The Journey To Save A Princess: Chapter 2.

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Summary: A freak accident involving a jewel, the moon and KID sends Shinichi tumbling down the metaphorical rabbit hole to end up in a dark forest with no idea on how to get home - or if he could even go home for the matter. Added to that, he's got a pair of brown ears and a tail and KID has somehow sprouted wings! This certainly can't be happening to him… Right?

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After that hectic first day in this strange world, the days quickly passed by as peacefully as was possible when in a forest filled with dangerous magical beasts. Nine days had passed since the emerald had dropped both Kaito and him into this place and although Kevak - the elf - had previously stated that they were at the edge of the Twilight Forest, the sheer size of the forest meant that it would take even the fastest scout - which specialized in speed - a minimum of five days to exit the trees, to say nothing of their band of five.

Over the days, Shinichi discovered quite a few things about their three companions and about the world they were currently in. Unlike their own world, this world had mythical beasts and things that seemed to come out of an MMORPG game. They were currently on the continent of Itos, the second largest continent in the Cloud Drop Seas, the largest being a hostile country that placed importance on military strength rather than intercontinental relations. The relationship between Itos and that country, named Xer, was tense and hostilities simmered beneath the surface, there were even rumors that yet another war was brewing on the horizon. Only a century ago did the past war between the Humans and the alliance of Feys and Beasts ended - in the Humans' victory - after much bloodshed and the truce between the races were brittle.

Despite all the hostility, there was something that all three races had in common and that was the Adventurers. The Adventurers, as can be gathered from the name, was a classification for people, be it humans, fey or beasts that actively venture into dangerous, magical beast-filled locations to kill them for their parts which could be sold for Dien coins, the currency of this country. As Adventurers needed to travel to different parts of the continent to hunt different beasts, they needed a safe location to stay in and trade without fear of being attacked. Thus, the ruling clans of the three main races came together and established the Adventurer's Guild. Every prospective adventurer would have to apply at any Adventurer's Guild which were set up in every major town or city while paying a fee of ten silver Dien and take a test to see if their mana in a certain element was sufficient to reach the first rank. They would then either be rejected or accepted, receiving a silver badge with their corresponding rank in stars in the center of the badge. There were ten ranks, with the lowest being zero and the highest being nine. The ranks went in the order of Apprentice, then Elementary, Regular, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, Grandmaster, Elder, Grand Elder and finally Seraph.

On the subject of Adventurers, there were primarily five different classes of Adventurers, warrior, mage, archer, assassin and cleric. Each Adventurer had an element they trained and honed, a total of seven different elements existing in the world. They were as followed,

Fire - Wild and unrestrained, best for offensive roles

Water - Gentle and soothing but also vicious, best for auxiliary roles

Earth - Steadfast and firm, best for defensive roles

Lightning - Fast and hard hitting, best for scouting roles

Wind - Fluid and speedy, best for supporting roles

Light - Soothing and warm, best for healing roles

Dark - Cold and silent, best for stealth roles

Aegis had previously mentioned to an enraptured Shinichi - he had eagerly taken in all the information provided - as well as an interested Kaito - who secretly was almost bouncing in excitement but tantei-kun was here - that he himself was a water mage of the Grandmaster rank, Kevak being an earth-affinity archer of the Master rank and Riysen being a darkness-affinity assassin of the Master rank and a fire-affinity warrior of the Advanced rank, which would explain the difference in appearance and personality. The fire element caused his hair to turn a bright red while the darkness element, being his inborn element, wouldn't cause any change to his appearance and personality. It was strange, the Riysen that Shinichi had gotten to know was a timid young man but in actuality he was a cold and stoic person who didn't like to speak more than necessary.

Kevak had interjected then while Aegis muttered vaguely about how Shinichi and Kaito would possibly have a great affinity to an element, making it easier for them to train in said element. Kevak had said that it wasn't possible for fey and beasts, which could only be born in a certain range of months tied to their element to train in the opposing element while humans were innately affinity-less and had the overwhelming advantage to train in as many elements as they wanted. That was also the reason why Aegis would never be able to train in fire and even have his attacks become weak when going up against a fire-affinity beast or person. Kevak would never be able to train in lightning and Riysen would never be able to train in light.

The two world-hoppers had learned the other miscellaneous, not as important details of their new world - edible plants, fungi, the terms for some items - over the course of their journey back to the town and Shinichi had observed Kaito watching Aegis meditate near a calm pond with interest, and Shinichi himself had to admit that he had entertained the idea of asking Riysen to teach him how to use daggers. Even though they had travelling companions who would protect them, Shinichi couldn't completely trust them considering they were near complete strangers and he knew Kaito felt the same way. It would be better if they learned to defend themselves and fast. With that thought in mind, Shinichi resolved to ask for training from Riysen when they reached the nearest town.


Much suffering had befallen Shinichi and Kaito, who were unused to staying in the wilderness before they finally spotted the cobblestone walls of the town, the bustle of the streets filtering into Shinichi's sharp ears. A glance to the side told Shinichi that their companions also knew that they were nearing the town and as they walked past the gates to the town, he noticed dirty looks and glares being shot at their party while disjointed whispers drifted to his ears.

"-mned fey, daring to step into the tow-"

"-hy don't they just leav-"

"-isgusting savages, no ide-"

Shuffling uncomfortably, Shinichi noticed Kaito's face harden into a mask, eyes blank and a bland smile playing on his lips. The reaction of the other three made it apparent, however, that this was a normal occurrence and discrimination of feys and beasts in human towns were nothing uncommon.

Walking fast, Aegis led them to a large, wooden building that looked like a cross between a museum and a tavern, a sign with crossed swords over a shield painted on it hanging above the door.

"Welcome to the Adventurer's Guild."

He intoned calmly, voice clear as ringing bells despite the dirty, muffled words constantly being tossed at them. Shinichi had even noticed an infuriated butcher brandishing his meat cleaver at him, gesturing wildly. Pushing open the door, Aegis walked up to the counter, the rest of the four trailing after him and spoke with the receptionist - a vixen-like woman with bright red hair and an almost unnoticeable pair of black horns protruding from the sides of her forehead - for a few moments before she bowed and gestured to an innocuous wooden door, one of many that were placed behind her and inclined her head, evidently wanting them to follow her.

When Shinichi entered the room, he let out a loud gasp of amazement at the hovering crystal placed on a dark, obsidian-like podium in the center of the room. The crystal was about the size of a fortune teller's crystal ball and shaped like one. It was softly glowing a multitude of colours, reds mixed with blues and yellows with black and white interwoven within. It radiated a soft glow and Shinichi found himself riveted on the shining surface. He almost missed Aegis beginning to speak to him and Kaito.

"This is an Elemental Crystal, a rare crystal that is naturally created in places with high elemental density and just by simply putting a hand on the crystal, you can find out your affinity to the elements."


Aegis beckoned Kaito forward and Kaito walked over to the crystal more calmly than he actually felt, his wings trembling and the feathers shivered over the back of his ankle, tickling him slightly and sending a few stray feathers drifting to the ground.

Taking a deep breath, he stretched out a hand and gingerly placed it on the crystal, nothing happening for one second before it shone a blinding white, almost as if one of his flashbangs had gone off (that wasn't possible, the emerald had somehow switched his clothes and all his gadgets disappeared with them) and engulfed the whole room. In the white light, there were streams of green that mixed with white and created the appearance of sea snakes swimming through water. He was stunned, not knowing what this meant and a subtle glance at the staff as well as Aegis, Kevak and Riysen told him that they also hadn't expected such a strong reaction.

"E-exceptionally high affinity for light, low affinity for wind."

A shaky voice emerged from a withered old man standing to the side, his eyes wide as saucers and his body shaking faintly, looking as if he was going to collapse any moment.

"T-this probably only occurs once-in-a-million, a truly rare talent!"


Shinichi didn't expect that Kaito would actually have such an exceptional affinity for light but once the shock faded, he was genuinely happy for the teen. Although they were rivals on the opposites sides of the law, after spending time and getting to get to know the man behind the monocle, he had grudgingly admitted that he had grown on him, becoming slightly more than rivals yet less than friends. That didn't mean that he couldn't be happy for him after all. Having good talent for an element just meant that their chances of surviving and finding a way back home were higher.

Kaito stepped back and resumed his original position beside Shinichi, twirling one of his feathers between two fingers with a pensive expression on his face.

Shinichi walked up to the crystal ball, the bright light having faded and gone back to its original state. Staring at the swirl of colours for a moment, Shinichi then lifted up a hand and placed it on the cool surface of the crystal ball.


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