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Maxine was still falling down fast with Steel catching up to her when she hit the side of the building bouncing on her back before flipping to catch on the side of the building. N-Tek's R.O.C.C. tank was near Maxine's position when she suddenly lost her grip falling to the ground, but Steel grabbed her hand and landed safely on the ground. "Maxine!" Molly and Max shouted before tackling Maxine in a hug, "Mom, Max." Maxine was relieved hugging her family back, but their time was cut short when Steel slammed into Max's chest taking a very deep breath.

"Sorry I interrupted your family reunion but I needed power," Steel said, before Max could start an argument with his Ultra-Link Maxine remember that Gear was in the hands of Dredd, "Guys, Dredd has Gear," Maxine said, expecting shocked faces when she mention Dredd's name but all she got were all-knowing faces, "We know." Forge stated, "How did you-" Maxine tried to ask, "We don't know exactly but we think it is your twin bond with Max." Forge answered. In Dredd tower, Dredd was laughing while holding Gear, "I thought you would be less jovial," Gear said letting out a grunt, "With your plans being foiled and all."

"For an amazingly suffocated automaton, you're not very bright." Dredd said, "The girl has given me enough Turbo energy to last me a good long while. And as for you... well let's just say I have made some serious plans." Gear then yelled "How do you like this plan!" Before trying to shoot at Dredd's face but he just tilted her so she would only fire upwards. Dredd then started sucking up almost all of Gear's Turbo energy shutting her down for a moment, "Plans however do not require you to be conscious," Dredd said typing a few keys on his computer. "Mr. Dredd to what do I owe this extreme pleasure." Mr. Naught said coming in from the hologram, "And may I say you look fit and-" He was interrupted by Dredd, "Mr. Naught change in plans. I have gotten a replacement component for our original plan." Mr. Naught then gained a smile, "Splendid sir, I will reenacted our pervious operation as soon as possible." Mr. Naught said, "Destiny waits for no man, now Mr. Naught, NOW!" Dredd said in a commanding tone before slamming his fist on the keys cutting Mr. Naught off.

Sam, Sydney, and Kirby were talking about weekend plans, when suddenly the symbol on the T.H.I building opened up spreading out revealing an obelisk of sorts. "Uh, Commander," Jefferson said, "What?" Forge replied, he then saw the top of the tower, "Ah, crud." Saying his catch phrase. "We are done being saddle." Forge said walking into the R.O.C.C. tank, "Kat scramble the troops." Kat replied with, "Right away commander," another screen then appeared next to Kat revealing Berto, "On my way too commander." Berto said, "No, you're not Martinez. Stay and analyze." Forge ordered, "Ah, man." Berto whined.

The obelisk on top of the T.H.I building started spinning and the panels around it started shooting a reddish orange beam straight at the center of it, giving the looks of a red electric tornado. The Copper Canyon citizen look at the building with terror on their faces. Suddenly beams burst out from the red tornado ensnaring the citizens one by one. Meanwhile Max and Maxine viewed the chaos that was on the streets.

"We have to get out there and help." Max said looking at Forge, "We need to find Gear," Maxine continued facing her brother, "We will," Forge assured them, "But we need to know what we're dealing with."

"I have it boss." Berto said, "But you're not gonna like it," He then skated to other computer and typed in a few keys to pull up a figure with lines around it, "The device seems to be an Ultra-Link energy based catalyst, it's triggering this reaction with the body that contains a tiny fraction of turbo energy." Berto explained, "Why aren't we affected?" Forge asked, "Because all of our gear is N-Tek issue." Berto said sliding over the T.H.I tower hologram. "The device only affects people who use T.H.I. devices; phone, watch, music player. That's what attracting the tendrils of energy, Dredd must have been perfecting this for years."

"So, Dredd is going to squeeze the life out of every person that lives in Copper Canyon, just to get his next Turbo energy fix." Forge concluded, "With your friend Gear making it all possible." Berto finished point to the screen behind him. Three N-Tek jets flew around T.H.I. tower with multiple R.O.C.C. tanks following. In the R.O.C.C. tank Kat was driving multiple N-Tek agents were gearing up for the fight with a C.Y.T.R.O. with them. The obelisk on top of the tower took three more citizens in an alleyway before snatching up Sam, Sydney, and Kirby.

Forge was handing out standard N-Tek blaster to everyone that was in the tank passing one to Molly and to Jefferson. Molly, Max, and Maxine then ran to the entrance of the T.H.I. building where Jefferson and Kat were waiting. Six N-Tek agents came up to support the team. Mr. Naught saw it all from the camera and scowled at the video, he then pressed a button that sealed off all entrances to the tower. Back at Dredd's lab, "Ugh, is that you sweetie?" Gear says in a daze with red energy surrounding her arms. Dredd then walks passed her, "Oh. It's you, yuck," Gear said. Dredd then entered a chamber and put his hands on the ciphers to absorb the Turbo energy the obelisk has required. His body then starts to go another transformation becoming even bigger and redder. The tendrils start catching more of the citizens to give their Turbo energy to the cipher.

Forge signaled two troops to set up explosives when they blew up the entrance, Forge then signaled the remaining troops into the building. Turrets came from the wall and shot one of the agents to Forge's left knocking him unconscious, "NO!" Forge shouted running forward before shooting the turret that shot the agent, he then rolled dodging another blaster fire before destroying it. Jefferson and the other troops then running in destroying a few more turrets, while Max and Maxine ran up a wall grabbing each other hands before twirling taking down a turret and throwing Maxine through three. Forge looked around for anymore turrets and he only found one but then there were none after he shot it.

"Release the hounds!" Mr. Naught said pressing another button. The group of Dreddnaughts walked forward until they spotted them. The Dreddnaughts just kept marching with four lines of them, they raised their blaster hands and opened fire on the group, "Sir. It appears we have guests. Visitors from N-Tek." Mr. Naught informed, "Deal with it." Dredd said in an uncaring tone, "And see to it that I am not disturbed. You're harassing my mellow."

"Did someone say marshmallow?" Gear said woozily, back at the low level. The Dreddnaughts were slowly progressing to the N-Tek agents, they had pin down by Forge with five other N-Tek agents. He signaled two of them to advance which they both did. The female N-Tek agent sprinted towards the Dreddnaughts before jumping behind a couch, firing at the Dreddnaughts destroying one of them. Forge then signaled Kat and Jefferson to advance and they did. They ran towards the Dreddnaughts with Kat sliding on her hip before opening fire upon them while Jefferson charge straight in shooting one before knock two down and blowing them up. Kat then ran towards Jefferson, where he hand his hands open and she jumped on them giving her a boost up onto a ledge.

She manage to destroy one before the robots opened fire on her, so she had to keep running in order to not be shot. She was running of ledge so she jumped and shot a Dreddnaught robot that she was gonna land on. Forge seeing an opening for his troops charge in with others following destroying two Dreddnaught robots before activating his jetpack dropping his gun in the process. He then pulled out his laser knife and chopped off one of the Dreddnaughts' arms and land. One of the Dreddnaughts swung its arm at him but Forge dodged before cutting it in half, one Dreddnaught robot then fired at the remain forces after grabbing his laser knife and slid on the floor pulling out two explosives, placed them onto the Dreddnaughts' legs, and blowing them up. A few Dreddnaughts were surrounding Max, Maxine, and Molly but they were prevailing. Max then saw where the robots were coming from. He then puts his hand on his sister's shoulder before pointing at the elevator.

"That's our ticket to ride." Max said before letting go of his sister and started running with his twin sister following. Molly then bicycle kicked one of the Dreddnaught robots. Maxine got ahead of her brother and charged punching one Dreddnaught down, knocking another with her feet before jumping down on another robot. When she looked up she saw the barrel of the blaster of the Dreddnaught. Maxine then grunted before punching the blaster creating a Turbo energy surge knocking her and her brother back but not the Dreddnaught. Molly then ran towards her kids before jumping on the Dreddnaught and fired a blast straight to its face.

"We have to save Gear," Max said, Molly then shot another Dreddnaught that was approaching Max and Maxine from the behind, "All together we may be able to stop all this," Maxine continued. "Go. I'll cover for you," Molly said. Max and Maxine then tore through the Dreddnaughts that were in their way before hearing their mother scream. They turned around to see Molly being overwhelmed by the Dreddnaughts, "MOM!" The McGrath twins shouted, Maxine was about to charge in but her brother grabbed her shoulder. "I'll go! I'll save mom and you save Gear." Max said, "Are you sure?" Maxine asked worried, "I'll be fine. Just go," Max said as his twin sister nodded her head, before running for the elevator. Max turned looking at the Dreddnaught robots glaring, "GO Turbo! Strength!" He shouted as his Base suit transformed into Turbo Strength Mode.

Maxine's elevator was going up to Dredd level until it stopped and another one appeared with Mr. Naught on it. "Ah, company delightful," Mr. Naught said in an innocent tone. Maxine just glared at him, "Shall I get you anything? Would you like to use the executive washroom?" He said in a creepy tone, "Does everyone that work here," Maxine said putting her hand to her head, "A screw loose." Mr. Naught then corrected her, "I assure you that I am as sounded bodied as you are, better infect." He then jumped to Maxine's platform, "We don't call it Trans Human Industries for nothing. Allow me to demonstrate." Mr. Naught's body then began to expand and become a metallic humanoid robot, "Oh boy…" Maxine muttered.

"Did you really think it was going to be this easy?" Mr. Naught asked as he threw a punch at Maxine but she caught it. Turbo energy then built up in Mr. Naught's hand before it blew him back into his platform's hole, "In all honesty, YES!" Maxine shouted making sure Mr. Naught heard her. Back in the under level. Max was fighting off few Dreddnaughts. He looked towards the elevator where his sister took, "Hope you're okay, sis." He muttered, hoping his twin sister will be okay.

Forge and the others have just dispatched all of the Dreddnaughts and were running to aid Maxine, when suddenly the ground beneath them broke apart knocking Max's Turbo Strength Mode off. Earth Elementor emerged from the hole with a roar with Fire Elementor following with a burst of flame scattering a few N-Tek troops. Fire Elementor then threw a fireball at Forge and Jefferson who jumped behind the couch for protection. Earth Elementor then slammed his claw into the ground creating a wave of rocks knocking Max back and causing Molly to jump away. Forge and Jefferson then opened fire on Fire Elementor but he just turned into flames and appeared right in front of them both where he was about to crush them. Suddenly a missile came forth and knocked Fire Elementor back into the wall. Two more missiles then fired at Earth Elementor and the one who shot the missiles were revealed to be C.Y.T.R.O. "I may have to stay," Berto said controlling C.Y.T.R.O. with a holographic gauntlet version of C.Y.T.R.O.'s arm. "But I am still gonna play."

Fire and Earth Elementor recovered from the explosion but once again being shot at by everyone, "Sick 'em." Forge ordered Berto, "Yes, sir." Berto replied as the C.Y.T.R.O. then ran before activating its jet pack and pulling out missiles which fired at Fire and Earth Elementors who were back to back at the time creating an explosion of green. "There is hope for that boy yet." Forge stated being proud of Berto accomplishment before running.

Back at Dredd's lab, the obelisk on top of the tower was drawing even more Turbo energy and Dredd was getting stronger, "Gear." Maxine whispered loudly, "Maxine? Didn't I recently risk my life getting you out of here?" Gear replied, "Well now were even," Maxine replied. She then reached for Gear but before her hand could try to touch her, a shield appeared in glowing blue, "It's shielded," Maxine concluded, "Nice work detective," Gear said sarcastically rolling her eye, "I can't just leave you here you know that," Maxine retorted. "Oh I hope you do." Dredd said, interrupting Maxine and Gear's argument. Dredd grabbed Maxine by her shoulders and threw her across the room. Maxine groggily tried to get up while Dredd approached, "Did you miss me?" Dredd asked rhetorically before punching Maxine in the face.

Both of the Elementors were taking on Max and C.Y.T.R.O. but they were faltering. It got worse when Berto loss connection with C.Y.T.R.O. and Max losing his Turbo Strength Mode again. C.Y.T.R.O. slid across the floor while Max was thrown across the hall. Forge manage to stop C.Y.T.R.O. from knocking him down but Earth Elementor did it instead. Max then got up as everyone started shooting at the Fire Elementor who then created a fire wall block most the group. Forge tried to reach his blaster as Earth Elementor was about to punch him. Forge tried to bend back the toe of the Earth Elementor to buy him some time but it didn't work. Max, in his Turbo Flight Mode, came bursting in slamming his fist right onto the orb of the Earth Elementor's forehead knocking him back. Forge then had an idea, "Aim for the orbs on their foreheads that's their weak spots," He stated as Max landed beside him. Kat then ran up the rumble of the flooring area while the others charged at Earth Elementor holding his forehead. Forge ran towards Earth Elementor and jumped on C.Y.T.R.O. then slamming his fist the Earth Elementor's orb. Kat was running on the ledge firing at Fire Elementor. Fire Elementor getting annoyed tried to jump Kat but she fired directly at Fire Elementor's orb knocking him down along with Earth Elementor in the hole. Forge then dropped a grenade down the hole before saying, "Let's move out." And the explosive was heard from the hole where the Elementors have fell in.

The obelisk was still taking energy from the citizens as Dredd and Maxine were fighting. Dredd kicked her against the wall where she bounced off but he punched her back into it. Maxine slumped against the wall as Dredd was about to through the final punch. "Max-" Gear started, but Maxine saw what she was getting to and said, "I'm on it." Dredd then kicked to where Maxine was but she just dodged and rolled to the lever that was containing Gear and switched it off it also free the citizens. "Okay, Miles, you can dish, but let's see if you can take it." Maxine said taking Gear off the pedestal and holding her in front of her, firing a beam of Turbo energy at Dredd, "Oh, I can take," Dredd said absorbing the direct hit, "I CAN TAKE IT ALL!"

"Anymore brilliant ideas." Gear said sarcastically. "Protocol X795," Maxine retorted smugly, "Worth a shot." Gear said before slamming into Maxine's chest. "Go Turbo! Strength," Maxine with a burst of dark blue Turbo energy around as her Base suit transformed into Turbo Strength Mode. Maxine threw a punch to which Dredd caught it. "HAHAHA," Dredd laughed, "Whatever you do, only feeds me, and makes me more powerful," Maxine tried to punch with her other hand but Dredd caught that one too, "I drain you to a husk," Dredd continued, "I'll take everything you have."

"Then I will just have to make more," Maxine stated, "Much more!" Maxine's suit was then surrounded by mist of the Turbo energy. She then threw Dredd over her shoulder. Dredd landed swiftly on his feet before firing a red Turbo energy at Maxine. She was pushed back by a few feet but she stood her ground, "Neat trick." Maxine started, "Here's mine."

Maxine then started collecting Turbo energy in her hands creating two balls before throwing both of them at Dredd. Dredd looked at them in surprise before scowling and absorbing the Turbo energy balls and throwing his own version of them at Maxine's feet causing an explosion blowing her off the building. Maxine crash into the building. Dredd looked over at his supposed victory. Max and the rest of the N-Tek group arrived and opened fire at Dredd. Max was looking for his twin sister. After seeing that she was nowhere in sight he clenched his hand into a fist before shouting, "Go Turbo! Strength!" Max was then encased his Base suit, "Ah, good old Forge Ferrus, the married widow, and another Turbo user. I love to stay and cha-" Dredd was interrupted when he was tackled by Max off the building with Max repeatedly punching Dredd in the face on the way down. "Yes! YES, GIVE ME MORE POWER!" Dredd exclaimed absorbing Max's Turbo energy after ever hit before grabbing Max head and putting Max underneath him.

"Man, we have got to stop falling from high places," Maxine said getting up, she walked out the building. She saw Dredd standing on top of her brother and absorbing his Turbo energy, "Leave him alone!" Maxine shouted, before dash towards Dredd, but he just changed his hand into a gun blaster and fired at Maxine landing her near a lamp post. Maxine pulled the post out of the ground as Dredd came out of the crater, "Joust anyone," Maxine declared. Maxine charged at Dredd, who fire at Maxine two times before Maxine yelled, "Go Turbo! Flight!" Maxine was now in her Turbo Flight Mode.

Dredd shot another beam at her, but Maxine corkscrewed around it drilling it into Dredd. Dredd was pushed back at the blow but he prevailed when he grabbed the pole stopping Maxine and aimed his gun blaster at her face and fired knocking her into another building. A few of Copper Canyon cops came to the scene to stop Dredd but he defeated them quickly. Dredd then lifted up one the cop's cars and was about to throw it when he heard the words, "Go Turbo! Strength!" Dredd looked at Maxine who was still slumped against the building. As he made his conclusion a Turbo field punch knocked him out of the air and made him let go of the car. Max landed down on his feet and caught the car before setting it down gently. Dredd snuck from behind Max and grabbed his shoulders before lifting him up in the air and throwing him down on his back. "All this exercise is making me hungry!" Dredd stated after he landed on Max and drained his Turbo energy before grabbing Max and throwing him into a van knocking it over. Dredd then slowly walked over to Max, just then Maxine slowly started to wake up.

"Hey, Gear. I have another idea," Maxine said, seeing Dredd slowly approach her brother, "What happens when I generate too much Turbo energy?"

"Uhhh, Explosion galore?" Gear said, not getting it.

"So what happens when Greedy Gus eats too much Turbo energy?" Maxine said.

"That's ..." Gear paused thinking of what to say, "A good idea actually."

"Glad that we agree," Maxine said getting up. She then formed a small, solid ball of Turbo energy and chucked at Dredd's head. Dredd turned around and look at the other Turbo user twin in anger, "Hey, Mr. Tomato," Maxine said, flying at full speed at Dredd, "Let's hug it out." Maxine then grabbed Dredd and dragged him up the sky, "Looks like I hit you harder than I thought," Dredd said not understand Maxine intention, "You cannot harm me! You can only make me stronger!" Maxine then boosted in the opposite direction. "Maxine! NOOOOO!" Molly and Max shouted, seeing their family member giving out too much energy. "Yes, Yes! This the power I remember," Dredd said his voice somehow getting deeper, "The power I dreamed of." Maxine's eyes were glowing dark blue as she release even more Turbo energy.

"Uh oh," Dredd stated, finally getting at what Maxine was planning. "NOOO! Too much! Too much!" Dredd shouted as he and Maxine were existing the Earth's atmosphere. "Just giving what you wanted Miles." Maxine said, "By the way Jim and Jun McGrath sends their regards!" Maxine then poured even more Turbo energy as they broke the sound barrier causing an explosion visible form Earth. All the civilians look up to see who had survived the ordeal.

Seeing no one Molly cried and Max tried to help her. Max's eyes were form into tears, "Maxine… why…? Didn't we promise each other that we… always be together… Also never leave each other," That's when a bright flash of blue appeared from the sky. Max and Molly looked up the sky to see someone falling. It was Maxine, who was unconscious and falling out of the sky very rapidly, "NO!" Max exclaimed as he ran, in his Turbo Strength Mode, and climbed on the building then jump off to catch Maxine. As Max caught his twin sister safety in his arms, he landed on the ground and his Turbo Strength Mode wore off. "Maxine!" No respond which made Max worried and panic, "Maxine, please, wake up." Max pleased for his twin sister to wake up. Maxine let out a groan as she began to wake up, "Max…" Her twin brother replied with a hug, "Please don't do that again."

Then a swarm of interviews surrounded the twin heroes, "What's your name?" The male interview questioned them, "Max," Max started, "Steel," Steel finished, "And this person is my twin sister, Max Gear." Max a.k.a. Max Steel introduced his twin sister a.k.a. Max Gear to the male interview. "And there you have it. Our two new heroes: Max Steel and Max Gear." Molly and Forge smiled at the McGrath twins. Forge looks down his right hand on his finger was a silver ring, "I wish you're here, Jun." He muttered, wishing about his fiancé to be here and to be with him again.

Meanwhile, in outer space. Dredd's remains were floating with a few pieces of his armor missing. Mr. Naught was in his human form piloting the ship to gather the remains. He typed in a few keys to activate the tractor beam to pull his master's remains. He had put the remains into a tube on board to hope to regenerate his fallen master, but what he didn't know was that he had a passenger on board.

Slowly out of the darkness, a pale hand touched the glass contained Dredd stroking it. "Don't worry… You'll be fine, once you're fully recover… Father," said a cold voice of a female.

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