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Heart Strings
Chapter 15: Writing's On The Wall

"To die, to sleep -
To sleep, perchance to dream - ay, there's the rub,
For in this sleep of death what dreams may come..."

- William Shakespeare, Hamlet


Sigrid-Everybody Knows (Kol and Gabby)

The Neighbourhood-RIP To My Youth (Elijah and Elena)

"What was it like?" Gabby asked softly. "Growing up here? Hell, what was it like in the 10th century?"

"You're quite chatty today," Kol said lightly, dark eyes glancing her way as they ventured through the woods surrounding the empty village.

"Well, forgive me," she grumbled sarcastically. "It's not like I'm stuck here indefinitely, or anything."

Kol sighed loudly, stopping as they reached a small clearing. Gabby stopped too, looking around them. She'd never been anywhere quieter or blander than this alternate world. There was no wind rustling trees or birds calling, no warmth from the sun. It almost felt like she was dead; everything was bleak and cold, nowhere to turn to for warmth.

"It wasn't easy," Kol said eventually. "Everyone had to fend for themselves, we had to depend on the harvest of that year and hunting just to eat. But it was all we knew, so we made do. Being magic made our lives a little easier than the other humans; my mother and I could help with things like that. The only real struggle we had was the village nearest to us." Kol gestured vaguely in front of them.

"Through these woods, on the other side. Werewolves used to roam freely, you see; the new land was full of them. Other settlers had just accepted this as a fact and our only solution was to hide every full moon."

"I thought werewolves were a dying breed?" Gabby said, confused. She knew Jules, and that was about it. Elijah had mentioned to her how hard it was to come by werewolves these days.

He looked at her grimly. "My family and I saw to that."

Gabby felt all of her breath leave her. "You're telling me you and your siblings are responsible for the almost-extinction of a supernatural race?"

Kol sighed and resumed walking, not answering. Gabby followed him at a distance, still not quite registering what he'd told her.

They eventually came to a group of rocks standing tall, nearly six feet, surrounded by trees and nearly overtaken by vines and pine straw. Kol wordlessly went to one and began to shift it out of the way, shoving it to rest against another rock, revealing an entrance leading into the ground. Without even a glance at her, he descended into the opening. Gabby stood at the entrance for a moment, only jarred by the loud call of her name.

It was dark inside, being underground. The only light came from the entrance, and that was quickly fading as Gabby attempted to keep up with Kol.

"You couldn't have gotten a torch or anything?" she hissed as she bumped into a rock jutting out a little too far. "It's darker than the other side of the moon!"

"Not even air exists in this world, Gabriella," Kol said patronizingly. "I sincerely doubt I'd be able to start a fire."

Gabby mimed his words with a sneer on her face. It was dark enough that she couldn't see anything; not Kol's big head or even the walls. Reaching a hand out to her right, Gabby whined as she touched a jagged edge.

"Where the hell did you go, Kol?" she hissed, shuffling forward but too scared to venture out farther. "What, are you planning to abandon me in some caves until we're out of this weird ass replica of your childhood home?"

"Quit whinging," Kol said, his voice close to her ear. She jumped, grimacing at his hot breath in her neck as he grabbed her wrist. "This way."

Gabby allowed him to lead her deeper, keeping one hand pressed against the wall, apologizing softly every time their feet bumped and he growled. Finally, the came to a spot which Kol evidently recognized as he pushed her to a ledge for her to sit on. How he remembered where everything was, she didn't know, but she jumped as there was a loud banging sound and dirt began to fall from the ceiling.

"Kol!" she screeched, ducking her head under her arms. She vaguely felt him half heartedly lean over her to protect her from the falling debris, sighing all the while. When she opened her eyes and looked up, she saw he'd punched a hole in the ceiling that allowed light to enter the small alcove he'd led them to.

"There's your light, Gabriella," Kol said snidely as he separated from her, flicking her cheek. She didn't bother responding, instead looking to the inscriptions she saw on the wall. Pictures, like hieroglyphics decorated almost every inch of rock. Pictures depicting men, wolves, the moon and the sun were all around her. On the farthest wall from her were runes, etched into the rock like the rest. She saw the way Kol's gaze lingered on that particular rock, and got up to stand next to him.

"Can you read this?" she asked quietly. He nodded stiffly, stepping up to the stone.

"This is my mother tongue," he told her. "My family came from what I think is called Norway, these days. After the death of my oldest sister, my parents and a few other Vikings from their village ventured into the new world. My mother had a friend settled here already, that told her of the seasons and land. My parents wanted a new start." His hand came up, dragging his finger nail through one of the writings.

"What do they say?" she asked, doing the same as she ran her fingers over one.

"They are names," he said as she looked up to him. "The one you are touching is mine." She looked back to the wall, letting her hand drop.

"What about the others?"

One by one, he pointed out each name, starting from his parents and the oldest. He became quiet when he got to the one he had been thumbing earlier.

"This one," he took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Says Henrik."

Confusion crossed her face. She hadn't heard that name from Elijah.

He saw the look on her face. "My younger brother," he elaborated shortly. "He was killed by a werewolf while we were still human. In my mother's grief, she turned us into vampires, so she would never have to see another child of hers die." He turned to her.

"That is why, Gabriella, my family is responsible for the almost-extinction of a supernatural race."

Elena sat in silence as Elijah paced in front of her, as she had for the last hour since leaving Rousseau's and going to a hotel, where they'd had to sneak in Gabby's body. Elena almost burst into tears again at the thought.

"You said Klaus left Kol at the bottom of the ocean," she finally said, voice thick with tears. "Which means my sister is going to be stuck like that until the end of eternity."

Elijah didn't say anything, but turned his gaze to Gabby's body, laying on the bed.

"If what I know is true, yes," he said regretfully. "However, if this witch Gabriella was in contact with in Mystic Falls is to be believed, then no." Elena's eyes snapped to him.

"What?" she said, voice shrill as her heart jumped in her chest.

"Hazel," his tongue curled around the name slowly, eyes dark and vaguely threatening. "She told Gabriella that Kol was not buried at sea."

"That would mean Klaus still has him," Elena grasped onto this information like she was a dying man in the desert being given water. "Which means if we can find him and take the dagger out-"

"We would need to find him first," Elijah interrupted her. "And to do that, we would need to find Klaus. Even if we were able to convince him to give us Kol, there is no chance he would prioritize this over breaking his curse."

"Then we'll break his curse!" Elena burst. "I don't care what we have to do, I'm not leaving her like this!"

"This will change our plans," Elijah said. "The only time I would be able to kill him is during the transition, when he is at his most vulnerable. He's not likely to be reasonable with us until after his transition's complete."

Elena turned to look at her sister, unable to hide the twist in her features at the sight of her sister.

"Then Klaus lives," Elena said. "It doesn't matter, as long as we get Gabby back."

A/N: I am aware the only reason Elijah wanted to kill Klaus was because he thought he'd buried their siblings in the ocean, but for the sake of the plot we'll say Elijah still doesn't really believe his siblings are in fact still with Klaus; he's just exhausting all resources in order to get Gabby back to normal because Elijah's dependable like that. He still partly believes his siblings are lost to him!


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