Authors note: I'll be going off the books but some things will be off the movies. If I got the age and size of Renesmee wrong, I'm sorry. I need to keep her at a young age for later in my story. In my story I'll be trying to stick to the original plot but there will be some twists in how the characters act.

Chapter 1: Preface

It was the summer after the almost fight with the Volturi. Renesmee was nine months old and the size of a slim five year old. Her mind was far more advanced than most teenagers, yet she could still be childlike sometimes. Like now

Renesmee was refusing to eat the cereal Edward had gotten for her. She apparently doesn't like milk with her cornflakes, but it was okay with everything else. Edward was pretend complaing about all the effort he had just wasted getting her that cereal. Renesmee never liked to see her father sad or disappointed. My daughter never failed to amaze me.

After the confrontation with the Volturi I was so scared it would scar her for life, leaving her broken, and too grown up for her age. But fortunately, she loved playing Barbies, and hanging out with Claire, and arguing with her parents. And whenever she argued, a certain someone liked to take her side.

No matter what Renesmee did, Jacob always seemed to agree with her. Unless, of course, she argued with him. Then it turned into an all out war. I was glad though, that she was so close to him, and still made time for her family.

Emmet was her favourite to tease. He was always watching his war movies with violence and bad language. Renesmee's favourite thing to do was to steal the remote and turn it to a cartoon.

Just then, I heard Emmet whining like the five year old he was inside. "Nessie! Bring the remote back!" As he ran and snatched it from her.

"No! I want to watch Girl Meets World! It's a new one!" Renesmee said in her voice that turned everyone she used it on to putty in her hands.

"Bu-but…." I could hear Emmet struggling not to let her get his way. "Please, Uncle Emmy? Please?" I heard her voice change and I knew she had stuck out her lip and widened her eyes, cocking her head to the side a bit.

I heard a deep groan and a deep, 'fwoof,' as Emmet sank into the couch. Renesmee's happy squeal rang through the house as she switched it to her channel.

My life as a vampire was absolutely perfect. A loving husband, daughter, sisters and brothers, and a big wolf to always make me smile. I honestly thought that nothing could ever go wrong. I should know better than to assume things.

Authors Note: I'll try to be updating a lot but my schedule is very hectic. As I get more into the story I'm hoping to set up strict days to update.