The Journey To Save A Princess: Prologue

Notes: Remember how I said it would be established KaiShin? I'm going to scrap that idea since I literally have no idea how to go with that. So now you have a story where they fall in love slowly over the course of the whole thing! Yay!

Edit: Fixed it up a lot - as in, if the unedited chapter was compared to this one, it would be like a four out of ten. Not even joking. I deleted some awkwards paragraphs, added a thousand words or so and made the interaction between Shinichi and KID - as well as their relationship - seem more natural and not forced because honestly, knowing Shinichi's personality, he would end up befriending Kaitou KID after two years. This is a person who entrusts his life to a previous member of the organisation which is trying to kill his and who made the poison that shrunk him after all.

Summary: A freak accident involving a jewel, the moon and KID sends Shinichi tumbling down the metaphorical rabbit hole to end up in a dark forest with no idea on how to get home - or if he could even go home for the matter. Added to that, he's got a pair of brown ears and a tail and KID has somehow sprouted wings! This certainly can't be happening to him… Right?

Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi/KaiShin/OCs

Started: 16/11/15

Completed: 18/11/15

Revised: 19/11/15


The howling wind, the freezing snow and a chase leading up to the rooftop of a museum somewhere far away from his house is definitely his ideal way to spend the evening. Not.

Shinichi groaned audibly as he struggled to keep his shivering to a minimum as he pushed open the door to the roof, the wind beating against the other side of the door and making his job much more strenuous than need be. Pulling his coat closer around himself, Shinichi tried to stave off the biting cold that crept down his collar and breezed across his spine the moment he stepped outside and strode over to where KID stood precariously half-on, half-off the edge, jewel in a gloved hand. He noted that the glove seemed thicker than usual though, so KID could feel the cold despite jumping around and acting like it was the middle of summer. He filed it away into his mental folder of 'Things that may come in handy in the future'.

KID slightly pivoted his body when Shinichi pushed open the door to the roof, watching him out of one shadowed, indigo eye and waited until he walked behind him before speaking up, a wistful yet hopeful tone in his voice.

"Hey tantei-kun, do you know of the saying 'to open Pandora's Box'?"

Shinichi stared suspiciously at KID, wondering why he was suddenly talking about Pandora of all things during a heist, out on the roof, pelted by snow with a detective. Was it a trap or some improvisation of KID to allow him to escape easier?

As if reading his thoughts, KID stepped away from the edge and held up both hands as if to assure Shinichi that he wasn't going to do anything, though when it came to KID, it didn't really mean anything considering the sheer amount of gadgets tucked away up his sleeves; the gesture was much appreciated though.

A hand creeping towards his tranquilizer wristwatch, Shinichi straightened from his previously slightly crouched position, inclining his head to say that he had heard of Pandora before.

"'to open Pandora's Box' is usually referred to an action that initially seems to be harmless but ultimately causes severe problems. It stems from the legend of Pandora's Box where Pandora was gifted a box from Zeus but was told never to open it. Curious, Pandora defied that order and opened the box, releasing all the evils upon the world."

KID grinned, a bright, mischievous grin but somehow, it seemed unusually plastic that day, like it didn't fit properly on KID's face. Shinichi decided immediately that he hated that grin.

"Correct! Now, do you know why KID was created?"

Shinichi narrowed his eyes. KID was being unusually open tonight, even offering to reveal some information behind KID's purpose and reason for existence. It just didn't seem to fit his image of the secretive, high-profile jewel thief. He voiced this exact thought and watched KID smirk before replying with a short sentence that shocked him deeply but caused an unknown warmth to bloom in his chest.

"Because I trust you, tantei-kun."

Indecision rolling around inside him, Shinichi deliberated with himself for a few seconds before coming to a decision. If the well-hidden desperation in KID's eyes was real and it did show that KID wanted someone to listen to him, Shinichi would be willing to listen, on account of their… rivalry. Swallowing hard, Shinichi stared at KID with an inquisitive look on his face, the look that revealed the little boy - the irony - inside him that constantly yearned for knowledge. The look that relayed the message that he would keep KID's secret if KID was willing to reveal it to him.

KID smiled, something soft and void of the usual razor-sharp edges of his smirks or the toothiness of his grins but this time, it felt completely and utterly genuine and Shinichi decided that he liked this one.

"There is a legend of a stone named Pandora, said to be a gem within another gem that, when held up to the full moon, will shine a soulful red and under the Volley Comet, cry tears of immortality under the shine of the full moon. KID's purpose is to find this stone and destroy it, to keep it away from the less… savoury people of the world, such as that organisation you helped in taking a few years back. The previous Kaitou KID had come too close to finding the gem and was eliminated."

"So is that why you only target big gems on the nights of full moons? Why there was an eight-year period between when Kaitou KID disappeared and reappeared and the sudden appearance of snipers that shoot at you? Why didn't yo-" Shinichi cut himself off, about to ask KID why he didn't go to the police. The reason was obvious, nobody would believe the existence of a gem that cried tears of immortality, and even if they did, there was still the existence of the organisation that would do whatever it takes to silence those that knew too much. Shinichi would know, he had spent two years of his life trying to - and succeeding - take such an organisation down afterall.

While he was having a mental war with himself, KID turned away from Shinichi and held the necklace to the moon from its chain, the jewel gently rotating on the other end of the golden chain and flashing green in the moonlight. When KID was about to lower his hand and sigh in disappointment at the failure, the emerald shone brighter and brighter until it looked like one of KID's flashbangs had gone off and engulfed the entire rooftop. Shinichi took a few startled steps backwards, looking away from the jewel just in time to catch the shocked gaze of KID before there was a faint sensation of having his feet swept out behind him and everything went dark.

When the officers managed to free themselves from whatever ridiculous trap that KID had set up, all they were faced with when they kicked open the door to the rooftop all the while shivering incessantly was the whispers of the winter wind and footsteps in the thin blanket of snow leading to the center of the roof with their owners nowhere in sight, seemingly having vanished into thin air.

After that, despite their best efforts, they could find no trace of the teenaged detective nor of the phantom thief he chased up to the roof.


It's dark, so dark and I can't see anything and I can't feel my limbs. Where am I, what the hell is going on?

Shinichi blinked open his eyes to face complete and total darkness, experimentally waving a hand in front of his face to see that he couldn't… well… see nor even move his hand for that matter. Made sense since there wasn't any light to be reflected off his hand into his eyes but did something happen that cause him to be permanently paralyzed? Hopefully not, he still enjoyed the mobility of his limbs, thank you very much.

His body seemed to be suspended in limbo or something akin to that, neither alive nor dead. He couldn't hear his heartbeat nor feel his pulse and it was disorientating to not have any sense of direction or time. He had no idea how many minutes, hours, days had passed. All he knew was that he seemed to be alive and all that happened was due to the gem - which was magical. But he had just heard of a supposed gem that could make a person immortal so who was he to judge?

But wait, if the gem did this to me, what happened to KID? He was the one holding the gem, so is it possible that he is in here somewhere as well?

As he was pondering his current situation, Shinichi almost failed to notice that his surroundings were changing. Keyword: almost.

With a startled yelp that produced no sound, Shinichi found himself falling, plummeting into the darkness which was slowly turning to green as the black bled out of the surroundings. Come to think of it, he could slowly feel his limbs again but this time, the clothing his body was dressed in felt odd, like it wasn't his own. His fall sped up until the green that constantly grew brighter mixed with the black into a blur and he was glad that he hadn't been diagnosed with epilepsy.

All of a sudden with no prior indication, the darkness spat him out into a forest as a mix of scrapes and bruises, the sunlight that streamed onto the forest floor seemed to indicate that the time was still midday. Deep inside the forest, he could hear growls echoing towards him and a shiver went down his spine, the ears on top of his head laying flat against his skull as his hackles rose and his tail curled around himself. Come to think of it, why could he hear things happening so far away? Something also seemed off about himself...




Shinichi jumped up in shock, regretting the quick motion as his bruised legs protested and patted his head, feeling warm, furry, real ears twitching under his fingers. Another pat on his rear end led to the discovery that he did indeed have a tail and he could actually move said tail, watching it swish in the air behind him as he struggled to comprehend his current situation. Just as he was about to be overcome by hysteria - whywasthishappeningwhyhimwhywhywhy - a groan distracted him from his impending insanity and he glanced down into the shrubs to find another prone figure lying unconscious, though he seemed to be waking up.

As the mystery person sat up, Shinichi came face to face with a mirror of himself dressed in an odd looking purple shirt and black trousers, except with messy brown hair and intense, indigo eyes. The pair of indigo eyes was currently confused and unfocused and Shinichi took the chance to study this person more closely. As he categorised his facial traits and body structure, a niggling thought at the back of his brain constantly gnawed at him. What did this man - boy? - remind him of? It wasn't until the person spoke that Shinichi realised who he was.

The man looked up slowly and seemed to notice Shinichi, dazed confusion prominent on his face before it abruptly gave way to shock and a bit of fear as he stuttered out a phrase that temporarily froze Shinichi's brain functions.



KID stood up hurriedly and Shinichi noticed belatedly that he had somehow sprouted a massive pair of pure white wings, extending somewhere from his shoulderblades and ending around his ankles. Like Shinichi, KID seemed to be able to move the addition to his body, seeing as the wings were currently twitching and flapping in his distress.

As Shinichi was about to ask KID what the hell happened, the previous soft growl he had heard from deep inside the forest sounded out again, closer this time - way too close actually - and the both of them looked up just in time to see an actual dragon stomp out of the brush to the side, bleeding heavily from wounds on its body and very obviously enraged. It seemed to be running away from something, seeing as it had crashed through the thick tree trunks without any care for its injuries and staggered to a stop in the small clearing that Shinichi and KID had woken up in. It was very obviously enraged if the streams of steam billowing out of its very large nostrils was any indication and it almost immediately charged towards the two of them after noticing their presence. Shinichi felt as if his feet were rooted to the ground as his skull numbed from the fear. He could face down murderers with no problem, they were at least human but an actual honest-to-God dragon? Nope, no way, not happening. He didn't even think of running away though his instincts screamed at him to, frozen by the irrational - actually, completely rational - fear that flowed through his veins like poison. He didn't have to look to the side to see that KID was in the same situation.

KID seemed to return back to himself faster than Shinichi, having the prior experience of doing death-defying stunts as an integral part of his night job - though, never a dragon - and apparently realised that hey, I have wings, why not try to fly? and rolled his shoulders trying to get a good grasp on how to work his new wings. With a flourish and a sudden burst of movement, they snapped open and launched him into the air, barely able to snag Shinichi by his arm as he shot up way above the dragon, leaving only a few feathers fluttering to the ground in place of where they were previously standing and watched the dragon's maw clamp down upon them, just a millisecond too slow to catch the both of them.

So now here they were, KID hovering in the air some ten metres above an - even more - enraged dragon and unable to land on any trees - because the dragon would just knock it down again so why try? - while struggling to sustain the weight of both him and Shinichi, beads of sweat slowly emerging on his forehead as Shinichi tried his best to think of a solution to this untimely predicament as well as ignoring the burning, ache-y pain that flowed from his shoulder, tail twitching in agitation and thinking with his utmost concentration but ultimately coming up with… absolutely nothing. Just great.

What were they going to do now?


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