ultra-Links' bodies are shape like a droplet. The first Ultra-Link has bright blue optic eye while the other Ultra-Link has dark blue optic eye. The McGrath twins looked at them and they could barely see their different appearances because the other one is smaller than the other Ultra-Link and looked so identical. "If you're agreeable, our matrix can halt your Turbo detonation, and together we can flee," said the smaller Ultra-Link, its voice sounded like a girl. "Okay, so…" Max took a deep breath to calm himself. This was all so crazy, "So you're saying you can stop us from blowing up and get us outta here?"

"Did I not just say that?" The second Ultra-Link asked, its voice sounded like a boy. Max noted there was a hint of deadpan in his voice, "What do we have to do?" Maxine asked as the twin Ultra-Links flew in front of the McGrath twins, "Just sit back and leave the driving to N'Baro Atksteel X377," it said, "And N'Baro Atkgear Y378," his female Ultra-Link twin added. The McGrath twins can't pronounce their names properly which made the twin Ultra-Links sighed, "Just call us Steel and Gear, yeah?"

"This is crazy!" The McGrath twins said, "Crazy? You ain't seen nothing yet!" With that Steel and Gear moved into stiff position where their arms were sticking out and bent at joints. Unexpectedly, the twin Ultra-Links slammed onto the McGrath twins' chests. Something forming around their bodies and then everything stopped. There was no pain, no explosions, just silence. Max and Maxine clenched their fists to make sure they could feel their hands. Though there was something strange, something that both Max and Maxine couldn't figure out just by touch. They blinked a few times to clear their visions, since they had been squeezing their eyes shut just a moment ago. They were still in the Turbo Chamber and nothing was destroyed. They looked at themselves.

They were wearing a full-body suits. Max's was mostly white and gray in the front with light blue patterns. The light blue patterns were glowing slightly, like it was showing the Turbo energy coursing through him. Maxine's similar to her twin brother but except the dark blue patterns. "We feel… amazing," both twin muttered. Then something hit them. They were supposed to go to school in this? How were they going to be able to take them off?

"Stop them!" Forge ordered as a mass of N-Tek agents run to the Turbo Chamber where Max, Maxine, Steel, and Gear were in. "But don't hurt them!" The McGrath twins looked at the entrance to see charging agents. Max instantly moved his twin sister behind protectively when a voice rang in his head, "Initiating protocol counter measures in three…"

"Whoa, whoa! Are you inside my head?!" Max exclaimed, "Two…" Steel went on, "Uh, Steel?" Max started to panic now, "One!" Instantly, Max felt like he wasn't control his own body. He was suddenly flying through the air, his fist brought back, ready to punch. Max hit one of the agents while Maxine went into the vents since Gear is controlling her body. "Hey! How are you controlling me?!" Maxine exclaimed. Max was able knock out all the agents well… he did knock his uncle but sending him few punches and kicks. Max did quickly apologized him before he took off. Max reaches the N-Tek's motorcycles and hears a noise from above and looks up, "What is that?" Max asked as Maxine suddenly drop down from the vent and scream. She landed on one of the motorcycles. Maxine looks up to see her brother. "Hey bro," she said woozily.

Gear takes control of her again and makes her turn around and take control of the bike. Then suddenly a helmet formed over Maxine's head, "Cool helmet," Max said, right before Maxine took off on the bike. Max looked to another bike and hopped on. Then a helmet formed over his head, "Okay, the helmet's a nice touch," he said until he realized something, "Wait, I can't drive this thing!" Max said, "You are not driving," Steel's voice spoked Max's head and started the motorcycle following Max's sister. "Deactivate holo-bridge alpha-bravo 9!" Forge commanded, the holographic bridge then starts to dissipate.

Max reaches to the side of his sister and does a salute and Maxine just shakes her head at her brother antics. Steel and Gear maneuvered the bikes onto the slanted wing of the jet. They flew over the gap and skidded on the ground when they landed two N-Tek agents stopped in front of them. The McGrath twins somehow knew what Steel and Gear were about to do, "We're really sorry about this!" Max shouted before he bike trips the N-Tek agents while Max's bike trips them, Maxine makes her bike jump over Max's getting ahead of them. They make it out and when they do the hologram that was sealing the base's entrance became undone.

Max and Maxine's bikes start sparking with Turbo energy. "Our Turbo energy's affecting the bike!" Max exclaimed in panic as he turns he handles to the right. "It's out of control!" Max yelled as the bike takes a sudden turn right jumping one of the canyon walls, "Max!" Maxine yelled in worried, "Uh, I suggest we worry about ourselves at the moment," Gear said, "And why is that?" Maxine asked, confused.

Maxine then sees the gorge that they are about to fall down, "Oh, crud!" She shouted before she plummets down the gorge screaming. The bike's parachute then deploys. "Really you couldn't tell me the bike comes with a parachute?" Maxine said to Gear, "What is your designation female?" Gear asked, "Oh! My name? I'm Maxine. Maxine McGrath. And what are you?" Answers Maxine. "I am a techno-organic Y378 Omega Class Bio-Parasitic Ultra-Link Warrior. My matrix is powered by Turbo energy. You have reactivated me," Gear explained to Maxine, "Oh that sounded cool," Maxine said.

Meanwhile with Max and Steel, "Maxine!" Max exclaimed in worry, after he jumped the canyon wall, "We have to help her. She could be hurt!" Max said, worried about his sister. Steel then comes off from his chest, "Don't worry about it I am sure your sibling is fine," Steel said, "Oh yeah? How do you know you, microwave oven?" Max asked, trying to insult Steel, "She's Ultra-Linked. Me and Gear are designed to absorb and control our host's energy, once an Ultra-Link is bonded with its host the connection is unbreakable," Steel said, explaining the situation, "Unbreakable? Wait doesn't that mean I am stuck with you until the rest of my life?" Max asked, "No, I am stuck with you until the rest of my life," Steel answered, "Ugh, this is totally stinks." Max muttered, then the bike he was on suddenly exploded sending him far back. "I think I hate you!" Max shouted at Steel.

With Maxine and Gear, after their bike lands onto the safe ground, "So now what? Should we just wait here?" Maxine asked while she sits down on the dirt ground, "Incorrect. This is no time for rest," Gear said as Maxine looked up, "Up!" Gear raised her arms and suddenly Maxine was on her feet. "Hey!" Maxine exclaimed indignantly. Gear shushed her. She swept one of her arms across, revealing a bunch of holographic panels. "Running complete diagnostic of core matrix functionality." Gear said as she tapped the tips of her arms together as she stared at Maxine, thinking. She started moving her arms around, making Maxine do tricks. She stood on one hand, did a disco pose, stood tall and straight, and then flung over Gear. Maxine slid on the ground, "Everything seems to check out… except… damage to my memory core," Gear said, Maxine then lifted her head up with her eyes glowing blue, "But I don't remember how…" Gear said, before she is grabbed by her arm.

"Listen to me you tin trash can," Maxine began, "Maxine McGrath is nobody's space puppet," Maxine then notices that Gear is glowing blue and starts shaking, "Hey, what are you doing," Maxine asked, "I am not doing anything!" Gear shouted, "Your energy output is overloading my Turbo dampeners!" She exclaimed and starting to spark. "Well, make it stop!" Maxine exclaimed, Gear's optic narrowed, "Detonation in three…" Gear starts, "Oh no, no, no-do not start counting down again!" Maxine exclaimed, "…two…" Gear went on, "Uh, what should I do?!" Maxine shouted in panic, holding Gear away from her face.

"… one… Throw me!" Gear's voice risen and even Maxine could hear the panic in her voice, "What?" Maxine said, confused. "Throw me now!" Gear yelled, Maxine does so but throws Gear sloppily causing her to come into a collision with a rock tower causing it to explode with blue waves coming out. Gear then falls down onto a few boulders before finally hitting the ground and a medium sized rock fell on top of her. "Gear!" Maxine yells, before she run over to where Gear was being crushed by the rock, and pulled it off of her. Gear was sparking off every joint she had in her arms and her optic was changing between emoticons. "You okay buddy?" Maxine asked and tossed the rock away. Gear grunted as she pushed herself off the ground. "Apparently, Maxine, we make a painfully explosive combination," Gear glitched and flopped on the ground again.

"That was pretty awesome. Hmm, I wonder what else you can do, I mean we, us?" Maxine asked, wondering for the right words, "My technological alchemy combined with your turbo powers. Probably a great deal." Gear said, "Let's find out. Um… Go Turbo?" Maxine cried out. Gear did her little formation and slammed onto Maxine's chest again. The suit did the thing, but Maxine didn't feel anything change.

"Hmm. I don't feel any different," Maxine said, looking at her hands, "Go Turbo? Really?" Gear repeated, "I don't know I thought it would be cool kinda like a catch phrase or something like a superhero? You know up, up, and away?" Maxine said as she strike a Supergirl pose, "Let's try that again," Gear responds, "Go Turbo!" Maxine shouted. She felt the suit trying to something as the whole matrix thing formed an energy shield around her.

Unbeknownst to Maxine and Gear, the Fire Elementor stood on top of the cliff, a fireball forming in his huge-claw hand. The suit pieced back together and Maxine felt a strong heat on her feet, "Gah! We're on fire!" Maxine exclaimed as she clapped the fire out, "Okay, what'd you do this time?" Maxine asked, "It wasn't me!" Gear cried in an innocent voice. "Then who set us on fire?" Maxine asked, looking at Gear.

"It. Was. Me!" A raspy voice from rang out above them. Maxine looked up, and nearly fell over. What she saw, was pretty much terrifying. The Fire Elementor growled loudly at her. "I never thought I'd hear myself ask this question, but: is that a fire monster heading toward us?" Maxine asked as she back away from Fire Elementor, "Affirmative," said Gear, "Don't suppose you can whip us up a fire extinguisher?" Maxine asked, "Negative. Look out!" Gear yelled before Maxine lifted her head up to see Fire Elementor about to hit them with a fireball from his claws. Fire Elementor throws the fireball but Maxine jumps out of the way.

"Come with me, or meet your end!" Fire Elementor roared, "You know what I am not having such a good day so thanks but no thanks," Maxine said, "So be it." Fire Elementor before creating a ring of fire around Maxine. "Woah. Can we take him?" Maxine asked, "Hmm. Insufficient data." Gear said, Fire Elementor barges through his own flames swiping at Maxine but she just jumps over him using his back like a spring board to help her flip over. "Uh, Maxine. Your hands!" Gear exclaimed, Maxine looks at her hand to see that they were on fire after touch Fire Elementor's back she shakes her hands to get rid of the fire. Fire Elementor then appears and punches Maxine knocking her down on her back close to falling off into another canyon. "Okay this isn't working." Maxine said, dodging another fireball, "Clearly," Gear stated, "What if I throw you again?" Maxine asked getting an idea, "Let's not and say we did," Gear said, "What we need is more power." Maxine replied with, "That I can do."

"Hold on… scanning for modes. Ah! Try this on for size!" Gear yelled, finding the right mode, "Go Turbo! Strength!" Maxine yelled as the suit lit up and the matrix started forming the mode. It pieced together and when it stopped, Maxine was completely amazed. "Woah, look at me!" Maxine exclaimed, "This is Defense protocol X795," Gear said, "Okay, Turbo Strength Mode it is!" Maxine bent back to avoid the fireball that was about to hit her, "You are Ultra-Link?" Fire Elementor asked before he charge toward Maxine, "No matter." Fire Elementor then swung his huge fire arm at Maxine but she just grabbed his arm and flipped him over her shoulder making Fire Elementor land on his back.

Maxine then jumped up in the air and punched down to where Fire Elementor is but he turned into a flames and materialized from behind Maxine and slammed his fist on Maxine but she grabbed his hand and was pushing back along with Fire Elementor. "Yes make this interesting for me." Fire Elementor said, pushing Maxine back, "Surface temperature rising rapidly! We need more power!" Gear shouted, "Shall I turn up the heat?!" Fire Elementor roared, Maxine let go and moves back a little bit with her armor on fire, Fire Elementor takes the opportunity and hits Maxine with a fireball, knocking Maxine down on her back.

"You can blast me all you want, you pyromaniac! The suit's fireproof!" Maxine shouted as she stood up to her feet, "And air condition!" Gear added, "Oh really? Do you think you can add a fragrance to it?" Maxine asked, "What does that even mean?" Fire Elementor asked, confused, "Anyway, I guess I'll have to rip you out of your shell," he said charging towards her. Maxine then charged intending to hit Elementor but Fire Elementor grabs her and throws her to the canyon wall. "Core system offline." Gear said before Maxine's suit turned back to normal.

Fire Elementor then grabs her by her legs and slams her into the ground. "I will crack you!" Fire Elementor roared, after throwing Maxine into the canyon wall again. Fire Elementor then grabs Maxine again, "I will-!" The Fire Elementor roared but is interrupted by the phrase "GO TURBO STRENGTH!" and a fist to the face. Fire Elementor drops Maxine and takes a few steps back, Max then lands on the ground in his Turbo Strength Mode and runs to his sister as his Strength Mode wears off.

"Maxine!" Max exclaimed as he lifts his sister's head to check if she's alright. But not notice the Fire Elementor behind him. Fire Elementor then grabs them both and says, "Two Turbo users. Dredd will like this, but time for a little payback!" Fire Elementor then slams both of them into the ground and twirls them around but he lost his grip as the twins slipped out and send them flying, "Oops…"

Maxine and Max are both falling in midair, screaming. After the Fire Elementor let them go, "I don't suppose these suits have a built in parachute?!" Max yelled in panic, "That's a negative," Steel said, "Hey, good thing the bike had one though," Maxine said, "Lucky you!" Max shouted, glancing back at the ground every now and then.