Chapter 1: Yuya x Yuzu

Yuzu and Yuya was currently in the her dads office at the you show duel school she told Yuya that she forgotten something and it was in her dads office but of course that was a flat out lie all she really wanted to do is fuck his brains out on her dads desk that was always a fantasy for her and Yuya to do and she wanted to be a bit rough with her when it comes to sex. Ever since what happen in the synchro dimension during the war every time her and yuya have sex he was always gentle with her saying

"I don't want to hurt you any more" but she told him countless times she forgave him and she would be by his side forever but he didn't listen and continued to be gentle with her. Hell even Yuto was rougher than Yuya when ever the two fuck so today enough is enough Yuya is going to be rough with her weather he likes it or not. Yuzu came in after Yuya and she secretly locked the door and cover the window so no one can interrupt them.

"So Yuzu what is that you-" Yuya couldn't even finish his sentence as Yuzu jump on him and started to kiss him Yuya was shocked by Yuzu actions but then he picked her up by her butt and started to kiss her back but not before giving Yuzu big round ass a message (he loved her ass). Yuya pulled back on the kiss and smiled at her "Ok what brought this on?" he asked "I want you to fuck me Yuya right here right now on my dads desk" she said in a slurthy tone "And i want you to be rough with me."

Yuya: Yuya instantly got hard in a second the thought of him and Yuzu fucking on the principle desk is just straight up naughty and wrong but that's what makes more fun. But when Yuzu said she wants him to be rough with her he got soft a little and gave her a sad look. "Yuzu i-

Yuzu put her hand on Yuya chin so he can look at her dead in the eye "Yuya stop it that's in the past and i already forgave you for goodness sakes you need to let it go and be in peace with yourself besides it wasn't your fault remember Katrina was just screwing with your head besides you cant be like this forever" Yuzu face went from serious to a kind smile "and what better way for you to do it is by fucking me on my dads desk or anywhere in this office" she said oh and if you still feel guilty i still have my fan" that made Yuya gulped.

"Ok i wont say anything any more about the incident!" Yuya said quickly not wanting to feel Yuzu wrath with her fan.

Yuzu: Yuzu smiled "Great now where were we" she said and after that she started to kiss Yuya again and he kissed her back and two was starting to get into it soon Yuya opened his mouth and that's when Yuzu started to take advantage and started to put her tongue inside of Yuya and the two started to tongue battle each other this lasted for about ten minutes until Yuya started to roughly squeeze Yuzu ass with cause her to yelp and he took control the was then after that the two broke apart "Hey no fair you cheated" Yuzu said with a pout on her face. He laugh at what she said and with the face it made her more cute then it already is "All fair and love is war my dear Yuzu besides you did say you wanted me to be rough with you right" he said with a little smirk She just stuck her tongue at him "I did but it was still dirty" she giggle "Can you put me down now Yuya i want my snack now"

Yuya got the message and put Yuzu down after that Yuzu went down on her knees and stared to undo his green pants and just in a flash she pants were down along with his underwear which Yuzu pulled down now his manhood was for her to see in all its glory. "No matter how many times i see i still cant believe how fucking big you are" Yuzu said as she started to give Yuya a hand job and a few teasing licks that always made Yuya moan which he did by the way so that means she doing a good job so far. First she started licking the head and then she started working up and down his shaft on both sides and stops for a second to jack him off and repeat the same thing over again.

"Oh Yuzu that feels good keep doing that and I'm going to explode" said Yuya but Yuya knows she half listening to him when she giving him head all she wants to do is please him in any way possible. He right Yuzu is still doing the same thing without even acknowledging Yuya right now this blowjob was on her main list right there she did the other motions she went straight to Yuya balls and started to suck on them for a second she didn't know why but she loved sucking on Yuya balls at the same time she was jacking him off with his shaft which caused Yuya to grunt and moan again this lasted for a minute before she went back to his shaft and started to suck his cock, she tried to get as every inch possible and once she she felt like she got enough she started to bob her head up and down at a fast pace she started to jack off the rest of Yuya's length with her left hand and started to rub her pussy and clit with her right

It was at that time Yuya got a evil idea he had a smirk that made him look like his fusion counterpart Yuri "if she wants rough ill give her rough" he thought. Yuya grabbed Yuzu pig tails and started to move his hips and her head with her pig tails as reigns and started to brutally face fuck her. Yuzu was caught by surprise by Yuya actions and she had mixed feelings she was happy that Yuya was be rough with her but at the same time mad at him for not giving her a heads regardless in order to not choke to death by Yuya cock Yuzu relaxed her throat muscles as best as she could.

Yuya: Yuya was moaning due to how good Yuzu was deep throating him her mouth was so good and tight he couldn't take it any more "Ah Yuzu im going to cum here take it all" with one last thrust he Yuya came inside of Yuzu mouth and was force to shallow all of his creamy jizz due to that Yuzu eyes widen and she had tears in her eyes. Yuya let go on his hold on Yuzu and she fell on her hands and needs coughing and there was drool coming out of her mouth.

"Awww that was great wouldn't you say yu-"


YUYA YOU IDIOT I COULD HAVE DIED BECAUSE OF YOU! NEXT TIME WARN ME WHEN YOUR ABOUT TO FACE FUCK ME! Yuzu said in anger as she held her fan up. Yuya looked to Yuzu and took in her furi "I'm sorry Yuzu" Yuzu said in a daze with swirls in his eyes. Yuzu took a deep breath as She calmed down and a bit and blush "But um i did enjoyed it a lot so i wouldn't mind if you do that to me" she then saw Yuya get on his knees and moved closer to Yuzu where his face was close to her skirt.

I guess i should return the favour huh Yuzu Yuya laugh as soon as he lifted up her skirt he was shocked that Yuzu wasn't wearing any panties but soon got over it and smirked and looked up at Yuzu " Yuzu you naughty girl you plan this far ahead so that your fantasy can come true" Yuya started to put his hand on Yuzu pussy and started rubbing her out which caused her to moan Yuzu"Maybe *moan maybe not now top teasing and get to- Oh Fuck" the reason Yuzu stop was because Yuya put two fingers inside her pussy and started to finger fuck her.

Yuya smirked as he continue to finger fuck Yuzu he knows where Yuzu g spot was so he knew how to get her off quickly Next thing Yuya did was he moved his fingers down continue his actions, started to move his face under Yuzu pussy and started to lick the top of Yuzu pussy and also pinch her clit a few times."Oh Yuya that feels so good more keep going" *moan Yuzu said as she started to thrust her hips to match Yuya pace the two lovers went at this for ten minutes until "Yuya I'm about to cum oh fuck oh shit fuck fuck fuck YUYA! Yuzu scream and she just had the best or one of the orgasm of her life. While that happen Yuya was gulping down all of Yuzu juices to him her and Rin tasted the sweetest between the counterparts.

Yuzu pulled Yuya up and gave him a tongue filled kiss tasting herself and him at the same time. The two pulled away from each other and smiled lovingly at each other "oh Yuya i love you" Yuzu said in a kind heartfelt and meaning tone. Yuya put his head on top of Yuzu and said " i know Yuzu i love you too" Yuzu smiled "But you know where not done yet right you still haven't fucked me on my dad desk and you know what else i just started using the pill so you don't have to use a condom. Now you can cum inside me whenever you feel like it.

Yuya got easily hard after that and he saw Yuzu bend over on her farther desk lifted her skirt up to her waist turn her face to Yuya and smirked ready for him to ravish her "Well Yuya aren't you ready to swing into action?" Yuya smirked and walked towards Yuzu and started to rub her ass and spank it a few times enough to make her ass cheeks

Yuya stop teasing *moan* me and just fuck me already *moan*" Yuzu now felt Yuya dick rubbing her ass cheeks which forced her to loudly moan again. Yuya smirked he teased her long enough now its time for the main event he put his dick inside of Yuzu's pussy and both started to grunt as Yuya started to reach inch by inch to see how far he can go no matter how many times they fucked Yuzu was always so tight for him".

Yuzu: after Yuya got most of his dick in he starting thrusting inside of her at a medium pace and to Yuzu it felt like heaven "Oh Yuya ill never get tired of your big fat cock inside me your one of the few people who *moan* know how to pleasure me, Oh fuck go faster Yuya. Yuzu said. Yuya just grunted and went faster as Yuzu told him. no one notice yet but when Yuya went faster his eyes has flashed red for a second then return to normal but Yuya was still thrusting in and out of Yuzu in a incredible fast pace.

OH MY GOD YUYA YES FASTER! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH! YOUR WHORE! Yuzu said as Yuya was giving her one of best fucks as of late "YUYA IM- before she could finish Yuya grabbed her picked her up, laid her down on The desk and started to continue his assault on her this time in the missionary position "OH YUYA I'M SO CLOSE LETS CUM TOGETHER!

" Yeah" Yuya get thrusting until he couldn't take it any more "Yuzu I'm going to cum" Ngh

Yuzu and Yuya both yelled in passion: "AHHHHHHHHHH" both of them came at the same time. Yuzu was just exhausted she just had one of the best fucks ever and it was all thanks to the boy she love Yuya. "Yuya thank you" Yuya smiled at Yuzu and gave her a quick kiss on the lips "no problem, we should clean ourselves up and the office don't want the principle to find out i just fucked his daughter on his desk in his office" Yuzu giggle and said " ok Yuya but first could you get off me.