Hope you guys enjoy I haven't written in forever so please tell me what you think but no flames please.

"What do you mean you can't fix it I thought that you would be able to fix it in a little bit of time and then it would be good as new." Anthony Dinozzo nearly yelled at the technician who calmly looked at him and said that the type of cable box that he had was very rare and that the parts for it would need to be shipped in from Japan. The guy then gave him a voucher for a free appointment and said that this appointment would be complementary. Still upset about not being to watch his new movie he had just purchased he showed the man to the door and then decided to fool around on his laptop and was looking at a video on youtube when an add for an online dating site came up and he clicked on the link.

Meanwhile Ziva David was across town trying to learn her 7th language ASL. While she was watching a youtube video a random ad came up for a dating site and she clicked on it. Opening up the home page to the website she looked at the services that they offered and saw that they had a free trial for those who were looking to chat with someone anonymously with no strings attached she quickly clicked on that link and saw that she had to create a profile and include a picture but it did not have to be of her so she decided that she would do the picture that Tony had taken in Paris as you couldn't see her face and she looked completely anonymous she then had to answer a few questions about herself so she pulled out her phone and called Abby and asked her to come over ASAP. Once Abby was at her apartment she explained to her, her dilemma and Abby quickly squealed and said that she would be happy to help her out then Ziva pulled up the page so that they could look over the questions and see which they could answer first the questions were,

What is your favorite Color?

What do you want in a man?

What do you do for work?

What i your favorite food?

What do you want from a relationship?

What is your political party?

Wisegirl 11/17/15