Okay, so this story is based on the awesome Poetic Justice by Limmet. I read it last week in three and a half days. It introduced me to the Frostiron pairing, which is my OTP for Avengers.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure where this story is going. However, I can guarantee that there will be no erotic scenes in this, so if that's what you're looking for this is not the fic for you.

Loki didn´t know how long he´d been in the hell that was the deepest dungeon of Asgard. He'd been here since his failed attempt to conquer Midgard. Though he didn't know how long ago that was, he knew they certainly were taking their sweet time deciding on his fate up there.

Loki had experienced constant pain since he was dragged down to this dungeon. His wrists were torn from scraping against the cuffs chaining his arms above his head, and his arms were horribly stiff and cramped from being in that position for so long. His stomach informed him that it was in desperate need of nourishment, as if he hadn't noticed he had was lacking it. The only time the muzzle covering his mouth came off was when he was force-fed disgusting gruel.

In addition to the cuffs around his wrists were two thin chains that cut off his magic, meaning he was unable to quickly heal his injuries or lessen the pain. He was essentially a puny mortal.

But this was considered a good moment for him. At least he was alone. At least the guards weren't having their "fun" with him, adding to his already long list of pains. Kicking and punching were the least they ever did. Before, such things would be an annoyance for sure, but now they were torture. They could go on for hours, beating his entire body with sadistic glee. He wasn't even allowed the minuscule reprieve of being able to bend over when he was kneed in the stomach, because of his arms being chained above his head.

This paled in comparison to when the guards decided to get out their "instruments". When the whips or the knives came out, Loki knew he was in for a world of agonizing torture. He was rather surprised this hadn't killed him by now. After all, he was essentially a mortal without his magic.

He would scream, if that muzzle hadn't prevented him from doing so. He was long past the point of caring about pridefully holding them in, and instead held them in unwillingly.

"You know you deserve this, you worthless, power-hungry..." The jeers went on and on and he could say nothing in response. Though without the muzzle, he probably would've been too busy screaming to say anything anyways.

So when the guards entered his cell, he closed his eyes, trying to prepare himself for another round of abuse and torture. He waited for a blow to land on him, but nothing happened. Instead, he heard the sounds of chains clinking and was surprised when the guards unhooked him from the wall.

"Judgement day has arrived" One of them said in a jeering voice "And I'm sure you'll be coming back to stay. And then we can have some... fun." Loki would've swallowed if his throat hadn't been so dry. At least his arms weren't chained above his head anymore, though they were still chained.

One of the guards held on to the chains and they each grabbed one of his arms in a vice-like grip, making the various bruises and cuts there burn.

The guards dragged the god of mischief up countless flights of stairs. At last they emerged out of the dungeons and into the light. Loki, unaccustomed to the brightness, had to close his eyes. He would have been happy to be out of there, but that happiness was dominated by his dread of whatever horrible punishment awaited his crimes.

He was dragged in front of the Allfather (who wasn't his father, he thought vehemently). He would later wonder why they he hadn't been made to look slightly presentable, but the thought didn't cross his mind at the time. So bloody, battered and reeking of filth, he was forcibly made to kneel and bow before Odin. "Loki Laufeyson," Odin's voice boomed out, cutting immediately to the point. "The council has decided that you are to be enslaved to a Midgardian."

Loki's eyes widened in shock. He had expected execution after being tortured in the dungeons some more. But no, he was going to be reduced to the lowest of the low, a slave. The fact that he would be enslaved to a lowly, worthless Midgardian added even more to the insult. Though slavery and the dungeons probably resulted in the same amount of beatings.

He would have protested or even asked which Midgardian he was to be enslaved to, but that accursed muzzle was preventing him from speaking. He would have screamed in rage if he could. He hadn't even gotten a fair trial. Nobody had even asked for his side of the story. Not that they would have believed him anyways. Why would they believe Thanos and the Chitauri had tortured him into joining them when he fell off the Bifrost? That he hadn't been doing all that on his own free will. It sounded like a pathetic excuse. He probably wouldn't believe it either.

Loki didn't give much thought when a charm was put over his body, temporarily hiding the bruises and cuts littering his body, hiding them for a couple days (as well as cleaning him up so he appeared halfway decent and making his clothes more presentable). After all, his new master would probably want a clean slate, would want to admire the effects his beatings would have on his new slave. If his battered form was showing at first, he doubted any new injuries would even be visible atop all the ones. As for the cleaning, nobody wanted a smelly slave right out of a dungeon.

Loki didn't pay attention as they traveled from Asgard to Midgard, too lost in his own thoughts. They were on the roof of a tower, and Loki felt sick when he realized where he was. After a couple minutes, they were joined by the last person Loki wanted to see: Tony Stark.

Tony Stark had clearly not been expecting them at all. He was dressed quite casually in a t-shirt and sweatpants (though, to be fair, he wouldn't have worn anything less casual if he'd known they were coming). It was his look of complete bafflement when he saw the Asgardian guards on his roof that gave it away. "Can someone please tell me why I have two guards of fairyland on my roof three months after..." He stopped mid-sentence when he noticed Loki. "What the hell is he doing here?"

Both of Tony's comments were ignored. One of the guards pulled out a very official looking scroll and started to read. Loki was only half-listening as the guard read out "The council has decided the sentence of Loki Laufeyson..." He stared at the ground. Stark was the last person he wanted to be anywhere near. He no doubt had a (very justified) grudge against Loki. Both for throwing him out the window of Stark Tower and for trying to take over his planet. He had no doubt Stark would make him pay severly for those, probably at the first chance he got. Plus he had all his Avenger friends who Loki was sure would love to dish out a generous serving of revenge. He'd probably be given to the Hulk as an anger management doll or something. His nearly-mortal body definitely wouldn't survive that.

"... he will be made your slave, Man of Iron. You are not allowed to give him to anyone else." The guard paused and Tony gave him a look that clearly said he was off his rocker.

Loki listened to Tony's protests, and if it had been another situation, like one where they weren't declaring his punishment, he would have found the man's arguments amusing. As if it mattered that slavery was outlawed in Midgard. Asgard trumped Midgard any day.

"It would have been nice if someone had asked me about this beforehand!" Tony was rambling. Loki inwardly thought the same, though he wisely chose not to voice his thoughts aloud. When Tony had asked why they'd chosen him, the guards had explained that giving to any other Avenger would most likely result in his death (well, except Steve, but considering his finely tuned moral compass he'd just refuse). They could kill him perfectly well in Asgard if they wanted, and death was not the goal of his punishment.

"But he can still use magic!" Tony cried out, astounded at their stupidity. The guards were unfazed. "The chains around his wrists prevent him from using magic and make him unable to kill any mortal or himself. He is no threat to you."

Loki seethed at this. Three months ago (and he would not have guessed it had been three months) he was a very big threat indeed. Now, he was reduced to a powerless weakling, lower than this lowly mortal.

All of Tony's arguments proved ineffective of convincing the guards not to leave Loki with him. Eventually the guards left, leaving just Loki and his new master. The word was bitter in his thoughts.

Tony stared at Loki, but Loki wasn't looking at him. Looking directly at his master would surely result in a beating. So he stared at Stark's shoes, wondering if he'd be made to kiss them.

In the dungeons, he had thought his life was as bad as it could possibly get. Now, it was probably going to be a whole lot worse.

So next chapter will probably be from Tony's POV. Not sure when it'll be posted.