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Tony was looking around the sight and immediately saw to women that seemed interesting one was Pizzaluvr22 and kickass101 he went to send them both alerts when

Pizzaluvr22 took down her profile apparently she found her match so he messaged kickass101 and asked her if they could chat. He then went to grab a beer from the

fridge while he was waiting for her to respond.

Across town Ziva was checking out the website she saw a lot of old men looking for young women and a lot of young people who just wanted to have a good time. She found 2 people who she liked movieluvr30 and zakattack. she was looking at both the profiles and she saw that zakattack was only 20 years old and that was kind of young. She then was about to message movieluvr30 when he messaged her requesting a chat. She accepted it and then began to type a message.

(regular= Ziva, bold=Tony)

kickass101: Hi, there I am new to this sight so we should just talk.

movieluvr30: Hey, I'm also new here so we can just talk for a little bit.

kickass101: okay sounds good before we start can we agree on a few things, 1) never ask me about work, 2) I do not plan to meet you unless we both decide that we like each other enough for that. What do you think?

movieluvr30: Okay I can agree with that. So what do you want to talk about?

kickass101: well we can start by telling each other a few interesting details about ourselves. As long as you agree that we shouldn't talk about anything personal.

(At that Tony was beginning to think that he should probably talk about movies and see if she was interested in them.

movieluvr30: Well I love movies as you can tell by my username. Do you have any favorites?

kickass101: Well do not make fun of me but my favorite movie is "The Black Pirate" I once saw it when I was on a plane and now love it.

movieluvr30: Wow that is a great movie definitely a classic. Well if we do decide to go on a date then we should definitely watch that movie.

(Both Ziva's and Tony's phones wring and they need to go to work)

kickass101: I need to go my boss just called.

movieluvr30: me too. Until tomorrow.

At the crime scene both Ziva and Tony arrive at the same time and both are distracted thinking about the person that they met online. Gibbs has Tony canvasing and Ziva taking photos so they are separated which is good because that way the other wouldn't notice that they were distracted.

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