It hurt. It hurt like hell. It hurt so much it was like the entire world had stopped. The world outside of her pain had seemed to disappear. "It hurts! Damnit! You bastards!" Touka growled as she clutched her stomach as she kneeled on floor blood gushing from the deep wound on her stomach. Her eyes squeezed shut in pain as she clutched the gaping hole in her stomach trying to stanch the bleeding to no avail.

Touka was alone in the apartment she shared with her girlfriend. She opened her eyes to reveal the identifying red and black eyes of a ghoul. She pulled her hand away and looked at the blood which covered her hand and coated the floor. She was really fucked. If she didn't do something quick she would end up dead. With each passing second she felt herself getting weaker and weaker. Even ghouls could die from blood lose.

Touka's head felt light and she fell forward face planting on the tatami mat. Touka groaned and thought, Is this how I'm gonna die? Bleeding out in my apartment. This sucks... Suddenly heavy she felt her eyelids droop. I'm tired. Maybe if I take a nap I'll wake up and... The thought was lost to the sound her apartment door opening and the scent of human flesh.

The sound of someone talking barely registered in Touka's pain addled mind. She felt her mouth begin to water as she took a deep breath and thought, Food. Just what I need. Touka pushed herself up from the floor and swallowed the saliva that was now dripping down her chin. She gripped her stomach and dragged herself toward where the delicious smell was coming from.

Touka approached the kitchen and stopped short of entering when she saw who it was that was emitting the smell. There unpacking what looked like take out containers from a brown paper bag was Yoriko Kosaka, her girlfriend. Touka watched as she placed a styrofoam container on the counter saying, "You really worried me Touka when you didn't show up for our date."

Touka leaned against the wall watching Yoriko move about the small kitchen, That's right. I had a date with Yoriko today. Yoriko turned saying, "But I..." Yoriko gasped and stumbled back knocking one of the styrofoam containers from counter. She started at Touka and stuttered, "T-Touka, is that you?" Touka looked at Yoriko and took a deep breath inhaling the delicious scent that was coming from her.

Touko took a step into the light causing Yoriko to let out a short scream and placed a hand over her mouth. She placed her other hand on the counter for support. Touka continued to walked forward blood dripping from between her fingers and onto the floor. Touka stopped when she was right in front of Yoriko. She removed her hand from her stomach causing more blood to pour onto the tile floor.

Touka grabbed Yoriko's shirt and felt her stiffen. Touka swallowed and said, "Hey, Yoriko is it wrong that right now you smell really good?" Yoriko was shaking now and Touka leaned her head against Yoriko's shoulder.

Touka let out a joyless chuckle and said, "It is wrong. I know it is." Her grip on Yoriko's shirt tightened and said, "I've never thought that before. Not in this way. It disgusts me." Touka closed her eyes and said, "But It hurts Yoriko. It hurt's so much that it's making it hard to think straight."

Touka could feel her will not to do something terrible weakening with each breath. As she took another pain-filled breath she silently wished that ghouls didn't have to breath. It really was getting hard to think rationally.

With each breath Yoriko was looking less like the girl she'd been dating for the last three and a half years. She looked up to see Yoriko looking at her with a look of pure horror. It was something that she had never wanted to see directed at her by the girl she loved.

Touka swallowed and mumbled, "I'm so sorry." She felt tears stream down her face as she dug into the tough flesh of Yoriko's shoulder. Yoriko let out a scream and went limp as Touka pulled the chunk of flesh from her shoulder. Touka hated that she was enjoying this and that she wanted more of the nourishing flesh. Touka slowly chewed the mouthful before swallowing.

Touka looked down at Yoriko who had slumped to the floor after losing consciousness. She turned on her heel and quickly made her way to the bathroom. She grabbed the first aid kit from below the sink and walked back into the kitchen where Yoriko was still slumped against the wall. Touka leaned down and picked Yoriko up, carrying her into the bedroom that they shared. She set Yoriko down laying her down. She pulled her shirt off and began wrapping the wound she had left on her shoulder. She finished, pulled her own shirt off and went about wrapping the wound of her stomach.

When Touka finished dressing her own wound, she stood up and pulled out the futon from the closet. She spread it out on the floor before picking Yoriko up and setting her down on the fluffy material. She stood up grabbed a clean shirt and walked out into the main part of their apartment.

Touka looked at the blood that covered the walls and floors. It looked like someone was murdered here. She sighed as she walked to the closet where they kept the cleaning supplies. She pulled out a bucket and a dirty rag. Touka looked at the mess of her apartment and said, "This is gonna take forever to clean up." And she went about cleaning up the mess she made.