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Before His Parties I Cried Over Pearls

Daisy's p.o.v.

She'd met him about two or three weeks ago and hadn't been able to think about anything or anyone else since.

He was such a darling, her Jay, sweet, handsome and oh so charming. She thought she might love him. But what would she know of love?

A silly little girl like Daisy, what could she possibly know of love? What she did know was that when she was with him she felt almost electric. Like a wild spark ready to burst into flame. He made her feel in ways Daisy had never thought possible. With him, she saw the world in ways she didn't know the world could be seen.

Yet now, she had such a dilemma. Jay was always talking about how he wanted to get married someday soon, but she wasn't sure if that would be such a fabulous idea. She did love him, truly... but he wasn't like her.

Daisy could see it everyday, in his words, his expressions, his mannerisms. "There's something different about that one", her dear Mother would say whenever he'd come calling and she couldn't help but agree. Jay was certainly something else. Something else entirely. And not in a good way.

Daisy and Jay sat in his car out on the drive.

It was a lovely day, the birds were singing, the grass was at its greenest, the day was warm and she couldn't feel more terribly fantastic if she'd tried.

It should be heartbreaking.

Her love had just told her that he'd be going off to war soon. Next week even! How could he possibly leave her like this? Oh, but she wasn't even sure if she wanted to be with him in the first place.

As Daisy glanced off to the side she caught sight of her clever friend Jordan coming up the road. She was probably off to go help with the war preparations. She'd been doing an awful lot of that lately.


Daisy called out to Jordan and casually asked that she let them know that she wouldn't be able to help out today but that they could expect her tomorrow. Jordan looked a tad confused but smiled and nodded anyway. With a friendly wave to the couple, and a narrow-eyed, questioning look at Daisy, the sporty woman was off again.

Jay turned to look lovingly at Daisy and she knew then that he now thought she'd support him throughout the war. No matter what, he believed in her. His faith in her was unwavering.

It almost frightened her in it's intensity, his love for her.

She reveled in it.

Daisy flashed him her brightest smile and he laughed and everything was perfect.

She thinks she might die.

Daisy's heart feels like it's been pulverized.

It's her wedding day, of all days and she couldn't possibly be more drunk. She had just received a letter from Jay, begging her to wait just a little bit longer for him even though she hadn't written him in months!

Oh what was she to do, already marrying Tom! Daisy wanted to wait for Jay, she really did, but with Tom she could see herself being so secure, so very taken care of.

As she delicately got out of the bath and put her beautiful ivory dress back on, Daisy took a deep breath.

Mother secured he re-strung pearls swiftly around her neck. Squaring her shoulders, Daisy raised her chin high with confidence and pride. She could do this.

Jay Gatsby was her past.

Tom Buchanan was her now.

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